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Open Thread | Hardships of Black Farmers

In this past COVID Relief bill, $ 5 Billion went specifically to Black farmers. Something Senator PittyPat of South Carolina had the nerve to call reparations. AS IF. This is only part of the truth that Black farmers have always … Continue reading

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Pigford Farmers Settlement & The New York Times Article Paints Black Farmers as “Frauds & Welfare” Recipients”

So many distraction, so little TRUTH… A $1.5 BILLON settlement has gotten a few folks fangs hanging longer than a 1960s Midi skirt and sharper than a sword.  We just can’t have billions of dollars handed to all those negroes, … Continue reading

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Senator Tom Coburn Blocks $1.5 Billion Settlement For Black Farmers

        VETTE     Senator Denies Justice to Black Farmers October 5, 2010 After three weeks of driving his tractor, “Justice,” around Capitol Hill, John Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association, has been denied for the ninth time. … Continue reading

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