The Senate report on CIA program

Washington Post: The Senate released a 528-page executive summary of its study on the CIA’s detention program, more than eight years after the secret overseas prisons were shut down. The report rejected many of the agency’s claims on the effectiveness of harsh interrogation techniques.

Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program

These torture techniques are so so horrific. The persons responsible need to go right on to hell where they belong. How could anyone commit such horrific brutality on another human being and live with yourself? It’s savagery!

Senator Feinstein, a just & lawful society would prosecute the criminals. That would restore our values. Admitting wrong is not enough. Prosecute them.

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18 Responses to The Senate report on CIA program

  1. rikyrah says:

    This was state-sanctioned evil

  2. The greed and lust for power created these savages that desire to rule the world. They have behaved in these ungodly acts since the beginning of time. Remember they are the descendants of a people that traveled the globe commandeering other peoples lands. Enslaving a race of people. Killing and torturing is part of their DNA. Trust me they sleep very well.
    On a lighter note check out this amazing young man. A few more youngsters like him and the future looks promising.

  3. America is known from the beginning for it’s torturous and inhumane treatment of other humans. Native Americans! African Americans! Slavery!

  4. Diane Feinstein: Major crimes were committed by US officials at the highest level of the Gov violating international treaty obligations…

  5. Rectal feedings, unexpected rectal exams, raped with an object etc. WTFF America?
    No punishment for this savagery?

  6. Pasta,nuts & raisins rectally infused into a human being. This twisted sob need to be prosecuted to the fullness of the law. Barbaric savage.

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