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Videos | Melissa Harris Perry’s Interviews with Ta-Nehesi Coates & Jonathan Chait

Melissa Harris Perry had invited Jonathan Chait to join her and Ta-Nehesi Coates on the show together, since both of them had been engaged in an online debate on President Obama and Race, politics, etc. MHP-Ta-Nehisi Coates on culture, poverty, … Continue reading

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Is Barack Obama Black? Ask the President, Chris Cilliza

Seriously, IT’S 2014 CRAZY SEASON, and the media is playing the same foolish games they played back in 2007, pre Obama presidency. President Obama made history in 2008 as the first African-American president in U.S. history.  By Chris Cillizza But, … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Monday Open Thread | Etta James Week

Happy Monday, Everyone! This week’s featured artist is Ms. Etta James Wiki: Early life and career: 1938–1959 Jamesetta Hawkins was born on January 25, 1938 in Los Angeles to Dorothy Hawkins, who was only fourteen at the time. Her father … Continue reading

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