Documentary Film On Trayvon Martin In The Making

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“I am 17-years-old, black, love rap music, eat Skittles, drink iced tea, have posted photos of myself on the internet with my middle finger up, hat turned backwards, pants sagging and I wear hoodies. Those things do not define me. “I am an award-winning filmmaker, Emmy-winning voice-over actor, public speaker, education activist, scholar, author, athlete, a well-spoken and God fearing young man from a solid middle class family. I am Trayvon; I am the future of America so why would anyone want to kill me?”

This sets the tone for Jordan Coleman’s documentary film titled “I Am Trayvon.”

Jordan Coleman is a freshman studying film making at American University in Washington, D.C. He was recently named one the 25 Most Influential People in Our Children’s Lives by Children’s Health magazine, and debuted his first documentary “Say It Loud” in 2008.


In “I Am Trayvon,” Coleman sets out on a soul-searching journey to learn more about the inner thoughts of his peers from all walks of life. He will encourage dialogue with them about the death of Martin, the Zimmerman verdict, race relations and what African-American young men need to do to find their place in our society.

“The shooting of Trayvon Martin and the Zimmerman verdict sent a clear message to African-American young men that our lives are not valued, said the filmmaker. “Hopefully my film will give a voice to these young men who have been silenced, ignored, neglected, stereotyped, misunderstood, discriminated against and symbolically left for dead.”

Coleman has already collected more than 10 hours of heartfelt and emotional footage and has a wish list of interview subjects he hopes to land for his “I Am Trayvon” documentary that includes Michael Moore, Jaime Foxx and President Barack Obama among others.

Coleman is raising budget to fund the film on Indiegogo.  If you are unable to contribute monetarily to making this film, you can email a photo of yourself wearing a hoodie, or a one minute video with your honest feelings about the Zimmerman verdict.

Jordan Coleman’s email address is provided on Indiegogo. He also requests help to pass the information through social media. Jordan has made the below video to help promote the fund raising effort to complete the film.

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