State vs George Zimmerman in the Murder of Trayvon Martin (day 9)

Judge Debra Nelson6

Yahoo News: A Florida judge read the formal charge against George Zimmerman on Wednesday to 40 potential jurors who could be selected to decide if the neighborhood watch volunteer committed murder when he shot an unarmed Trayvon Martin.

Judge Debra Nelson read the second-degree murder charge before the potential jurors who are moving on to the second round of questioning of what they know about the case.

“The object is to obtain a jury who will impartially try this case based on the evidence presented in the courtroom,” Nelson told the jurors.

The 17-year-old’s death prompted public outrage around the nation, with some accusing Sanford police of failing to investigate the shooting thoroughly from the beginning because of Martin’s race and because he was from the Miami area.

Watch live here:

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  1. STATE’S 18TH SUPPLEMENTAL DISCOVERY in #Zimmerman case.

  2. Judge Nelson denied a gag order, denied black jurors and denied expert testimony. WTFF is going on here?

  3. #IAMTrayvon Because I’m a mother of 2 boys and I’m tired of living in fear of my boys being shot dead for walking in black skin.


    • Liza says:

      I can’t even write what I’m thinking, but I’ll say I’m waiting to read what Leatherman says about the judge’s ruling. Leatherman seemed to be certain that the judge would allow the expert testimony.

      This may be kind of a dumb question, but the judge’s ruling was very specific to Dr. Reich and Mr. Owen and related to Reich’s “listener bias” or whatever. Does this mean that different experts could testify?

  4. Trayvon’s Exemplar

    • Ametia says:

      Lord; please show mercy on Trayvon and his family. Please grant them the JUSTICE they deserve and have rightly EARNED as citizens of the USA.

    • Ametia says:

      I want to see and hear Sabrina Fulton on that witness stand. I want to hear the anger, grief of a mother who’s UNARMED child was gunned down. UNARMED! I want to hear Sabrina Fulton, the mother of Tryavon IDENTIFY her son screaming and begging for his life.

      No mother can fake the rage, anger, and outright grief of hearing their child being murdered in cold blood. And I want every woman on that jury to let Sabrina’s testimony SINK IN REAL GOOD; SINK IN DEEP.

  5. In 1955 authorities claimed they couldn’t identify the body of Emmett Till.

    In 2013 authorities are denying experts testimony that its Trayvon Martin screaming.

    58 years later and not a damn thing has changed.

  6. All My Life I Had to Fight

    • Ametia says:

      Remember those negroes like Rev Al had to roll up in Sanford and DEMAND the SPD release the 911 tape. ssomeof the PJ were commenting that those negroes came in and wanted to start riots and such. NO! They came to Sanford Florida to push the SPD to do their jobs, after allowing George Zimmerman to go home after murdering an unarmed black boy.

      Like this was supposed to just vanish from the minds of his parents, friends, and family, the black communities around teh world? HELL NAW!

      Why would they have to do that, hmm?

      Why hold on to the 911 call if George Zimmerman wasn’t the INSTIGATOR, AGITATOR, AND MURDERER of a SCREAMING UNARMED BLACK BOY?

  7. Breaking News: Judge Nelson denies expert testimony


    Why would Judge Nelson do this? She allowed the defense to strike a black female juror because of what her pastor wrote and now this? I cannot take an Emmett Till verdict. My heart will not take it.


      • I’m angry, disappointed, heartbroken, crying…

        • Ametia says:

          SG2; I feel YOU. But the fact that the 911 audio itself is being admissable is a good thing. The jury can listen for themselves and determine what they’re hearing. What better than hearing it with your own ears, seeing it with your own eyes. Personal experience vs expert tesitmony? I’ll take personal experience over someone else’s any day.

          HOODIES UP!

          • IF the victim was white there would be no debate about whether it was the child screaming for it’s life. Furthermore, all kinds of expert testimony would be allowed.

      • Ametia says:

        NO doubt, SG2, No Doubt that if Trayvon had been white, we wouldn’t have numerous threads defending the life of an unarmed teenager against an armed murderous wannabe cop. You know justice in this country = JUST-US.

        Yes; we’ve had to fight for it, all our lives.

        Here’s the deal, Trayvon was the one screaming for his life. The jury will listen to the BLOOD-CURDLING screams, and hear that GUNSHOT! Screams END, Trayvon dead,NO MORE SCREAMS.

        What person in their right mind wouldn’t rationalize that Travyon was the one sccreaming for his life before George Zimmerman murdered him in COLD BLOOD?

        I believe in science, echnology, and voice analysis, but who would need an expert to tell them that once that shot was fired, the screams ended. and Travyon Martin is dead.

        Geroge was screaming while he held that gun on Trayvon? GTFOH The state will have to work the HELL out of this point and they’d better bring witness to back it up.

    • Ametia says:

      The prosecution will contend that the shots SILENCED the killer. Trayvon was screaming, begging for his life, and once that gunshot hit him; SILENCE. George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon in cold blood. He should be charged with pre-meditated murder!

  8. RONALD FULTONEver since a car crash that left him a quadriplegic 12 years ago, 50-year-old Ronald Fulton has been making the best of bad situations.

    His experience as a patient led him to found a healthcare advocacy organization called You Are Knot Alone. Life in a wheelchair turned him into a campaigner for disability rights who also advises Miami-Dade County commissioners. But for one thing in his life, there is no upside: the loss of his nephew, Trayvon Martin.

    “When this came to be with Trayvon,” Fulton said, “it was harder than me dealing with my limitations. I can find ways around my limitations. But..he’s gone.”

    Listen to the interview here:

  9. Trayvon Martin: Compiled State Discovery List

  10. rikyrah says:


    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve been doing in covering the trial. It helps for me to have someone that I trust reporting to us the happenings in this case, because the MSM is useless.

    They’re spending too much time trying to paint victim as some kind of thug that deserved to be killed, instead of him being THE VICTIM.

    And, I know it’s because Trayvon is BLACK.



    I also have to repeat that I appreciate the pictures. My eyes keep on coming back to the one with his mother…man…he had his mother’s eyes…everytime she looked at him, she could see herself…

    my heart continues to be broken for the parents and I will continue to keep them in my prayers.

    • Rikyrah, thank you for your kind words. I’ve been so emotionally tied to the case since the beginning. I cry and grieve along with Sybrina. I can’t imagine the pain she goes through in losing a child then have to fight the system in order to get justice. It’s just unbelievable that any American would have to go through this. The Martins have had to fight since the news of their son’s death and haven’t had a chance to really grieve. It’s so wrong! No parent should have to suffer this way after losing their child. No way on God’s green earth would a white child victim be smeared in this way. As Ametia stated yesterday…this country has a long way to go to clean up it’s hatred and racism.

    • Ametia says:

      My sentiments, EXACTLY Rikyrah. We have to keep calling out these folks’ attempts at attacking and sending their hate-filled messages to and about our kids.

      SG2; nobody does it BETTER. NOBODY. Thank YOU!

  11. Watch the defense scrambling at the State’s strikes. Check out O’Mara’s action when B86 @ the 8:51 mark is struck. LOL!

  12. Going In Circles…

  13. Court is in recess until Monday 9am.

    • roderick2012 says:

      Has Crump’s deposition or rather the recitation of his 15 page affidavit been scheduled?

      • I may be wrong but I don’t think Attorney Crump has been deposed and or scheduled to be deposed. I don’t think O’Mara wants to. I remember Attorney Crump saying if he were to be deposed then he’d depose O’Mara about advising GZ to lie to the court about the money in jail house phone calls.

        • roderick2012 says:


          The deposition of Crump was only to appease the Outhouse because how dare that uppity n***r expose the corrupt good ole boy Sanford police department.

  14. Judge Nelson: If you want my Frye order today, I can’t sit here in court all day …

  15. West is totally crazy. Judge Nelson is ticked. Raises her voice.

    • Liza says:

      Those two clowns, O’Mara and West, are going to be a problem. I can’t even guess what they are thinking. Is being obnoxious actually a part of their strategy?

  16. Judge Nelson: State must avoid saying racial profiling, but vigilante, wannabe cop and confronted Trayvon Martin are OK.

  17. Judge: State can tell jury George Zimmerman confronted Trayvon Martin.

  18. Prosecution: “we don’t intend to say Trayvon Martin was solely profiled by race.”

  19. Tony Pipitone: Defense asks “state be responsible for its actions or in actions,” judge asks he “get to the point.” Judge refuses to relax authentication.

  20. Judge Nelson is not having the nonsense with O’Mara today…”get to the point”. LOL

  21. Tony Pipitone: George Zimmerman waives appearance at today’s motions hearing. State seeks to perpetuate testimony of someone in an institution, equivalent of trial testimony.

  22. Court is in session…

  23. Hey Rikyrah!

    In 1955 12 white men served on the jury to decide the case in the Emmett Till murder.

    58 years later 6 women will decide the case in the Trayvon Martin murder.

  24. Hey Chics!

    I asked the Professor if ‘Mara can come back and appeal claiming it was a biased jury because they’re all female? Professor said no because O’Mara accepted the jury without using all of his challenges.

    • roderick2012 says:

      I am sure that after George is convicted his supporters will blame the jurors’ ’emotional’ nature for the verdict. LOL

  25. Mike DeForest: George Zimmerman attorney: jurors came in at random, prosecution struck first black male juror.

    I’m so glad the prosecution struck him. Good job, Bernie! Let him hit the mofo door!

    You're Fired photo: You're fired you_re_fired.jpg

  26. Court is in recess until 9am tomorrow. The judge will then announce her ruling on Frye hearing.

  27. Judge Nelson won’t make a ruling on the Frye hearing until tomorrow.

  28. Frye hearing is now in session

  29. Zimmerman Jury

    B29: A Hispanic nurse on an Alzheimer’s ward who has seven children and lived in Chicago at time of shooting. Discussed the case with co-workers in Chicago. The co-workers took the side of the child.

    B76: A white middle-aged woman who said Zimmerman had an “altercation with the young man. There was a struggle and the gun went off.” Ask why kid was out at night buying candy?

    B37: A middle-aged white woman who works for a chiropractor and has many pets. She described protests in Sanford as “rioting.” Feels the shooting was an unfortunate accident. She says there was rioting but organized.

    B51: A retired white woman from Oviedo who has a dog and 20-year-old cat. She knew a good deal about the case, but said “I’m not rigid in my thinking.” She reads Orlando Sentinel. She has experience in decision making and open minded. West tried to frighten her about safety.

    E6: A young white woman and mother who used to work in financial services. She used this case as an example to her adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night. Heard a bit about Trayvon Martin, made it a cautionary teaching moment for her kids, ages 11 and 13.

    E40: A white woman in her 60s who lived in Iowa at the time of the shooting. She heard national news reports and recalls the shooting was in a gated community and a teenager was killed. She lived in Iowa at the time and heard about the killing on NBC.

    • Tracy Martin -Trayvon was not a thug

      Tracy Martin says it’s very difficult to sit in the courtroom with Zimmerman.

      • Ametia says:

        I couldn’t even begin to IMAGINE what Tracy Martin must be feeling sitting in that courtroom with that piece of shit. The fact that he’s got to defend his murdered son’s image. America’s got a LONG WAY to go to clean up it’s hatered and RACISM. A LONG FUCKING WAY.

      • Liza says:

        The basic message that Zimmerman’s supporters have saturated the media with for over a year is that Trayvon was a thug who deserved to die. Not only is that an unsubstantiated, egregious lie but it does not exonnerate a murderer. All that Zimmerman knew about Trayvon was that he was a very young black male who Zimmerman didn’t like walking around in his gated community. Zimmerman didn’t want him there so he stalked the kid and started a fight.

      • Ametia says:

        And Trayvon defended himself the best he knew how. He was UNARMED. Zimmerman took KICKBOXING Training. This isn’t ROCKET SCIENCE.

    • Liza says:

      Hmmmmm. I guess the important question is how receptive they are to facts versus what they’ve heard in the media. When someone uses phrases like “organized rioting” I have to say that I think that is strange but can’t really conclude much in the absence of other information. Also, “there was a struggle and the gun went off” raised my antenna but it could be a correctable case of misinformation once this person hears actual facts.

      • Ametia says:

        “organized rioting is code for “Negroes gathering.” The racist teabagger where in DC yesterday, screaming about Obama and IRS! Take our country back! Same shit, different day,

  30. After short court recess Frye hearing will resume.

    • West is going to get hit with a contempt charge during trial. Watch for it! He’s being so rude to the judge.

      • roderick2012 says:

        The defense is intentionally trying to make Judge Nelson lose her composure so that even if they can’t have her removed they can say that she is biased against them.

        This is all for the cameras and the jurors and let’s not forget the rube donors.

        • Ametia says:

          You NAILED it roderick. It’s harrassment. They’ve got NOTHING to defend that piece-o-shit GZ, so they’re bullying the FEMALE JUDGE. It’s a transparent tactic, and Nelson better know exactly what they’re up too.

    • Rule Judge Nelson! We all know it’s Trayvon Martin screaming on the 911 tape.

  31. I wanted G81 or either E22. I’m disappointed they didn’t get on.

  32. Five white women and one hispanic woman on the Zimmerman jury. Opening statements starts on Monday.

    • roderick2012 says:

      I believe that George is screwed.

      I can’t see women even white women finding this putz not guilty when he clearly stalked Trayvon and killed him.

      Let’s hope their maternal instincts override any residual racism.

      BTW has the murdering clown stopped laughing yet?

      I read that the jury consultant was using his body to sheild Smiling George from the view of people and the cameras.

      Maybe O’Mara is going to change George’s plea to insanity.

  33. Judge Nelson is dismissing the people not chosen for jury.

  34. So far…

    Jury: B29,B76, B37, B51, E6 and E40.

    Alternates: E54 B72 E13 E28

  35. The Judge allowed the strike of E 22 b/c her pastor wrote a letter in support of Trayvon Martin. Got dammit!

    • roderick2012 says:

      Why should what her pastor did disqualify her?

      Are they implying that blacks are dumb and are easily led?

      How did anyone know what her pastor did? Did she actually state that in her questionnaire?

      • The Judge said she asked potential jurors to disclose info about whether they knew of someone who was in a group or organization and E22 didn’t disclose it. And that each juror was given the chance to state they could get passed it and form their own opinion. The defense argued she has been a member of the church for 19 years. I’m sick about it.

    • Ametia says:

      Surely their were MORE qualified BLACKS that could sit on this jury. A black/hispanic? Seriously This is some bullshit. I’m not sure I trust 5 white women to deliberate the fate of my murdered child. Yeah, I said it.

      • roderick2012 says:

        I don’t believe you have to worry.

        Between the evidence and the defense’s obvious bullying of Judge Nelson because she’s a female the defense doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

  36. rikyrah says:


  37. Defense wants E-22 struck because her pastor has written in support of Trayvon Martin. E22 is a black woman.

  38. Mark O’Mara’s white women argument is bullshit. There are more women and they are white.

  39. B86 is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. She’s the one who stated Trayvon wouldn’t have been shot and killed if he weren’t suspended from school. It was his fault for being in Sanford! GTFO! HIT the mofo door!

  40. O’Mara is trying to pretend white women are being struck but it’s more women than men.

  41. Judge finds state reason for strike of B12 genuine. Defense challenge denied.

  42. Mark O’Mara asks prosecutor to explain race-neutral reason for striking 4 white women in a row.

  43. Tony Pipitone: B-35 conservative black male struck by state from George Zimmerman jury.

  44. Court is back in session..

  45. Mark O’Mara: If the evidence convinces you to acquit Zimmerman, can you say to Trayvon Martin’s family that George Zimmerman is not guilty?


    Jurors said they could tell the Martin family they found Zimmerman to be not guilty. Juror B35 stated he feels sorry for their loss but could tell them.

    B-35: A middle-aged black man who owns a vending business. He was critical of the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and says this case is not racial. Fox News watcher.

  46. Judge Nelson is getting ticked with West. The Judge wants to get this ball rolling and the defense really wants a delay. This judge ain’t having it!

  47. Court is in recess until 2pm.

  48. George Zimmerman lOOKS so ugly sitting there laughing like this is some comedy show!

  49. E-73′s nephew was shot and killed 13 years ago. Someone broke into the home by shooting through the door and the nephew was shot & killed while sitting at the table.

  50. O’Mara wants to take over the courtroom AND confuse the potential jurors.


  51. Oh God! Judge Nelson is ONCE AGAIN reading the law about the justifiable use of deadly force.

  52. Judge Nelson read the law about the justifiable use of deadly force.

  53. Judge Nelson once again schooled Mark O’Mara that SHE will read instructions to the jurors. What’s with O’Mara?

  54. Ametia says:

    Good Samartin law in Minnesota:

    Subdivision 1.Duty to assist.

    A person at the scene of an emergency who knows that another person is exposed to or has suffered grave physical harm shall, to the extent that the person can do so without danger or peril to self or others, give reasonable assistance to the exposed person. Reasonable assistance may include obtaining or attempting to obtain aid from law enforcement or medical personnel. A person who violates this subdivision is guilty of a petty misdemeanor.

    Read on:

  55. Mark O’Mara is talking about the Good Samaritan law…which is taking the law into your own hands.

  56. Did O’Mara use the word “dissing” in speaking to Juror 29?

  57. Tony Pipitone: Mark O’Mara invokes his late mother’s wisdom for second time for this heavily female (24-16) jury panel in GeorgeZimmerman trial.

  58. Court is back in session.

  59. Court is in recess for 15 minutes

    • Ametia says:

      O’Mara couldn;t get B37 or any of the PJs to give on concealed weapons.

      Zimmerman: ” YEAH”


  60. Ametia says:

    O’mara’s only trying to get the PJs to look at evidence to prove GZ’s innocence.

    • roderick2012 says:

      There is none.

      The fact that the State will present evidence that George had trained in boxing and kickboxing will make his tale that he wasn’t able to defend himself against a teenager who was almost 50lbs lighter without resorting to deadly force BS!!

  61. Ametia says:

    Trayvon’s death deserves JUSTICE.

  62. Ametia says:

    OOPS! Just because you carry a concealed weapon, it doesn’t tell you how responsible a person is.

  63. Mark O’Mara getting schooled by a juror. Didn’t I tell you these jurors aren’t dummies?!

    • Ametia says:

      He tried to get that PJ to say it’s ok to carry a concealed weapon , second amendment rights blah, blah, blah, It may be lawful to carry a gun, but if you’re a sociopath like GZ who stalks and murders an unarmed boy, that’s the difference.

  64. The Judge has had to jump in and stop O’Mara a couple of times for going out of bounds. O’Mara trying hard to connect to jurors but it’s not happening. He’s no Bernie de la Rionda!

  65. Judge Nelson informed Mark O’Mara that SHE will give jury instructions. SNAP! The judge then read to jurors the law concerning reasonable doubt.

  66. Jurors are discussing direct versus circumstantial evidence.

  67. These potential jurors are no dummies. This ain’t the conservative treehouse.

  68. Tony Pipitone: Mark O’Mara walks to GeorgeZimmerman puts hands on his shoulders (see, he’s human, says body language to jury).

  69. Mark O’Mara says he represents people of Florida just individually. He has issues with labels of defendant and victim.

  70. Court is in session

  71. Waiting for jurors to get to the courtroom…

    • rikyrah says:

      You remain in my prayers.

    • Ametia says:

      Look at Tracy Martin. This has got to be some Out of body experience (OBE) for him. Lord please lift Tracy and Sabrina up in prayers, love and mercy.

    • Ametia says:

      Everytime I look at this photo of Sabrina; I see and feel her RAGE. Lord please keep her in your tender Mercies.

    • Liza says:

      Her face never changes, just that fixed, alert, but very sad gaze.

      She has received a life sentence and my heart breaks for her.

    • Ametia says:

      No doubt there’s sadness, but there’s ANGER, and Sabrina has every right to be angry. Her son was needlessy murdered, stalked and shot down like an animal.

      sadness, guilt, fear, they’re all from the same emotional parent, ANGER.

      • Liza says:

        That is so true. And there is absolutely nowhere to channel all of that rage and anger except to go through what she’s going through right now. To sit in a courtroom with her child’s killer a few yards away so that at the very least there will be justice for her son.

    • Valerie says:

      She has lost weight too. She needs to BREATH…

  72. Just look at this monster! Evil and wicked.

    Trial photos3

    • roderick2012 says:

      I guess the bafoon is thinking about all of the money he grifted from the racist rubes.

    • rikyrah says:

      Cut through the bull and tell the truth about this sociopath.

    • Liza says:

      Fatso thinks he’s going to walk.

      • He really does. I think he’s trying to work the jurors with the smiling. I can’t even write on this board what I think of him.

      • Liza says:

        I wonder if he’s ever been diagnosed. My guess is that it’s some form of narcissistic personality disorder.

      • roderick2012 says:

        Liza:I wonder if he’s ever been diagnosed. My guess is that it’s some form of narcissistic personality disorder.

        The entire damn family are narcissists. Did anyone notice during their appearances that Junior and Mommy Dearest always made sure to use ‘we’ never “George’ as a singluar person especially when they were discussing being racists or racism?

        They could give a darn less about George it’s all about ‘me’. LOL

  73. Good morning, everyone!

    Hoodies up!

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