Pigford Farmers Settlement & The New York Times Article Paints Black Farmers as “Frauds & Welfare” Recipients”

So many distraction, so little TRUTH… A $1.5 BILLON settlement has gotten a few folks fangs hanging longer than a 1960s Midi skirt and sharper than a sword.  We just can’t have billions of dollars handed to all those negroes, now can we?  Funny how Black folks are still being labeled as frauds, welfare/handout recipients. And because President Obama signs the settlement bill for Black Farmers, well you know, he’s buying out BLACKS for their votes. Nothing about what Ronald Reagan did to destroy Black Americans rights to basic survival. Or Bill Clinton dismantling welfare all together.

After all the hate and discrimination that not only Black farmers but Hispanics and Native Americans  have gone through to win a rightful suit to claim the funds that white farmers received for decades, the NYT joins in and publishes a HIT PIECE, painting them as not deserving of  their rightful claims and as frauds.  WE CAN READ BETWEEN THE LINES.

This GROSSLY misleading and Factually DILUTED article titled U.S. Opens Spigot After Farmers Claim Discrimination, by SHARON LaFRANIERE is riddled with innuendo and stereotypes of black farmers seeking handouts from the USDA.

John C. Coffee Jr., a Columbia Law School professor and specialist in complex litigation, said that not requiring documentary evidence “was quite unusual, but there were also special circumstances.”

Still, he said, “I don’t think they realized how much of an incentive they were creating for claims to multiply. It is a little bit like putting out milk for a kitten.

“The next night, you get 15 kittens.” SNIP

You read it correctly; fucking kittens!

***Let it be known that the playing field was never LEVEl. The farmers’ WRITTEN claims were THROWN IN THE TRASH.***

SG2 here:

IN 1983 Ronald Reagan used brutal budget cuts in a targeted way and the civil rights divison inside the USDA was shut down. Therefore a lot of discrimination claims were thrown in the trash. How’d you miss that, SHARON LaFRANIERE? Or was it purposely ignored? Discrimination against black farmers isn’t brand new, Sharon La Franiere. My DADDY was a black farmer and white folks cheated, lied, obstructed and discriminated against him b/c they were jealous of his prosperous crops. They just couldn’t allow a black man to become wealthy. They cheated so damn bad until daddy had to sell some of his land to pay a debt he had ALREADY paid. Crooked no good mofos! Folks just couldn’t stand he had all that land so they came up with a scheme to make him lose it. May they rot in hell for what they did to a good honest man!

It’s damn shame people died without seeing a penny from the Pigford settlement. And people like Sharon La Franiere can’t get over black folks having all that money. You can go kick pointed rocks! That money was OWED to black farmers so suck it up and STFU!

Melissa Harris Perry did two good segments this morning, breaking down the NONSENSE by calling out the faulty article and backing it up with historical and present day FACTS.



So now we have PIGFORD II, because we have a few folks continue opening up old wounds and pouring shitloads of salt into them.

Here’s the history of Pigford Farmer and their settlement with the USDA



US President Barack Obama signs the Clai
Presient Obama signs the Black Farmer’s bill

President Obama and John Boyd Jr., President of the National Black Farmers Association

rikyrah here: 

One of the hardest things to make American Courts admit is STRUCTURAL RACISM.
That an entire entity – this time, being a governmental entity, actively practiced racism.

But, that is what the USAD DID.

Year upon year.

Against Black farmers.
AND, they proved it – IN COURT.

Because, most of the time, we prove something, and they go, ‘yeah, well’, as they did to the survivors of the Tulsa Race Riots. Proved what had happened to them, but, it was a , ‘ yeah, it happened, but you still don’t deserve any compensation’.

But the farmers proved it in court, and won financially.
Yes, they’re mad.
They’re mad that those Black farmers stood together and fought. They had the ‘nerve’ to fight. They had the ‘nerve’ to win and prove their case in court. I have always taken the cynical POV that the reason the settlement dragged on as long as it did, was because they wanted the farmers TO DIE, and take their proof of America as a flawed and racist country with them.
They won…so, year, folks are mad. 2520’s are always mad when we fight back. They’re mad that Senator Obama helped on this case when he was a Senator, and they’re sure in hell mad that President Obama kept his word to the farmers and pushed through the settlement.


The reason why there is a Pigford II is because they drug their feet, and threw up all the bureaucratic roadblocks that they could with the first settlement.

They are always mad when we get some FINANCIAL JUSTICE. ….chafes their hide.

ICAM IMO, these hit pieces are the media attempts to sully and skew PBO’s legislative achievements.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    they are so transparent. thanks ladies for telling the truth

  2. Ametia says:

    Tell the TRUTH, SG2 & Rikyrah.The NYT has become a disgraceful rag that is catering to the racial animus of the right and the left. I’m with you, Rik FUCK the NYT.

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