Canadians on Midterm Elections: You Americans have no idea just how good you have it with Obama

canadians want obama

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18 Responses to Canadians on Midterm Elections: You Americans have no idea just how good you have it with Obama

  1. Jaime says:

    Canada got it right.
    Why there are so many…….people (I’m trying to be nice) here that just go along with the blatant lies and misinformation is beyond me.
    I’m not a religious person, but for those that are, before you answer any question, if you just ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” You’d come up with the right answer.

  2. roderick2012 says:

    If Canada gets it why the eff do they still have Bush-like Harper as their prime minister?

    • Their gas prices are still high, their economy is still enduring inflation, and they don’t feel like they’re economically recovering.

      Apparently they’re putting two and two together and that’s the reason “Canada gets it.”

  3. I would love to reblog this please let me know if ok with you. Have a wonderful day!

  4. It’s called being ungrateful!

  5. Ametia says:

    Lived in Canada for 6 years. Not surprised they totally GET IT.

  6. rikyrah says:

    The truth is the truth. But, some of us know how precious this President is.

    • Liza says:

      Make no mistake, voters have a short memory but (real) historians never stop looking for truth. The 21st century in this country got off to a really bad start and then there was President Obama. I am just hoping that the Obama Administration does not turn out to be a brief oasis in an otherwise turbulent century.

  7. vitaminlover says:

    America needs to recognize! Although many of us already know!

  8. Liza says:

    Reminds me of this song by Crystal Gayle, will be good for Dems in 2016 and beyond.

  9. Liza says:

    We say it all the time but it is nice for Canada to notice and speak out. Now if we could only get the lazy a$$ Democratic Party to admit what they really did wrong. Problems do not get solved until they are defined correctly.

    • It is nice to hear someone else say it. I read where Africa was stunned at the midterm elections too.

      • Liza says:

        I suspect that US mainstream corporate media is in a class by itself. You probably have to go back to Nazi Germany to find this kind of propagandizing. But the real question, at least to me, is why do so many people believe the nonsense, the misinformation, and the lies? And then vote accordingly if they vote at all.

  10. Love it!!! :-)

  11. Thank you so much, Canada!

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