#Ferguson town leadership was running a multi million dollar racketeering & extortion scheme

In Ferguson, Black Drivers Are Profitable Cash Cows For Town's CoffersWhere are the arrest warrants for those involved in the shake down of poor black people in #Ferguson Missouri?   In a city with a population of 21,000 people, 16,000 have outstanding warrants.  Nearly everyone was criminalize. The police and courts made it a crime to exist in black skin. We live in a country where a state government is running a multi million dollar racketeering & extortion scheme targeting black people & no one is arrested. Kwame M. Kilpatrick was convicted of racketeering, fraud and extortion but Ferguson town leaders got severance pay. It’s disgraceful when those in power see a crime and squeeze their eyes shut because the racketeer & extortionist have white skin. But when you’re white, it’s alriiiight.

All of the bogus arrest records should be thrown out. The Ferguson leadership ran a straight GANGSTA racket. They use police to target poor blacks, arrested them and then the courts shook them down for money, gave then criminal records which was sure to keep them from voting and they’d stay in power…until Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown and the corruption was exposed.

Huffington Post: To give some context as to how truly extreme this is, a comparison may be useful. In 2014, the Boston Municipal Court System, for a city of 645,000 people, issued about 2,300 criminal warrants. The Ferguson Municipal Court issued 9,000, for a population 1/30th the size of Boston’s.

Ferguson and the Modern Debtor’s Prison

Debtor’s prisons are supposed to be illegal in the United States but today poor people who fail to pay even small criminal justice fees are routinely being imprisoned. The problem has gotten worse recently because strapped states have dramatically increased the number of criminal justice fees….Failure to pay criminal justice fees can result in revocation of an individual’s drivers license, arrest and imprisonment. Individuals with revoked licenses who drive (say to work to earn money to pay their fees) and are apprehended can be further fined and imprisoned. Unpaid criminal justice debt also results in damaged credit reports and reduced housing and employment prospects. Furthermore, failure to pay fees can mean a violation of probation and parole terms which makes an individual ineligible for Federal programs such as food stamps, Temporary Assistance to Needy Family funds and Social Security Income for the elderly and disabled.

Ferguson’s budget relies heavily on public safety and court fines that have skyrocketed in recent years. A review of Ferguson’s financial statements indicates that court fine collections now account for one-fifth of total operating revenue. The St. Louis suburb of about 21,000 residents took in more than $2.5 million in municipal court revenue last fiscal year, representing an 80 percent increase from only two years prior, when fines netted about $1.4 million.

So disturbing. It was a gangsta racket & domestic terrorism in Ferguson. Mofos need to go to jail.

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  1. Ametia says:

    Just listen to this NEGRO right HERE:

    Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Movement Built On False Rumors, Columnist Says

    NPR’s Melissa Block interviews Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart about his column, ” ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Was Built On A Lie.” Capehart says he regrets the building of a movement on the false rumors that Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Mo., while putting up his hands in surrender.

    AUDIO: http://ktep.org/post/hands-dont-shoot-movement-built-false-rumors-columnist-says

    Of course, it was uncomfortable for you to write. Of course no one else on the WaPo staff could write this and make the radio rounds, but YOU, right Jonathan?

  2. Ametia says:

    Chauncy DeVega of WARN

  3. Liza says:

    And now this from the alternate universe of Missouri. Do you ever wonder what it must be like to invent your own reality?


  4. Hey Chicas!

    Haley & Jay are on Spring Break this week. She noticed the cartoon video I was playing and she had this look and frowns while watching the video. Then she said, granny, I don’t like that video b/c they’re doing black people bad.

    Well, there you go, folks!

  5. From war on drugs, 9/11 (inside job) police state, asset forfeiture, crooks taken over the US https://twitter.com/WG_Burton/status/577543035610734592/photo/1

  6. racerrodig says:

    The mayor says he only makes about 5K a year so what….. ?? does that mean he can’t be that much of a criminal ?? Is there a “Small Time / Small Pay Corruption” charge ?
    I’ll bet his KKK hood and suit is at the cleaners and when it gets back, he’s taking some of the embroidery off.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      I can’t understand why he is even bothering to stay on as mayor when he only makes 5K a year. Very strange salary….very strange everything.

      Obviously he must have another job that provides living wages…what is it?

  7. rikyrah says:

    one of the crimes in Ferguson was WALKING WHILE BLACK.

    it was a LITERAL CRIME.

    this was nothing but a shakedown of the population.

    and, if folks don’t see that they were being used for a criminal enterprise so that these people could keep public sector jobs with good benefits..


  8. rikyrah says:

    Naw mofo.

    you’re part of the problem


    Ferguson’s mayor says he is determined to stay and bring change

    Los Angeles Times

    Molly Hennessy-Fiske 6 hrs ago

    REPORTING FROM FERGUSON, Mo. – Mayor James W. Knowles III was walking down an aisle at Shop ‘n Save here last week when an African American woman started shouting at him.

    This is not an unusual occurrence for the white mayor of Ferguson, a city of 22,000 that’s more than two-thirds black and remains, seven months after the shooting death of unarmed black 18-year-old Michael Brown by a white police officer, embroiled in racial turmoil.

    But the stakes had been raised for Knowles.

    Days before – soon after the white police chief, city manager, court clerk and a judge were forced out following a scathing Justice Department report – two officers were shot and wounded outside the Police Department. The protesters gathered there had been calling for the force to be disbanded and the mayor removed.

    Now Knowles was being confronted by Angela Coleman, 48, a 17-year resident who had met him before at city events but was now seething.

    “What do you think about the judge and the chief resigning?” she asked. “I assume you’re on your way out.”

    Knowles surprised her by saying no, he intended to stay.


  9. Ametia says:

    Senator Claire McCaskill is on Murdering Joe this morning, and not one word from her lips on what the township of Ferguson have been doing to the citizens. NOT ONE WORD.

    Praising the police for the work they did to get the cop shoot Williams though.

  10. If black people were in town leadership positions & ran a racketeering scheme shaking down white citizens, they’d be in prison in 3-2-1..

  11. Evil mofos! Stealing from poor black people who have nothing and then calling them lazy. Literally taking food away from their families.

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