The Disturbing Reality of White Privilege

Tea Party racist-Eric Parker, who lives in central Idaho, aims his weapon from a bridge as protesters gather by the Bureau of Land Management's base camp in Bunkerville, Nevada. (Jim Urquhart-Reuters)This image is so disturbing! It clearly shows the depth of white privilege in this country. No way a black man could aim a gun at federal agents and live to tell about it.

Monroe Isadore, 107 years old, of Arkansas aimed his weapon at two people in the home, prompting a call to the police. Swat Team inserted a camera in his bedroom and confirmed he did indeed have a gun. They stormed the room and shot 107 year old Monroe Isadore dead.

Monroe IsadorePolice claimed negotiations with Monroe Isadore were unsuccessful but refused to clarify how negotiations failed.

What? No waiting him out? Police couldn’t wear down a 107 year old man?  No, it’s shoot first and ask questions later…unless you’re a white gun toting tea party militia.

Please tell me, how is it tea party militias aimed guns at federal agents, blocked the highway against law enforcement & NO ONE was arrested? As you can see, they took photos, passed them around on social media & bragged about it! WTFF?!

Senator Harry Reid has thrown down the gauntlet and claims it’s not over but we shall see. It’s TWO Americas, folks. One for black people and one for the privileged whites. Skin color makes all the difference. Very disturbing!

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  1. Ametia says:

    This is what happened when the Black Panther gathered and fought against real government threats against black people.



  2. WTFF? Hey folks, looky here!

    Congressman: Bundy Militia Has Set Up Road ‘Checkpoints’ In Nevada.

    A Democratic congressman from Nevada said in a letter this week that his constituents have reported the armed militia supporting rancher Cliven Bundy have set up checkpoints to verify the residency of anybody passing through.

    Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV), who represents the area, sent the letter Sunday to Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, asking him to investigate.

    “I am writing to bring your attention to the ongoing situation in northeastern Clark County which has caused many of my constituents to fear for their safety,” Horsford wrote. Residents in the area “have expressed concern over the continual presence of multiple out-of-state, armed militia groups that have remained in the community” since Bundy’s dispute with the Bureau of Land Management came to a boil.

    The militia, as reported by Horsford’s constituents, “have set up checkpoints where residents are required to prove they live in the area before being allowed to pass,” the letter said.

    They have also maintained a presence, sometimes armed, along highways and roads, as well as community sites like churches and schools, the letter asserted.

    Journalists on the scene at the height of the Bundy Ranch standoff estimated as many as 1,000 protesters had gathered earlier this month.

  3. Sean Hannity back tracking like a mug. Not so fast, buddy! You’re not going to hit and run. Own your ISH!

    Hannity did a Hit & Run just for fun. He played his game so well and riled up the hate.

  4. Ametia says:

    Bureau of Land Management leaving the scene last week gave Bundy a great GIFT


  5. What else did Cliven Bundy say about the “negro”? He made a statement saying I wanna tell you ONE MORE thing I know about the “Nigger”.

  6. Ametia says:

    Senator Harry Reid

    “I used to live in North Las Vegas and it is home to some of the hardest-working people I have ever met – men and women who embody the American dream by working hard every day to build a better life for themselves and their families. By contrast, Cliven Bundy has spent decades profiting off government land while refusing to pay the same fair use fees as his fellow ranchers. Today, Bundy revealed himself to be a hateful racist. But by denigrating people who work hard and play by the rules while he mooches off public land he also revealed himself to be a hypocrite.

    “To advance his extreme, hateful views, Bundy has endangered the lives of innocent women and children. This is not a game. It is the height of irresponsibility for any individual or entity in a position of power or influence to glorify or romanticize such a dangerous individual, and anyone who has done so should come to their senses and immediately condemn Bundy. For their part, national Republican leaders could help show a united front against this kind of hateful, dangerous extremism by publicly condemning Bundy.

    “The bottom line is that elected officials and those in positions of power or influence have a responsibility to unite behind the basic principle that we are a country of laws, and that whatever our differences, it is unacceptable for individuals to use violence or the threat of violence to advance their radical views.”

  7. Cliven Bundy double down..

    BREAKING: Cliven Bundy Responds To Charges Of Racism: ‘The Statement Was Right’.

    “That’s exactly what I said. I said I’m wondering if they’re better off under government subsidy, and their young women are having the abortions and their young men are in jail, and their older women and their children are standing, sitting out on the cement porch without nothing to do, you know, I’m wondering: Are they happier now under this government subsidy system than they were when they were slaves, and they was able to have their family structure together, and the chickens and garden, and the people had something to do? And so, in my mind I’m wondering, are they better off being slaves, in that sense, or better off being slaves to the United States government, in the sense of the subsidies. I’m wondering. That’s what. And the statement was right. I am wondering.”

  8. Cliven Bundy’s Racist Remarks

    Listen to the video. Clive Bundy says “I wanna tell you one more thing I know about the “Nigger”.

    • There you have it, folks! Cliven Bundy thinks negroes are better off being enslaved, abused, raped, chained, beaten, sold for profit & families ripped apart than “living off gov’t subsidy”.

    • Ametia says:

      This is a all a DIVERSION to get the focus off this lazy, white entitled mofo’s GOVERNMENT LAND MOOCHING. Of course he feels ENTITLED to the land free of charge, this land is his land. So he race-baits for his racist ilk. It’s sickening.

      Get off the land or arrest this MOFO.

  9. Cliven Bundy Praises “Hero” Sean Hannity, Warns Of Civil War

    Lawless rancher Cliven Bundy praised “hero” Sean Hannity for promoting his cause during an appearance on a conspiracy radio show during which he also warned a civil war could only be avoided if federal “bureaucrats” are disarmed by county sheriffs.

    Bundy has been in conflict with the federal government for decades over his refusal to pay grazing fees for his cattle herd’s use of public lands. A recent attempt by the Bureau of Land Management to enforce court orders allowing the confiscation of Bundy’s cattle to settle unpaid fees and fines was suspended due to safety concerns after armed militias rallied to Bundy’s cause and some militia members pointed guns at BLM law enforcement.

    Despite threats of violence from Bundy and his supporters — and the fact his legal claim against paying grazing fees is incredibly weak — right-wing media have praised Bundy as a conservative champion standing against an outsized federal government. Amid endless sympathetic coverage on Fox News, host Sean Hannity emerged as the network’s leading advocate for Bundy.

    Media Matters and others have criticized Hannity’s “totally irresponsible” journalism, including his support of Bundy’s extreme positions, invocation of the deadly Waco standoff, and his touting of the possibility that the federal government will kill Bundy.

  10. Bundy claims ‘ancestral rights’ dating back to 1877. A DAMN LIE! Bundy’s parents bought the 160 acre ranch in 1948.

  11. When the Main Stream Media refuses to call out treasonous acts against this country, it breeds people like BundyRanch & the sniper lying in wait on a bridge.

  12. Rabid madness!

    Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore:Armed federal officers can’t expect citizens not to “fire back.”

  13. Brian Schweitzer: Cliven Bundy ‘a grifter’

    Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer said Friday that Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy doesn’t represent Western landowners or even cattlemen, labeling him a “grifter.”

    The former rancher and Democratic politician said Bundy, who has become famous for his standoff with federal Bureau of Land Management officials over unpaid grazing fees for his cattle, doesn’t have the support of anyone in the business.

    “You notice there’s no cattlemen that are standing beside Bundy. The Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, the stock owner associations from across the West are not with this guy,” Schweitzer said on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” on Friday. “They support what the BLM does. This guy, Bundy, is, I mentioned before, I think he’s a grifter.”

    While Bundy has attracted a number of supporters to his side, Schweitzer said they don’t have ranchers’ interests at heart.

    “Apparently Bundy has organized a group of ne’er-do-wells from all across this country,” Schweitzer said. “These are not cattlemen; they’re not people of the land. They are just people that want to stir up trouble.”

    While federal authorities last weekend ended an armed standoff with Bundy and his supporters and released back cattle they had confiscated on federal land, Schweitzer said the federal government will get its unpaid grazing fees through the courts and through liens on Bundy’s cattle, which he’ll eventually have to sell.

  14. After Nevada ranch stand-off, emboldened militias ask: where next?

    (Reuters) – Flat on his belly in a sniper position, wearing a baseball cap and a flak jacket, a protester aimed his semi-automatic rifle from the edge of an overpass and waited as a crowd below stood its ground against U.S. federal agents in the Nevada desert.

    He was part of a 1,000-strong coalition of armed militia-men, cowboys on horseback, gun rights activists and others who rallied to Cliven Bundy’s Bunkerville ranch, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, in a stand-off with about a dozen agents from the federal Bureau of Land Management.

    The rangers had rounded up hundreds of Bundy’s cattle, which had been grazing illegally on federal lands for two decades. Bundy had refused to pay grazing fees, saying he did not recognize the government’s authority over the land, a view that attracted vocal support from some right-wing groups.

    Citing public safety, the BLM retreated, suspending its operation and even handing back cattle it had already seized.

    No shots were fired during the stand-off, which Bundy’s triumphant supporters swiftly dubbed the “Battle of Bunkerville,” but the government’s decision to withdraw in the face of armed resistance has alarmed some who worry that it has set a dangerous precedent and emboldened militia groups.

    “Do laws no longer apply when the radical right no longer agrees?” said Ryan Lenz, a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors militia group activity.

    Armed Americans using the threat of a gunfight to force federal officers to back down is virtually unparalleled in the modern era, militia experts said. But the BLM, which says it is now pursuing legal and administrative options to resolve the dispute, has won praise for stepping back and avoiding violence.

    Energized by their success, Bundy’s supporters are already talking about where else they can exercise armed defiance. They include groups deeply suspicious of what they see as a bloated, over-reaching government they fear wants to restrict their constitutional right to bear arms.

    Alex Jones, a radio host and anti-government conspiracy theorist whose popular right-wing website, Infowars, helped popularize Bundy’s dispute, called it a watershed moment.

    “Americans showed up with guns and said, ‘No, you’re not,” before confronting the armed BLM agents, Jones said in a telephone interview. “And they said, ‘Shoot us.’ And they did not. That’s epic. And it’s going to happen more.”


    It won’t stop with them. What’s next? The White House? They’re domestic terrorists & need to be dealt with.

  15. Yahtc says:

    “Deadbeat on the Range”
    by Timothy Egan

    “Imagine a vendor on the National Mall, selling burgers and dogs, who hasn’t paid his rent in 20 years. He refuses to recognize his landlord, the National Park Service, as a legitimate authority. Every court has ruled against him, and fines have piled up. What’s more, the effluents from his food cart are having a detrimental effect on the spring grass in the capital.

    “Would an armed posse come to his defense, aiming their guns at the park police? Would the lawbreaker get prime airtime on Fox News, breathless updates in the Drudge Report, a sympathetic ear from Tea Party Republicans? No, of course not.

    So what’s the difference between the fictional loser and Cliven Bundy, the rancher in Nevada who owes the government about $1 million and has been grazing his cattle on public land for more than 20 years? Near as I can tell, one wears a cowboy hat. Easterners, especially clueless ones in politics and the press, have always had a soft spot for a defiant white dude in a Stetson.

    “This phony event has brought out the worst of the gun-waving far right, and the national politicians who are barely one degree of separation from them. Hundreds of heavily armed, camouflaged supporters of the scofflaw turned out Saturday in Nevada, training their rifles on public employees who were trying to do their job. The outsiders looked like snipers ready to shoot the police. If you changed that picture to Black Panthers surrounding a lawful eviction in the inner city, do you think right-wing media would be there cheering the outlaws?

    “With their assault rifles and threats, the thugs in the desert forced federal officials with the Bureau of Land Management to back down from a court-ordered confiscation of Bundy’s cattle. One of the rancher’s supporters, Richard Mack, a Tea Party leader who is in the National Rifle Association’s Hall of Fame, said he planned to use women as human shields in a violent showdown with law enforcement.

    “We were actually strategizing to put all the women up front,” Mack said in a radio interview. “If they were going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot.”

    “That’s who Fox and friends are playing with these days — militia extremists who would sacrifice their wives to make some larger point about a runaway federal government. And what’s more, the Fox host Sean Hannity has all but encouraged a violent confrontation.

    “At the center of the dispute is the 68-year-old rancher Bundy, who said in a radio interview, “I don’t recognize the United States government as even existing.” A real patriot, this guy. You would think that kind of anarchist would draw a raised eyebrow from the Tea Party establishment that provides Bundy his media oxygen. After all, wasn’t the Tea Party born in a rant by Rick Santelli of CNBC about deadbeat homeowners? He complained about taxpayers’ subsidizing “losers’ mortgages” and he said we should “reward people that can carry the water instead of drinking the water.” Believe me, Bundy’s cattle are drinking an awful lot of our water, and not paying for it.

    “But instead, people like Senator Rand Paul have only fanned the flames, warning of a Waco-style assault. Paul, who wants to be president, further showed himself to be stunningly ignorant of the public lands legacy created by forward-thinking Republicans a century ago. Maybe Paul also doesn’t recognize the existence of the United States government. “They had virtual ownership of that land because they had been using it,” he said on Fox, referring to the Bundy clan. “You need the government out of it, and I think that’s the important point.”

    “No, Senator, the renegade rancher has no more right to 96,000 acres of Nevada public range than a hot dog vendor has to perpetual space on the Mall. Both places belong to the American people. Bundy runs his cattle on our land — that is, turf owned by every citizen. The agency that oversees the range, the Bureau of Land Management, allows 18,000 grazing permits on 157 million acres. Many of those permit holders get a sweet deal, subsidized in a way they could never find on private land.

    “What’s more, the land is supposed to be managed for stewardship and other users. Wild-horse advocates would like a piece of the same range. The poor desert tortoise, which has been in Nevada a lot longer than Bundy’s Mormon pioneer stock, is disappearing because of abusive grazing on that same 96,000 acres.

    “Ranching is hard work. Drought and market swings make it a tough go in many years. That’s all the more reason to praise the 18,000 or so ranchers who pay their grazing fees on time and don’t go whining to Fox or summoning a herd of armed thugs when they renege on their contract. You can understand why the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association wants no part of Bundy.

    “These kinds of showdowns are rare because most ranchers play by the rules, and quietly go about their business. They are heroes, in one sense, preserving a way of life that has an honorable place in American history. The good ones would never wave a gun in the face of a public servant, and likely never draw a camera from Fox.”

  16. Reid says Bundy supporters are nothing but domestic terrorists

  17. Why are authorities tip toeing around with Bundy and handling him with kid gloves? If he was black they’d go in with guns blazing.

  18. OMG! I’m listening to Jon Ralston on Hardball talks about the local sheriff & federal marshall going in & arresting Bundy quietly. Huh? Since when is the po po afraid to arrest someone? WTF is this?

    • Liza says:

      Thank you, Senator Reid, for calling an ace an ace. It’s about time someone called this little “armed rebellion” what it is. The media that is glorifying this is complicit in a terrorist act as well.

  19. Lonnie Starr says:

    Reblogged this on thehistoricalview and commented:

  20. Ametia says:

    Why Do Christian Right-Wingers Pretend America’s Laws Don’t Apply to Them?
    Conservatives are demanding special rights to disobey universally applicable federal laws.

    April 16, 2014 |

    The situation with Cliven Bundy of Nevada should be a no-brainer for people from both the left and the right. Bundy has been stealing from the taxpayers for years, illegally grazing his cattle on federal lands while refusing to pay for the privilege. Both liberals and conservatives pay taxes, so such blatant theft should outrage everyone equally. Indeed, conservative media claims to take theft from taxpayers very seriously, with Fox News spending so much time on the miniscule problem of food stamp cheats that the number of minutes spent on it has likely long ago exceeded the number of pennies lost to this non-problem.

    Bundy has stolen far more than any hypothetical food stamp cheat ever did, but when the government tried to show up and take what was theirs, he met them with armed resistance, pushing him from the “ordinary fraud” category to the “violent criminal” column.

  21. Rachel Maddow Cautions Fox News That They Are Playing With Fire By Hyping Bundy Story

    On Wednesday night’s broadcast of The Rachel Maddow Show, host Rachel Maddow discussed the recent events surrounding Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in detail. Not only did she address the standoff between Bundy’s supporters and federal agents, she placed this incident in the context of recent history. On top of that, she reviewed all of the coverage Bundy has received from the conservative media and contended that these ‘journalists’ are ‘playing with fire.’

    Maddow began her show by contrasting the recent events surrounding Bundy and his supporters, who state that they do not recognize the federal government, with separatist movements in the mid-’90s. She highlighted a Nevada County Commissioner who bulldozed over federal land to create a road in 1994. That commissioner said that he considered Nye County, Nevada to be independent from the United States and therefore he had authority to reclaim federal land.

    After showing clips of the commissioner in his bulldozer, Maddow then pointed out how he was just one of many anti-government zealots in the West at that time, and how it all came to a head with the Oklahoma City bombing the following year. However, roughly twenty years ago, these militias and anti-government groups were seen as being extreme and on the far-right fringe. Very few politicians or media personalities supported their cause or advocated for them.

    This led to Maddow showing how today these same types of separatist groups and militias have now found champions for their cause in conservative media. On the show, news clips were played of the actual standoff between armed supporters of Bundy and agents from the Bureau of Land Management. The local news highlighted at the time the fact that private citizens were somehow able to get away with pointing sniper rifles and automatic weapons at law enforcement officers. One news reporter stated how strange it was that the Bundy supporters had achieved a victory for their political cause not by voting, but by aiming guns at police officers.

  22. Hey folks! Richard Mack is backtracking about putting women on the front lines. Read his backtracking lines below.

    TPM Interview: Ex-Sheriff Says He Was Wrong About Bundy Ranch’s Human Shields

    Richard Mack, a former Arizona county sheriff, was one of the better known activists to voice support for Bundy Ranch during its long-running standoff with federal officials over cattle grazing rights. In recent days, as tensions rose, he eventually made his way up to the Nevada ranch to join the fight.

    In an interview with TPM on Wednesday, Mack portrayed a scene where the protesters genuinely believed they could be killed by federal agents at any moment. But he also backed off one of the more striking claims he’d made during the standoff. He caught national attention on Monday when he said the protesters were “strategizing to put all the women up at the front” in case the federal officials fired on them. He later said it “was a tactical ploy that I was trying to get them to use.”

    But Mack backtracked somewhat and told TPM he was mistaken when he said those things. The women had volunteered to go to the front, he said.

    “The mistake I made was it was never a strategy. It was never strategized. It was never talked about. The women just did it,” he said. “I was never privy to that, so I thought they did strategize that. I thought that would be the only way they would send women up to the front.”
    Richard Mack, we heard you. Strategized. Women. Front lines. Shot. Those are your words. Stop the backtracking lies. Own your ISH.

  23. The Lesson of the Bundy/BLM Standoff: The Government Allowed the Armed Right-Wing Assholes to Live

    What the Rude Pundit understands about the just-concluded stand-off between the Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy and his merry band of other ranchers, children, and militia members, most of them armed, can be summed up in two pictures:

    Tea Baggers shut down highway over grazing fees

    That’s the assorted fucknuts, paranoiacs, and numbskulls gathered to defend Bundy’s cows and their right to graze on protected federal land. (Some of the cows had been taken by the feds and held in pens.) They’re also defending Bundy’s desire not to pay the $1 million in fines he’s been assessed for his 20 years of flouting the law. Bundy’s just a crazed hick asshole, but he’s a crazed hick asshole who hasn’t given a shit about the law, spending more time losing in court than maybe campaigning for politicians who might change the laws (which is the way things are supposed to work). The land was protected to prevent the extinction of some species and to keep the habitat stable for wild horses. Fuck that, though. Bundy’s cows liked free grass.

    Of course, who gives a shit when a district court in Nevada ruled against Bundy and for the government, saying, “The public interest is best served by having the federal lands managed without the presence of trespassing cattle on lands that are closed to grazing. The public interest is also best served by removal of trespassing cattle that cause harm to natural and cultural resources or pose a threat to the health and safety of members of the public who use the federal lands for recreation. The court finds that the public interest is negatively affected by Bundy’s continuing trespass.”

    Of course, the fucknuts, paranoiacs, and numbskulls all thought that this was an unconstitutional land grab or tyranny or the beginning of rancher death camps or whatever stupid shit Alex Jones and/or the voices in their damaged brains are telling them. Whatever it is, it requires a Second Amendment solution to keep their property rights that are given to them by God through the Constitution, which is exactly like Moses’s tablets and not written by humans at all. Christ, the Rude Pundit is exhausted by simpleminded cocksuckers who wield the Constitution as if they actually understand anything other than a couple of the items they think are about them, like an asshole at a party who says he can play guitar but just strums the one or two chords he kind of knows.

    The stand-off came to an end when the fucknuts et al blocked an interstate highway and got set up for the big armed battle (with the charming strategy of letting unarmed women get shot first because they thought that would gain them sympathy). The feds decided, “Oh, fuck it. Nobody needs to die over this literal bullshit. Release the cows.” Bundy’s son, who had been tasered by federal officers for kicking one of their dogs, declared victory and said, “The people have the power when they unite. The war has just begun.” As some on the right have declared, you can view this as an act of civil disobedience over what gets to eat the grass, which is kind of sad, really. Still, you can imagine there was much hooting and hollering in celebration.

    Which leads to photo number two:

    Tea Party racist- what's left after a bombing

    That’s what’s left behind after the military drone missile bombs the living fuck out of some place in a desolate landscape, much like Nevada. “The war,” if it ever came to that, would be over in a millisecond. But, no, please, lock and load, nutzoids.

    The message to Bundy and his followers is simple: you are being indulged, like a child who threw himself on the floor of the Walmart, screaming because he just had to have that WWE action figure. And, frankly, when you start blockading roads and fucking up the land and pretending like you are anything more than a greedy motherfucker who doesn’t want to pay his debts, it’s hard to find sympathy.

  24. The Armed Rebellion on a Nevada Cattle Ranch Could Be Just the Start

    Protesters gather at the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, Nevada

    The Feds may have set a troubling precedent by allowing a Nevada rancher and his band of armed followers to win a standoff with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The rancher refused to pay more than $1 million in fines for letting his cows graze on government land.

    It could have been a catastrophe. For several days last week, hundreds of angry protesters faced off with federal workers on an arid ranch near Bunkerville, Nev. Militiamen squatted among the sagebrush and crouched on a highway overpass, cradling guns and issuing barely veiled threats at the government officials massed behind makeshift barricades. The specter of a violent standoff hung over the high desert.

    The hair-trigger tension seemed at odds with the arcane origins of the dispute. Twenty years ago, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decided to clear privately owned cattle off this patch of public land to protect the endangered Mojave Desert tortoise. Dozens of ranchers left. Cliven Bundy stayed.

    Bundy, 68, has refused to recognize federal authority over the land, or to pay the feds for allowing his cattle to graze there. Those accumulated fees and fines now total more than $1 million, according to the government. Armed with fresh court orders, the government moved last week to impound a few hundred of the rancher’s cows.

  25. Liza says:

    Media really should be calling these rightwing extremists connected to this incident what they really are, domestic terrorists. Why are we supposed to wait for them to kill someone? They are armed and pointing their weapons at federal agents, for crying out loud. The logical assumption is that they are willing to shoot to kill.

    These people need to be dealt with like the terrorists they are. Here’s a quote from Joe Biden’s speech in Boston on the anniversary of the marathon bombings, “We will never yield, we will never cower, America will never ever, ever stand down…” Uh, okay, now live up to that. These domestic terrorists will just simply embolden other vigilantes and terrorists until someone gets killed, probably an innocent person or persons.

  26. Clive Bundy has pulled back the covers & exposed the republican party for who they are more than Democrat could have ever hoped to.

  27. Sean Hannity needs to be arrested for inciting a mob violence.

  28. vitaminlover says:

    This is what is so peculiar. ‘Certain ones ‘ talk about taking ‘their’ country back yet when the Native American Indians speak up about their land being taking back in the day well that’s a different ballgame. Hmmmmm…go figure!

    • It’s all about the whiteness! No one else matters. This fight has been going on for 20 years dating back to 1993 with Bundy defying court orders. Why didn’t this happen on Bush’s watch? The Tea Party militias defiance was directed at President Obama. Plain & simple!

  29. If Muslims shut down the highway & blocked law enforcement while aiming weapons at them, folks would still be picking up the dead! So disturbing!

  30. Ametia says:

    How you gonna use land that you don’t own, and then aim guns at federal law enforcement when they come to collect, and top it off by PLAYING THE VICTIM?

    I thought threatening law enforcement with a gun was against the law.

  31. Ametia says:

    I guess the feds are waiting for Bundy and his klans people to shoot and kill one of them, then, perhaps they’ll trap them in a building and burn it down with them it like they deep fried Christopher Dorner? Oh wait, wasn’t Dorner black?

  32. Ametia says:

    These deranged Anti-American, Anti-government right-winged nuts are fighting a LOOSING battle. America has gone “BENNETON” and they are no longer large & in charge.

  33. Ametia says:


    In America, Justice = JUST-US, for BLACK AMERICANS.

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