The Clintons Think Somebody’s Playing With Them. NOBODY is playing with them.

I read two stories this week that made me go ‘hmmm’.

The first story was from Politico:

Priorities USA: We’re not sitting out 2014
Priorities USA says ‘no one should sit out the 2014 midterm elections, period.’
By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 2/24/14 11:24 AM EST

Stung by headlines that it’s planning to sit out the 2014 cycle, the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA is asking its donors to contribute to efforts to keep the Senate majority and take back the House.

The memo, from Priorities executive director Buffy Wicks, insists to donors that the group not sitting on the sidelines during a competitive 2014 midterms cycle.

“We are asking all our strongest supporters to do all you can to help hold the Senate and win the House,” Wicks wrote. “We know from our friends at the other Super PACs that many of our most committed supporters have already weighed in. The cross-pollination between Priorities USA Action donors and donors to the House and Senate Super PACs is impressive. So if you have given, thank you. If you have yet to give, please understand how high the stakes are and donate.”

The second is from Kentucky about Bill Clinton Campaigning for Grimes for Senate.


About Bubba Campaigning for Grimes in Kentucky.

The obviousness of this is grating.

It was THE TRUTH that the Hillary SuperPAC was going to sit out the 2014 Elections.

They didn’t give a shyt if the Dems could get back the House or Keep the Senate.

If we turn the House – all we need is 18 seats…

Then Nancy Smash gets back her gavel.

We keep the Senate, and the President can continue on his goals.

IF the President accomplishes stuff the last 2 years like the first two years..

Then there is no need for Hillary to be THE SAVIOR, which is the bullshyt they were gonna peddle if the 2014 elections go bad.

We got at least a dozen states putting in place things to curb VOTING RIGHTS..

And the Hillary SuperPac was going to sit out 2014?

We got Bubba stomping for Grimes in red-ass Kentucky,

But, we got State Senator Nina Turner running for Secretary of State in OHIO, where you know she WOULD PROTECT THE VOTE, and you don’t hear anything about Bubba going there, do you?

President Barack Obama has shown the way..

You don’t need one muthafuckin’ Southern State to become President of the United States.

He has shown the electoral path to render the South ELECTORALLY IRRELEVANT.

But, that path includes OHIO< so, IMO, stomping for Nina Turner to be SOS and protect the vote in OHIO, is far more a return on value than stomping for Grimes in red Kentucky.

These mofos think somebody is playing with them.

NOBODY is playing with them.

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17 Responses to The Clintons Think Somebody’s Playing With Them. NOBODY is playing with them.

  1. I see team Clinton is back with the “inevitability” bunk again.
    “She just dominates the whole Democratic Party presidential process,” Fowler said.

    What might damage Clinton, a range of South Carolina Democrats said, would be the sudden emergence of another African-American candidate in a primary where the percentage of black voters could be as high as 60%.

    “Unless there is another Barack Obama out there, I don’t see the same thing happening again,” said Darrell Jackson, a pastor and longtime state senator who was one of Clinton’s leading surrogates in the state in 2008.

    For Tripp, now working Ready for Hillary, the prospect of making history by helping elect the country’s first woman president has a unique appeal. “There will never be another first black president,” she said.

    Former South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges, a chairman of Obama’s campaign in 2008, pointed to “a clear hunger among Democrats here for a women to be the nominee.”

    “She is well-positioned,” Hodges said of Clinton. “There is no obvious alternative in the Democratic Party. I just don’t see anyone emerging right now who would cause her problems if she runs.”

  2. In South Carolina, Clinton forces try to tap Obama magic

    Columbia, South Carolina (CNN) — To hear some tell it, the 2008 South Carolina primary clash between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was a few steps away from a full-blown race riot.

    “It was unbelievable down here in 2007 and 2008,” said Bridget Tripp, a Democratic organizer from Lexington who supported Obama in that year’s primary. “Bill Clinton was going through downtown Columbia calling Barack Obama a racist.”

    It never got that bad, of course. But in the runup to the contest and in its aftermath, the Clinton campaign scrambled to explain away comments that rankled the black community: Hillary Clinton seeming to downplay Martin Luther King Jr.’s role in passing the Civil Rights Act, Bill Clinton’s biting characterization of Obama’s campaign as “the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen” and a range of remarks from Clinton allies that seemed to belittle Obama’s achievements.

    Bill Clinton’s remarks in particular went over so poorly that South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, then the state’s highest-ranking African-American in Congress, went on national television and told the former president to “chill.” The morning after Obama’s crushing 28-point victory, Bill Clinton waved it off in glib terms, comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson, just another black candidate with black support.

    The loss was a stinging defeat for the Clintons, a Southern power couple who viewed their longstanding friendships in the African-American community as crucial bulwark against any Democratic foe.

  3. Rik

    check your email.

  4. Hill & Bill…3ChicsPolitico have our eyes on you. We see what you’re doing.


  5. Rikyrah,

    The post is so righteous, all I could do was throw up my hands…


  6. rikyrah says:

    The deliberate setup of Hillary as THE GREAT WHITE HOPE chafes me to no end.

    LIKE, we tried that ‘ Black President’ thing, but it’s too hard, so let’s just go back to White Presidents because it’s so hard confronting racists about their racism. Heaven forbid we tell the racists that the Black man is the one who is helping them and getting them to see the truth about it.

    • Ametia says:

      So right your are, Rikyrah. They’re NOT slick, it’s more coded and subtle dog whistling

      The election/re-election of Barack Hussein Obama is holding up that mirror at white racists and the white privileged in America, and yes that includes members of his own party.

      Either you’re part of the solution or you’re part of the PROBLEM. The Clintons, Bushes, and the Kennedys are all so ENTRENCHED in American politics. ENOUGH of all three of these families.

      NO HILLARY in 2016! I hope Joe Biden runs.

  7. GrandCentral says:

    This is disheartening to hear. I really hope that Hillary Clinton has elevated past ridiculous shenanigans like this. I thought she had learned her lesson in 2008. Instead of trying to sabotage President Obama she should be looking to help him and ride his coat tail to victory in 2016. Nina Turner of Ohio has always been my favorite. She would be terrific as Secretary of State in Ohion. However, I can’t completely agree with the notion that Bill Clinton shouldn’t be stumping in Kentucky for Grimes. Kentucky is not the sure fire red state that some would believe it to be. McConnell is actually in trouble. I know this first hand. He is running scared and his team believes he is at risk of losing his seat. McConnell has been on the wrong side of the ACA debate and his state is suffering when they could actually benfit from the new law. Bill Clinton stumping in Ohio for Turner would be great, but she could probably do better if the President himself stumped for her.

    • Liza says:

      “Instead of trying to sabotage President Obama she should be looking to help him and ride his coat tail to victory in 2016.”

      Indeed. Hillary ran a bad campaign in 2008, staffed it with fossils from the 1990s, they burned through her cash like drunk sailors, and worst of all in my opinion, they started her campaign with that “inevitability” bunk. Then came Iowa and they didn’t have a clue what hit them. All they could do afterwards was play dirty politics and lose. Quite frankly, I would just as soon Hillary step aside and allow someone from the 21st century to win the nomination.

      If President Obama gets a Democratic House and Senate in 2014 and is able to advance a Democratic agenda, then the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016 has a far better chance of winning the general election. The theme should be “we’re on a roll, let’s keep this going.” But the Clintons have never been very good at sharing, it’s always about them, their power in the Democratic party, and their legacy.

      • Hillary ran a bad campaign in 2008, staffed it with fossils from the 1990s, they burned through her cash like drunk sailors


      • Ametia says:

        Tell the TRUTH, now won’t cha, Liza!

        THIS: “they started her campaign with that “inevitability” bunk.”

        Yep, Her and her team REALLY thought: NO WAY THAT BLACK GUY CAN WIN THE PRESIDENCY.


    • Ametia says:

      @Granny; personally, I don’t begrude Alison Grimes her run for senate and beating McTurtlefor that KY senate seat. It’s her attitude and words that carry energy that she doesn’t need, want, or even support POTUS. Yet she’s jiggin’ with her good fiiends the Clintons.

      That heiffer should be plugging ACA until the cows come home.Kentuckians are benefiting from the law due to their Dem Governor. Nope this is purely about power for the Clintons. Selfish SOBs.

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