George Zimmerman Trial Photos

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  1. Leaders, Tweeners and Followers: A Guide to Jury Selection

    This article supplements my post yesterday: Zimmerman trial and the strategic use of peremptory challenges UPDATED

    I used a simple three-part classification method during jury selection to decide how to use my peremptory challenges. I do not claim to have invented this method. Many lawyers use it or something similar to it. I had lots of success with it and recommend that we use it to evaluate the potential jurors (PJs).

    The three categories are: leaders, followers and tweeners.


    Leaders are generally, but not always, well-educated professional people with lots of life-experience. They are self-confident, comfortable in their own skin and good at organizing and managing other people. These folks usually are selected to serve as the foreperson of the jury. They know how to create consensus without arrogantly telling people how they should vote. They can be male or female, conservative or liberal, and belong to any race or ethnicity.

    RULE: If you are not certain that a PJ in this category is going to accept your theory of the case, use a peremptory to excuse the person.


    I do not believe I have to explain who is in this category. They are likely to go along with the majority and not hold out against the majority view. Do not expect them to cause a hung jury. These people respect authority figures and are good at following orders.

    RULE: Do not use a peremptory challenge against a follower unless you are satisfied with the tweeners in the box and want to use it to create an open seat on the jury so that a leader you want to have on the jury can move into the box and replace the follower.

    Note: Sometimes you have to use more than one peremptory to move the leader you want into the box.


    Tweeners are in between the leaders and the followers. They may be the most intelligent PJs but prefer playing a supporting role to serving as the foreperson. They prefer thinking before acting and take pride in making well-informed decisions. I looked for people willing to consider my theory of the case and seriously committed to the process of examining and considering all of the evidence.

    With rare exceptions, I had a theory of the case supported by evidence which, if believed by the jury, would support a verdict of not guilty.

    RULE: Tweeners help the foreperson make the right decision by assuring due process.

    As we continue to watch the jury selection process, classify the PJs into one of the three categories. Do this from the prosecution’s perspective and then do it from the defense perspective. Performing this exercise will bring jury selection to life and deepen your understanding of what is going on.

  2. TrayvonMy SonTooEmmett Till

    In Trayvon Martin case, history’s ghosts linger

    Focus on the details, and the cases seem very different. One was killed by virulent white racists, the other by a part-Hispanic neighborhood watchman who insists he faced a vicious attack. One was weighted down and dumped in a river; in the other case, police were called by the shooter himself.

    Six decades and myriad details separate the deaths of Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin, two black teenagers felled by violence. Yet in the way America reacted to Martin’s death – and the issues that echoed afterward – his case has created a national racial conversation in the much same manner as the saga of Till, infamously murdered in 1955 for flirting with a white woman.

    Plenty of people do not see the Martin case as about race at all. But for others who study America’s racial past and present, each killing is a defining moment for its era – a fraught microcosm of what we are, and what we are trying to become.

  3. What are you thoughts on the #Zimmerman #Trayvon trial after the first week?

    Give us a call at 202-446-1886, and…

  4. Liza says:

    If I were being tried for murder, I do not think I would be able to smile and laugh as much as Zimmerman seems to be doing. He demeanor really makes you wonder about how he feels about all of this. We know there is no remorse, but I’m wondering if he has become overconfident, perhaps because of the parade of crackers (aka potential jurists) who spoke out on his behalf this week.

    • Morning, everyone!

      I dreamed of Sybrina last night. Maybe I dreamed because it’s been such an emotional week, maybe it was b/c I put up the photos or maybe it was the hateful racist bigotry thrown in her face in court but In the dream I was crying & hugging her so hard. I actually wiped away tears after waking up. I can’t begin to imagine what’s she’s feeling. I feel so incredibly sad looking at such a handsome kid smiling in the photos whose life had so much potential and now is no more. Zimmerman didn’t have to kill that child. Sybrina, I am so so sorry. My heart grieves with you. *tears*

    • Ametia says:

      that mofo is drugged. Bank it. His nerves are shot from the shot that rang out the night he killed Trayvon. He’s feeding his fear of being sent to the pokey with food and tranqulizers, I suspect.

      • roderick2012 says:

        Ametia, I believe that O’Mara has had Piglet pork up because O’Mara knew that the State had evidence that George trained at a gym which taught boxing and kickboxing and he wanted to make George look as if he would be physically unable (too fat) to use any of those skills against Trayvon that night.

    • roderick2012 says:

      Liza, George is a sociopathic narcissist who is enjoying the fact that ‘the masses’ have made him a martyr and have no trouble parting with their hard earned cash to fund his feed bag fund.

      There’s little point in attempting to understand the depth of evil known as the Zimmerman family.

  5. Ametia says:

    My heart and prayers are with you, Ms. Sabrina Fulton. You come into that courtroom everyday, and you listen to the ignorance, hate, and bigotry spewed by the citizens of this potential jury pool.

    You listen to the impetus behind why George Zimmerman pulled that trigger of his gun and shot your son Trayvon Martin. Listen to the stupidity, fear, loathing, self-importance, self-righteousness, white privllege, Deeply ingrained SYSTEMATIC RACISM that murdered your son.

    You hold your head up, keep your ears open, heart open to God’s Grace and Mercy. This is what has sustained you this past year, and this will sustain you in the coming months and years ahead.

  6. Xena says:

    Whoa!! That photo of ShelLIE looking sideways at George speaks volumes.
    GZ reminded me of someone else and I just remembered tonight. LOL!

    • Ametia says:

      The very thought of this piece of slime sitting in the courtroom, after Americans had to scream and shout to get this piece of shit arrested and charged for shooting and murdering Trayvon Martin… WHILE KIDS ARE BEING PICKED UP AND ARRESTED FOR TRUANCY. MOFO TRUANCY!

      Kill an unarmed black teenage boy, gets to GO HOME!

      Unarmed black teenaged boys skip school, ARRESTED!


      • racerrodig says:

        Seriously wrong…..that’s for sure. This shit pile is more hateable everyday and the thought of him getting a racist hate mongering jury is despicable.

        • Hi racerrodig!

          Who sits in court and smiles knowing you have a murder 2 charge for killing a kid? He loves the attention. He doesn’t have one ounce of remorse.

          • racerrodig says:

            Back during the last round of Motions when they were all being denied it seemed the snickers and smirks were gone and we thought he saw the severity of what was going on. Now it looks like he thinks he’ll get 6 racists like the NRA woman is and they’ll make an idol out of him. That’s my fear, the jury.

          • Ametia says:

            Rcaedog, Whomever gets chosen for this jury better RECOGNIZE;

            WE WILL BE WATCHING, LISTENING AND FOLLOWING IT UNTIL THE END. All EYES will be on them. The evidence speaks, and if their eyes and ears don’t filter and pull it out during the trial, THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

          • racerrodig says:

            Yep, the world is watching and if they find him not guilty with the weight of evidence that the state has, they have declared it open season on all people by those who feel the need to shoot first and lie like hell about it. God forbid that anyone even breathe a bad word about them. I’m just praying a real jury is seated.

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