Charles Barkley Tells White America Why Black Communities ‘ESPECIALLY’ Need the Cops

I can’t even begin to tell you the level of disdain I have for the HOUSE NEGROES in America, especially the one’s who think they have made it, by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, which is a right winger, racists way of saying, ‘I GOT MINE, YOU GET YOURS.” but they forget or never mention the fact that they made it because they had HELP from other hard working Americans. *LOOKING@BENCARSON* ALSO TOO!

Tell us AGAIN why we need those cops, ESPECIALLY in Black Communities, Mr. Barkley. We black folks need to be monitored, harassed, terrorized, racially profiled daily by cops, is this what you’re telling white America, because we especially need it like the slaves did, from the over-seers? Those folks couldn’t be trusted to stay in their place, so ‘Massa’ often times got a negro slave to be his OVER-SEER. But back in the day, sometimes they were white. Which brings us to the 20th & 21st century, where cops are now seen as the modern OVER-SEERS of Blacks and other POC.

This system came out of JIM CORW era which is still in force today, and from what we have been experiencing and still are experiencing is that we don’t need or get the protection. We are being policed to protect white Americans.

Remember, Charles Barkley never once mentioned ‘WHITES’ specifically the cops in that interview.


Take Barkley, who is not the smartest apple in the bushel, made his living playing basketball, who has several arrest for DUI and other lewd behaviors. So yes, you were arrested because you broke the law. And you’re very fortunate that you made it out without getting shot or killed.

Tell us why we need those cops, ESPECIALLY in Black Communities, Mr. Barkley. What a House Negro, SLAVE-CATCHING COON!

coonbusters-copy (1)

Let’s explore some of the reasons why cops are needed in black communities, shall we?

1. Exactly How Often Do Police Shoot Unarmed Black Men?

2. FBI Report: Americans Less Violent than Ever, Except for Police

3. 3 Unarmed Black Men Killed By Police Officers In 4 Days

If Barkley had a clue, he’d have a seat, in fact have these, Mr. Charlie



I’m asking Charles Barkley did  Freddie Gray, Tarmir Rice, Eric Gardner, Walter Scott, Michael Brown and a host of other UNARMED Black men did they have this kind of reverence for cops in their communities, before they were gunned down like wild animals and killed?

This is a DANGEROUS NARRATIVE that Charles Barkley and other HOUSE NEGROES perpetuate, ESPECIALLY in a time where the very police that he claims we ESPECIALLY need in Black communities are KILLING us on the regular with IMPUNITY.

MEMO to Barkley: Stick to sports and begging for blow jobs, Charles Barkley!

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16 Responses to Charles Barkley Tells White America Why Black Communities ‘ESPECIALLY’ Need the Cops

  1. rikyrah says:

    we need every cooning gif possible for Charles

  2. Angelar says:

    Police State: How America’s Cops Get Away with Murder: Gerry … › … › Human Rights
    Mobile-friendly – We all want to feel safe. But safe from what, and from whom? In his 60-plus years as a trial lawyer, Gerry Spence has …

  3. majiir says:

    On this issue, Barkley reminds me of Cain, West, Carson, and the other black males who pander to whitestream America. Instead of calling for a stop to the unjustified deaths, they join in and tell us we’re the problem. SMDH. Barkley has intimated that he wants a career in politics. If so, he’d better run as a republican because that’s who this message is for. Dude seems to forget that he has only one time to get stopped in a small town somewhere, and it could be the end of him. Not everybody knows who he is, and some know and don’t care. He’s taking a big chance if he ever thinks that he can forget that in spite of all of his millions and celebrity, he’s still a black man in America. He can change the way he lives, where he lives, where he shops, etc, but two things he can’t change are his race, and how many in the U.S. still believe that by dint of birth, he’s a “lesser child of God.” Chris Rock is sounding the alarm, but I guess Barkley and ’em ain’t listening. They seem to think their money insulates them from racism. It doesn’t. It just makes it easier to avoid having to deal with it the way the rest of us do. They secret themselves away from the populace in their gated communities and think their problems are no more. All they have to do to get a dose of reality is to look at the things that have been said and done about/to PBO. If the most powerful man on the planet isn’t respected by some of his fellow citizens because of his race, it should provide insight to Barkley and his buddies and send a clear message to them that they will always be black in America, and they can never expect to be treated like white males.

  4. eliihass says:

    I’d pay quite a bit to know exactly what the Clintons have promised David Brock (Media Matters). He’s shilling way too hard for Hillary, it’s beginning to veer into the ridiculous these days. Some days he’s throwing some serious tantrums, and has been almost on the verge of tears shouting his defense.

    • rikyrah says:

      they probably didn’t have to promise him much. Man has a guilty conscience for being a GOP stooge all those years. there are none as religious as the newly converted

  5. sunshine616 says:

    So not helpful. Stfu, Charles. So nice of you to come to the defense of your owners. Every dollar u made is cuz some white dude hired u to play for him and earn money for him. So, u too, defend your $ instead of your people. The ones that cheered u ou on, bought your tickets and spent hundreds on your sneakers. Your loyalties are duly noted.

  6. Why can’t he stick to sports? But more so, why does the media run to Charles Barkley with questions about the black community?

  7. Ametia says:

    Does Barkley have a Twitter account? Can he even read?

  8. I could SMACK the ISH out of him!

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