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Published on Nov 21, 2014
This week, the President visited Burma for the second time in his presidency, attended the G20 Summit in Australia, worked to expand access to broadband and 21st century technology in our schools, and addressed the nation about the steps he is taking to fix our broken immigration system. That’s November 14th to November 20th or, “Mingalarbar!”

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Tea Pain @TeaPainUSA

    Conservative politics 1. White GOP Man wins: “People have spoken”
    2. DEM woman wins: “Voter Fraud”
    3. Black DEM man wins: “Muslim Kenyan”
    9:03 PM – 18 Nov 2014

  2. rikyrah says:

    The GOP Reaction to Obama’s Immigration Order Will Be Way More Damaging Than They Realize
    By Noam Scheiber @noamscheiber

    There are several reasons why Obama’s executive action on immigration has put Republicans in a terrible bind. There’s the fact that conservatives are likely to respond by demanding a hardline position from the party’s 2016 nominee, torpedoing his or her electability. There’s the growing risk that conservative anger will force Republicans to do something epically stupid in the near term, like shut down the government.

    Both of these reactions would be damaging. But, in fact, there’s a far deeper kind of damage that conservatives are about to inflict on themselves. It has the potential to set the party back years.

    Anyone who’s followed politics during the Obama era has probably noticed that conservatives love to couch their positions in the language of process. So, for example, conservatives rarely admit they want to disenfranchise poor people and African Americans. They talk about the scourge of voter fraud, and the cosmic unfairness of letting ineligible people cast votes. (Never mind that documented cases of voter fraud are about as frequent as space-craft landings on comets.)

    Or, take Obamacare. Conservatives rarely make the argument, which many seem to believe, that the program was essentially a pander to key Democratic constituencies, like the sick, the poor, and single women. Now that the program is working beyond expectations, they even shy away from criticizing the sort of risk-pooling that allows the previously uninsured to obtain insurance. Instead, they obsess over any indication that the law was passed through trickery. (See here for why that’s utter nonsense.)

  3. rikyrah says:

    Univision’s Jorge Ramos Calls Obama’s Immigration Actions a ‘Triumph For The Latino Community’

    Michael Scherer @michaelscherer

    Nov. 20, 2014

    The most influential Latino news anchor is taking a stand and wants you to notice

    Shortly after President Obama scheduled his Thursday primetime address to announce new executive actions on immigration, his top White House communications advisor, Dan Pfeiffer, took to Twitter to boast. “Great timing,” he wrote, noting a rather glaring non-coincidence.

    As it turned out, Obama had arranged to start speaking at the very moment Univision, America’s largest Spanish-language television network, planned to begin broadcasting the 2015 Latin Grammy Awards, one of the network’s biggest shows of the year, with a 2014 viewership of nearly 10 million.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Note to GOP: Just Because Right-Wingers Are Blind With Rage Doesn’t Mean Obama’s Immigration Action Is Illegal
    By Brian Beutler @brianbeutler

    A few months ago, before President Obama delayed his plan to extend deportation protections to more unauthorized immigrants, a group of conservative opinion journalists—New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, most prominently—weighed in on the idea in unequivocal terms.

    This would be Caesarism, they declared. A step into the lawless void.

    It all sounded incredibly plausible, in no small part because Obama framed his own objective as a response to the fact that Congress hadn’t passed a law he wanted Congress to pass. That Obama also insisted, on multiple occasions, that only Congress could solve the deportation problem, further bolstered the right’s case.

    But it turns out that the laws on the books actually don’t say what you might think they say. Other presidents have discovered this, too. And since nobody wants to write a “maybe I should’ve asked some lawyers first” mea culpa column, they shifted the debate from the terrain of laws to the murkier terrain of political precedent, norms, and procedure.

    There are obviously things within the realm of the law that would violate important norms in obvious ways. If purple-state Republicans used their discretion to divvy up electoral votes between presidential candidates in a way that ensured Republicans could regularly win the White House without winning the popular vote, it would be both totally legal and insanely undemocratic.

  5. rikyrah says:



    Where the Sun Don’t Shine: Scandal Season 4 Winter Finale Recap
    Luvvie — November 22, 2014

    Ooooo chile! January 29, 2015 can’t come fast enough because Scandal left me wondering where I left my good wig. I HAZ SO MANY THOUGHTS! Let’s jump right in.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Barack Obama: Moral Courage in the face of Hatred
    By zizi2

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,

    but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Truer words were never spoken.

    President Obama, ONCE AGAIN showed last night in his Immigration Executive Order speech, that he is guided by deep moral convictions that do not bend like a willow to breeze or choppy storms. Not even when lightening strikes, will you find this steeled man flinching an iota from his true North Star. He’s real. He’s Sui Generis. He follows the teachings of the leader of his faith. “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, and “I am My brother’s (and sister’s) keeper”

  7. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

    Off to Swim and Run Errands.

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