Theories: Trayvon Martin and the 3 Stooges


Several days ago in another thread, I mentioned that last year after hearing certain facts about George Zimmerman, I suspected that he used Neighborhood Watch (NW) as a cover-up for burglaries.   This was based on several facts, including his words posted on his MySpace page expressing that he had a gang that would commit crimes for him and when caught, would do time in jail without telling on him.

Several months thereafter, I met Lonnie Starr on the blogs.   By that time, the clubhouse videos were released, and there is a group on another blog, (the bcclist and whonoze) who have experience with videos.  They began working to study the light patterns, the map of Retreat at Twin Lakes, and George Zimmerman’s non-emergency (NEN) call to the police reporting a suspicious person who we now know was Trayvon Martin.

While I questioned Zimmerman’s reason for moving out of his house after he left the police station, Lonnie Starr questioned the real reason why Zimmerman left his house that evening.  From that foundation, Lonnie Starr observed things in the 7-Eleven video and then began examining facts regarding Emmanuel Burgess, the man who was subsequently arrested for committing burglaries in the Retreat at Twin Lakes.

Some in this blog want to hear more on Lonnie’s theory.  This thread is for that purpose.

The following was written by Lonnie Starr.


Theories are only theories,  they are designed to explain data points in a rational way that,  hopefully will be as close to the truth or solution as possible for the state of knowledge in that day in time. 

Theories are like punching bags,   they are created to be tested by taking all the blows anyone is able to dish out,  to see if they will finally fail,  or not.  Which is why it is silly to simply dismiss a rational theory, out-of-hand,  without evidence and/or data to the contrary.  Because that’s exactly like saying “I don’t want to hit that punching bag because I might break it!”    Punching bags are made to be broken, so give it your best shot,  always. 

In Zimmerman’s case,  when we started reading about it,  all that was known was that he claimed to have left his house for his weekly shopping trip.  This story would have had us believe that he had driven north on Retreat View Circle (RVC), west,  and as he passed Frank Taaffe’s house,  he spotted Trayvon coming into the gated community  from between houses.  This, of course, sounded very much like suspicious activity, as he intended it should.  But, we were later to learn there was nothing suspicious about it since it was a short cut commonly used by the kids in the neighborhood, frequently.

Later analysis of the clubhouse (cctv) videos from the clubhouse cameras, showed that Zimmerman was lying about many of the activities he claimed to be engaged in that night.  Most importantly we learned that Zimmerman’s truck came up RVC just two minutes before the start of his Non Emergency (NEN) call to the police, which he had been instructed to use,  to report suspicious activities. 

During those two minutes, his truck was traced going past the front gate and coursing over to the mail kiosk, where he made a pass,  then turned and went back the way he had come.  He was almost back to Frank Taaffe’s place when he stopped, turned around again, and went immediately back to the mail kiosk and parked facing it, and it was at that time his NEN call began. 

We discovered, via Rachel Jeantel’s testimony about her and Trayvon being on the phone at the time, and because their call dropped and had to be reconnected,  that established the time.  That time coincides with the start of Zimmerman’s NEN call.  So, we know that Trayvon was in the mail kiosk sheltering from the rain, 8 to 10 minutes before Zimmerman even left his house.  Thus, Zimmerman could not have seen Trayvon over by Frank Taaffe’s in the cut through since he had passed that way many minutes before Zimmerman even left his house.

That got me thinking that Zimmerman had to be getting progress reports about Trayvon’s whereabouts from someone there — who has not been discovered as yet.  Zimmerman was lying in an attempt to cover up the fact that anyone else had been involved.  It sure was something to puzzle over.  But who could it have been?

People combing through the records of crime reports at the RATL noted that a guy name Emmanuel Burgess had burglarized the home of Dreamicis and he had climbed in through a second story window and stolen her $3,000 laptop and a gold necklace worth about $300. The next day, workers in the area who had witnessed the break in called the police and reported that the guy who did it, was standing in the cut through near Taaffe’s place, talking.  The police responded and found Burgess in the company of two other black males and one white guy named Ransberg.  Ransberg was carrying a back pack which the police asked to search, where upon Burgess stated that the back pack was his,  then he ran away.  Two of the officers gave chase and caught him and brought him back. 

The search of the back pack revealed the stolen laptop and the serial number confirmed it.  They say that all four individuals were taken to the police station Where Burgess was held and the other three were released.  Burgess was held on parole violation and began serving a two-year sentence.  Subsequently, Judge Debra Nelson sentenced him to five years for the burglaries. He did not return to the RATL where he had been living at 2500 Retreat View Circle, just south near where Trayvon was staying at Brandy Green’s house.

None of this meant much of anything to anyone until the tapes at the 711 were released.  There, we see two black guys and one white guy coming into the store with their faces obscured.  That seemed rather odd.  Another odd thing is, after Trayvon made his purchases and had left the store, instead of heading immediately for home, he waited outside the store.  Some 30 seconds elapse in the video, and we see a headlight of a car pulling in and parking.  A few seconds later, two blacks and one white guy enter the store, but Trayvon waits patiently outside until they come back out.  Only a few seconds after they leave the store does Trayvon begin his trip back home.  This is all captured on the 711 tape.

Now, about the trip to the store.  Some will say there’s nothing unusual about it,  but there are some strange artifacts attached that may indicate that there may be a bit more to it than that.  For one thing, Trayvon told Rachel on the phone that he’s going to the store because Chad asked him to get him some skittles.  But Chad later says that Trayvon told him that  he was going to the store and asked him if he wanted anything.  It’s a small thing to be sure, but why would Trayvon conceal that he,  himself,  had made the decision to go to the store?  Could it be he felt guilty for leaving Chad home alone? His father and Brandy had gone out to dinner and would not be returning for several hours.

Some theorize that Trayvon wanted some time alone to talk to Rachel,  his girlfriend,  on the phone,  but we now know that was not the case.  He had been talking to Rachel all day long, and they were not romantically involved — they were just friends.  So, any idea that Trayvon wanted privacy fails.  So, then we’re left with Trayvon wanting to go to the store on a rainy Sunday evening.  Why?  A rainy evening is hardly the time to be thinking about taking a long walk. So, it appears that there had to be more to this trip to the store than just to get skittles and iced tea.  There had to be a much more compelling reason for it, and I think that the three he met at the store were the cause somehow.  What happened at the store was more like a pre-planned meeting than just a casual encounter.

In fact, Rachel, who had been talking to him all the way to the store, relates that Trayvon told her that he wished his mother were there with him.  Hardly a thing that a teen would say if he were really just out for a pleasurable walk.  Wishing that mom were there, seems to me, to indicate that Trayvon had some foreboding or dread about the coming encounter, and that he knew and expected it to occur.

If these guys at the store had been asked to lure Trayvon out of his house,  by a guy whom they knew to be a violent,  gun-toting hot head,  it’s very likely they envisioned a good reason not to want to be identified on the 7-Eleven videos.  It fits with them waiting in the car for Trayvon to leave the store before pulling up to meet him.  They did purchase cigars, so it was theorized that Trayvon was there to have them buy one for him.  But he had no need of their assistance because his cousin could have gotten him them at any time, and his cousin did have a car of his own.  The autopsy confirmed that Trayvon had not smoked marijuana that night, which refutes Frank Taaffe’s allegation that Trayvon got a cigar as a blunt from the three guys at the store, and smoked marijuana on his way home.

In any event, these guys knew Burgess and I’m pretty sure they knew Zimmerman as well.  Also remember that Trayvon came to the RATL on Wednesday,  so he was there for several days and probably seen by Zimmerman on one of his many patrols.  So the scene is ripe to suspect that Zimmerman had these guys plan a meeting with Trayvon that got him out of the house on that rainy Sunday evening. 

But, while it is likely that Zimmerman had Trayvon set up,  it is unlikely that he let anyone know that he intended to kill the kid.  Or, being the braggart he is,  he might not have been able to contain himself in dropping hints that something was going to happen and that it wasn’t going to be nice. 

Zimmerman, we now know, is a man of terrible violent tendencies. I’m pretty sure that the people at RATL knew it too.  The homeowners were enamored of the idea that their home prices were dropping because of Blacks moving in.  Apparently they had no idea that the President Florida helped elect, (George W. Bush), was the real cause.  He had let the F.I.R.E. (finance, insurance and real estate) run rampant without regulation, and as he assured us that businesses wouldn’t harm themselves, they did. Their sub-prime loans had caused the markets to lock up,  so that with no new mortgages being written to finance the buying and selling of homes,  housing prices had nowhere to go but down. These unaware hicks were unable to understand market mechanics, so they simply blamed their woes on Blacks.

Rene Stutzman of the Orlando Sentinel  reported first that Ransberg was a 21-year-old home owner.   Later she reported that he was,  in fact, staying with a girlfriend who lived on that cul-de-sac just outside the RATL rear gate, less than 150 feet from where Trayvon was staying. And of course,  Burgess and his two cohorts were staying at 2500 RVC which is less than 100 feet away from Brandy’s home, making it very likely that they all saw and knew of each other.  That in fact, Brady Green said that Trayvon had been bored, sitting on the front porch. But as things go, proof positive that Trayvon met Burgess and his gang and/or Zimmerman, won’t come until somebody who is in the know,  decides to talk.

Much of the info cited above is contained on my evidence pile at  where there’s a “search this site” box at the top right of the page.  The links I used to keep during the trial to cites of this narrative are gone, but they are still in the articles posted on the blog there.

(End of Lonnie Starr’s post)

It’s really amazing how people can see in part and upon each person meeting, begin to see the whole.   In May 2012, Eric Gallagher wrote on his blog that recent demographics changes in the Retreat at Twin Lakes, and the resistance of those changes, led to the HOA hiring the Sanford Police Dept. to conduct patrols in the gated community to enforce traffic violations.  He wrote more, including how the plan to harass Blacks were in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

I did not know about Gallagher’s blog until around September 2012.  After reading it, it occurred to me that on February 26, 2012, Zimmerman diverted from his usual NEN call.  In all of his previous calls, Zimmerman identified himself as Neighborhood Watch.  He did not do so on his February 26, 2012 NEN call.  Zimmerman knew he was not to pursue, neither carry a weapon while on NW.  His omission of being NW in his Feb. 26, 2012 indicates that he planned on going beyond NW policies to observe.  

That also gives sincere consideration of Lonnie’s theory that Zimmerman lied about his reasons for leaving home that evening.  He needed an excuse to be out with his gun, other than on NW patrol.

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94 Responses to Theories: Trayvon Martin and the 3 Stooges

  1. George Zimmerman: You Can’t Divorce Me … If You Can’t Find Me

    George Zimmerman’s divorce proceedings are on hold, TMZ has learned … because he’s gone Bigfoot on his wife.

    The divorce can’t move forward until George is served with papers, but his estranged wife Shellie’s lawyer tells us, George is MIA.

    The lawyer says he can’t find George anywhere and has no idea how to track him down.

    Sources close to George’s family tell us they’re in contact with him — and he’s safe — but they don’t know exactly where he is. We’re told George plans to lay low for the foreseeable future.

    As we reported, George caused a media firestorm last week after allegedly punching his estranged wife’s father in the face. He’s been AWOL since.

    • Yahtc says:

      He probably doesn’t want her to be an ex-wife who can then testify against him in any DOJ trial proceedings.

      • GZ has been in the news nearly every week since the trial but now he decides to go into hiding after this confrontation with Shellie. I hope the DOJ is on his trail.

      • Xena says:

        George doesn’t want a division of marital assets and debts. Shellie can get a divorce by default, but the court will reserve all other issues. That means that whatever is in his defense fund and/or that Paypal acct. cannot be divided with Shellie. However, Sims is an attorney and should be able to motion the court for an injunction on that Paypal account. That should bring George out of hiding.

        There is good reason for such a motion because George, like anyone else on planet Earth who read about it, knows that Shellie has filed for divorce. He is avoiding service of the papers but has knowledge of the divorce so his avoiding service is in bad faith to deprive her of options at law for the court to have jurisdiction to divide marital property and debts.

        It’s time for Kelly Sims to get on the ball.

  2. Lonnie Starr says:

    The DOJ has reportedly set up a public email address to take in tips on its civil rights investigation. The department is hoping to get tips from across the nation as well as locally in Sanford, Fla.

    That email address, which is now “in operation,” is

  3. Lonnie Starr says:

    With the time DOJ is taking, I would not be surprised if they took down a whole lot more people than just gz.

    • Xena says:

      @Lonnie Starr. Excellent point. The feds seldom bring just one charge against a defendant and as we have heard from the horses’ mouths, there were others knowing Zimmerman carried a gun while on NW, and had been impressed by at least one other person to believe that Blacks did not belong in R@TL.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Yes, that and the fact that there was a lot of bias and bias based corruption at the SPD and in the Prosecutors office. I’m sure that there are many cases to be made, that can show the nation that the DOJ is serious about enforcing the Constitutional rights of the nations citizens. At this day and age, it should hardly take a JFK to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

        • Xena says:

          @Lonnie Starr.

          Yes, that and the fact that there was a lot of bias and bias based corruption at the SPD and in the Prosecutors office.

          The SPD really dropped the ball. They failed to take proper procedure to verify Zimmerman’s claims of having his head bashed on concrete, and the defense used that to their advantage during trial. The EMTs were allowed to wash blood off GZ’s hands without any thought that maybe the blood was not his own.

          Then there was Serino and Singleton, who did not pressure GZ to explain the missing 3 minutes between the gunshot and when Officer Smith arrived. They never asked about his omissions, such as when he dropped the key chain and tactical flashlights; if and when he saw Trayvon’s cellphone; why he never mentioned that Manalo photographed the back of his head. They did not ask GZ why he found it necessary to use deadly force when he said that his head was no longer on the concrete, and that he had pinned Trayvon’s arm.

          And something else about their interviews that speaks volumes — they never asked GZ why he moved away in the wee hours of the morning after leaving the police station.

  4. Xena, Lonnie Starr, what does this mean? The Secret Service?

    Police ask Secret Service to assist with Zimmerman dispute.

  5. Lonnie Starr says:

    Reading this over again for a third time, I realize I’d left out yet another barrier that should have made any trip to the store that night, even more objectionable; it was cold! So then, it was a cold rainy Sunday evening (by Floridian standards) that Trayvon supposedly decided to take a 1.5 mile trip to the store and back. I kind of doubt that he’d want to do that, but I haven’t yet heard a mention of what kind of snacks and drinks were available in that house that night. As a general rule of thumb, my guess is that there was soda, possibly iced tea or lemonade and such as well as some kinds of candy. If so, I hardly think one would not want to make do with what was available, rather than risk getting wet on a walk in the off and on rain, of a cold evening.

    • Xena says:

      @Lonnie Starr. I remember Jeantel saying that Trayvon told her that there was nothing in the house to drink.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Okay, that’s something I didn’t get. But still, Trayvon is telling Rachel that Chad asked him to go to the store, and Chad is telling us later on that Trayvon told him he was going and asked if he wanted anything, to which he replied: skittles.

        So, it still appears to me that someone isn’t telling the truth. Likely it’s Trayvon. It seems to me that he’s attempting to conceal his real reason for going to the store. I’d like to hear from Brandy about what kinds of snacks and drinks she kept in the house, I’m almost certain they would keep something at hand. Of course, if Trayvon were trying to conceal his real reasons for going to the store, saying that there wasn’t anything to drink in the house, certainly fits the pattern and doesn’t refute it. It’s more like “piling on” than what the truth might have been.

        Being almost a mile away from the store, with a whole afternoon on a cold rainy Sunday, I guess he’d have made a mention of it before his father and Brandy left to be away for hours. It’s what most people, kids or not, would have done. Then too, if that was really the case, why not simply tell Rachel that he was going to the store for a drink? Why tell her that Chad asked him to go instead? Get my drift? I mean there’s nothing really mysterious here, we’ve all, at one time or another, attempted to conceal our real reason for either going to the store, or used that as an excuse to cover up wanting to do something else. Normally this is the way that it’s done.

  6. Lonnie Starr says:

    This thing gets even worse when you realize that, if gz wanted to be out there with his gun, and he’s planning to encounter a teen who is slim and frail. gz has to portray himself as the victim and, the only way that will sell is if the teen is no longer able to account for himself.

    That means that the only way to stop gz from killing would have been for the people there to stay outside and watch. They didn’t do that, they all ran back inside, ensuring that gz had the privacy he needed to kill.

    We know now, for example that the injuries and blood that gz wore were not obtained from any fight with Trayvon, because no such fight happened. There just isn’t time. From the time of the start of the encounter, to where Trayvon’s phone cuts off, there’s only 30 seconds before W-11’s 911 call starts, meaning that she had to start dialing almost as soon as Trayvon’s call ended. Since it takes some 30 seconds to connect with the 911 call center. When the 911 call connects we hear Trayvon screaming in pain, likely this screaming started during the previous 30 seconds and is probably the reason that the 911 call was made so quickly.

    During that 911 call, gz is heard in command, clearly not helplessly pinned on the sidewalk getting his head bashed in. So where did his injuries come from? They had to have been prepared in advance at sometime before the encounter started. Which, again, means that a death was needed, as it was the only way, his explanation for his injuries, could go uncontested. Putting us back in premeditated murder mode.

    • Liza says:

      Are you in agreement with Xena that Zimmerman was under pressure to find a substitute for Burgess, who was now incarcerated? Or, do you have another theory about the reason for the hunt?

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        We will have to wait and see, because there are just too many variables, too many possibilities and not enough evidence to construct any theory upon.

        It could, for example be that Trayvon saw something he should not have seen.
        It could be that they merely thought Trayvon saw something or was sticking his nose where it should not have been.
        It could have been they thought Trayvon had discovered something.
        It could be they thought Trayvon was working for someone else.

        I mean, if there was a criminal enterprise underway and gz was involved, and it seems very likely that there was, we don’t know if the police were involved or which one(s). We just don’t know so many things we’d need to know to fashion a theory.

        All we have is evidence that someone had to tip gz off as to Trayvon’s whereabouts. It also seems likely that gz knew where Trayvon was staying, how else could he so easily cut him off? I don’t for a minute believe his tale about the back gate. RATL is without fences so any of the many cut throughs at RATL would prove to be even more effective escape routes than that back gate which opens onto the desolate South Oregon Avenue. The route he describes is a route a car can easily drive much faster than the escapee can walk. While they could simply go though a southern cut through into another estate, where it would take much longer for a person by car to drive all the way around.

        We know that gz is a liar who simply makes up likely stories to cover up the truth. His back gate story is likely just a cover up for him knowing where Trayvon actually lived.

    • Xena says:

      @Lonnie Starr

      They had to have been prepared in advance at sometime before the encounter started.

      Yes, or caused previously. When I heard Gorgone’s testimony at trial it provided more support that GZ had been in a fight prior to the evening of Feb. 26, 2012. Gorgone tested for areas on GZ’s clothes that indicated blood, and when they tested positive for blood, he ran the DNA test.

      The interesting focus is on mixed contributors. Some of those areas tested positive for mixed contributors, with Trayvon excluded. That means that someone in a fight with Zimmerman was also bleeding and came into contact with Zimmerman’s jacket.

      But there is also something else that I said from the time of learning that Zimmerman said he spread Trayvon’s arms out, which is a lie. The EMTs did not retain materials they used to clean Zimmerman’s head of dried blood. The DNA results for Zimmerman’s cuff logically concludes that Zimmerman placed his hand in Trayvon’s chest wound, and put the blood on his head to make those wounds look fresh. Selma Mora’s testimony that she saw Zimmerman placing his hand on his head really upset Zimmerman.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Ah yes, that sounds just like gz. Stealing the child’s screams first then stealing his blood to freshen up his tiny boo boo’s. Still that accounts for only the blood that was in the rivulets, there were dried blood trails from the small superficial wounds, so they were what he attempted to prepare in advance or obtained in a fight with someone. Still, the only clue as to why he killed Trayvon so far, is that he couldn’t have his story challenged, by a living and breathing Trayvon.

        Still that’s only part of the story, because for a murder, it’s insufficient to simply get rid of Trayvon to have sufficient confidence that his story would be accepted, so he still needed something more to assure him that he could get away with this killing. Clearly it was not a crime of passion, because if it were, he could not have waited for the witnesses to withdraw before shooting the kid.
        He consciously made a cold blooded decision to kill that night, without the slightest bit of remorse or compassion.

        • Xena says:

          @Lonnie Starr.

          Stealing the child’s screams first then stealing his blood to freshen up his tiny boo boo’s.

          That is why a voice recognition expert was so important to the case. There are two voices in the background of that 911 call. BDLR acknowledged that pre-trial. But the defense got folks to say that the voice yelling for help could not be identified. They cunningly limited it to one voice. Had the prosecution proceeded with the enhanced tape where Zimmerman’s voice is heard using profanity, without a voice recognition expert, the defense would have said it was Trayvon using profanity.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Yes, they could have tried that, but if the prosecutors were really doing the best they could, they had Trayvon’s voice for comparison. After all we finally learned that Trayvon took lots of videos of himself and his friends. I sure he sent a lot of them to his friends over the phone. But I also think that his family had some too?

            Oh, let me post the good news here too: Woman Serving 20 Years for Firing Warning Shot Gets New Trial Remember her? A prime example of how SYG fails when the person trying to claim self defense is black. The judge ruled that “because she didn’t fire to kill, she could not have been in fear for her life” Ludicrous simply ludicrous.

          • The judge ruled that “because she didn’t fire to kill, she could not have been in fear for her life” Ludicrous simply ludicrous.

            Translation: Black people are never victims. Only whites can be in fear of their lives and claim SYG.

  7. Man Can Sue for Sanford Talks With Zimmerman

    A Florida appeals court revived a citizen’s demand that Sanford officials produce the original copy of an email between George Zimmerman and the city’s volunteer program coordinator.

    Robert Chandler asked the Sanford Police Department’s volunteer program coordinator for an original copy of an email the coordinator sent to Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch volunteer.

    Zimmerman was involved in a nationally publicized trial involving the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in February 2012. He was found not guilty in July.

    The city produced a copy of the email, but Zimmerman’s email address had been redacted. Chandler complained, and the city responded that the state’s attorney had redacted the email address and sent a PDF file of the email to the city, purportedly for public records requests.

    Chandler filed a petition for a writ of mandamus against the city, but the trial court dismissed it, ruling that Chandler should direct his petition to the state’s attorney.

    “Given the aggressive nature of the public’s right to inspect and duplicate public records, a governmental agency may not avoid a public records request by transferring custody of its records to another agency,” Judge Heather Pinder Rodriguez wrote for the court.

    “While the court is sympathetic that the city was placed between a proverbial ‘rock and a hard place,’ the city cannot be relieved of its legal responsibility for the public records by transferring the records to another agency,” she added.

    “We decline to address the other issues argued in the trial court proceedings and on appeal, including the asserted exemptions, the alleged delays in producing the electronic records, and the form in which they were produced.”

    The appeals court remanded the case to the lower court for further action.

  8. Liza says:

    Lonnie, you say, “…but, while it is likely that Zimmerman had Trayvon set up, it is unlikely that he let anyone know that he intended to kill the kid.”

    Do you have a best guess as to why Zimmerman would have had Trayvon set up? Xena has the theory about the burglary gang and the need for someone to stand in for Burgess. But what do you think?

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      Now that is the hard part. There are just too many reasons why gz would want to kill some black child at that point in time. To much of the lead up to that day remains obscured from view. All we’re seeing are the results of what looks like a good bit of planning.

      The terrible thing is, whatever the plan may have been, any plan to confront Trayvon, is a plan that would not have been effective without Trayvon being killed. But so far we do not know, who was privy to what parts of any plan. Thus, people who were involved, but did not know the entire plan, would not have been able to see the killing coming. While anyone else, who knew what the entire plan was, also knew that the killing was necessary to achieve the desired results.

      Anyone who knew or created this plan to have gz confront Trayvon with his weapon, knew that Trayvon would have to be killed to make the story work. But, not everyone needed to know what the whole plan was, and we do not know all the players, who remain behind the scenes to this day.

      For example, Trayvon could have witnessed something, like perhaps gz consulting with the police after having consulted with Ransburg or Burgess, that would make him a target, even if he knew nothing, being unable to put the pieces together, but gz or the police would not want to risk waiting to see whether or not he would be able to figure things out.

      The fact that these three stooges were able to arrange the 711 meeting, tells me that there had been some interaction between them, that we know nothing about. If what Xena theorizes is true, then there are lots of opportunities for things to have happened that could have triggered this result. This would not be the first time that a potential witness was killed, simply to ensure the safety of the perps. But that kind of thing is very difficult, even for experienced investigators to discover. We have to hope that someone will crack. Hope that the DOJ investigation will put someone under so much pressure, they make a mistake and incriminate themselves, so that they need to cut a deal.

  9. Judge Greg Mathis: I believe Trayvon ‘was stalked and murdered’ and the justice system fails black men

  10. kansaschik says:

    I really want to thank Xena and the Christi O’Connors of the world for publishing what facts dictate versus what the travesty of Florida has concluded. My son, now 21 years old, is completely disheartened by the outcome of the gz trial and his place in society as a young black male. He feels that as a black male, he will always be targeted. As his mother, I rage at the system and the injustice that is done to our children. Gz and Sanford need a wake up call that you can’t sweep things under the rug as they have tried to do and get away with hate crimes. With Xena and others, I hope the truth can come out and bring people like gz to his knees. He disgusts me as a human being. Xena, thank you for substantiating my doubts about the whole debacle.

    • Xena says:

      @kansaschik. While I thank you for the compliment, I am not in the same category as Christi O’Connors. She’s an independent, investigative journalist and I hope through her interviews, that she gets to the bottom of the “real George Zimmerman.”

  11. @Lonnie, i gotta address your latest comment 1st because i’ve been screaming this since i read the statues on stalking! and this isn’t even touching on the self defense laws yet. but your right that bitch had NO right to use the deadly force at all! period! he is a flat out murderer!

    784.048 Stalking; definitions; penalties.—
    (1) As used in this section, the term:
    *(a) “Harass” means to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes substantial emotional distress to that person and serves no legitimate purpose.
    *(b) “Course of conduct” means a pattern of conduct composed of a series of acts over a period of time, however short, which evidences a continuity of purpose. The term does not include constitutionally protected activity such as picketing or other organized protests.
    *(c) “Credible threat” means a verbal or nonverbal threat, or a combination of the two, including threats delivered by electronic communication or implied by a pattern of conduct, which places the person who is the target of the threat in reasonable fear for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family members or individuals closely associated with the person, and which is made with the apparent ability to carry out the threat to cause such harm. It is not necessary to prove that the person making the threat had the intent to actually carry out the threat. The present incarceration of the person making the threat is not a bar to prosecution under this section.

    *(2) A person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person commits the offense of stalking, a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
    *(3) A person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person and {makes a credible threat to that person commits the offense of aggravated stalking, a felony of the third degree}, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

    [(5) A person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks a child under 16 years of age commits the offense of aggravated stalking, a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.] if it had been 21 days earlier gz would’ve been easily charged w.agg stalking of a minor!

    (6) A law enforcement officer may arrest, without a warrant, any person that he or she has probable cause to believe has violated this section.

    (8) The punishment imposed under this section shall run consecutive to any former sentence imposed for a conviction for any offense under s. 794.011, s. 800.04, or s. 847.0135(5).

    so just from gz’s own admissions, he committed the 3rd degree felony of aggravated stalking when his car moved from the idle position into drive and followed Trayvon to the second location and where he jumped out and chased Trayvon on foot!

    gz engaged in a course of conduct that frightened Trayvon by following him in the car and leering at him when he could’ve simply stated his business while he was on the phone with NEN if gz’s true intention was concern for residents safety. Instead he continued the pursuit even when he saw the child had run away. Any reasonable person at this point, who has NO authority to harass anyone would have discontinued the pursuit at that time.
    But we know from the NEN call he had no intention of allowing this “fucking coon”, unlike the other “assholes” who “always get away” out of his sight!
    And Gz’s angry, malicious comments about Trayvon on the recording as he continues the pursuit, show us his intention to prevent Trayvon Martin from exercising his constitutional right to walk home peacefully!
    When Trayvon saw the creepy stalker on foot coming towards him again Trayvon can then believe this adult male, older and larger than himself, has the clear ability and obvious intention to cause him physical harm.
    Now Trayvon is in mortal danger from a grown man armed with not only 50extra pounds and several years of experience, but even worse the unknown factor that the creepy ass cracker had 18mths of MMA training and a loaded gun!

    and as written in the statue, the SPD not only had probable cause for an arrest for murder but they a solid confession of zimmerman’s aggravated stalking on the NEN call, and at the very least they should have arrested him for that!

    why in the world didn’t the state bring this shit up?? why didn’t they charge him with stalking first too? they put in the information??? this was an easy felony and with the enhanced gun charge zimmerman would be in prison for life!?

    i hate BDLR so much for betraying Trayvon and torturing his parents by forcing them to sit though that kangaroo court listening to everybody belie Trayvon’s horrific murder and allowing that POS killer defend himself for the indefensible! he totally lied to all of us, he let that trial become a personal affront to the entire world out here that felt justice was going to stand up for a dead boy we all spoke up for PEACEFULLY and RESPECTFULLY! he’s an disgusting asshole too! he may even be a bigger asshole the west and omara because we trusted him!
    i hate his guts! i hope his life is miserable forever! this was not a game!

    Angela Corey is a fucking filthy bitch too and i’d really love to run into her in a back ally someday and show her what terror is! i’d like to see if she thinks Trayvon deserved what zimmerfuck did to him and then what the state did to his parents if she got the same damn treatment! This is the worst thing i can imagine from another woman to do to a mother and i really wish she would get a taste of it too.

    • Liza says:

      Shannon, I’m not accusing (wink, wink) but someone is at the top of the clusterfu<k of a trial they held for Trayvon Martin. I think Angela Corey had marching orders. And what about Judge Nelson? Who yanked her cord? We know the logical conclusion here. Lonnie spells it out in a comment on this thread.

      • Liza, I can’t fully describe how much this hurts to know prosecutors had no intention of seeking justice.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Even the SPD mentions that gz had no right to follow Trayvon, but they never admitted that by doing so, gz was breaking the law. They knew the law, yet they refused to enforce it, instead they struggled to avoid mentioning the crime gz was committing.

      • Liza says:

        I know, SG2. It was the 21st century version of an Emmett Till trial. What amazes me is that they either didn’t predict or didn’t care that people would figure out that they intended to lose from Day One. I guess they figure there is nothing we can do about it. They handed us a fait accompli and basically told us to go pound sand.

        • Liza,

          I think the prosecution played on Sybrina’s words about letting a court decide and accepting a jury’s decision. If the prosecution goes around saying an innocent person got what he deserved..then there is no hope for justice.

      • Liza says:

        That is why it is so important to find out what happened to Trayvon, why Zimmerman murdered him. It needs to be an undisputable fact that justice was denied. Throughout this ordeal and even during the trial, Sybrina did seem to have faith and hope that there would be justice. I think we now know that what the prosecutors were saying to her was entirely different from their private chatter. She didn’t know that, so she thought there would be a fair trial.

      • Ametia says:

        @ SG2 & Liza. No doubt, Sybrina expected a fair trial. Why swouldn’t she. This is America, right? She and Tracy shouldn’t expect anything less.

        I’m with you, both. They played on her faith and hope of a just verdict. IT.DIDN’T.HAPPEN. YET……. *looking@youDOJ*

        The state of Florida is swimming in a ceaspool of hate, bigotry, and vile racism.

      • Yahtc says:

        “Justice Dept. collecting public feedback on Zimmerman case”

        I wish the DOJ’s email said “Washington, DC”

        Instead, the email address says “”

        I hope the Sanford, Florida does not mean that people living in Sanford and working for the DOJ are handling the investigation. I place little trust in Sanford.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          The “ tells us that the email is on a USDOJ government server. The “Sanford.Florida” is just a username on that DOJ server. My guess is they just wanted to keep the address simple and easy to remember. But, I’m sure the email goes directly to the DOJ.

      • Liza says:

        What is interesting is that despite the prosecution apparently intending to gift a “not guilty” verdict to George Zimmerman, there were three jurors who initially did not vote for acquittal. That is how obvious is was that Zimmerman did not and could not have acted in self-defense. And the one juror, B29 probably would have hung the jury if she were a stronger individual and wasn’t overpowered by the dominant white racist B37.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Thank you again Liza. As far as concerns about the US DOJ email address, it looks like it’s on a server and very likely is in Washington D.C. maybe someone can do a tracer route on it. But I think that the “Sanford.Florida” part of the address is just a user name that they set up to ensure that the tips go into the same folder. I doubt very much, they’d let the SPD or Florida get their hands on tips meant for them.

        Here’s the address again:

        Let’s make sure they get the message: gz was breaking Florida law, when he followed Trayvon. He was not empowered to do that, most especially as NW. Even as a private citizen, who had witness no crime to report, he had no legitimate reason to cause Trayvon to become concerned for his safety. That concern, caused by him discovering that a stranger was monitoring his movements, for no good reason he could think of, represented a danger to him. Not only did he say so when he says “creepy assed cracker”, the Miami teens colloquial for predators as seen on tee vee. Rachel also becomes concerned for Trayvon’s safety as well, from her limited knowledge of the facts being relayed to her. Such that she advises Trayvon to run!

        What needs to be sent to DOJ’s tip line, by as many people as possible is, the facts of the case show that the SPD, who is keenly aware of the law against following innocent people by strangers, knew that gz had been engaged in an unlawful act(s) in the lead up to the confrontation, and therefore should have had no self defense claim. Yet, despite this knowledge they continued to insist that gz had done nothing wrong.

        The SPD and the special prosecutor as well as the prosecutor Wolfinger are trying to tell us that they do not know and/or are unaware of the laws of the state of Florida, that is truly insane! Nor can it be tolerated. They can’t simply ignore Trayvon’s rights in order to put a murderer back on the streets. Thus, everything the SPD and Wolfinger said about this case from day one, was a terrible lie!

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      This is exactly what happened “in the beginning” that Guy so obliquely refers to in closing. Yet, during the trial there was no mention of this felony charge that exactly describes gz’s conduct.

      In fact, when the SPD initially states that they have no grounds upon which to make any arrest, they are lying through their teeth, since they too knew that gz had committed a felony that night. They ignored the felony and claimed that gz, who was in the process of committing a third degree felony at the time, had a right to break the law, and to defend himself while breaking the law.

      The law is clear and the SPD nor the special prosecutor, has any answer for their misconduct, in ignoring the crime gz committed.
      The DOJ has reportedly set up a public email address to take in tips on its civil rights investigation. The department is hoping to get tips from across the nation as well as locally in Sanford, Fla.

      That email address, which is now “in operation,” is

  12. Liza says:

    Xena and Lonnie, you two remind me of those cold case detectives who look for (and sometimes find) the needles in the haystacks. And I have to say that for reasons too numerous to list here, I believe that the truth of why Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin should be pursued until it is undisputable. We loathe thinking about Zimmerman, but that is, unfortunately, the only path to getting closer to the truth for those who don’t have subpoena power.

    Lonnie, I just learned about you a few days ago, but I know that Xena has learned quite a lot about the pre-murder life of George Zimmerman. The first thing that I found very compelling about Xena’s theory is Zimmerman’s duplicity. His trash talk on MySpace just simply doesn’t align itself with being “Neighborhood Watch” captain. In fact, it is diametrically opposed and seems to indicate duplicity.

    I live in a “planned unit development” that has a homeowners association (HOA) and I have been the president of the Board of Directors for the last four years. (It’s not something I enjoy, but there’s a reason I got stuck with it.) Anyhow, HOA’s exist mainly to increase property values. Functionally, they collect dues to maintain commonly owned land and facilities. They can approve or disapprove of homeowners’ exterior modifications and some HOA’s provide “security.” The common denominator of all HOA functions is property values because the basic concept behind HOAs is that a home in a manicured, well kept, secure community governed by an HOA has greater value than one that isn’t.

    In all of the years that I have lived with an HOA, and in the four years that I have been on the Board, I have never known a renter who was even remotely interested in the HOA. A renter has absolutely no vested interest in the community and no reason to be concerned about the HOA that is mainly concerned about property values. So what would compel Zimmerman to volunteer to organize a Neighborhood Watch program for a community where he didn’t own property and was behind on paying his rent? Zimmerman was working, so why would he want to use his free time looking out for possessions of the residents of that community? Did Zimmerman still want to be a cop at this point in his life? Even if he did, a one man armed patrol is clearly in violation of what Zimmerman learned in his Neighborhood Watch training and manual. And how does all of this stack up against his trash talk on MySpace which seems to place him squarely on the other side of the law?

    • Xena says:

      @Liza. George is hearing Taaffe talk about not wanting Blacks in that community, so he hears that if he starts a small gang of thieves, he can play the role of protector for the community while recruiting Black, male teens who will get a slap on the wrist through juvenile court. No one will ever suspect him. He can play both sides against the middle. As NW Captain, he can find out what the police know and don’t know; who owns what; who has guns; etc.

      Although Burgess, who was eventually arrested for committing numerous burglaries in R@TL, lived on the same street as Zimmerman, Zimmerman will have people believe that all those committing crime were coming from another housing complex, running out the back gate to escape.

      George Zimmerman wanted to be a cop, or a judge, so he could use his authority to operate a corrupt criminal enterprise protecting those who steal for his financial benefit.

      Then there’s Kokopelli’s Gym that is really suspicious. Zimmerman had money to pay his gym membership, but not his rent, car note, credit cards. He had time to attend that gym 3 nights per week, and go on NW patrol, while failing his classes in school.

      • Liza says:

        I find your theory very compelling, Xena. George wasn’t able to bankroll his lifestyle, he needed money. Given his academic problems, he was clearly not going to make more money through conventional means by graduating from college and getting a better job. Also, he needed it now, not later.

        Taaffe would most definitely be one of those railing about property values going down because black people had moved into the community. But, I have to say, I would have been mighty suspicious of Zimmerman because he was a renter and had no reason to care about property values or the community. I guess he could have laid it on and convinced someone like Taaffe and other white folks around there that he was worried about their safety and his own wife’s safety and blah blah blah. Also, I read somewhere a long time ago that no one else volunteered to be the NW captain.

        What would it take to get Burgess and the three stooges to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

        • Xena says:

          @Liza. I agree. Can’t understand why the HOA would allow a renter to head NW since he had no vested interest and could move in a heartbeat. (Wasn’t that what he did anyway?)

          What would it take to get Burgess and the three stooges to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

          Don’t know. What we do know is that Judge Nelson issued subpoenas to O’Mara to get credit card receipts from that 7-Eleven in effort to identify and contact the 3 Stooges. O’Mara picked up the Zidiot conspiracy that Trayvon asked them to purchase something for him. But, we don’t know if 7-Eleven complied with the subpoenas because O’Mara didn’t say another word about it.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Even so, the SPD should already have had that information, because all 4 at the scene where Burgess was arrested, were taken in. So that information should reside in the police station and should have been easy to pull. Then that information should have been compared to what was discovered at the 711. They are very likely the same people and the SPD should also have video of them arriving at the station house on 2/7/12. They’re trying to play the public for fools!

          • Xena says:

            @Lonnie Starr.

            They are very likely the same people and the SPD should also have video of them arriving at the station house on 2/7/12. They’re trying to play the public for fools!

            EXCELLENT POINTS!! I hadn’t thought about that.

          • Lonnie Starr says:

            Me neither at the time, guess that’s why they say that hindsight is 100%.

      • Liza says:

        Zimmerman moving out of his rental at Twin Lakes right after he killed Trayvon Martin is very suspicious. It definitely means something. It was not yet national news but, of course, everyone who lived at Twin Lakes would know what happened, that a black kid was killed by their NW captain. And the homeowners would have been very worried about being sued. HOAs generally do not have a great deal of money stashed away. They have reserve funds that are intended to pay for the non-routine maintenance and repair of their commonly owned assets, but we are not talking about a great deal of money in a place like Twin Lakes. If someone sues the HOA and is awarded an amount that exceeds the maximum amount that the insurance will pay, then the homeowners are liable for the difference. It would be divided equally among the homeowners and there would be a special assessment. Their other choice is to appeal the decision and pay for all of those legal costs. But they could lose and still have to pay.
        I am wondering if George moved so abruptly because he didn’t want to face the homeowners at Twin Lakes .

        • Xena says:


          I am wondering if George moved so abruptly because he didn’t want to face the homeowners at Twin Lakes .

          Zimmerman thought of himself as being a hero to the residents of R@TL. IMO, Zimmerman was running from someone, and it wasn’t the family and friends of the unidentified teen that he just killed.

          Whomever it was knew where Zimmerman lived AND had access to get into the gate at R@TL.

          There’s another alternative reason; i.e., that Zimmerman had something in his house that he did not want the police to find. By moving so quickly, it avoided a search warrant of his home.

      • Liza says:

        I think you’re right, Xena, it wasn’t the homeowners. They really hadn’t the time at that point to realize the vulnerability of their position. They were being told that Zimmerman had been attacked by a “suspicious” looking black kid that Zimmerman noticed on his way to the grocery store.

        It makes sense that Zimmerman might have been trying to stay one step ahead of the redneck Sanford lawmen. They let him go and didn’t charge him, but Zimmerman had to know that could change. As far as we know, Zimmerman hadn’t murdered anyone before he murdered Trayvon, so he had to be worried about an unexpected turn of events. Moving is a great opportunity for him to go through his stuff and get rid of whatever he wouldn’t want cops to see. And, he could stiff his landlord for the unpaid rent.

        If he were running from someone, who do you think that might have been?

        • Xena says:

          @Liza. Yes. Zimmerman is slick. His packing up and moving overnight into the home of man who purportedly works for the feds in airline security, pretty much guaranteed that the cops would not come to THAT home with a search warrant. There was nothing to be gained by searching an empty house either.

          If he were running from someone, who do you think that might have been?

          Whomever it was that beat the living daylights out of him that weekend.

          Shellie says that she and George had an argument that Saturday and she left, going to her dad’s house. After he killed Trayvon, his buddy Osterman opened his home to BOTH Shellie and George. Moving overnight got George away from whomever it was he wanted to hide from, and also put him back with his wife.

          So, here’s the question. We’re going to flip the person. Why would a wife leaving her husband on a Saturday, come to his rescue on a Sunday and live with him, but not in their own home? Why would Shellie be so willing to move out, but not away from the husband she left the previous night? Did Shellie not feel safe there and if so, why?

          That leads to an answer pointing at another person who they both wanted to hide from.

      • Liza says:

        “That leads to an answer pointing at another person who they both wanted to hide from.”

        Yes, I see how you get there, Xena. Zimmerman murders Trayvon on a Sunday night and he is not charged by the Sanford PD. He has a cock and bull story about being attacked by and killing a “suspicious” black male in self-defense. By the next weekend he is hiding at Osterman’s house, reunited with his wife, and has abandoned his job and his rental at Twin Lakes.

        If Trayvon were going to be set up as a target for Zimmerman, and if the accomplices believed it was to be a capture and it turned out to be a killing, then I would imagine they might go after Zimmerman. That could have sent Zimmerman into hiding. He would, of course, want Shellie with him and under control because she knows too much about him., and it would be easy enough to convince her that she was in danger.

        What about Trayvon’s father? Is it possible that Zimmerman feared him after murdering his son?

        • Xena says:


          What about Trayvon’s father? Is it possible that Zimmerman feared him after murdering his son?

          Bigoted racists like Zimmerman do not believe that Black fathers are involved in the lives of their children.

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      I agree completely Liza, it has to be the doing of someone else, that get’s gz involved with NW. The records show that he is a busy body who uses calls to the police to intimidate and harass, rather than go after crime. Xena has documented that the crime stats of RATL were inflated. We know that gz was trying to insinuate himself into the affairs of the SPD.

      However, to get the real story, you’ve got to put shoes on the ground in Sanford and get the stories from the people there, hopefully that is just what Justice is doing. The prosecution knew more and had more evidence and material than what they released to the public, that material could help us discard, reshape or create new theories of what happened that day.

      All I can say so far is that, the evidence we have seen to date, suggest that there were more people involved than just gz alone. BTW he’s gone missing, they can’t find him to serve in his divorce. Although the family says they’re in contact with him and that he’s alive and well, they say he intends to lay low for the foreseeable future.

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      What it says is that gz was sheparded into this role by someone who had other designs in mind, apart from NW ones. The only connection gz has to the NW program is a contrived one as you point out clearly. Contrived for what purpose and by whom is the question that needs to be answered. But clearly he had to be put up to it by someone who needed a set of boots on the ground in RATL, where property was being stolen and goods were being sold, with the knowledge, if not participation of the police. After all, how could they know from looking at a phone in the backpack Ransberg was carrying, that it had been use to move stolen goods? You can’t know what a phone has been used for merely by looking at it. So I’m sure that phone was either lost or destroyed, and if so, it’s probably because it contained some kind of evidence of police involvement.

      Xena might be right about Trayvon being substituted for Burgess. Possibly someone who gz was afraid of, had ordered him to get rid of the guy who knew too much, which would have been Burgess. Then, gz, unable to get Burgess, goes after Trayvon instead, to prove to that someone that he was at least trying to get the dirty work done.

      I think that if this is the case, then Burgess is the key and his life may also be in danger.

  13. Liza says:

    First, some inspiration:

  14. How, pray tell, do we protect our young black boys from wannabe cops like George Zimmerman and trigger happy cops like Randall Kerrick ? As a mother of young black boys I’m tired of living in fear of someone gunning them down based on how they lOOK. We must protect our kids!

    • Xena says:


      How, pray tell, do we protect our young black boys from wannabe cops like George Zimmerman and trigger happy cops like Randall Kerrick ?

      I wish that I had the answer.

    • Yahtc says:

      This has me aching for you, SG2.

      I PRAY that this will STOP!

  15. 2dogsonly says:

    The bank picture of Osterman is the reason GZ went on his hunt. We now know Shelly wasn’t at home and she would have stopped him as she did before. It just seemed very strange that Mark Osterman would take GZ into his home for 6 weeks while all hell was breaking loose. He has a child that would be exposed to danger and per his own words, he had only visited GZ’s home 50 times in 6 years. GZ tells Det. Singletary that a ” witness called my wife and she called my friend Mark who was there and they were here in 5 minutes”.

    Mark Osterman failed to advise his BFF to hire an attorney, Osterman had been allowed to resign but he was a corrupt cop and that is a very strong union. My point is he would know how important it is to have a lawyer first and yet this was not told to his BFF. He virtually shadows GZ to the station not just that night but the next day and you can hear him giving advice on the walk through. It’s edited out on most you tube videos but there is one where you can hear him telling GZ ” say this, they like to hear this”.

    There was a reason for that bank picture ( of course it was never entered into trial). And I don’t believe Osterman knew what GZ was going to do as I don’t think GZ set out to kill this ” suspicious ” kid. I think it was roid rage which we will never know but the fight club owner was arrested for selling steroids under the counter and there was a dramatic body change from 2/26/12 to the Hannity interview…just much thinner.

    The burgess thing is just way too out there and of course Trayvon missed his mother. His texts say tweet if you love your mother.

    GZ himself built up atmosphere of robbery danger through constant emails ….in one he alerted everyone to be on the look out for people taking your discarded trash, but I think he was hoping to be able to stay in home in return for his NW duty. Unfortunately, they hired the wrong guy and the complaints went unanswered by the SPD.

    When the Appellant court allowed O’Mara’s motion to remove Judge Lester that was the first big sign that this was only a trial for show. The only honest one was Maitay, who fought so hard to have the duty to retreat given to jury. And no, I don’t think it would have changed anything but that was a stunner for me.

    The ME’s lawsuit will expose the crookedness and maybe the DOJ will bring a case. But the ME’s lawsuit will show the lengths Angela Corey went to cover up Trayvon’s murder.

    • Xena says:

      @2dogsonly. I wondered why the State released the M&I Bank video in discovery, but never brought it up at trial.

      GZ himself built up atmosphere of robbery danger through constant emails ….in one he alerted everyone to be on the look out for people taking your discarded trash,…

      You know who he told the cops was going through trash cans on garbage day? The guy he saw outside of Taaffe’s house who turned out to be Emmanuel Burgess.

  16. majiir says:

    Most open-minded individuals who believe in justice for all irrespective of race, religion, sex, etc., know that the MSM, especially Fox News, set out from the beginning to paint Trayvon Martin as the guilty party mainly because he was a young black male. A majority of those on the right suddenly “adopted” George Zimmerman, a man whom they’d normally reject, because he looks more like they do than Trayvon did.

    I’ve heard a lot of them disparage the work of the NAACP, Rev. Al and Jesse Jackson,Sr. in trying to make sure that all Americans receive equal justice under the law. Not only do they hate the NAACP, Revs. Sharpton and Jackson, but they blame President Obama for “inflaming” the situation and peddling racism. Now, these fools know that none of these individuals have been promoting racism. I had to tell a right-winger on yesterday that what they really want is to silence everyone who disagrees with them, especially black people. I also mentioned to him that they have been trying to silence the president so that he can’t share his thoughts and opinions on racism or any other topic/subject. I also reminded him that today is not the 1950s, and that we’re no longer forced to sit silently by while they say/do certain things to us.

    After George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood that rainy night in February 2012, I noticed that in spite of how much those on the right talk about what big Christians they are, it all went out the window. They forgot about Jesus, God, what they claim they believe, etc. They refused to view Trayvon Martin as a human being and as the son of parents who loved him, and they viewed anyone who had empathy for his family as being un-American and a racist. A simiple item of clothing like a hoodie transformed all blacks into thugs. There was a resurgence of the white desire for blacks to be submissive to whites, and the peddling of the “If only Trayvon Martin had had on a suit and tie, George Zimmerman wouldn’t have shot and killed him.” These are all tactics many whites have used to disguise their disdain/hatred for blacks and to justify their dehumanization of Trayvon Martin and their elevation of George Zimmerman to hero. No amount of their trying to conceal how ugly they really are will do them any good. We need a giant mirror that hangs over the earth that these haters can look into quite often so they can get a real good understanding of who is dividing the nation and who the racists and fake Christians are.

    • majiir says:


    • Yahtc says:

      We need a Nina Simone to address and sing about your excellent points, majiir.

      Remember this song of hers?

    • Ametia says:

      @majiir. I wish I could like your essay a MILLION TIMES.

    • Good post, Majiir!

    • Liza says:

      @majiir. There is only one thing that I would add to your post. Throughout this long ordeal where MSM was complicit in the “thuggification” of Trayvon Martin and the elevation of George Zimmerman to hero status, where were all of the white people who were later shocked by the verdict? The day after the verdict, all social media was full of white people expressing shock who had never said a word in defense of Trayvon Martin prior to that day. So what was it? Did they have that much faith in the justice system? Or, more likely, did they fear retribution from their rightwing friends if they said anything in defense of Trayvon? These rightwing rule by intimidation tactics have been going on for too long. People need to speak up and stop being afraid of them simply because they are so vitriolic. We should speak truth to power but we should also speak truth to the low-life.

  17. Ametia says:

    Thank you Xena Princess Warrior & Mr. Lonnie Star. I’ve got a knot in the pit of my stomach, reading this. It’s terrifying and downright criminal that the state didn’t do their jobs to bring about justice for Trayvon.

  18. rikyrah says:

    I appreciate all that you are doing. The thing is, how come the MSM didn’t look into this?

    I know the answer, but I just wanted to ask the question, because it’s so obvious.

    Obvious all those that didn’t want ever to get Justice for Trayvon.

    • Ametia says:

      No way did the state of Florida HONESTLY wanted to seek justice for Trayvon Martin.
      They thought Tracy Martin & Sybrina Fulton were going to let Trayvon’s murder go unanswered. Ready to dump him in the garbage like a piece of trash.


    • Xena says:

      @Rikyrah. There aren’t many investigative journalists now-a-days. Chris O’Connor (IIRC), the journalist who interviewed Shellie, is an independent investigative journalist and might dig where detectives and other journalists will not. As an independent, whatever editor buys her reports reduces repercussions. Like, who wants Junior threatening them?

  19. vitaminlover says:

    You know, this sounds scary.

  20. CarolMaeWY says:

    Thanks Xena for sharing this. I’ve only read first the paragraph. Next is Lonnie Starr, I just want you to know today that I appreciate all you’re doing to bring Justice For Trayvon and his family. Now back to reading.

    • Xena says:

      Thanks Carol. I’m sure that Lonnie will be around for any discussion and to answer any questions.

      • CarolMaeWY says:

        Great. Thanks. Does she call herself Lonnie so I’ll know it’s her?

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Hi all, I’m here reading now.

        On another note, prosecutors, do not usually throw the cases they themselves bring. But remember, these prosecutors did not bring this case themselves, they were ordered by the Guvnor to take it over. That Guvnor selected his loyalist to do this, not just because it was a high profile case, but also because he has donors whose wishes he has to consider, if he wants their campaign contributions and other support, for his next race. Thus the Guvnor is under incredible pressure to perform on behalf of his financial supporters, without whose resources he can forget about reaching the masses.

        As we saw during the trial, gz was able to raise large amounts of money from his biased supporters who, likely read nothing about the case on their own. But merely stuck to the pap for public consumption, spewed by the media people they adore.

        But be sure to tell such people for me, that they are anti American subversives! This nation did not become the nation it is, by striving to keep people down. It may not have had the best social configuration, but it’s legislative grant of freedoms and rights, gave everyone a shot at fighting for the equality due them. In this day and age of electronic media and under the threat of cyber wars, such and the like, unwarranted surveillance and other privacy invasions, as well as political schemes to undo the bill of rights. These people and their bigoted machinations are anathema to our very U.S. Constitution and would undermine the nation to the point where it would become ungovernable were they to get their way. In short, if there be terrorists for the nation to fear, these would be the people who should take first place in the line up.

        We will never know what, exactly, george zimmerman’s actions deprived this nation of. Where as an aviation mechanic Trayvon had the potential to save many lives by making air travel safer. gz on the other hand, makes nothing safe for anyone, his is a stupid, pigheaded, greedy and violent person who adds nothing to the American condition.
        His self centered lunacy is to be shunned by all who would call themselves Americans. But I digress.

        The prosecutors took great pains during the trial to leave out the most incriminating fare of all, that gz had no right at all to any claim of self defense, once he started stalking a teen in the dark. Because he was, himself, engaged in breaking the law! In many states, following another person without good and sufficient reason for doing so, is called stalking. In Florida, under their law it’s called assault. The evidence in the case shows that gz did stalk and therefore assault Trayvon Martin, even before he got out of his truck. He had given Trayvon reason to fear for his own safety, because some wild eyed stranger was following him. In Miami the teens there, who have seen these predators on tv, have taken to calling them “creepy assed crackers”, which is not a racial slur, but merely a colloquial for child predators and other predatory creeps. It cannot be denied that gz acted exactly as one of them is portrayed on the screen.

        Since that is a crime, and since a person engaging in criminal activity, cannot claim self defense against his victim(s), the trial was a farce with this critical piece of evidence/testimony left out. Worse yet, the prosecution took pains to be sure to put gz’s self defense claims before the jury themselves, when they realized that neither gz nor the defense could do it themselves. gz could not take the stand, so to win, all the prosecution had to do was, force the defense to make their own self defense claims. Instead the prosecution, helpfully, presented them for him, trying to pretend that they were doing so to prosecute the case.

        There is every indication that the case was fixed from the start and that the prosecution never wanted a conviction. They refused to go before a grand jury, because to get an indictment and start the required trial, they would have had to put the assault charge in there or forget about getting the indictment. So they found a way around that problem and used a criminal information instead. Thereby avoiding having to mention the assault charge.

        I can only hope that the DOJ does the right thing and pursues this case, because it is critical to the way the world will think and negotiate with America for decades to come.

      • Yahtc says:

        Oh, God. Oh, God…..

        This is too much for me to REALLY see Trayvon with gz after him.


        • Xena says:

          @Yahtc. I know. For me, it reflects on Zimmerman — heartless, cruel, liar. He was a big bully that night. Invincible? Can’t wait to see what happens in the domestic dispute.

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