Senator Tom Coburn Blocks $1.5 Billion Settlement For Black Farmers





Senator Denies Justice to Black Farmers

October 5, 2010

After three weeks of driving his tractor, “Justice,” around Capitol Hill, John Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association, has been denied for the ninth time.

Justice has been once again delayed for thousands of black farmers across our country thanks to the rogue actions of one US Senator, Tom Coburn (R-OK). The landmark settlement that would right decades of discrimination against black farmers by the US Department of Agriculture had been a rare point of bipartisan agreement. After negotiations between leading Democrats and Republicans, it was set to be passed by unanimous consent, which requires all senators to support the measure.

This is the second time that Senator Coburn has apparently broke with Republican leadership to object to the funding. In May, Coburn objected saying the settlement funds were not offset by budget cuts elsewhere. The present unanimous consent motion was fully offset, and yet Coburn objected again. John Boyd has this to say. “I am reminded of another piece of landmark civil rights legislation, ‘the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act,’ as I recall that legislation passed the House 422-2, and was expected to pass the Senate by unanimous consent but Senator Tom Coburn placing a hold on the bill. Once again Coburn has stood with a very small minority of radical politicians to deny justice to the powerless in our country.”  Read the rest here.

Senator Coburn, why are you blocking the passage of the Black Farmer’s bill for 1.5 Billion dollars?

                                         ” I’OINT KNOW!”

Senator Coburn is also blocking funding for Haitian relief.  He and the GOP continue their DESTRUCTION of OBSTRUCTION, while people suffer!

“Everything you need to know about the cynical tactics of delay and obstruction being practiced by congressional Republicans is contained in a startling investigation by The Associated Press that hit the wires yesterday.

With a million Haitians still living on the streets of Port-au-Prince amid heaps of uncleared rubble nine months after a devastating earthquake, the AP reports that “not a cent of the $1.15 billion the U.S. promised for rebuilding has arrived.”

Both houses of Congress approved the billion for rebuilding and creating temporary shelter for Haitians.

But a necessary followup vote on how to disburse the money has never taken place because a single lawmaker – Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma (above) – placed a secret hold on the bill for “further study.”

AP reporters had to contact dozens of Senate offices to discover it was Coburn holding up the badly needed money, because antiquated rules allow any one senator to stymie key bills in total anonymity.  Source.


Time to put down the booze Senator Coburn and DO THE RIGHT THING

You can reach Senator Coburn here.  Good luck with that, because the site was temporarily down when I tried to access it.

Update courtesy of Vette.  Thank You!

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16 Responses to Senator Tom Coburn Blocks $1.5 Billion Settlement For Black Farmers

  1. Ron Rivers says:

    Well, It’s official!! Now, the racists rights are starting up with trying to cut every corner, and especially to our Black American farmers….Yup!! Coburn tries t o block every piece of legislation trying to help the Balck American (from Emmit Till legislation on out), and he’s so much of a coward, that he tries it in secret, and has the audacity to say “that our lives were protect with the lives of yankee soldiers”. I’d bet he wouldn’t acknowledge tha fact that the Black American has fought in EVERY major conflict , since the Revolution, and still no justice ,it’s just us….He’s a staunch racist, and suprised that he’s that ignorant….Hurry up and die, Coburn!!

  2. Dear Senator Coburn,

    The black farmers are still suffering & people in Haiti are dying from a cholera outbreak while you, sir, are playing games with folks lives. Stop blocking aid to hurting people!

  3. Vettte says:

    Since Coburn’s voicemail is full…click this link and fill out the webform. Choose agriculture for Tom Coburn.


  4. Senator Coburn,

    You have denied justice to the powerless with your destruction of obstruction. It’s mean-spirited & bigoted. Why do you enjoy watching people suffering? Is your heart made of stone? Have not the Black Farmers suffered enough? Not only has the Black Farmers suffered but the Haitian people has endured monumental sufferings after a devastating earthquake. People are sleeping outside amid the rubble, unable to protect themselves against the elements, Senator Coburn. Do you pride yourself on continuing to block desperately needed funds to the most weak & vulnerable human beings? What you’re doing is a disgrace before all humanity! Do the right thing, Senator Coburn!
    Have you no shame?!!!

    • Ametia says:

      I’ve tried calling several times. The lines are JAMMED!

      And of course this cracka has NO shame. Coburn and his ilk think that black folks are taking de “hard working” white folks hard earned cash!

      What a mentality, to think that black & POC don’t deserve basic human necessities, like food, water, air to breathe.. Reminds you of slavery, doesn’t it?

  5. Ametia says:

    Senator Coburn’s address and numbers:

    Washington, DC: 202-224-5754Tulsa: 918-581-7651 Oklahoma City: 405-231-4941

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