Video- George Zimmerman case: Judge denies motion to take him off GPS

George Zimmerman, left, arrives at the Seminole County courthouse for a hearing, Tuesday, December 11, 2012.Orlando Sentinel

Judge Debra Nelson denied a motion this morning to modify the conditions of George Zimmerman’s release after his attorneys argued their client has complied with GPS monitoring and residency restrictions but deserves to be free due to safety concerns.

Zimmerman, accused of second-degree murder in the Feb. 26 shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, had asked Circuit Judge Debra Nelson to remove him from court-ordered GPS monitoring, and to force prosecutors to turn over more records from state and federal investigations of the shooting.

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara argued his client should not be subject to the constraints of a previous court, referring to Judge Kenneth Lester who placed the restrictions after prosecutors alleged Zimmerman’s wife lied about his finances at an earlier bond hearing.

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15 Responses to Video- George Zimmerman case: Judge denies motion to take him off GPS

  1. New Zimmerman evidence: Serino changed final report four times in five hours,0,43028.story

    SANFORD – After Chris Serino, the Sanford police detective who led the investigation into the Trayvon Martin shooting death, wrote the most important police report in the case, he revised it at least four times.

    And he made at least one huge change: He initially said George Zimmerman should be charged with second-degree murder then changed course and recommended a charge of manslaughter, according to a prosecutor and new list of evidence.

    Serino made all those revisions to the report summarizing his findings during one five-hour stretch on March 13, according to a newly-released evidence list.

    In the first two drafts, according to Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda, Serino wrote that he had probable cause to recommend a second-degree murder charge. Then, over the next hour, he changed the report twice more and in his final version wrote that the evidence supported the lesser charge.

    One of Serino’s supervisors, Sanford police Capt. Bob O’Connor, said in a July 3 interview that everyone in Serino’s chain of command agreed with the investigator’s conclusion. Serino’s direct supervisor, then-Sgt. Randy Smith, also signed the final version.

  2. The Gladys and Robert Zimmerman Jr Show on Univision

    Robert Zimmerman:Well, if they had known something about what really happened that night, maybe we wouldn’t have gotten to this point, but looking ahead, we need to make it clear that not only are we not racists, but the United States, and the whole world are watching us: as my mother said, “They even fooled the President.” Racism in this country is a game that pays really well. Lots of people are looking to make a buck, and there’s a lot of money to be made by alleging racism. You don’t even have to prove it.


    Robert Zimmerman would know that racism in the country is a game that pays well. And his entire family is milking it for everything it’s got. George is playing the racist like a fiddle. They have no morals, no conscience, no soul.

  3. Robert Zimmerman is constantly claiming he and George are afraid to be in public because of threats but he continues to show his face and speak in public.

    They’re all scheming mofos. Watch at the 58 second mark how Robert Zimmerman pretends to be watching over his shoulders. Who do they think they’re fooling here? I so despise these slugs.

  4. In addition to the bond decision, Nelson ruled on a slew of motions:

    •The state will turn over the original recording of an interview of a girl identified as Trayvon’s girlfriend. The girlfriend, identified as Witness 8, is a key state witness: She says she was on the phone with Trayvon moments before the shooting, and her account largely corroborates the state’s theory.

    •Zimmerman may re-depose Sanford police Investigator William Erwin, who the defense says was present when police played 911 audio for Trayvon’s father. Police have said that Tracy Martin denied the cries for help in the audio were those of his son; however, the elder Martin has since disputed the police account.

    •The state will alert the defense to any witnesses who say that they believe the cries were those of Zimmerman, who told police after the shooting that he was the one crying for help. However, prosecutors will not be required to tell the Zimmerman team about witnesses who came to the opposite conclusion: That Trayvon was the one yelling.

    •The defense can demand additional documents from investigators with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Department of Justice, who are conducting a civil-rights probe. However, those agencies will be granted a 20-day window to file a legal challenge to those demands.

  5. Jose Baez (Serino’s attorney) gave State Prosecutors emails/memos which says Serino and others recommended a 2nd degree murder charge against Zimmerman. Early on in the case, I remember it being leaked to the press that Serino recommended manslaughter charges. So, Serino went from murder2 to manslaughter to nothing? Who put pressure on Serino? Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

    Bill Lee and Wolfinger need to be investigated for obstruction of justice. IF they in any way obstructed justice for being carried out then they need to go to jail?

  6. rikyrah says:

    Muthafucka thinks he should be able to travel the country freely.


  7. Judge Nelson: The Court has considered the motion to modify conditions of release, I have read the motion and the exhibits and heard the arguments of counsel, the motion is DENIED!


  8. It’s a disgrace to all that is HOLY the grieving parents have to watch this monster make money off their dead child by selling his signature and listening to his defense attorney smear their child’s name by claiming “he got himself shot”.

  9. Ametia says:

    Your suite awaits you, George Zimmerman.

    the omen 4

  10. Good on Judge Nelson!

    Who does this punk think he is? He murders a kid in cold blood, steals the child’s screams as his own and then asks the court to take off his GPS tracking so he can roam around the state selling his autograph for money!

    Burn in hell, George Zimmerman!

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