State vs George Zimmerman in the Murder of Trayvon Martin (day 6)

Judge Debra Nelson3( Trayvon Martin case goes to trial, ghosts of US racial history ever present

Focus on the details, and the cases seem very different. One was killed by virulent white racists, the other by a part-Hispanic neighborhood watchman who insists he faced a vicious attack. One was weighted down and dumped in a river; in the other case, police were called by the shooter himself.

Six decades and myriad details separate the deaths of Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin, two black teenagers felled by violence. Yet in the way America reacted to Martin’s death – and the issues that echoed afterward – his case has created a national racial conversation in the much same manner as the saga of Till, infamously murdered in 1955 for flirting with a white woman.

Plenty of people do not see the Martin case as about race at all. But for others who study America’s racial past and present, each killing is a defining moment for its era – a fraught microcosm of what we are, and what we are trying to become.

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America’s raw ignorance passed down from generations

Racism is a belief rooted in ignorance and passed down from generation to generation. It’s a continuing cycle. Check out the video below.

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  1. Court is in recess until tomorrow morning at 9 am.

  2. Listen to Episode 229: Retracing Trayvon’s Steps from The Axiom Amnesia Theory

  3. Court is in session. Frye hearing begins..

  4. Tony Pipitone: George Zimmerman defense witness in this continued Frye hearing will be Jim Wayman, San Jose State University.

  5. Court is in recess until Frye hearing starts..

    • Ametia says:

      Can you say more about what this Frye hearing entails?

    • Judge Nelson grants the motion to keep juror information secret but reserves ruling on the length of time.
      The defense feels there needs to be a cooling off period.

      • Ametia says:

        The defense is stalling. I wonder if anyone is going to ask the jurors if it makes any SENSE for George Zimmerman to be SCREAMING if he was the only one in possession of a LOADED GUN? Just insane; that folks would block out that glaring fact. No logic in screaming when you’re the one holding a loaded gun with the intent to intimidate and kill a black kid.


        • If the defense feels it Zimmerman screaming then why are they fighting to keep the 911 tape out? They know it’s Trayvon screaming, the media knows and every sane American in this country.

          If the races were vice versa you wouldn’t hear the media parroting O’Mara insanity. It’s b/c the victim is a young black boy.

          • Ametia says:

            No one is buying that GZ is a victim of a 17 year old boy carrying SKITTLES and Arizona ICED TEA. No one believes this bullshit but a heartless, cold and SOULESS RACISTS.

          • Exactly! They know better. They want him to get off for killing a young black kid.

      • Ametia says:

        Perhaps the cooling off period will give some of the bigots lied and want to go about scrubbing their evidence?

      • Just goes to show they have no respect for black lives in life nor death.

    • Liza says:

      Wouldn’t anyone who listens to the 911 tape come to the conclusion that the one who is screaming is the one who is dead? Screaming – shot – silence.

      • In their eyes, not if it involves a young black boy because it stems for the belief that blacks are violent criminals.

      • Ametia says:

        Liza; these are the questions we need to keep asking, and they’d better be the ones being asked during the trial. LOGIC.

        GZ and his defense don’t want that 911 recording admissable, but say it’s GZ’s blood-curdling screams on that recording.

        It’s been proven that the voice is not GZ’s so who the fuck’s voice is it? A ghosts? SCREAMS, SHOT FIRED-SILENCE- TRAVON DEAD. THE END

  6. Tony Pipitone: We now apparently have 32 of the 40 the judge wanted for general voir dire.

  7. Tony Pipitone: With Frye hearing set to start in 12 minutes, judge tells 12 jurors-in-waiting to come back Tuesday, 6 more to return Wednesday.

  8. Juror H 35 is up

  9. Juror H 31 is up

  10. Juror H 29 is up

  11. Ametia says:

    George Zimmerman was asked by the SANFORD police to stay his stank ass in the vehicle. That order is on tape. GZ didn’t not abide by the Po Po’s order.

    Nope, he followed Trayvon, stalked and murdered him. This ain’t no SYG, self defense trial. Fuck that

    This fool is all kinds of ignorant and listens to the racists on Fox. If he followed and listened to our president, he’d know that FLOTUS & POTUS support our military without question.

  12. Ametia says:

    Hide yo wife, HIDE YO KIDS! Skittles and tea, Skittles and tea are coming after me! Self defense from the kick-boxing bozo George Z? Seriously…

  13. Juror H-27 is up

  14. Court back in session

  15. kstreet607 says:

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  16. There is a world of time and we would have hoped a world of difference between Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin but the similarities seem more apparent than the differences. One would have to be oblivious to the facts or living in a dreamworld where racism is dead in America. You know. The one where (mystical chimes sound and the mists swirl around us as we decend into the dreamworld) we have made such progress in our fight against racism that “White America”, led by the Hippies of the 1960s has negated the effects of the other half of the nation who are still mired in ignorance and hatred.
    Emmett Till; murdered for daring to defy convention and flirting with a white woman; for not bowing to the white America’s orders and will.
    Trayvon Martin; murdered for daring to defy convention and refusing to obey the commands of the unknown man stalking him through the neighborhood; for not bowing to the white America’s orders and will.
    If Trayvon was one of my white children, he would have been applauded for escaping “stranger danger”. He would have been praised for refusing to give in to the stalkers demands.
    Who am I kidding? He would never have been the victim of a stalker and murderer like “Cowboy George”
    a. George would have assumed that MY kids lived in the predominantly white neighborhood and would not have been targeted for “Special Handling” as Trayvon was.
    b. George would have had a much harder time selling himself as a “Neighborhood Watch” member; defending the land from invasion by the dark and dangerous enemy of society if he was forced to stand over the body of a white child.

    Emmett Till. Trayvon Martin. It seems to me that they were both killed for the same “offence”. Refusing to kiss the ass of the people with the ropes and guns.
    Both killed by the same people. Those who take it upon themselves to try to control those around them. Those who believe they are better than others. That they “belong” where others do not.
    And those who are already decided to use deadly force before starting out. Those with a desire to kill in a vain attempt to asuage the anger they feel.
    Those who must crush others in order to feel good about themselves. Racists.

    Not an issue in the Trayvon Martin case. No. Because white kids are killed by the neighborhood watch all the time. Right?

    • Ametia says:

      Why you gotta roll yp in here and spill all this TRUTH AGS?

      • I don’t truly know. But it feels so good. Like preaching; like testifying; like, like, telling the truth. I grew up in a racist world among racist people. Every time I tell THIS truth, It’s like I am freeing myself; it’s like “deja-vu all over again”; it’s like the ONE truth that has the power to really change our society for the better. If we were able to change this ONE thing, we would be able to see clearly what the rest of the truth about America is. Sometimes I think, that fear of seeing THAT truth is the reason for their refusal to see THIS truth about race and racism.
        Oh My; how I do go on.

    • rikyrah says:

      TELL IT

  17. WFTW reporting H13 is out, was seen walking across the parking lot.


    Well I’ll be damned! I’m hoping she went to lunch.

  18. Court is in recess until 1:00pm.

  19. Angela Corey is in the house!

  20. Juror H 18 is up

  21. Court is back in session

  22. Court is in recess for 10 minutes.

  23. Juror H 13 is a keeper. Put her on the jury!

  24. Ametia says:

    The fact that Trayvon went to the store and brought Skittles and an iced tea and wound of murdered isn’t a head-scratcher.

  25. Here we go….West: Why do you refer to Zimmerman as Mr Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin as Trayvon? Wah Wah Wah…

  26. Zimmerman is really staring. It’s creepy.

  27. Ametia says:

    Negroes lived in the community didn’t they? And even if they didn’t Trayvon had a right to be there.

  28. Juror H 13 is up

  29. Juror H 10 is up

  30. Juror H7 is up

  31. Tony Pipitone: Defense set to resume Frye hearing at 4pm

  32. rikyrah says:

    Sixteen months after the death of Trayvon Martin, jury selection has finally begun for George Zimmerman’s trial. Kamau… shares his thoughts in ways that can’t be summed up in a video description box. Executive Producer Chris Rock sneaks his thoughts in for good measure.

    • Ametia says:

      LOL “Definte murderer George Zimmerman” TRUTH Love the jury selection here. Samuel L. Jackon x’s 4 now that’s one helluva jury.

      GZ can eat a whole bag-o-DICKS!

  33. Leaders, Tweeners and Followers: A Guide to Jury Selection

    This article supplements my post yesterday: Zimmerman trial and the strategic use of peremptory challenges UPDATED

    I used a simple three-part classification method during jury selection to decide how to use my peremptory challenges. I do not claim to have invented this method. Many lawyers use it or something similar to it. I had lots of success with it and recommend that we use it to evaluate the potential jurors (PJs).

    The three categories are: leaders, followers and tweeners.


    Leaders are generally, but not always, well-educated professional people with lots of life-experience. They are self-confident, comfortable in their own skin and good at organizing and managing other people. These folks usually are selected to serve as the foreperson of the jury. They know how to create consensus without arrogantly telling people how they should vote. They can be male or female, conservative or liberal, and belong to any race or ethnicity.

    RULE: If you are not certain that a PJ in this category is going to accept your theory of the case, use a peremptory to excuse the person.


    I do not believe I have to explain who is in this category. They are likely to go along with the majority and not hold out against the majority view. Do not expect them to cause a hung jury. These people respect authority figures and are good at following orders.

    RULE: Do not use a peremptory challenge against a follower unless you are satisfied with the tweeners in the box and want to use it to create an open seat on the jury so that a leader you want to have on the jury can move into the box and replace the follower.

    Note: Sometimes you have to use more than one peremptory to move the leader you want into the box.


    Tweeners are in between the leaders and the followers. They may be the most intelligent PJs but prefer playing a supporting role to serving as the foreperson. They prefer thinking before acting and take pride in making well-informed decisions. I looked for people willing to consider my theory of the case and seriously committed to the process of examining and considering all of the evidence.

    With rare exceptions, I had a theory of the case supported by evidence which, if believed by the jury, would support a verdict of not guilty.

    RULE: Tweeners help the foreperson make the right decision by assuring due process.

    As we continue to watch the jury selection process, classify the PJs into one of the three categories. Do this from the prosecution’s perspective and then do it from the defense perspective. Performing this exercise will bring jury selection to life and deepen your understanding of what is going on.

  34. Lets flash back to Zimmerman first bond hearing.

    Never Ask A Question Unless You Know The Answer

  35. Good morning, everyone! We’re heading into day 6 of jury selection. Justice4TrayvonMartin!

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