Nancy Pelosi Hands Luke Russert His ASS On A Silver Platter

First there was THIS:

And this:

Serve it up, NANCY SMASH!

Classic Tim Russert MTP clip. SEE HOW IT’S DONE LIL LUKE?

Insulting women, and particularly Former Speaker Pelosi is just sooo amatuerish!

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7 Responses to Nancy Pelosi Hands Luke Russert His ASS On A Silver Platter

  1. Ted G Says says:

    Luke are you still on the job? Lost all respect for you for your ugly remarks to Nancy Pelosi. You need to apoligize then find another job, like PR man for the Tea Party.

  2. dannie22 says:

    luke thinks cause he was given a legacy gig without being qualified for it that everyone should get a job that way

  3. Ametia says:

    Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Thank You, Nancy Pelosi

    Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm
    Former governor of Michigan; host, ‘The War Room’ on Current TV; columnist, Politico; faculty member, UC Berkeley

    Thank You, Nancy Pelosi
    Posted: 11/15/2012 1:38 am


    Nancy Pelosi was elected to Congress at age 47, after she raised her family. Many of her male counterparts were elected in their thirties, presumably while their wives were raising the families. So of course they had more seniority, at each calendar year in their lives. She didn’t regret her choices, but it is one reason why women don’t get as many plum assignments — they don’t have the seniority.

    So in staying on, she is looking out for those young women coming up, helping redefine seniority and status on her terms. I’m grateful and relieved to know it.

    Third, no woman is more vilified by the right than Nancy Pelosi. Republicans use Pelosi as the whipping girl relentlessly, repeatedly, incessantly. Being the object of that much hatred and fear requires a backbone hard as steel and skin thick as a rhinoceros. Nancy Pelosi is 72; she’s a grandmother with a large family. She could retire and laugh and read and maybe paint or take up a hobby instead of withstanding the slings and arrows of her antagonists.

    But she chose to stay in the arena — not for herself, but for all of us. For that, I am also grateful.

    So I want to thank leader Pelosi for her decision to lead, in things big and small. The thousands of decisions being made every day by Nancy Pelosi and those she inspires will bend the arc of history toward justice, as Bobby Kennedy described it.

    So thank you, ma’am, for not taking the easy way out. Thank you for your battle scars. Scars that show you’re willing to fight worthy battles on our behalf.

  4. rikyrah says:


    She has shoes that are smarter and seen more of life than Little Luke.

  5. majiir says:

    Luke Russert is a prime example of someone who has had all of the advantages in life, but doesn’t have any home training, or class. He asked Ms. Pelosi a question he wouldn’t have dared ask any republican in Congress, imo, because of this alone, he is a major asshole.

  6. Ametia says:

    Oh the IRONY of Luke Russert questioning Nancy and her party’s ages. When this priviledged little prick got his job soley on his LAST name. That’s evident in that shitty, mysognist, sexist, agesim, question he threw out, without thinking.

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