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All these ‘thugs’ posted bail.

Thugs posted bail.

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  1. Angelar says:

    Timely, given recent events regarding police in our country. Not sure how many of you heard of Gerry Spence but he is a lawyer and has been known to defend some well known cases. He has a new book in the works to come out in Sept. 2015; “Police State: How America’s Cops Get Away with Murder (St. Martin’s Press Sept 8, 2015) ISBN 978-1250073457. He is lawyer in Wyoming, just google his name and you will see his bio.

  2. rikyrah says:

    this is who they are


    Wisconsin Republicans Think Potatoes And Spices Are Too Fancy For Poor People


    It seems that Republicans are now in a competition to see who can kick poor people the hardest just because they are down.

    In Wisconsin, they are attempting to shorten the list of “acceptable” foods to the point where it would be almost impossible to survive.

    Here’s a list of just some of the ways Republicans are trying to punish people who are on food stamps:

    This Wisconsin Republican wants to make poor people shop in separate grocery stores.

    This Wisconsin Congressman wants you to spy on food stamps recipients.

    Of course, virtually every Republican wants to cut food stamps, despite the fact that the average food stamp (SNAP) recipient receives only $125 a month.

    The state that seems to have the biggest beef (no pun intended) with food stamp recipients is Wisconsin. A bill proposed by state Rep. Robert Brooks would ban lobster, shrimp and shellfish, which granted, are expensive, but it would also ban a lot of kitchen staples, like beans and spices.

    To be clear, Brooks doesn’t want to look completely heartless. He’s only dictating how people don’t spend the majority of their benefits. He’s letting people make their own choices on 1/3 of their benefits.

    It’s even more complicated than that. The state will be issuing separate checks for each type of food. Is this supposed to be government efficiency?

    Many of the things on Brooks’ banned list include items that healthy people might live on. The rest of it is just bizarre and random. It disallows red and yellow potatoes but allows sweet potatoes and yams. It also disallows nuts, trail mix, herbs and seasonings.

    No jarred spaghetti sauce for poor folks, or soups, salsa, or ketchup. No canned beans, except for green, wax or yellow beans. Actually, beans can be purchased, but with a different check. For some items, the bill specifies certain brands. It would also eliminate bulk food, which are generally the least expensive.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Chad L. Coleman Gets Very Angry on NYC Subway: ‘Where’s the Humanitarian in You?’

    BY ADAM CARLSON @acarlson91 05/02/2015 AT 10:30 AM EDT
    It appears that former Walking Dead star Chad L. Coleman spent at least part of his Friday on the New York City subway talking very passionately, and sometimes yelling and cursing, about … something.

    The video, first obtained by TMZ, has no context, and it’s never clear what Coleman is talking about, though it starts with him pacing up and down the train car and apparently discussing one’s ability to empathize with other travelers.

    “If you care, f—— care,” he says at one point. And then later: “At the end of the day, where’s the humanitarian in you?”

    Coleman told TMZ he overheard another passenger refer to him by the n-word, as the man was trying to figure out where he knew Coleman.

    Coleman also told TMZ his comments about humanity were about the ongoing protests in Baltimore in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray – what prosecutors there have called the “grossly negligent” death of a shackled black man while in custody.

    The three-and-a-half minute video cuts out in the middle very briefly, and in the second half Coleman is seated on the train – first discussing The Wire, in which he also starred, and then his approach to acting.

  4. rikyrah says:

    If Black People Lived As Long As White People, Election Results Would Be Very Different
    Fri May 1, 2015 6:15 PM EDT

    With the mortality rate for black Americans about 18 percent higher than it is for white Americans, premature black deaths have affected the results of US elections, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Oxford.

    The study, published in Social Science & Medicine and highlighted on Friday by the UK-based New Scientist, shows how the outcomes of elections between 1970 and 2004—including the presidential race between John Kerry and George W. Bush—might have been affected if there hadn’t been such a disparity in the death rate. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 8.5 million black people died during that 35-year period. But if the mortality rates had been comparable, an additional 2.7 million black people would have been alive, and of those, an estimated 1 million would have cast votes in the 2004 election. Bush likely still would have won that race. But some state-level races might have turned out differently: The results would have been reversed in an estimated seven US Senate elections and 11 gubernatorial elections during the 35-year period, the researchers found, assuming that the hypothetical additional voters had cast their ballots in line with actual black voters, who tend to overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates.

    And that’s before even getting to incarceration. Additional elections potentially would have turned out differently if voting-age black Americans who were previously convicted of felonies had been able to cast a ballot.

  5. Ametia says:

    Where dat nuclear bomb graphic, SG2? LOL


  6. rikyrah says:

    Clinton Loyalist Joins Priorities ‘Super PAC’

    A longtime leading operative for Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton will join Priorities USA Action, the dominant “super PAC” that will seek big-ticket donations to finance what is expected to be the long and expensive presidential campaign of Mrs. Clinton.

    The move by the operative, Guy Cecil, was described by three people familiar with the discussions as a brushback to Jim Messina, President Obama’s campaign manager in 2012 and now the co-chairman of Priorities’s board.


    Mr. Cecil, a favorite of Bill Clinton’s, is a Clinton loyalist coming into a role that initially was supposed to be played by John D. Podesta. But Mr. Podesta went to the White House to work for Mr. Obama, and then became Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman.

    At the same time, Mr. Messina, who has been viewed with suspicion for years by many of Mrs. Clinton’s advisers, had become more representative of the super PAC than some of her allies were comfortable with.

    In recent months, Mr. Messina and David Brock, Mrs. Clinton’s staunchest defender and the founder of Media Matters, had a public fight that prompted Mr. Brock’s resignation from the Priorities USA board. (He has since reopened discussions with the board.)

    Lately, the Clinton campaign has started to signal to donors that Priorities is, as one person briefed on the pitch put it, “the preferred super PAC” to help support her bid for the White House. But there has been little specificity beyond that.


    In February, tensions between Clinton loyalists and former Obama aides erupted, and Mr. Messina’s allies worried that a strategist who was closer to Bill and Hillary Clinton would replace him.

    Mr. Cecil, who was previously the executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, had been widely expected to be that strategist. It is unclear what his role will mean for Mr. Messina and the existing leadership at the super PAC, including Buffy Wicks, who serves as executive director. A spokesman for the group declined to comment. Mr. Cecil did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    One Democrat close to the talks to bring Mr. Cecil into Priorities called him as “loyal to the Clintons as they are to him — he is a Clinton person, and funders need that.” The Democrat was quick to describe Mr. Cecil and Ms. Wicks as a “team.”

    Another Clinton loyalist, Harold Ickes, who was an original adviser to Priorities in 2012, has stepped up his role recently, according to people involved with the group. Mr. Cecil is also a former employee of the Dewey Square Group, and a founding partner of the group, Charlie Baker, was just named Mrs. Clinton’s chief administrative officer.

    Mrs. Clinton has made campaign finance reform one of the “four fights” of her presidential campaign, vowing to get unaccountable money out of politics. When stopped on the campaign trail in Iowa last month and asked by Post reporters about the role of Priorities, Mrs. Clinton shrugged.

    “I don’t know,” she said.

  7. After announcing charges filed against 6 police officers in the Freddie Gray case, Marilyn Mosby walked away from city hall like this.

    Beautiful. Sexy. Fierce.

    Marilyn Mosby - black girls rock

  8. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone

  9. Ametia says:

    By Stephan Barker May 1 at 4:47 PM

    As a librarian in Prince George’s County, I often see people struggle on the wrong side of the digital divide.

    The term “digital divide” describes the gap in our society between the computer haves and have-nots, between people who have apps on their smartphones to order lattes and those who have never sent an e-mail. The digital divide can seem to be a secondary issue to hunger, poverty, homelessness and long-term unemployment, but at the base of those problems are limited access to computers and a lack of computer skills.

    In our nation’s public libraries, especially urban libraries, students download e-books to their smartphones while sitting next to someone learning to use a mouse.

  10. Ametia says:
  11. Ametia says:

    Congratulations, Duchess!

    Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a girl

    The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby girl Saturday morning at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London. The princess is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second child and will be fourth in line to the British throne.

  12. Ametia says:

    OMG! Next time give a warning, SG2.

    Those THUG MUGS scared the Be-jeebus out of me! LOL

  13. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone! The work continues. We ain’t no ways TIRED.

  14. Good morning, everyone!

    Hey Chicas! Mythe says Marilyn Mosby looks like my daughter. What y’all think?

    marilyn mosby 34Jonne Michelle 30

    Jonne 34

  15. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    According to the Baltimore Sun (Rentz article) Officers Nero and Miller “began to chase Freddie on their bikes and then apprehended Freddie along the 1700 block of Presbury St.” There they handcuffed him and “dragged him several feet away” to the location where the witness video tapes began.

    To see Officer’s Nero and Miller standing, each with one foot on Freddie, who is face down on the sidewalk on Presbury St.:

    1. Click the word “Playlist” in the upper left corner of this video playlist I have posted above.
    2. Then scroll down to the video labeled 2101 and click on that video.
    3. Start playing that video and skip to timestamp 11:38.

    4. It is at timestamp 11:38 that you will see where Nero and Miller FIRST apprehended Freddie. In the upper right hand corner of that image, you will see the two officers standing……one of them standing with his foot on the back of Freddie’s neck.

    (I have not seen a photo screenshot of this timestamp 11:38 in news articles. Do take a look please.)

  16. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Been many others before #FreddieGray… We fight for them too. #AnthonyAnderson #TyroneWest #GeorgeKing #TrayvonScott— Baltimore BLOC (@BmoreBloc) May 1, 2015

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