President Obama’s Got A Lock On The 2012 Presidential Election…

Hat tip The Daily Beast:

Why Obama will win in 2012

  1.  “Of course Barack Obama is likely to be reelected. For starters, American presidents usually get reelected. In the last 75 years, incumbents have lost a grand total of three times: in 1976, 1980, and 1992. And what did Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H.W. Bush all have in common? They had serious primary challenges within their own party (from Ronald Reagan, Ted Kennedy, and Pat Buchanan, respectively). The last president who lost reelection without a major primary challenge was Herbert Hoover in 1932. 

A president who isn’t challenged in his own party can usually count on a decent turnout from his party’s base. (If party activists aren’t alienated enough to throw up a primary challenger in the spring, you can usually drag them to the polls in the fall.) A president without a primary challenger also has the space to move to the center to neutralize political weaknesses: That’s what Reagan did in 1984, when he toned down the Cold War rhetoric that was frightening moderates; it’s what Bill Clinton did when he signed welfare reform in 1996; and it’s what George W. Bush did when he signed a prescription-drug bill in 2004.

I doubt Obama will move as sharply to the center over the next two years as did Clinton, but he can do so to neutralize key weaknesses if he wants, because there is zero prospect that he’ll be seriously challenged in the primaries. No challenger would have any chance of stealing the black vote, of course, and even among white lefties, for all their grumbling, Obama has no national rival. In 1996, Clinton was petrified about a primary challenge from Jesse Jackson.

***But there’s only one Democratic pol who could keep Obama up at night, and she’s safely tucked away at the State Department.  ***  (MAJOR MOVE HERE, by Obama)***  But we doubt it that the President is loosing any sleep over Hillary Clinton.

2.  The second reason Obama will likely win reelection is, oddly, the economy. Historically, when voters evaluate a president for reelection, they judge the economy not against some abstract standard but against the economy he inherited. That’s why Franklin Roosevelt could win 48 states in 1936 with the U.S. still mired in depression, and Ronald Reagan could win 49 in 1984, even though unemployment on Election Day was still 7.5 percent. Obama doesn’t need the economy to be booming in 2012 to win reelection, he just needs voters to feel that it is better than it was when he took office and heading in the right direction. If that’s the case, and most economists seem to think it will be, Republicans won’t get very far by harping on the deficit. In 1984, you may remember, a presidential candidate told voters to ignore the nation’s nascent economic recovery and focus instead of the country’s swelling debt. His name was Walter Mondale.

3.  Finally, Obama’s third big advantage is his opposition: the GOP. The party has:

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3Chics will add one more important piece to the 2012 win.  And she’s right here:

The first couple will hit the campaign trail together in Cleveland on Oct. 17, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs announced Thursday.

Do you agree with the above analysis of a 2012 win for President Obama?


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  1. whiterosebuddy says:

    I have been thinking about this. Suppose Hilliary were to mount a primary challenge to the sitting POTUS…guess what…she would not win. You know why? Cause no white Dem can win without the BASE. WE are the base and even if she could by some slim cheating ass possibility win the nomination….black folks would stay HOME!!

    So, we would have a GOP POTUS.

    We will sit our asses DOWN before we would go to the polls and vote for her!!

    You can take that to the back.

  2. Vettte says:

    I definitely touch and agree Ametia.

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