Zimmerman attorneys: State voice experts may be using phony science

Mark O'MaraOrlando Sentinel– Attorneys for murder suspect George Zimmerman are challenging the scientific validity of state voice recognition experts.

In a new motion, defense attorney Mark O’Mara wrote that those unnamed experts may be using phony science, so the judge should hold a hearing, listen to evidence about how they did their work then decide whether to allow them to testify at Zimmerman’s trial.

The motion, filed Friday but made public today, is almost certainly related to a much-played 911 recording made Feb. 26, 2012, the night Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17 year old in Sanford.

A neighbor had called police to report a fight outside. During her call, a voice in the background can be heard crying for help then 40 seconds later, there’s a loud bang – the gunshot – and the crying stops.

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    • George Zimmerman Seeks Anonymous Jury


      Lawyers for George Zimmerman today filed a motion asking the jury in his upcoming trial over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin be anonymous. The motion is here.

      It’s pretty unusual for a defendant (as opposed to the prosecution) to ask for an anonymous jury (sometimes called an innominate jury.) Will the state object? In at least one case, that of an outlaw motorcycle gang, the state defended a judge’s discretion to order an innominate jury. (An innominate jury is one in which all information about the jurors is disclosed to the parties, with the exception of the jurors’ names, addresses, and exact place of work. Some courts use the term “innominate,” instead of “anonymous” because anonymous connotes a “clandestine, forbidden, and obscure” jury panel.)

      Among the factors that may warrant an anonymous/innominate jury in Florida is where “extensive publicity that could enhance the possibility that jurors’ names would become public and expose them to intimidation and harassment.” [More…]

  1. Court administrators prepared for protestors at George Zimmerman trial


    SANFORD, Fla. –
    Court administrators say they are prepared for protestors at the Seminole County Courthouse when the George Zimmerman trial starts next month.

    Administrators said people will be allowed their constitutional right to protest, but they will not be allowed to block courthouse traffic.

    Five other trials are also scheduled the same week.

    Designated zones will be set up for protestors to guarantee business at the courthouse will be uninterrupted.

    Court administrators said they are finalizing the plans and will release them publicly once the chief judge signs the order.

    “I think they’re doing the right thing to be proactive in case there is an emotional outbreak,” said Ray Sands, a central Florida resident.

    The Sanford Police Department has been preparing for months, but the department was so heavily criticized for its handling of the shooting investigation, they are hesitant to talk preparations publicly.



    • Xena says:

      Oh-oh. I wonder if she was questioned about being in the vehicle when “they” went grocery shopping and were distracted by a “suspicious” person? Also, why did she put those big-ass band aids on GZ’s head? :-)

  3. Defense attorneys ask judge to let jurors travel to scene of shooting during George Zimmerman trial


    George Zimmerman’s attorney today filed paperwork, asking the judge to allow jurors to leave the courthouse during the trial and travel to the Sanford neighborhood where the defendant killed Trayvon Martin.

    Taking jurors to the scene will allow jurors to better understand the vantage point of individual eye- and ear-witnesses, many of whom are expected to come into court and describe what they saw and heard.

    None saw or heard the entire altercation, wrote defense attorney Mark O’Mara.

    “In this way, the jury can best decide how reliable each witness’ testimony is,” he wrote.

    Zimmerman is the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford after calling police and describing him as suspicious.

    • Xena says:

      HAHA!! So that would include the jurors seeing there was a house number right in front of where GZ was parked. They will also be able to see that Trayvon’s body and the debris field was about 40 feet south of where GZ said the altercation took place.

      Better yet, why not just show the jurors Dave’s video?

      • Thank you, Xena! I was looking for that video. LOL!

        WTF is up w/ O’Mara?

        • Xena says:

          IMO, O’Mara would come out better with a chart in court, and as witnesses are called to the stand, mark off their residence. I mean, they ARE STATE witnesses. He has no idea who is going to be called to testify nor when. A huge mistake is to think that jurors are going to remember where any particular witness lives or lived by the time they hear that witness testify. What the jurors may remember, however, is where Trayvon’s body laid — 40 ft from where GZ said he was attacked.

  4. Orders from the 5th DCA

    Petitioner’s Motion for Extension of Time, filed May 3, is granted.


    Benjamin Crump’s Motin for Leave to File Response, filed April 29, is granted


  5. https://www.facebook.com/BenjaminCrumpJustice/posts/454931174592451

    So Omara is scared of the 911 scream tape. He is trying to get a hearing on the scream tape because he does not want anyone testifying as to the screams and their description. He claims the state and the defense witnesses can not agree which is a load of crap.

    1) Witness 1 – says it was a kid making weird noises
    2) Witness 2 – says she saw and heard a chase and someone screaming “No No No” which was ended by a gun shot
    3) Mary Cutcher and her roommate testify that a kid was squealing in pain and making strange noises, which was ended by a gunshot. They saw Fogen simply rise to his feet off the victim, Trayvon, and then appeared uninjured and worried as to what he just did.
    4) Witness 18 states that Fogen is the aggressor and that she saw the whole thing from the confrontation onward. She states that she heard what is described as a young boy screaming for help and which was ended by a gunshot. She saw the defendant simply rise to his feet off the victim, Trayvon. W18 also says she can say for certain how the struggle moved as she saw the whole thing and can pinpoint it out.
    5) Witness 3 says she saw a man in a white shirt on top of another person and she heard screams for help which were ended with a gun shot. She says that after she saw Fogen’s mugshot that she believes that Fogen was on top of Trayvon when the shot occurred.
    6) Witness 6 first stated on a 911 call that he saw wrestling and then the black guy was shot. He then later claimed when interviewed by police, he thought he saw a man in red underneath the black guy, like in MMA, and he assumed the man in red was screaming. When FDLE interviewed him again, w6 then claimed he was not sure who was screaming anymore, and he believes now that Trayvon was just trying to pin Fogen on the ground and that Trayvon could have been screaming for help. The witness sticks to his final story of the pinning as he says he heard no striking noises. There is also no DNA transfer whatsoever on Trayvon’s hands, arms, sleeves, or cuffs, which scientifically says Trayvon never attacked Fogen like he claims.
    7) w11 captured the screams on a 911 call. The screams sound like a kid screaming for help and yelling “Get Off”, which was ended by a gunshot.
    8) Jeremy testifies that he heard screams for help which were ended by a gunshot.
    9) Experts have testified that it is not Fogen screaming for help
    10) Fogen, when he listens to the tape, states that the screams do not sound like him.
    11) Sybrina testifies that it does indeed sound like her son.

    It sounds pretty much in agreement that it was either Trayvon screaming for help…

    • roderick2012 says:

      Witness #6 is a lying POS just like George, O’Mara and West.

      He saw much more than he admitted and I am sure that the State knows this and he will be exposed as the lying prick that he is once he’s on the stand during direct examination.

  6. Xena says:

    Because Don West wasted the court’s time to determine if voice analysis is discoverable, Judge Nelson will probably deny the motion to prevent the testimony of expert voice analysis.

  7. Millie Jackson Fuck you symphony

  8. Let me get this straight. The defense has waived the right to an immunity hearing, doesn’t want witnesses to testify, doesn’t want experts to testify & doesn’t want Zimmerman to take the stand?

    GTFOOH, Mark O’Mara! Are you out of your freaking mind? Trayvon Martin’s blood curdling screams cannot be denied. No way Judge Nelson is going to dismiss the voice experts. It ain’t gonna happen! It’s all over for your client. He is going to prison for the rest of his FAILED miserable life.

    • Ametia says:


      When Lord, WHEN?!!

    • roderick2012 says:

      No way Judge Nelson is going to dismiss the voice experts.

      And that’s what O’Mara is counting on. It’s a win-win for the defense because O’Mara will spin it to the donors as poor poor George the sacrificial lamb is being railroaded to appease the coloreds and keep them from rioting.

      I need to attend church on a daily basis because everytime I see O’Mara I want to put a bullet between his eyes.

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