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Christmas CandlesO Holy Night (“Cantique de Noël“) is a well-known Christmas carol composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847 to the French poem “Minuit, chrétiens” (Midnight, Christians) by Placide Cappeau (1808–1877). Cappeau, a wine merchant and poet, had been asked by a parish priest to write a Christmas poem.[1] Unitarian minister John Sullivan Dwight,[2] editor of Dwight’s Journal of Music, created a singing edition based on Cappeau’s French text in 1855. In both the French original and in the two familiar English versions of the carol, the text reflects on the birth of Jesus and of mankind’s redemption.

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A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. vitaminlover says:

    ‘Oh Holy Night’ is truly one of my most favorite Christmas songs. The words ring so true to me.

  2. Ametia says:

    FALCONETTI….watching Rich Man Poor Man Book 2

  3. rikyrah says:

    found this quote at TOD:

    “Defeated by the Southern strategy, McGovern neatly summed it up: “What is the Southern Strategy? It is this. It says to the South: Let the poor stay poor, let your economy trail the nation, forget about decent homes and medical care for all your people, choose officials who will oppose every effort to benefit the many at the expense of the few—and in return, we will try to overlook the rights of the black man, appoint a few southerners to high office, and lift your spirits by attacking the ‘eastern establishment’ whose bank accounts we are filling with your labor and your industry.””

  4. rikyrah says:

    Curvy Jones ‏@Curvy_Jones4m
    Pretty sure #BlackTwitter should vett Supreme Court Justices. Ya’ll dig up some scary stuff.

    Black Canseco ‏@BlackCanseco17m
    #BlackTwitter been snatching edges, player cards and jobs and egos all week.

    Charles Wade ‏@akacharleswade20 Dec
    #BlackTwitter got African correspondents. BET COULD NEVAH!!!

    Nig-ella Lawson ‏@JanvierNoir14m
    #BlackTwitter was like who we know in Capetown!!? We got the flight number. Get somebody at that damn airport NOW!!!

    SueBee ‏@PhattyF5m
    Girl…they got me shook RT @ArykanotErika Folks worried about NSA clearly have never met #BlackTwitter .

    SueBee ‏@PhattyF1m
    #Voldemort RT @JanvierNoir #BlackTwitter bout to become They Who Shall Not Be Named.

    Nostradeptus ‏@adept2u2m
    It is very difficult to play on a few million people who recognize game #BlackTwitter is no joke.

    Nig-ella Lawson ‏@JanvierNoir10m
    #JustineSacco got off that plane and #BlackTwitter posted the first appearance. TMZ ain’t shit!! Got Nothin on y’all. Nothin.

    Charles Wade ‏@akacharleswade20 Dec
    #BlackTwitter got African correspondents. BET COULD NEVAH!!!

    Nig-ella Lawson ‏@JanvierNoir14m
    #BlackTwitter was like who we know in Capetown!!? We got the flight number. Get somebody at that damn airport NOW!!!

  5. Ametia says:

    Dr. Susan Rice on 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl.

  6. rikyrah says:

    American Median Incomes By Race Since 1967 [CHART]
    Steven Perlberg

    Sep. 17, 2013, 2:04 PM
    The Census Bureau has released its annual report on poverty, income, and health insurance.

    The chart below shows the state of American income last year based on race.

    “Among the race groups, Asian households had the highest median income in 2012 ($68,636). The median income for non-Hispanic White households was $57,009, and it was $33,321 for Black households. For Hispanic households the median income was $39,005,” according to the report (the levels were not statistically significant from the 2011 report).

    Read more:

  7. rikyrah says:


    1,426,994 private enrollments 3,903,855 Medicaid 3,000,000+ parents’ plans 7+ million plans the GOP wants to cancel
    12:58 PM – 22 Dec 2013

  8. Ametia says:

    Vikings & Texans, WAKE UP, DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I received this gift yesterday from a couple in our community. I love it.

    Gift basket

  10. Yahtc says:

  11. rikyrah says:

    My sister brought me some Peanut Brittle last night.

    I don’t even like Peanut Brittle, unless it’s the top of the line stuff.

    THIS is top of the line. This stuff is so addictive, it’s crazy.

    Good thing I didn’t let her leave the box.

    There’s a reason I stopped going to the Amish booth at the Farmer’s market…I’d buy their Brittle and the next thing I knew the whole tub was gone..

  12. Ametia says:

    Can feminists still enjoy R. Kelly’s music?

    Joy Reid breaks down the recently resurfaced stories of R&B singer R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse of young girls.


  13. Ametia says:

    *Sight* Bengals just scored another TD against the Vikings 21-7

  14. Ametia says:

    Come on Texans; take DOWN the Bronchos!

  15. rikyrah says:

    A kindergarten student at a holiday concert enthusiastically sang the songs with her classmates, but also used sign language and animated facial expressions to help her deaf parents in the audience enjoy the show.

    This cutie has earned six million hits on YouTube in the nine days since it was posted.

  16. Liza says:

    “O Holy Night” is my favorite Christmas song. Always reminds me of singing the midnight mass on Christmas eve with the 7th and 8th grade girls choir at the Catholic school that I attended. Our choir director was a tiny little nun from the Dominican Republic who was actually very talented, and they gave her a lot of our time for choir practice. It was fun, but I didn’t know at the time that these would be some of my best memories of Christmas past. Anyhow, I like Mahalia Jackson’s version of “O Holy Night” because it reminds me of midnight mass.

  17. Ametia says:

    BRING IT, SMARTYPANTS AKA HORIZONS: Nancy LeTourneau’s big picture look at politics and life

    The Republican’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2013 According to most pundits and the White House Press Corp, the big story right now is that 2013 was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for President Obama. Of course they have facts like the botched rollout of and his low poll numbers to back up that claim.

    But one way to demonstrate the distorted lens through which the media tends to look at things like this is to think about how 2013 looked for Republicans. Their primary goal lately has been to see Obamacare fail. They were given an assist on that when the web site launched so badly. And BOY, did they run with it!

    As anyone who is interested in more than a few days of our frenzied media market knows, a web site can be fixed…and it has been. Now what? They can freak out all they want over Pajama Boy, but the reality is that come January, millions of Americans will have affordable health insurance. And there’s nothing they can do to stop that.

    Read on:!/2013/12/the-republicans-terrible-horrible-no.html

  18. Ametia says:






    Please feel free to add

    MEDIA FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. rikyrah says:



    Small Alabama town accidentally hires black drag queens to dance in Christmas parade
    By Scott Kaufman
    Sunday, December 22, 2013 12:09 EST

    Residents in the small town of Semmes, Alabama were surprised when one of the acts in the annual Christmas parade was a group of black drag queens known as “The Prancing Elite.”

    The captain of the troupe, Kentrell Collins, said he believed the offer had been made in good faith, and that the representative for the Friends of Semmes to whom he spoke knew who she was hiring.

    “I said we’re all over 21 and we’re guys. She was so excited. She was like I didn’t know they had any groups like that in Mobile,” Collins told Fox 10 News.

  20. Best Christmas Songs Playlist

  21. Ametia says:

    <b.Cuts at NBC’s Washington Bureau?
    Posted in MSNBC on December 21, 2013 by icn2

    In a must read, the New York Post’s Claire Atkinson writes about cutbacks at NBC’s DC Bureau…


    Particularly distressed by the changes is the DC bureau team, whose duties include providing political coverage to “Nightly News with Brian Williams” and Sunday talk show “Meet The Press.”

    Turness has been trying to figure out the future for David Gregory’s “Meet the Press,” with options including bringing in MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” team of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski for a Sunday show, or blowing up the entire franchise and trying something completely different, sources familiar with the situation said.

    The jury is still out on what to do as Turness still hasn’t decided, these sources added.

  22. Ametia says:

    Fired PR Exec Justine Sacco Apologizes for ‘I’m White’ AIDS in Africa Tweet

    Justine Sacco, a public relations executive who was fired after her tweet about race, AIDS and Africa went viral while she was on an international flight, issued an apology Sunday morning.

  23. rikyrah says:

    Here’s the Worst Part of the Target Data Breach

    —By Kevin Drum

    You know what the most infuriating part of the massive data breach at Target is? This:

    Over the last decade, most countries have moved toward using credit cards that carry information on embeddable microchips rather than magnetic strips. The additional encryption on so-called smart cards has made the kind of brazen data thefts suffered by Target almost impossible to pull off in most other countries.

    Because the U.S. is one of the few places yet to widely deploy such technology, the nation has increasingly become the focus of hackers seeking to steal such information. The stolen data can easily be turned into phony credit cards that are sold on black markets around the world.

    There’s really no excuse for this. The technology to avoid this kind of hacking is available, and it’s been in real-world use for many years. Every bank and every merchant in American knows how to implement it. But it would cost a bit of money, so they don’t. And who pays the price? Not the banks:

    • Ametia says:

      Trust, they’ll find a way to blame Target’s fuckery on PBO too. We need to get back to the local shops and businesses. The corporate owned stores don’t give a damn about consumers. BOTTOM LINE =BENJAMINS.

      • vitaminlover says:

        This reminds me of ‘Trading Places’ with Eddie Murphy and his SNL crew. They got those big business guys in the end. It’s on channel 249 now on Comedy Central Channel if you have Directv

  24. rikyrah says:

    Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Bemoans The End Of White Rule In The United States

    By Adam Peck on December 21, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    There are a lot of problems in Washington, D.C these days, but not many solutions to them. Inefficiency, an allergy to cooperation, and stiff resistance to pragmatism have all ground the federal government to a stand-still. But one op-ed contributor to the Wall Street Journal knows what the real problem is: not enough rich, white men.

    In Saturday’s paper and online, author Joseph Epstein mourns the collapse of what he describes as the “genuine ruling class, drawn from what came to be known as the WASP establishment,” (WASP, the commonly-held acronym for White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant). Instead, he argues, we are living in a meritocracy, governed not by an elite subset of the uppermost crust of society but rather by a group of people who overcame some kind of adversity and achieved success thanks to their own merits, not based on what family they were born into. This, according to Epstein, is a tragedy.

    Epstein’s embrace of white privilege (or is it power?) is almost too transparent, resembling something closer to satire than to outright racism. And yet he gives no reason to believe that he isn’t completely serious when he argues that modern day “corruption, scandal and incompetence” are hallmarks exclusive to this new era of non-white rule. Or when he memorializes the virtues of keeping those not born into the “WASPocracy” away from the halls of power. Or when he faults the leadership of the country’s top colleges for its role in ending white rule by “lessening the number of legacies automatically admitted, and using racial preferences to encourage the enrollment of blacks.”

    Instead, Epstein argues, we should return to an era of WASP rule. Why? Because rich, white men born into rich, white christian families would never lead the country astray:

    • rikyrah says:

      believes that the delusional world of Mad Men was real. That they were actually big fish in a big pond.

      In actuality, they were big fish in a pond where 95% of the rest of the fish were shoved into sardine cans.

      Now, those fish are out and have no fucks to give, and neither need the delusional’s approval for anything.

      The only one lamenting about the ‘ good old days’ are White Men. …have said that for forever and a day.

    • Ametia says:

      WSJ is a Rupert Murdock rag that espouses RW ideology. ENOUGH SAID.

  25. rikyrah says:

    The Inside Story Of How The U.S. Acted To Prevent Another Rwanda

    By Hayes Brown on December 20, 2013 at 9:00 am

    The Central African Republic had finally exploded. After months of signs that the country was a powder keg, with dire warnings of impending doom from the United Nations and human rights observers, outright clashes ignited the capital, Bangui, in early December. Hundreds were killed. Thousands more fled their homes, those who had not already done so in the eight months since the crisis first began. For a period, it looked as though the world was preparing to sit idly by yet again as another mass atrocity was perpetrated on the continent of Africa.

    Two days later, it was like a switch had been thrown. The president of the United States asked for the people of the CAR for calm, speaking to them directly through the Internet and radio. The president shook $100 million loose from the federal budget, to purchase much-needed supplies to the African peacekeepers struggling to stem the killing and airlift in reinforcements. And on Thursday, Samantha Power, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, announced yet another $15 million in humanitarian aid and the pending presence of U.S. military advisers to assist the African Union’s forces in restoring peace.
    Preventing mass atrocities and genocide is a core national security interest and a core moral responsibility of the United States

    Activists and U.S. officials alike say that the speed at which the United States has responded is unprecedented and part of it is due to a little heralded document and the bureaucratic tool it created. Presidential Study Directive 10 (PSD-10) came into being in 2011, declaring for the first time that “preventing mass atrocities and genocide is a core national security interest and a core moral responsibility of the United States.” Never before has an official document so bluntly said that the United States’ “security is affected when masses of civilians are slaughtered, refugees flow across borders, and murderers wreak havoc on regional stability and livelihoods. America’s reputation suffers, and our ability to bring about change is constrained, when we are perceived as idle in the face of mass atrocities and genocide.”

    The cornerstone of this directive was the creation of the Atrocities Prevention Board (APB), an interagency panel meant to draw expertise and ideas from across the federal government on how to prevent mass atrocities before they gain traction. Drawn from 11 agencies — including State, Defense, Treasury, Justice, the CIA and others — and represented by high-ranking officials, the APB was designed to be both a forum for long-term strategic planning as well as emergency response to developing crises. It would seem that the situation in the Central African Republic would be a prime case for the APB, after a lackluster first year of existence. Even fans of the administration’s approach found themselves criticizing the Board for not effectively working to prevent the mass slaughter being seen in Syria.

  26. rikyrah says:

    Nicole Bonnet @NicoleBonnet1

    To whiny, melodramatic RWNJS:
    NOTHING is like genocide but genocide.
    NOTHING is like slavery but slavery.
    NOTHING is like rape but rape.
    1:36 PM – 21 Dec 2013

  27. rikyrah says:

    Survey finds dads defy stereotypes about black fatherhood
    By most measures, report says, black fathers are at least as involved with their kids as other men in similar living situations.

    By Emily Alpert Reyes

    December 20, 2013, 10:45 p.m.

    Defying enduring stereotypes about black fatherhood, a federal survey of American parents shows that by most measures, black fathers who live with their children are just as involved as other dads who live with their kids — or more so.

    For instance, among fathers who lived with young children, 70% of black dads said they bathed, diapered or dressed those kids every day, compared with 60% of white fathers and 45% of Latino fathers, according to a report released Friday by the National Center for Health Statistics.

    Nearly 35% of black fathers who lived with their young children said they read to them daily, compared with 30% of white dads and 22% of Latino dads. The report was based on a federal survey that included more than 3,900 fathers between 2006 and 2010 — a trove of data seen as the gold standard for studying fatherhood in the United States. In many cases, the differences between black fathers and those of other races were not statistically significant, researchers said.

    The findings echo earlier studies that counter simple stereotypes characterizing black fathers as missing in action. When it comes to fathers who live with their kids, “blacks look a lot like everyone else,” said Gretchen Livingston, a senior researcher at the Pew Research Center who has previously studied the topic. And in light of the negative stereotypes about black fathers, “that is a story in itself.”

    In Watts, Bryan August-Jones battles the stereotype daily. Every weekday, he wakes his three sons before sunrise, gets them dressed, then ferries them to the baby sitter and to school. On weekends, he takes them bicycling or to Red Lobster, which his youngest son — “a little fancy guy” — prefers over McDonald’s.

    His Latina mother-in-law and her family think black men cannot be good fathers, but “I prove them wrong all the time,” August-Jones said.

    Worry about black fathers has been tied to a persistent fact: Black dads are especially likely to live apart from one or more of their children — and fathers of all races tend to be less involved in the day-to-day lives of their kids when they live elsewhere.

    Yet the report also revealed that among American fathers living apart from their children, black dads were at least as involved as other dads not living with their kids, or more so, according to most measures. Among fathers living apart from older children, more than half of black fathers said that several times a week or more, they talked to their kids about their day — a higher percentage than among white or Latino dads living separately from older children, the report showed.

    In Bellflower, Jason Franklin phones his young daughters daily during the week. The girls stay with him on weekends. Franklin remembers that when his own parents parted, his father sometimes skipped visits “out of spite.” He vowed not to do the same thing to his children when he and their mother split up.

    “Even if I don’t see them every day, my role as a father doesn’t change,” Franklin said.

    Nearly half of black fathers living apart from their young children said they played with them at least several times a week, 42% said they fed or ate with them that frequently, and 41% said they bathed, diapered or helped dress them as often — rates on par with or higher than those of other men living apart from their kids.,0,2912014.story#ixzz2oDYD7Ksi

  28. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

  29. Yahtc says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

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