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Documentary Film On Trayvon Martin In The Making

(Re-posted from Blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com) “I am 17-years-old, black, love rap music, eat Skittles, drink iced tea, have posted photos of myself on the internet with my middle finger up, hat turned backwards, pants sagging and I wear hoodies. Those things do … Continue reading

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Video | House VOTES to Defund the Affordable Care Act or Threaten Government Shutdown: Vote 230 -189

House votes to fund government and defund the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, which is the LAW of the LAND 230-189. A victory of American people?  GTFOH John Boehner! Nancy Pelosi Condemns House measure defunding Obamacare Like I’ve been saying this vote … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Friday Open Thread | Star Trek Week: “Worf”

Happy FRY-day, Everyone! Today’s Star Trek character is Michael Dorn AKA “WORF” Worf is a Klingon who served on the Enterprise D before Captain Benjamin Sisko requested his help dealing with Klingons on Deep Space 9, interrupting his leave of … Continue reading

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