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Videos | Melissa Harris Perry’s Interviews with Ta-Nehesi Coates & Jonathan Chait

Melissa Harris Perry had invited Jonathan Chait to join her and Ta-Nehesi Coates on the show together, since both of them had been engaged in an online debate on President Obama and Race, politics, etc. MHP-Ta-Nehisi Coates on culture, poverty, … Continue reading

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Video | Melissa Harris Perry Show: Discussion on “Privilege”

On Sunday’s Melissa Harris Perry Show, the panel had an INTENSE, THOUGHT-PROVOKING discussion on “PRIVLEGE.” Panelist: Tim Wise, David Webb, Chloe Angel, and Blair Kelly Tim Wise: “Whatever people of privilege there is an obligation to use that as responsibly … Continue reading

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Pigford Farmers Settlement & The New York Times Article Paints Black Farmers as “Frauds & Welfare” Recipients”

So many distraction, so little TRUTH… A $1.5 BILLON settlement has gotten a few folks fangs hanging longer than a 1960s Midi skirt and sharper than a sword.  We just can’t have billions of dollars handed to all those negroes, … Continue reading

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Videos | Melissa Harris Perry & Company: President Obama’s Playing “Daddy” Politics

Is it any wonder folks are going nuts about President Obama’s visit to Chi-town last Friday to address gun violence and the economy. Here’s Chris Rock’s idea of what this president and First Lady represents to him and our country. … Continue reading

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