Friday Open Thread | Berkeley High students walk out over racist post

Berkeley High students walk out over racist postBERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — At least 2,000 of Berkeley High School students walked out of class Thursday in protest of a racist message left on a computer screen a day earlier, district officials said.

The message referred to the Ku Klux Klan, using derogatory language related to African Americans and threatening a “public lynching” on Dec. 9.

The message was discovered Wednesday afternoon. Principal Sam Pasarow said in an email to the school community late Wednesday that the school is giving the investigation the “utmost attention,” and it has filed a report with Berkeley Police Department.

District officials say the message appeared to be a modified screen shot of the school’s library web page that was left on one computer in the library. It did not appear that the system had been hacked and the website altered.

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  1. rikyrah says:


    How is it that they always find some 2520 willing to undercut those that are helping them. Gets on my last damn nerve.

  2. rikyrah says:

    How is it that they always find some 2520 willing to undercut those that are helping them. Gets on my last damn nerve.

  3. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    On this day in 1901

    November 6, 1901 – James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson compose “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, widely regarded as the Black national anthem.
    James Weldon Johnson (back) and his brother John Rosamond

  4. rikyrah says:


  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    I am reading a 1978 issue of Akwesasne Notes and found this powerful poem by Dana de Luz:

    Children dance
    the people labor
    bearing the burden of white man’s “favors”

    And in the distance
    an eagle cries
    reminding me of
    days gone by

    And in my soul
    there is a pain
    for the day that will dawn
    when we’ll rise again

  6. Ametia says:

    LOL Kispy Kreme & sex-craved Huckleberry gets relegated to the kindergarten debate
    Fox Business debate clips four GOP candidates, and sends campaigns reeling

    Thirteen Republican presidential campaigns had started the week in a kind of solidarity, brainstorming ideas to make the cable news debates more fair. They ended the week in pathos and disarray, after Fox Business announced that two candidates would be shunted from prime time to an “undercard” debate, and two mainstays of the undercard debate would not make it to the Nov. 10 forum at all.

    The campaigns of Gov. Chris Christie (N.J.) and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, in the unique position of being booted from the main stage, responded through gritted teeth. “I’m happy to debate anyone, anywhere, anytime,” Huckabee said in a Thursday night statement. “We are months away from actual votes being cast and neither the pundits nor the press will decide this election, the people will.”

  7. rikyrah says:

    Um…OF COURSE!!


    Is Carson For Prez A Direct Mail Scam?

    Published NOVEMBER 4, 2015, 2:28 PM EST

    If you remember the plot of Mel Brooks’ classic movie, The Producers, the idea was that the scammers set out to produce the worst possible play imaginable to be certain it would close after one night. Yet, they made it so bad it broke through the membrane of awful into the sublime. And they were screwed. Which brings us to the Ben Carson campaign. There is a lot of evidence, coming from a variety of angles, that Carson for President is actually a direct mail scam. Or at least that it started that way.

    First, let me explain a bit about what I mean.

    Hucksters and cheats can be found everywhere. But particularly on the right there is a significant layer of people in the business of fleecing outraged and/or low-information conservatives of their money. Some of it you see with those advertisements for buying gold on Fox News. Another is supplements! Supplements, supplements, supplements – a topic we’ll get back to, given Carson’s controversial relationship with supplement maker Mannatech. But the big thing on the right are various fundraising groups that exist largely to fundraise. So for instance, you’ll have Americans Against RINOs which sends out a ton of direct mail, raises lots of money from conservatives who’ve just had it up to here with RINOs like Boehner and McCain and McConnell selling the country out to Obama. But instead of that money going to fight the RINOs, most of the money goes back into raising more money.

    So where’s the money going? Well, the direct mail business is very lucrative. And usually you’ll find that Americans Against RINOs has a tight relationship with AAR Direct Mail Inc which is making a pretty penny servicing Americans Against RINOs. You get the idea. Obviously there are crooked charities that run this way. But it’s a prevalent model on the right.

  8. rikyrah says:

    RZA Makes Donation to Hip-Hop Chess Federation, Says Game Teaches Strategy, Decision-Making Skills
    November 6, 2015

    RZA, a member of the legendary hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan, has made a donation to Hip-Hop Chess Federation to help develop programs for incarcerated youths. RZA, who serves as a board member of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF,) said chess is a great way of teaching young people strategy and decision-making skills.

    According to, RZA met with about 400 juvenile hall inmates in St. Louis last month. He played chess with the young men and taught them the details of the game. RZA, who has expanded into producing, acting and directing, said he understood where the young men were coming from, because at one point his life was on the wrong track.

    “Y’all are in here for not controlling your energy,” the Wu-Tang rapper said. “You are here now for not being analytical about the results of the actions you have taken. I’m the last one to talk in some sense. I’ve been through the same system. Me and my brother got our first gun, when I was 11 or 12. Riding NY city busses looking for what they call, a ‘vic.’”

    RZA said chess, a centuries old game, could help the young men develop their minds and learn how to think proactively.

  9. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Nifty Afrofuturism artwork:

    (Can’t find the artist name on the page I found this.)

  10. rikyrah says:

    Charges: Woman attacked non-English speaking Applebee’s diner
    06 Nov 2015 at 12:54 ET

    COON RAPIDS, Minn. – A woman is charged with assault for allegedly smashing a beer mug across a diner’s face at a local Applebee’s — all because the victim wasn’t speaking English, according to the complaint.

    Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch, 43, was charged with third-degree assault for an incident that occurred on Oct. 30 at the Applebee’s in Coon Rapids.

    According to the criminal complaint, Burchard-Risch was dining with her husband when she became upset after hearing the victim speaking in a foreign language in the neighboring booth.

    Authorities say that’s when managers stepped in and tried to get Burchard-Risch to leave.

    Charges say she refused, continued to yell at the victim and threw her drink at the woman. Then she “smashed” her beer mug across the woman’s face in a “round house punch” motion and fled the scene, according to the complaint.

    One of the Applebee’s managers followed Burchard-Risch out of the restaurant until she was arrested by responding officers.

  11. rikyrah says:

    Obama rejects Keystone XL, left scores major victory
    11/06/15 12:38 PM
    By Steve Benen
    Countless environmental activists invested considerable time and energy into defeating the Keystone XL pipeline proposal. As of this afternoon, they’ve succeeded – President Obama has scrapped the project.
    The president, citing concerns about the impact on the environment and a political climate that overly-hyped the pipeline’s benefit, said the effort “would not serve the interests of the United States.”

    “While our politics have been consumed with whether this pipeline would increase jobs and lower gas prices, we have increased jobs and lowered gas prices,” Obama said.
    The announcement doesn’t come as too big of a surprise. Earlier this year, congressional Republicans made approval of the Keystone pipeline one of their top legislative priorities of the year – in the Senate, GOP lawmakers gave it the S. 1 bill number, intended to help capture its significance to them – putting a bill on the president’s desk in February to force his hand and move the project forward. Obama vetoed it.

    As we discussed at the time, at issue is a proposal to build a pipeline to transport oil, extracted from tar sands, from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Critics have said the tar-sands process is environmentally hazardous, which is true. They’ve said the project would have no real impact on already low gas prices, which is also true. And they’ve said Keystone would be largely meaningless to the U.S. unemployment rate, which is already approaching an eight-year low, and which, once again, is completely true.

    And on the other side of the aisle, Republicans have an equally straightforward rejoinder: they really, really, really like this project. Why? Because they really, really, really do.

    Let’s again acknowledge what too often goes unsaid: for Republicans, the Keystone XL pipeline stopped being about the Keystone XL pipeline quite a while ago. It’s just one oil project – one that would have no discernible positive effect on anything, except maybe the economy in western Canada (not that I have anything against western Canada’s economy).

    Rather, Keystone has become a totem of sorts. Its actual value has been rendered meaningless, replaced with post-policy symbolic value that overrides every other consideration. Indeed, the more Democrats and environmentalists told Republicans this is a bad idea, the more Republicans convinced themselves this was The Most Important Project In The World, probably because it was ideologically satisfying.

    It’s a safe bet the GOP leaders on Capitol Hill and the Republican presidential candidates will scream bloody murder this afternoon, insisting the Obama White House is … I don’t know … indifferent to job creation or something.

    But let’s not forget that an independent State Department study found that the project would create about 35 permanent, full-time American jobs – roughly what we’d see from “opening a new Denny’s franchise.” There would be far more temporary jobs associated with Keystone, but they’d come and go fairly quickly.

  12. rikyrah says:

    Carson blasts ‘secular progressives,’ defends bogus claims
    11/06/15 08:00 AM
    By Steve Benen
    It was an amazing trifecta for Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson: he made three ridiculous claims, about three very different subjects, all over the course of about half a day. But it was his defense for one of the three that continues to stand out.

    The retired neurosurgeon said, for example, “Every signer of the Declaration of Independence had no elected office experience.” This, of course, is ridiculously untrue. Carson soon after made some specific claims about Medicare and Medicaid, which were also demonstrably wrong.

    But it’s hard to look past Carson’s beliefs about the Egyptian pyramids. As the GOP candidate sees it, archeological and physical evidence should be ignored because, in Carson’s mind, the pyramids were built by the biblical Joseph to store grain.

    And yesterday, the Republican presidential hopeful continued to defend his alternate version of reality.
    “Some people believe in the Bible, like I do, and don’t find that to be silly at all, and believe that God created the Earth and don’t find that to be silly at all.” Carson told reporters in Miami during a stop on his book tour. “The secular progressives try to ridicule it any time it comes up and they’re welcome to do that.”
    In other words, as Carson sees it, there should be two competing versions of historical and archeological facts. One can be based on evidence, research, and scholarship, though Carson looks down on such an approach, leaving it to “secular progressives,” as if reality has some kind of liberal bias.

  13. rikyrah says:

    This is the truth…


    Damon Young, 11/4/15

    The first thing you have to realize when assessing the work of Spike Lee, movie director, and understanding the words and actions of Spike Lee, human person, is that Spike Lee is clearly and completely insane. But not insane in a shit on your own knuckles and fling it at an Uber driver way. Or even a “I’m not coming to Thanksgiving this year unless someone promises to put a full-sized yam in Uncle Harry’s mouth so he can’t rant about abortions and pre-paid legal again” way. (Basically, he’s not Ben Carson.) No, Spike Lee is “Arthur Edens” (Tom Wilkinson) in Michael Clayton. His insanity manifests as unfettered lucidity. His only objective in life, only purpose, is telling the truth, regardless of how people perceive it (the truth) and him.

    Now, whether his version of the truth is actually true is inconsequential. What matters is his fanatical pursuit of it and his complete and utter apathy to how he’s perceived.

    This state of being can also be described as “giving no fucks.”
    There are other celebrities (Rihanna, Tom Hardy, Vladimir Putin, etc) known for also existing in that space. But when your public persona is crafted around the idea that you give no fucks, it’s proof that you give enough fucks to craft a public persona around the idea that you give none. Spike Lee, however, doesn’t even give enough to want people to know he’s out of them.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Dan Diamond ‏@ddiamond 3h3 hours ago
    Jobs gained by sector since last year

    Healthcare: +495k jobs
    Food services/drinking places: +368k
    Retail: +313k
    Construction: +233k

  15. rikyrah says:

    The Obama effect: An education in hope and change
    November 6 at 10:00 AM

    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Barack Obama started out as homework at Ludlum Elementary, an idea by teachers in 2008 to turn the upcoming election into a year-long lesson plan. But the school’s mostly black and Hispanic students quickly came to see themselves in Obama. His message of change became a rallying cry for their own lives in this town plagued by drugs, gangs and violence.

    So after the election — before he could even be sworn in — the children persuaded officials here to make theirs the first school in America to be named after Obama.

    “It was the best moment of my life. It was like we became linked,” said Teonte Jackson, who was then in the fifth grade. “Just as Obama was making history as the first black president, we were making history by becoming the first school named after him.”

    To the nation, Obama’s election was a historic and cultural milestone, an electrifying moment when the seemingly impossible became real. Over time, however, the intensity and promise of that moment has faded, giving way to a more nuanced reality.

    For students at Barack Obama Elementary, the election cut especially deep. Obama reoriented their sense of race and mobility in complicated, and at times confusing, ways. He is the only president most of them have ever known. Growing up under the shadow of Obama’s name, some have worried whether they have adequately lived up to it. Others have puzzled over what it represents.

    But its most lasting effect has been their struggle to reconcile the hope they once felt as children with the reality they now see around them as teenagers.

  16. rikyrah says:

    Anthony Bourdain defends immigrants, shreds Trump and lazy culinary school kids

    …“Like a lot of other white kids, I rolled out of a prestigious culinary institute and went to work in real restaurants,” Bourdain said. “… I walked into restaurants and the person always who’d been there the longest, who took the time to show me how it was done, was always Mexican or Central American.”

    Bourdain called immigrants “the backbone of the industry, meaning most of the people, in my experience, cooking.” He pointed out that, in the 20 years he was hiring, he fielded few applications from U.S. citizens for low-level positions.

    “Never in any of those years,” Bourdain said, “not once, did anyone walk into my restaurant — any American-born kid walk into my restaurant — and say, ‘I’d like a job as a night porter or as a dishwasher.’” He said many were “not willing to start at the bottom like that.”

    …“If Mr. Trump deports 11 million people or whatever he’s talking about right now, every restaurant in America would shut down,” Bourdain said.

    …”There’s a struggle right now to get cooks in New York and Washington, D.C., and other major cities,” he said. “Because all the kids coming out of culinary school, they don’t want to do the prep job. They show up out of school with their little knife roll up and the white coffee filter on their head and say, ‘When do I get to be on Top Chef? When do I get my own show? What do mean I have to clean squid for a year?’”…

  17. rikyrah says:



    ConservativeBlackMan ‏@Thomasismyuncle 32m32 minutes ago
    As I’ve said before, the out & out racism I’ve seen lately from Trump fans has really opened my eyes, not blaming him per se, but its ugly

    ConservativeBlackMan ‏@Thomasismyuncle 24m24 minutes ago
    btw I’m not whining, but I’ve been called different variations of the word nigger more times in the last few months than in 4 yrs on Twitter

    ConservativeBlackMan ‏@Thomasismyuncle 22m22 minutes ago
    I honestly didn’t know or more likely didn’t want to know that this type of stuff was out there… I let my love of the ideology blind me

    ConservativeBlackMan ‏@Thomasismyuncle 20m20 minutes ago
    So while I understand that an overwhelming majority of Cons aren’t racist, I also know that I’ll no longer just dismiss the charge so easily

    ConservativeBlackMan ‏@Thomasismyuncle 17m17 minutes ago
    This is something that we must confront… these are real people with real opinions and they are why liberals can all Conservatism racist…

    ConservativeBlackMan‏@Thomasismyuncle 14m14 minutes ago
    Until this type garbage is rooted out of our ideology, we will continue to be a party that Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians don’t even consider

  18. rikyrah says:

    New York Magazine has posted a fascinating guide to Marco Rubio’s personal finances:

  19. rikyrah says:

    Austerity’s Grim Legacy
    NOV. 6, 2015

    When economic crisis struck in 2008, policy makers by and large did the right thing. The Federal Reserve and other central banks realized that supporting the financial system took priority over conventional notions of monetary prudence. The Obama administration and its counterparts realized that in a slumping economy budget deficits were helpful, not harmful. And the money-printing and borrowing worked: A repeat of the Great Depression, which seemed all too possible at the time, was avoided.

    Then it all went wrong. And the consequences of the wrong turn we took look worse now than the harshest critics of conventional wisdom ever imagined.

    For those who don’t remember (it’s hard to believe how long this has gone on): In 2010, more or less suddenly, the policy elite on both sides of the Atlantic decided to stop worrying about unemployment and start worrying about budget deficits instead.

    This shift wasn’t driven by evidence or careful analysis. In fact, it was very much at odds with basic economics. Yet ominous talk about the dangers of deficits became something everyone said because everyone else was saying it, and dissenters were no longer considered respectable — which is why I began describing those parroting the orthodoxy of the moment as Very Serious People.

    Some of us tried in vain to point out that deficit fetishism was both wrongheaded and destructive, that there was no good evidence that government debt was a problem for major economies, while there was plenty of evidence that cutting spending in a depressed economy would deepen the depression.

    And we were vindicated by events. More than four and a half years have passed since Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles warned of a fiscal crisis within two years; U.S. borrowing costs remain at historic lows. Meanwhile, the austerity policies that were put into place in 2010 and after had exactly the depressing effects textbook economics predicted; the confidence fairy never did put in an appearance.

    Yet there’s growing evidence that we critics actually underestimated just how destructive the turn to austerity would be. Specifically, it now looks as if austerity policies didn’t just impose short-term losses of jobs and output, but they also crippled long-run growth.

  20. rikyrah says:

    And, exactly, who is Unca Ben appealing to?
    The usual GOP Slave Catchers…


    Ben Carson Appeals to Black Voters, but His Campaign Doesn’t, Yet
    NOV. 5, 2015

    WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — Sam Hawkins Jr. said he came to a rally here last week for the Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson because he finds Mr. Carson’s social conservatism appealing, relishes his newness to politics and believes that President Obama “sold out for the vote” in supporting same-sex marriage.


    Mr. Carson, a retired doctor who recently surged to first place in some national polls, is trying to solidify his lead in the volatile race for the Republican presidential nomination. To do so, his campaign is eyeing a group of voters who are traditionally scarce in Republican primaries but who could give him added support the other candidates are unlikely to draw: African-Americans, such as Mr. Hawkins.


    He could do something for the country that has not been done for a long time: give American blacks an option in the primary,” said Armstrong Williams, Mr. Carson’s closest adviser, referring to black voters’ habit of largely participating only in Democratic politics.

    Yet if Mr. Carson’s potential for bringing black voters into the Republican primary illustrates a unique possibility, his efforts to win them over highlight his limitations as a candidate. Though he raised over $20 million during the third quarter of this year and primary votes will be cast in less than three months, his campaign operation has not caught up to his standing in the race. He has, for example, yet to hire a staff member dedicated to turning out black voters.

  21. rikyrah says:

    And, what would the UER be if we hadn’t of had one political party that CHOSE to commit ECONOMIC TREASON against this country beginning January 20, 2009?

  22. rikyrah says:

    Oh Marco…..
    Uh Huh


    Marco Rubio Confronts New Scrutiny Over Use of Party Credit Card

    A decade after he began using a Republican Party credit card for personal purchases like paving stones at his home, Senator Marco Rubio on Wednesday pledged to disclose new spending records from that account as he sought to inoculate himself against what could be his biggest liability as a presidential candidate: how he manages his finances.

    The decision to release the records highlights the enduring potency of a controversy rooted in Mr. Rubio’s days as a young state representative in Florida that he and his aides thought had been put to rest with his 2010 election to the Senate.

  23. rikyrah says:

    Jeb Bush plays the expectations game poorly
    11/05/15 12:46 PM—UPDATED 11/05/15 05:22 PM
    By Steve Benen
    Jeb Bush sat down yesterday with ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who asked the former governor if he might drop out before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. There’s “no way” that could happen, the Republican candidate replied.

    And while Bush’s answer is probably true, the fact that the question came up at all had to be discouraging. Strong, competitive presidential hopefuls simply aren’t asked about their willingness to quit and the timelines of their possible departures.

    But the Florida Republican is nevertheless putting on a brave face. In fact, MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt reported from New Hampshire today that part of Jeb Bush’s reboot evidently includes bold optimism about his prospects.
    “I’m going to win New Hampshire, I just feel it,” Bush told donors on a conference call Wednesday, phoning in from his campaign bus in between stops in the Granite State.

    “I know in my heart that we’re on the right track,” he added, according to an audio recording of the call obtained by NBC News.

    Bush used identical language in a WMUR radio interview yesterday. “I’m going to win it,” he said in reference to the New Hampshire primary. He added, “I honestly believe I’m going to win New Hampshire.”

  24. rikyrah says:

    And, what would Black UE be if:

    1. Those GOP Governors hadn’t shedded all those Public Sector Jobs

    2. The approval of the President’s Jobs Bill had happened.

  25. rikyrah says:

    TV One to Air All 99 ‘Unsung’ Episodes in First-Ever Marathon Leading Up to Landmark 100th Episode Special Hosted by Donnie Simpson

    By Tambay A. Obenson | Shadow and Act

    November 5, 2015 at 9:14PM

    In a network first, TV One has announced that the network will air all 99 episodes of its entire library of its signature series, “Unsung,” beginning Thanksgiving night, Thursday, Nov. 26 at 8 p.m. ET.

    The “epic” six-day marathon will take over TV One, all day and night, leading up to the 100th episode premiere on Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. ET.

  26. rikyrah says:

    Second Trailer for Will Smith’s NFL Drama, ‘Concussion’

    Photo of Tambay A. Obenson
    By Tambay A. Obenson | Shadow and Act

    November 5, 2015 at 2:01PM

  27. rikyrah says:

    This U.S. city has become the first to elect a Muslim-majority city council

    Hamtramck, a historically Polish-Catholic enclave of Detroit, rose to national prominence more than a decade ago when its city council gave permission to a mosque to broadcast its call to prayer from speakers on its roof.

    At the time, opponents were angered by what they saw as an intrusion of Islamic practice onto a public space. The city council’s approval of an ordinance to allow mosques to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer onto public streets made it one of the few cities in the United States to approve the practice, according to a 2004 story in the Detroit News. “This is about uniting our community,” Shabad Ahmed, the first and only Muslim member of the Hamtramck City Council, told the newspaper.

    Fast forward to 2015, when the city of some 22,000 people physically surrounded by but politically separate from Detroit has elected a Muslim-majority city council, believed to be the first in the nation. On Tuesday, the city elected six city council members, four of Muslim faith.

    Hamtramck was originally settled by Germans, but Polish-Catholic immigrants flooded into the area when the Dodge Brothers plant opened in 1914. At that time, Irish and German Catholics dominated the Detroit political scene, so Poles gravitated to Hamtramck.

    But the Muslim population in Hamtramck has grown steadily due to immigration, said University of Michigan-Dearborn associate professor Sally Howell, who has written a book on Michigan and U.S. Muslims. Dearborn has many Arab-American immigrants, but Hamtramck likely became the first city to have a Muslim-majority population in 2013. She estimates that about 50 percent of the city is made up of Muslims, and the city has at least seven mosques, more mosques per capita than anywhere else in the country.

  28. rikyrah says:

    Latest Fox Poll:

    1. Donald Trump: 26% (up two points since mid-October)
    2. Ben Carson: 23% (unchanged)
    3. Ted Cruz: 11% (up one point)
    3. Marco Rubio: 11% (up two points)
    5. Jeb Bush: 4% (down four points)
    5. John Kasich: 4% (up three points)
    5. Rand Paul: 4% (up one point)
    5. Mike Huckabee: 4% (down one point)

  29. rikyrah says:

    UH HUH
    UH HUH


    Personnel records show years of complaints against officer

    FOX LAKE, Ill. (AP) — An Illinois police officer who staged his suicide to make it look like he was murdered had a troubled job history, ranging from numerous suspensions to sexual harassment allegations to complaints that he intimidated an emergency dispatcher with guns, according to his personnel records.

    Despite a reputation as a respected youth mentor, Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz also had problems off the job, including one incident in which a sheriff’s deputy found him passed out in his truck and took him home, only to have Gliniewicz report his truck stolen the next day, according to documents in the file.

    The records were released late Thursday by the Village of Fox Lake in response to a Freedom of Information request, after a day in which officials said Gliniewicz had sought out a hit man to kill a village administrator he feared would expose him as a thief, and may have planned to plant cocaine on the administrator to discredit her as a criminal.

    The image of Gliniewicz that’s emerged in recent days stands in stark contrast to the hero’s funeral and outpouring of community support after his death in September.

  30. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

  31. sunshine616 says:
    Wow a noose too!!!! Maybe Berkeley high has a serious problem that needs paying attention to.

  32. sunshine616 says:
    This is the other time that school had a closet prankster racist among them. Wonder if they ever cared to find out who caused the yearbook crap too. Hmmmm we see u Berkeley!!!!!!

  33. Good morning, everyone!

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