Senator Pittypat of South Carolina Better Decide : A U.S. Senator or Member of the Israeli Knesset?

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Sen. Lindsey Graham to Netanyahu: Congress Will ‘Follow Your Lead’

During a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Sunday, incoming chair of the Senate Foreign Appropriations Committee Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told the foreign leader Congress would “follow his lead” on a bill to reinforce sanctions on Iran.

“In January of next year, there will be a vote on the Kirk-Menendez bill, bipartisan sanction legislation that says, if Iran walks away from the table, sanctions will be reimposed,” Graham said. “If Iran cheats regarding any deal that we enter to the Iranians, sanctions will be reimposed.”

Graham and a variety of senators have been skeptical, to put it mildly, of the long-haul effort by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to broker a deal with Iran that reverses the country’s nuclear program in exchange for an easing of sanctions. Iranian sanctions are subject to congressional authorization, meaning the Senate could squelch the deal by refusing to play along

Senator Pittypat better check himself.

He is nothing but a war monger.

They are mad that the President left Iraq. Leaving Afghanistan. Wouldn’t put troops in Syria and Lebanon. They want a war in Iran, and now that the President has changed the page on Cuba, has Russia in tatters, Iran is it. Iran is the next topic on the President’s foreign policy page, and now, you have a United States Senator telling a foreign leader, that he’s not looking out for what’s best for United States. That he will do the bidding of a foreign country against his own.


They are mad that the President has a platform where he can act on behalf of the United States, and they can’t interfere. They are about to show their azzes again. The President is not playing with him. He is going forth with his plans for this country, and they will be left behind.

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5 Responses to Senator Pittypat of South Carolina Better Decide : A U.S. Senator or Member of the Israeli Knesset?

  1. majiir says:

    Imagine what the MSM and right-wingers would be saying if the president or another democrat had said this to Netanyahu? It would be repeated 24/7 for days, and the right-wingers would use it to buttress their claim that PBO/liberals/democrats hate(s) America, but Miss Lindsay can say it, and no one gets upset. As SG wrote, “White privilege IS a bold mofo!”

  2. Ametia says:

    LOL@ Senator Pittypat! PBO’s pen is mightier than Ms. Lindey’s weak promises.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Their clowning for the 51st State just pisses me off.

  4. Liza says:

    Lindsey Graham is a legend in his own mind. I don’t think he is as powerful as he thinks he is.

  5. WTF is this ISH?! Anyone else would be charged with treason. White privilege is a bold mofo!

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