State of Florida vs George Zimmerman Trial (day 9 )

Judge Debra Nelson 11(CBS Miami)Prosecutors in the George Zimmerman murder trial are beginning to wind down their case after a week full of presenting forensics evidence and testimony they believe refutes the defendant’s claim of self-defense in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

The biggest question remaining for the prosecution is whether either of Travyon Martin’s parents will be called to the witness stand to testify about whose voice is screaming in the background of the 911 calls made right before the shooting.

Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, contend it is their 17-year-old son screaming on the calls, while Zimmerman’s father has said it is his son. The screams are crucial pieces of evidence because they could determine who the aggressor was in the confrontation. An FBI expert testified earlier in the week that a person familiar with a voice is in the best position to identify it.

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  1. Sufficient evidence has been introduced to support a guilty verdict in Zimmerman case

    NBC’s Dan Abrams, whom I generally respect, has announced that he believes the jury will find the the defendant not guilty of both murder 2 and manslaughter. Given the State’s difficult burden to disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt, which he believes to be impossible since the defendant has a coherent theory of the case supported by many witnesses as well as the photographs showing the injuries to his head, he said that he does not see any way that the jury can convict him.

    In reaching that opinion, I believe Abrams commits the same mistake that so many of his colleagues commit on a daily basis regarding all of the important stories and issues of the day. They assume that there are two sides to every story and each side has both strengths and weaknesses. In other words, they assume the opposing sides are roughly equally legitimate. This assumption is not based on a thorough evidence based review of the respective sides or an objective evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing arguments.

    In fact, the assumption of equivalency is a false assumption and an extremely poor substitute for investigative journalism and critical thinking.

    Abrams also commits another mistake by failing to acknowledge that the jury will decide how much weight to assign to the evidence. For example, the jury could decide that the defendant is a liar and disregard everything he said that is not independently supported by other credible evidence.

    For a long time I have been describing this case a simple case. The jury can reasonably infer based on the evidence introduced at trial that the defendant attempted to locate and physically prevent Trayvon Martin from being yet another fucking punk and asshole who always escapes out the rear entrance of the neighborhood before the police arrive. They could also reasonably conclude that Trayvon uttered the terrified death shriek since he was unarmed and the shriek ended with the gunshot. Finally, they also could conclude that the absence of any of the defendant’s blood or DNA on Trayvon Martin’s hoodie means Trayvon did not attack the defendant.

    Anyone who has taken the time to study this case should realize that there is sufficient evidence in the record to support a verdict of guilty to murder 2.

    Indeed, Judge Nelson so ruled on Friday.

    Therefore, Abrams opinion that there is not sufficient evidence to support a guilty verdict is flat out wrong.

  2. The George Zimmerman trial is the worst fear of every black family

    The Trayvon Martin case has been nothing short of heartbreak from the very beginning. Regardless of what anyone believes about Trayvon’s past, his innocence or George Zimmerman’s, the fact remains that a teenager is dead. I honestly didn’t think I would get emotionally broken up more than I was over the story that Rachel Jeantel’s friendship with Martin stemmed from the fact he was one of the only people who never picked on her. The story painted such a tragic picture of friendship and two people whose lives will never be the same.

    Then came this week’s testimonies and reactions from Trayvon Martin’s parents to leave me – and so much of America – floored. On Friday morning, Sybrina Fulton took the stand to talk about her son. As part of her testimony she had to identify her child’s screams in his finals seconds of life. Later in the day, Tracy Martin had to sit in court as the medical examiner, Dr Bao, explained how Trayvon died in severe pain and was alive for minutes after getting shot in the chest.

    Essentially, Friday – almost as much as the day Trayvon was shot – was any parent’s nightmare. Trayvon’s parents had to come face to face with their son’s murder while Fulton got questioned over whether or not her son actually deserved to get killed. Tracy had to sit in the same room as the man who shot his son in the chest, unable to retaliate or let the rage he has to be feeling out.

    Yes, this is the worst imaginable day for a parent. But it’s one the parents of an African-American child has been conditioned to accept as a possibility.

    • While non black families talk with their teen boys about high school & dating, AA families talk with their teen boys on how to act when dealing with police and how to stay alive. It’s a shame we have to prepare our boys for how other may perceive them. But it’s a talk that could very well be the difference between life and death for young AA boys.

  3. ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws To Be Scrutinized For Racial Bias By Civil Rights Commission

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights voted on Friday to launch an investigation into whether “Stand Your Ground” laws around the country have a racial bias.

    These statutes gained attention after the February 2012 fatal shooting of Travyon Martin, an unarmed African-American teenager. Authorities initially refused to arrest neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman, who is accused of shooting Martin, citing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. These measures allow individuals to stand their ground and use deadly force in self-defense, with no obligation to first attempt to retreat.

    During a meeting in downtown Washington, D.C., on Friday, the commission approved the investigation in a 5-3 vote, with one Republican commissioner joining the four Democrats. The board is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, although two of the GOP members identify as independent after an attempt during the George W. Bush administration to stack the board. (The commission’s charter says no more than four members can belong to the same political party.)

    The push for an investigation was led by Democratic Commissioner Michael Yaki.

    “This is something the commission has not done in decades — a full-blown field investigation of an issue with potential civil rights ramifications,” Yaki told The Huffington Post, explaining that much of their work in recent years has focused instead on briefings and receiving testimony.

    “We’re going to take our own cut at it, go down, dig through records at the district attorney, police level and other things, and start going through … to see whether or not, as some people suspect, that there is bias in the assertion or the denial of Stand Your Ground, depending on the race of the victim or the race of the person asserting the defense,” he said.

  4. Zimmerman: The Difference Between a Hate Crime and a Civil Rights Violation

    I have written this article to eliminate some confusion regarding federal statutes that criminalize civil rights violations. Zimmerman might potentially be prosecuted for committing a hate crime, if a federal grand jury concludes that there is probable cause to believe that he profiled and killed Trayvon Martin because he was Black.

    Since Zimmerman is a private citizen, rather than a state official, and he was acting as a private citizen, rather than acting as a state official under color of state law, he cannot be charged with violating Martin’s civil rights. However, Chris Serino and other state officials potentially could be prosecuted for civil rights violations for the way they conducted their investigation of the Martin homicide, as well as other investigations that resulted in controversial conclusions.

    The reason for this distinction in the federal criminal laws is that the Bill of Rights protect private citizens from actions committed by federal and state officials that violate one or more of a person’s constitutional rights that are set forth in the Bill of Rights. Those rights do not apply to actions committed by a private citizen against another private citizen.

  5. Xena says:

    George Zimmerman feeling the heat. LOL!

    • Liza says:

      I keep thinking about the hollow point bullet. The underlying truth here seems to be that Zimmerman was on a trajectory that was going to end up with someone being killed. He was on a collision course with some innocent person who was going to cross his path sooner or later, and that person turned out to be Trayvon.

      Zimmerman was a hunter who went out in the night stalking his prey, armed with a ready to fire 9mm handgun, and loaded with hollow point bullets so that the death of his prey would be a certainty.

      • Sanford Police knew Zimmerman was a problem ready to be unleashed on innocent citizens in Sanford. They have evidence of his constant phone calls and they sit back and allowed an innocent kid to be gunned down for nothing. I hope they’re SUED to the knees.

      • Mark Osterman helped him pick out the gun. I’m sure it was all planned out how to take down their prey. And then Osterman gets on the stand and sweats like a pig.

    • Liza says:

      It really hope that the DOJ intends to do something about a few of those redneck Sanford lawmen. Those old boys need to feel the long arm of the law just Zimmerman.

      • Maybe that’s why Serino lawyered up? He looked like a scared little puppy on the stand.

      • Liza says:

        I believe that’s true. Serino knows he could end up being charged by the Feds and I am so hoping that is what happens. When a town like Sanford has a cop problem that is this bad, a few cop heads need to roll. These people need to be taught that they are not above the law themselves, and that everyone, absolutely everyone is equal before the law.

        What is there to protect young, black males like Trayvon Martin from the George Zimmermans? Not a damn thing except the law. No one can predict when some armed, bloodthirsty psychopath is going to decide to go hunting and confront an innocent victim. The law is supposed to provide severe consequences for murderers so that would be killers have to weigh the possibility of life without parole against a thrill kill. But if the cops won’t enforce the law, then how in the blazing hell are these young men supposed to live without fear of becoming the next victim while they are walking home from the store?

        Those Sanford lawmen need to be taught a lesson that others like them can learn from.

      • Good post, Liza!

  6. Motion for Judgment of Acquittal Denied

    There are two people involved here. One of them is dead and one of them is a liar.

  7. The 2012 Florida Statutes

    Title XLVI

    Chapter 776

    View Entire Chapter

    776.041 Use of force by aggressor.—The justification described in the preceding sections of this chapter is not available to a person who:
    (1) Is attempting to commit, committing, or escaping after the commission of, a forcible felony; or

    (2) Initially provokes the use of force against himself or herself, unless:
    (a) Such force is so great that the person reasonably believes that he or she is in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm and that he or she has exhausted every reasonable means to escape such danger other than the use of force which is likely to cause death or great bodily harm to the assailant; or

    (b) In good faith, the person withdraws from physical contact with the assailant and indicates clearly to the assailant that he or she desires to withdraw and terminate the use of force, but the assailant continues or resumes the use of force.

    History.—s. 13, ch. 74-383; s. 1190, ch. 97-102.

  8. rikyrah says:

    My interview with Trayvon Martin’s brother, Jahvaris Fulton.
    — Sunny Hostin (@SunnyHostin) July 5, 2013

  9. roderick2012 says:

    I know this is an icky subject but is it possible that Jorge diddled both George and Junior and his lying on the stand is a way to pay penance?

    Someone mentioned Alicia ( I guess this is Trayvon’s stepmom). Are you saying she would testify to Trayvon’s ‘fighting’ or that it’s not him screaming on the 911 call?

    Was Alicia left out of the HOA settlement money and would testifying for the defense be her way to gain revenge on Tracy and Sybrina?

    • Ametia says:

      What really gets my blood boiling is the very act of O’Mara flat out suggesting to Sybrina Fulton that her son Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own murder. I absolutely LOATHE these muthafuckas.

      • Xena says:

        I have a thing of agreeing “quickly with thine adversary” and had it been me answering O’Mara’s question, I would have answered it with a question: “You mean you want to know if Trayvon caused his own death by going to the store and walking home?”

        • I hope this trial puts O’Mara’s career to an end.

          • Xena says:


            I hope this trial puts O’Mara’s career to an end.

            What career? LOL!! O’Mara’s law practice focus was mainly family law. He did commentary on the Casey Anthony case for local television. Don West had a pretty closet-type career as a federal public defense attorney representing Jihad terrorists.

            So O’Mara slings the mud in GZ’s case like it’s a divorce case, and West paints the defendant as a person who has his own interpretations that victimized him.

      • Ametia says:

        Yes; it’s called “Socratic questioning”. Sybrina told MOM she didn’t know what he was asking her. She just couldn’t/didn’t go there.

      • Ametia says:

        @SG2. LOL The defense team are 2 Creepy Ass Crackas funded by rich CaCs.

  10. rikyrah says:

    The “#zimmermantrial jurors are mothers” talk ignores that their Whiteness protects their kids from being profiled/slandered in death.
    — Black Canseco (@BlackCanseco) July 5, 2013

  11. rikyrah says:


    Even George Zimmerman had to cast his eyes down in shame as he listened to his mother lie so blatantly.

    Even Uncle Jorge (Miguel’s brother — yes we are minorities too so we couldn’t possibly be racist!) is such a proficient and effortless liar.

    Pulling out every relative from his mother’s side to not only shamelessly lie, but to now conveniently play up George Zimmerman’s “minority” status — even though George has for so long and to this moment proudly identified as “white/caucasian” –

    That voice screaming for help is clearly the voice of a not fully transitioned adolescent. The crack or break in the voice that occurs when a boy becomes a man can still be heard in that scream — the rapid and uncontrollable change in pitch — the distinct warbling–

    I don’t care what Uncle Jorge says, I come from the most close-knit family there ever was, and there is no way I could without expecting it, pick out the helpless scream of my nephew on a random news broadcast — his speaking voice perhaps, but not his scream–

    And for the record, Lisa Bloom is just so full of shit. A silly, phony, heartless, self-promoting pocket-book lawyering pretender —

    There’s something to be said when Joy Ann Reid who’s not a lawyer, is more astute and has better and more refined legal instincts and ears than the trained lawyers brought in to provide analysis —

    The so-called legal analysts all seem to be mostly auditioning to be invited back for future television gigs – and if not because they are mostly entirely mediocre showboats and lacking in insight and honesty, most have not necessarily been up for offering clear, honest, intelligent, uncluttered and unambiguous analysis —

    • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

      Tell it Camille, granny was thinking the same thing. Folks pay close attention to these TV lawyers just in case you need a lawyer, so you’ll know who to avoid. No wonder there are so many minorities in prisons that were railroaded.

      • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

        Granny is exhausted. I nodded to sleep for awhile at the keyboard. This trial has had me up late into the night and up early. This morning I woke up late, but I’m still tired. I think my lack of rest is catching up with me, but I cannot rest until GZ is handcuffed and sent to jail or hell.

    • roderick2012 says:

      So they dragged out the black sheep of the family to claim that George was the one screaming?

      These people are so f-ing pathetic and transparent that there are no words.

      And who gives a damn about his military service?

      He is trying to use that to bolster his credibility because he knows he’s a damn liar like his sister and nephew.

      Both sides of the George’s family are scum.

      • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

        @Rodney, they are worse than scum. They are excrement.

      • CarolMaeWY says:

        Oma had to ask if he took his oath seriously or something similar. What a dumb question? He had the dumbest presentation for the acquittal section. The prosecution was ready. Justice for Trayvon.

      • M says:

        The Zimmermans are really disgusting people that shouldn’t be called human beings. Anybody could tell that is Trayvon’s voice. Even if it wasn’t his voice, it was that of a child. The prosecution (who I have no faith in ),should have gave GZ a scream test to prove it.

  12. Xena says:

    @SG2. As promised. I’m taking a break for dinner then back to work. :-)

  13. rikyrah says:

    The media was good with Zimmerman’s uncle’s bad english but not Rachel Jeantel’s. #zimmermantrial

  14. rikyrah says:

    Black Canseco @BlackCanseco

    When’s the last time you saw a trial or a story where we blamed an unarmed White male for his own shooting death? #zimmermantrial #trayvon

    • Xena says:

      What unarmed White male was blamed for his own shooting death?
      Uhhh. Let me think. (thinking) None.

  15. rikyrah says:

    #Trayvon had praying hands & his Mom’s name tatooed on his body. #Zimmerman has a gang sign on his shoulder. #ZimmermanTrial #J4TM #J4GZ

  16. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Is it true that Alicia is a defense witness? If so, I hope they tear that manipulative lying hussy a new one. She might be fool some white folks, but black folks see through her scheming, conniving azz, especially black women. I got a cousin like that; I swear she can fake crocodile tears and make somebody think that she has been done so wrong.

  17. What can one expect from scum that set up a web-site to solicit blood money for the killing of a child. ALL of them have nasty filthy souls.

  18. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Okay, I’m back. GZ’s mother and uncle lied and it so obvious. The uncle’s lie was obvious, a child could see through his lie. The mother and her theatrics made me want to pull out a violin. She and the uncle full of dung. No wonder GZ is a habitual liar. He gets it honest.

    • Yes ma’am. Learned behavior!

    • Xena says:

      IMO, the defense made a serious mistake putting uncle Meza on the witness stand. This is why. It demonstrates a family member who is a deputy sheriff and previously served in the Armed forces. Yet here is GZ, without military service, and denied employment in law enforcement, wanting to be a cop and abusing NW.

  19. Ametia says:

    I want every mother on that jury to weigh the testimony of Sybrina Fulton and Gladys Zimmerman very carefully, before they reach their final decision. Whose testimony was credible, truthful, in light of all the evidence, especially Dr. Rao & Dr. Bao’s testimony.

    I want these women to feel what it’s like to hear 2 women say a screaming voice is the voice of their son, when it can only be the voice of the one who was silenced by a gunshot to the heart.


    • Xena says:


      … when it can only be the voice of the one who was silenced by a gunshot to the heart.

      The first time I heard that recording, that is what convinced me that it had to be Trayvon. Also, the jury is hearing “I’m begging you” and GZ not once said he shouted that.

      • Ametia says:

        Who in their right mind would think anyone carrying a loaded 9mm gun without safety on would BEG & SCREAM for their life?

        Geroge Zimmerman was brimming over with POWER. He couldn’t control that false sense of POWER. He wasn’t going to let Trayvon get away with being BLACK in that neighborhood. Not the night of Februay 26, 2012.

      • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

        Ametia, GZ can’t seem to comprehend that, which is why we know he killed Trayvon Martin, stole Trayvon’s scream, and then planted his own words in Trayvon’s mouth. Guilty, guilty, guilty!

    • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

      Yep, Gladys Zimmerman sit yo azz down and quit lying.

  20. Court is in recess until Monday 9am.

    • Ametia says:

      I couldn’t sit in that court room, because they could never restrain me from opening up a can of whoop ass on these mofos.

      • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

        You’d have to wait your turn, if I happen to be in the court room with you.

  21. Fin Gomez: Juror B29 nods her head when Zimmerman uncle talks abt his army service + his “ethics and professionalism” as a law enforcement officer.

    • Ametia says:

      Talking and being are entirely two different concepts here. Uncle Jorge just proved he’s a PROFESSIONAL LIAR. So that cancels out any ethics. We all know the SPD is corrupt.

  22. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    The Uncle another lying member of the Zimmerman family.

  23. Next witness

    Jorge Meza. George Zimmerman’s uncle

  24. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Justice for Trayvon is around the corner.

  25. Next witness up

    Gladys Zimmerman

  26. Judge Nelson: The motion for acquittal is DENIED!

  27. Shut up, O’Mara! Your client said he had no regrets. It was God’s plan.

  28. Ametia says:

    Give it up, Mrak O. GZ is a lying MURDERER

  29. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    It looks like JN wants to cry. Zimmerman, your lies have caught up with you.

  30. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Good afternoon ladies. I missed most of the trial this morning. How are the prosecutors doing?

  31. Xena says:

    “There are two people involved here. One is dead and the other is a liar.” ASA Mantei

  32. Mantei: Zimmerman thought he knew Martin as one of those “f—ing punks” or “a–holes” that get away.

  33. Oh dear God…Make it stop! O’Mara stfu already!

  34. Ametia says:

    O’Mara tried to fashion his defense after this BULLSHIT he’s spewing now. Just eating up the clock.

    • Exactly!

    • Ametia says:

      The evidence says other wise. GZ is a cold-blooded murderer and he’s GOING DOWN.

    • Liza says:

      I’m at a loss to figure what the defense might actually be. All of the witnesses have been called and cross-examined and the pictures of Zimmerman’s head have been presented. Unless they call Zimmerman to blubber all over himself about how sorry he is that this had to happen, then I’m not sure what’s left.

      • Ametia says:

        Oh please put that LYING POS on the stand. He will be ripped apart with all the LYING he continues to do.

      • Liza says:

        Zimmerman is both arrogant enough and dumb enough to do it. His lawyers would probably advise him not to do it, but who knows?

    • racerrodig says:

      I rolled on the floor when he said “……this could be a textbook case……..well it’s not a textbook case….but………”
      All I can say is

  35. aquagranny911 says:

    Jesus Y Maria! O’MumboJumbo is now doing his best to drag things out so defense won’t have to start their case until Monday. I wish the Judge would make them all report back tomorrow for the sake of the sequestered jury..

    O’Mumbo, please put a sock in it!

  36. Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq
    If a 17 year old is screaming for his life and you still pull the trigger that is indicative of ILL-WILL, SPITE & HATE!!

  37. Defense is now asking for judgment of acquittal.

    • Mark O’Mara: Court must decide “whether or not there is any direct evidence” of elements of 2nd degree murder.

      • Xena says:

        That’s general procedure, but judges are not likely to grant judgment for acquittal in a jury trial. I’m listening to O’Mara now, and his argument does not “flow.”

      • Xena says:

        Funny. O’Mara argued previously in the media that he was not having a pre-trial immunity hearing because Zimmerman wanted the case decided by a jury. Now, he wants to circumvent the jury and convert the proceeding to a “bench trial” for the judge to decide.

    • Ametia says:

      O’Mara is totally ignoring the witness and going with what GZ said. Put that fat fuck on the stand then. Just RAMBLING on and on…

    • aquagranny911 says:

      Defense is running the clock so they can have two more days to actually prepare a case instead of quacking to the media!

  38. The State has rested their case in the Zimmerman trial.

  39. Ametia says:

    The state rests its case.

  40. Court’s back in session..

  41. Court is in recess for 10 minutes..

  42. Bernie de la Rionda on re-direct.

  43. Dr. Bao: in a “real” self defense case 3 wks ago, a person with the same gunshot wound to the heart lived 10 minutes.


    Crying with Laughter

  44. Ametia says:

    I’m back. What’s happening?

  45. rikyrah says:

    April ‏@ReignOfApril3m
    Dr. Bao has consulted his notes. “No, sir. I am completely devoid of f*cks. My notes reflect that I have none to give.” #BaoDown

  46. rikyrah says:

    When the Judge told Dr. Bao to wait for the question to be finished before answering, this Negro said “But the question was wrong.” #BaoDown

  47. Court is back in session..

  48. rikyrah says:


    Yup, defense and their media apologists can’t stand Dr. Bao because similarly to Rachel Jeantel: (a) he’s smarter than defense counsel; (b) he’s of color; (c) his testimony decimates Zimmerman’s claims of what happened. For example, Dr. Bao notes that the type of injury which was inflicted on Trayvon meant that the child was unable to move after being shot. Directly contradicts the lying, depraved coward who claims that Trayvon sat up and said “you got me.” Dr. Bao is proving that this could not possibly have taken place. That’s why they hate Dr. Bao

  49. Zimmerman trial judge is no-nonsense

    Debra Nelson has made a name for herself in Florida as a tough-on-defendants judge. Now her legal bearing is at the heart of one of the nation’s most sensitive murder trials.

    SANFORD, Fla.– When a 39-year-old woman snatched a baby from a Florida hospital in 2008, Circuit Judge Debra Nelson wasn’t swayed by the fact that the child was missing for only about an hour. She sentenced the kidnapper to 30 years in prison.

  50. Ametia says:

    Dr. Rao & Dr. Bao, don’t mess with’em!

  51. rikyrah says:

    As they were reviewing them, Mark O’Mara was laughing at something he was reading and Dr. Bao says “Is there something funny there?” #Tense

  52. Court is in recess until 1:00pm

  53. rikyrah says:

    Keith Boykin ‏@keithboykin25s
    Dr. Bao and Don West are ready to fight.

  54. Ametia says:

    Trayvon Martin SUFFERED for about 10 minutes before he died, and no one came to help him.

    You can’t change that fact, Don West!

  55. aquagranny911 says:

    Forgive me, I just can’t listen to that evil scumsucker West question Dr Bao. West is such a nasty racist goatfigger. It is interesting how defense usually has him do the questioning of most of the POC except for the Martin family where he could not have helped completely turning off the jury with his contempt for a grieving mother & brother.

    My heart is with Ms Fulton & Trayvon’s brother for their ordeal. Bless Mr Martin for standing today to bear witness to Dr Bao’s testimony despite the pain he is enduring. JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON!!!

    • Ametia says:

      Hi AG. Yes; I noticed taht West gets to question PEOPLES OF COLOR. Sybrina would have really had him CHECK himself. Can’t have that!

      Dr. Bao is spelling out certain words, so the stenographer gets it RIGHT.

    • Liza says:

      I think you’re right, AG. For Don West, there is more to this than the fame and the book deal and all of the money he hopes to make. He has pure, unadulterated hatred and contempt for the the victim, his friends, and his family.

  56. Ametia says:

    Dr. Bao performed the AUTOPSY, Don West. He doesn’t need to be briefed. He performs the autopsy and presents his report.

  57. Don West is on cross.

  58. Court is back in session.

  59. Court is in recess for 10 minutes.

    • A child uttered the most bone chilling shriek from the darkness & no one came to help him. It’s the saddest thing on the face of the earth.

      • Ametia says:

        Folks were to busy trying to cover up for Zimmerman.

      • rikyrah says:

        it stabs in the heart.

        I could not be in that courtroom. it would drive me over the edge, if I were Ms. Fulton or Mr. Martin

      • Ametia says:

        @Rikyrah. Dr. Bao performed the autopsy, and he said Trayvon was alive for approx 10 minutes. He suffered. It just blows my mind. *TEARS*

        • While Trayvon was lying down in the most excruciating pain, George Zimmerman was on the phone and neighbors were taking photos of him & asking what kind of gun was used to shoot the kid.

          • Xena says:

            Good afternoon everyone. I’m trying to catch up and just read the comment that Trayvon could have lived 10 minutes after he was shot. I wonder if the ME considered that because of CPR that was given to Trayvon that might have given the impression that his lungs were operating?

      • Ametia says:

        @SG2. Yes; Zimmerman was on the phone bragging about his trophy killing of an innocent boy.

      • Xena says:

        Sounds like living in R@TL is like a segment of the Twilight Zone.

    • Dr. Bao says it’s against protocol to put wet clothes in plastic bag.

      • Ametia says:

        LOL Dr. Bao said if anyone were caught putting wet clothes in a plastic bag, they’d be gone immediately. (paraphrasing here)

  60. Zimmerman said Trayvon was cursing after he shot him. This liar is being exposed to the world.

  61. Ametia says:

    Dr. Bao: The bullet went straight to the back to the pericardial sac the right posterior ventricle of the heart. Trayvon was alive 1-2 minutes after he was shot

  62. rikyrah says:

    A Tale of Two Best Friends

    Aura Bogado on July 3, 2013 – 11:45 AM ET

    The media berated Rachel Jeantel last week throughout her testimony during George Zimmerman’s trial for the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. So much so that other media took to defending Jeantel—who spent much of her day on the phone with Martin, whom she had first met in second grade, the day he was killed. That kind vitriol and subsequent support were absent, however, during yesterday’s testimony, when Zimmerman’s best friend, Mark Osterman, took the stand. That distinction speaks to the way that race remains a central theme in this murder

    No one denies that Jeantel does, in fact, have a drawl—one that could easily be confused with Paula Deen’s or even Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s drawls, which never drew public condemnation. In fact, in the mouths of white people, those southern accents are charming, and can even help fuel careers. Zimmerman defense attorney Don West (whose daughter, let’s not forget, posted a despicable photo on Instagram) repeatedly questioned Jeantel’s literacy on the stand. Despite the fact that Jeantel is trilingual, the court and the public—which is largely, and sadly, monolingual—displayed an obsession with determining the degree to which Jeantel can read cursive. Jeantel is indeed literate—but the question has nothing to do with her credibility as a witness in the first place. The attacks against Jeantel reflect an almost subconscious appetite for black destruction.

    Meanwhile Mark Osterman, who described George Zimmerman as “the best friend [he] ever had,” was never questioned about his literacy. Perhaps that’s because he penned a book with his wife, titled Defending our Friend; the Most Hated Man in America. Yet the court and the public didn’t question the fact that Osterman essentially published and marketed a book based on the killing of a child. Osterman, too, had an attitude—he entered the courtroom with a snarky smirk, and possibly flirted with the all-woman jury by claiming that he doesn’t “like to curse in front of ladies.” Osterman’s sworn statements were at times bizarre—testifying, for example, that “anybody who is a non-convicted felon should carry a firearm,” and adding that “the police aren’t always there.”

    Because the court—and the public—is not preoccupied with dissecting Osterman’s statements the way they were with tearing apart Jeantel’s, they took his testimony to mean that anyone who is not a convicted felon should carry a firearm. But, in fact, Osterman actually said that any felon should carry a gun, if they have not been convicted. Osterman, a white man who apparently profited from the killing of a child through his book, was granted understanding and latitude that Jeantel, a black woman, was not.

    [….] One courtroom and one public have treated Martin and Zimmerman’s friends quite differently. And while the trial is clearly about the killing of Trayvon Martin, it is also profoundly about race, and about the way the public affords some privileges to some people, at the cost of detriment to others.

    • Ametia says:

      THIS: “Osterman, a white man who apparently profited from the killing of a child through his book, was granted understanding and latitude that Jeantel, a black woman, was not.”

  63. Ametia says:

    so defense is objecting to the autopsy results showing that Trayvon was in pain and suffered.

  64. Ametia says:

    Oh dear God. Trayvon was suffering and feeling pain.

  65. Next witness up

    Dr. Shiping Bao. Seminole/Volusia county Medical Examiner.

  66. Ametia says:

    Why do they have Sybrina just sitting there?

  67. Ametia says:

    I can’t stand to look at Zimmerman. I get extremely NAUSEATED.

  68. Sybrina Fulton is being recalled by the State.

  69. Ametia says:

    John Guy is recalling Sybrina back to the stand.

  70. Ametia says:

    Guy is questioning Jahvaris

  71. Court is back in session

  72. George Zimmerman Trial – Day 9 – Part 1 (Sybrina Fulton)

  73. Ametia says:

    Here’s Sybrina’s testimony, Everyone!

    • Ametia says:

      Sybrina’s testimony was extremely POWERFUL here. No theatrics, genuine, thorough, and credible. Lord keep her in your tender mercies.

  74. Court is on a short recess

  75. Next witness up

    Jahvaris Fulton

  76. Mark O’Mara on cross

  77. Next witness up

    Sybrina Fulton

  78. Court is in session

  79. Ametia says:

    Sending prayers to Sybrina & Tracy.

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    Hoodie Up!


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    Clicking in now to follow so I’ll be ready when the sun rises. :-)

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