Michael Dunn Trial – Day 4

Rhonda Rouer4Rhonda Rouer,  fiancée of Michael Dunn, was very emotional as she took the stand in his murder trial. Rouer was visibly shaking and crying as she told jurors what happened on the night Jordan Davis was killed.

Rouer told jurors as they pulled into a convenience store parking lot beside a red Dodge Durango with loud music Michael Dunn uttered “I hate that thug music.”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — With tears in her eyes and a tissue in her hand, Rhonda Rouer took the stand Saturday in the murder trial of her fiancée, Michael Dunn.

She was questioned by both sides and watched a surveillance video from the night Dunn fired 9 shots into an SUV holding Jordan Davis while on the stand.

Testimonies from JSO officers who processed the crime scene where the shooting took place earlier in the day.

Dunn is charged in the death of 17 year-old Davis. The teen was fatally shot at a convenience store parking lot on November 23, 2012. Dunn claims the shooting was in self-defense.

Michael Dunn Trial – Day 4 – Part 4 (Jordan’s Father)

Michael Dunn Trial – Day 4 – Part 2 (State Rests)

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72 Responses to Michael Dunn Trial – Day 4

  1. Liza says:

    OMG, the defense witnesses. Are there any women in Dunn’s life who are not airheads, ding bats, basket cases, or idiots?

    Chris Dunn, the groom at the wedding, has seen his father three times in the last 15 years, but it was just one big happy family there at the wedding.

  2. Hold up, Is this slug defense trying to pretend Rap music was played at the wedding? Mofo please!

  3. WTF does photos of the wedding party have to do with Jordan Davis being murdered? What a bunch of nonsense!

    • Liza says:

      Dunn was asked to be in the pictures so that proves they are one big happy family and Dunn was happy and sober and Dunn was not annoyed by any of the music and Dunn didn’t get in an argument with anyone at the wedding.

      The logical conclusion, of course, is that Dunn would not have attempted to massacre the four occupants of a vehicle unless he had a good reason because he was so happy at the wedding, posing for pictures, catching up with his estranged son and other relatives and people he could care less about. I believe that is the gist of the defense.

      Also, he has a great puppy.

  4. Michael Dunn Trial – Day 4 – Part 4 (Jordan’s Father)

    • Liza says:

      Heartwrenching. Dirtbag defense attorney Strolla calls Mr. Davis in an attempt to get him to admit that he stated in a deposition that Jordan’s friends told him different versions of the shooting a few days after it happened. Strolla didn’t get the admission. Anyhow, the cops had already interrogated the young men separately on the night of the attempted massacre so it isn’t as though they had an opportunity to agree on a made up story. The prosecutor was good on cross getting Mr. Davis to say that he remembered talking to two of the three (on the night in question), but they couldn’t stop crying.

      Backfired on Strolla.

  5. I’m trying to catch up. It’s been a bit of an emotional day for me with a sick husband.

  6. Ametia, check your email.

  7. Ametia says:

    Corey can’t interpret the supreme court laws on charges-instructions. Judge said Strolla to decide, so he can’t come back and argue otherwise.

    • Liza says:

      Just caught the end of that. And there is some discussion about an “expert” witness the defense wants to bring in. I couldn’t hear what this person is supposed to know but I think it has something to do with explaining Dunn’s behavior after the shooting. Not sure.

      Was reading Leatherman’s blog about today’s witnesses. Commenters are saying the medical examiner was excellent for the prosecution. They think that the defense witnesses have been useless, attesting to Dunn’s character (a nice, peaceful person) and that he was sober at the wedding but they can’t speak to the crime he committed because they weren’t there. I guess the scumbag defense attorney felt compelled to call witnesses even though they have nothing to say. One funny thing the commenters said about the defense is that they have effectively eliminated any reason Dunn may have had for killing Jordan Davis except that he is a racist who hates black kids who listen to “thug music.”

    • Liza says:

      Leatherman’s comment here. I missed this about Dunn. Wow, just wow.

      “Strolla wants to call an acute-stress-reaction expert.

      Corey has not completed her deposition of this guy and wants to interview him before she decides whether to ask for a Daubert hearing.

      I think she should insist on a Daubert hearing because I think this is junk science.

      Looks like Dunn is going to testify and go for broke on Murder 1 with no lesser included instructions.

      Dunn affirmed that is his choice.

      He will still have the three attempt murder charges relating to the other three boys.”

      • Ametia says:

        Liza, the defense has been calling at least 3 black men to testify, one worked at the gas station the night Dunn murdered Jordan Davis. This was more than a shooting, and I’m gonna call it like it is, a MURDER. Their testimony had absolutely no bearing on Dunn’s innocence. Just a waste of time.

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, I see that the defense called Jordan Davis’ father but apparently that didn’t go well for them. I would like to see a video of that one and probably won’t bother with the other defense witnesses.

        I have thought for some time now that Dunn actually might have more in common with Jared Laughner and other infamous shooters than he does with George Zimmerman. Zimmerman and Dunn are both racists, to be sure, but Dunn actually opened fire on a vehicle occupied by four people, he killed one and almost killed two of the others.

        This was more than a murder, it was an attempted massacre.

  8. Ametia says:

    Judge Healey is ready to give jury instructions. They are clarifying the charges, manslaughter or first degree murder. Healey said this case will be finished by noon tomorrow.

  9. Ametia says:

    Judge Healey says three more witnesses and then wrap it up for closings and jury deliberations.

  10. Ametia says:

    Don Moes is up , supposedly a friend of Dunn

  11. llip2 says:

    What a tragedy this is so sad, it’s a good thing she never married her fiancé.
    I am concerned they’re using the same prosecutors team they used in Trayvon Martin trial.

  12. Hola everyone! I’m back! What’s going on?

  13. Ametia says:

    i misssed these 2 testimonies

    Michael Dunn’s ex-wife is now testifying.

    2:50 p.m. Update: Christopher Dunn, Michael’s 24-year-old son who was getting married the evening Jordan Davis was killed, is testifying.

    Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2014-02-10/story/live-coverage-several-testify-defense-michael-dunn-trial-3-pm-update#ixzz2sx6fioQf

  14. Ametia says:

    A brother with dreads Mr. Ates. Employed at “Gate Petroleum” gas station where Jordan was murdered. He was working the night of the shooting. Defense is asking him about photos of the gas station and where pumps are located

  15. Ametia says:

    Corey asked Beverly if she knew anything about a wedding? I fail to see or hear any reasons why the defense is calling these folks to testify.

  16. Ametia says:

    Angela Corey just asked Beverly Berry if on any of their social occassions with Dunn did they ever play Rap music or have young black boys over. WUH?

  17. Ametia says:

    Corey is questioning Berry. Does he socialize with Dunn outside of aero club. she’s trying to establish what his actual connection to Dunn’s shooting and killing Jordan.

    Beverly Berry up next.

  18. Ametia says:

    Defense just called Randy Berry. He taught Dunn how to fly airplanes. He’s known Dunn since 2000. He’s good friends with Dunn.

  19. Ametia says:

    I’m just tuning in to the broadcast. The jury is being seated in the courtroom back from lunch.

  20. Ametia says:

    Prosecutors rest in trial of man who shot teen
    The Associated Press


    Prosecutors rested their case Monday in the trial of a Florida man charged with killing a teen after an argument over loud music outside a Jacksonville convenience store.

    Prosecutors called an associate medical examiner as their last witness in direct testimony, a week after jury selection began in the first-degree murder trial of Michael Dunn. Dunn is charged with first-degree murder. He is pleading not guilty and says he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot Jordan Davis, 17, of Marietta, Ga., outside the store in Jacksonville in 2012.

    According to authorities, an argument began after Dunn, in a neighboring car, told Davis and his friends to turn the music down they were listening to in an SUV outside the convenience store. One of Davis’ friends turned the music down, but Davis then told him to turn it back up.

    Officials say Dunn became enraged and he and Davis began arguing. Dunn, who had a concealed weapons permit, pulled a 9 mm handgun from the glove compartment, according to an affidavit, and fired nine shots into the SUV.


  21. Ametia says:

    So is someone supposed to shower sympathy on Rhonda Rouer? UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGH

  22. Liza,

    I have to leave and take my husband to his dr appointment. If you have the time, post whenever you can. See you when I get back.

    • Liza says:

      SG2, I am leaving shortly too and won’t be back until early to mid afternoon (it is just after 9:00 AM here.) I hope that your husband is all right. We’ll catch up.

  23. Jordan Davis was shot in the groin? Jesus Christ!!!

  24. Lord Have Mercy upon Jordan Davis’ parents and family.

  25. Jordan Davis’ clothes & hat being shown.

  26. Liza says:

    SG2, yesterday I finally made it through Rhonda Rouer’s testimony and also her police interview from a few days after the shooting. I wish I had seen the police interview a lot sooner because I now realize that there really wasn’t much information in the newspaper reporting about Dunn and Rhonda.

    I didn’t know that she was his live-in girlfriend and that she was with him the entire time from the shooting until the arrest. I also didn’t know that they had cancelled their plan for going to St. Augustine because of the shooting and I wasn’t aware of all of these issues with the dog.

    What people do and say immediately after committing a crime is usually very revealing.

    The Rhonda in the police interview has a completely different demeanor from the Rhonda who testified. In the police interview, RR is anxious to be sure but she manages to present herself as a relatively normal person who is articulate enough to answer questions and describe situations. She is very different from the creature who sobbed her way through her testimony at the trial.

    So by now, everyone who is following this knows the story, that Rhonda didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything but the gunshots, was ordered into the car by Dunn and took off. (This is where we should play “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” the theme from “Bonnie and Clyde.”) D&R went directly to the Sheraton to take care of their puppy, eat pizza, and have some more rum and coke. They wake up to news of the killing and prepare to flee to Satellite Beach because they must address the dog’s care before they are arrested. RR takes full responsibility for fleeing Jacksonville, it was all her idea, she had to deal with the dog, etc…

    Now I understand the performance on the witness stand, the weeping, the primal terror, the baby voice, the total and complete lack of self-respect. How else could a 46 year old woman tell a jury that she left the scene of a shooting that she was involved in and fled the city where it occurred after she knew that someone had been killed? She did this for her dog, according to her. How do you sell that to a jury unless you are a total basket case? And how do you ward off an aggressive prosecutor, get your story out there, and try to get sympathy (from white male jurists)?

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall in that hotel room at the Sheraton and heard what these two really talked about that night, the next morning, and then on the 2.5 hour drive back to Satellite Beach. And also when Dunn talked to his neighbor buddy with ties to law enforcement.

    Okay, I get it. Dunn is trying to get away with murder and his girlfriend wants her life back. I get that. They just want to get back to where they were. And God knows that I hope and pray that they fail to do so. But what I find so despicable and so unbearable about these people is their total disregard for the life of that child, Jordan Davis, and the devastation they have brought to his family and friends.
    This woman, this stupid, pathetic, horrible woman does not even realize, does not even know that people are aware of how callous she is. She is trying to replace the victim, to be the victim, and in doing that she shows us that she is devoid of humanity.

    End of rant, I think I can move on now.

  27. Autopsy photo of Jordan Davis’ dead body shown in court. Judge Healy warns the photo evidence may be emotional.

  28. Jordan Davis was pronounced dead on November 23 2012 at 8:15pm.

  29. Judge Healy: “Please refrain from any verbal outbursts of emotion.”

    • Liza says:

      He should have told Rhonda Rouer not to be so emotional because it was grating on everyone’s nerves and was also a bad performance.

  30. Next witness up Stacey Simons. Medical examiner.

  31. Court is back in session..

  32. Bullet riddled Durango

    Red Durango -Michael Dunn

  33. Court is in recess for 20 minutes.

  34. When you fire 9 shots into a car full of kids, you intend to kill them.

  35. Here comes this defense slug to discredit.

  36. Good morning, everyone!

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