Wednesday Open Thread | Barbara Streisand Week

Happy Hump day, Everyone! Hope you’re enjoying Ms. Streisand.


More songs from ‘The Broadway’ album.




Send In The Clowns

Pretty Women/The Ladies Who Lunch”

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79 Responses to Wednesday Open Thread | Barbara Streisand Week

  1. eliihass says:

    If anyone is wondering why Bernie Sanders is prematurely cut off everytime he starts to speak, but Hillary is given as much time to speak – and getting 3x the time to answer and rebut questions at this Univision ‘debate’, do remember that one of her most notorious and most ardent financiers Haim Saban is now part owner of Univision..

    Everything has been rigged for Hillary…

  2. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Hilliary is getting on my last nerve with her lying conniving ass.

    • eliihass says:

      I thought I was alone Granny…

      Every day I only grow to despise her…she’s despicable…

      As David Geffen the billionaire who was once hers and Bill’s biggest funder and endless deep pocket said, the Clintons lie with such ease…it’s scary…

      Anyone so obsessed with grabbing power at any cost, and anyone who will do and say anything to get power, must be denied it at all cost…

      She is no good – and she will never be…

      She and Bill must not be allowed anywhere near the White House again..

  3. Say a prayer for the family, for my daughter too.

    Georgina Dunham, 25 yrs old. She was a member of my daughter’s church. She was ALWAYS trying to help someone.

  4. rikyrah says:


    Luvvie’s at it again.

    You have been warned.

    She has another one of those ‘ Whose Baby is This?’ posts, and yes, it’s frigging hilarious…

    so, if you’re at work – you’ve been warned.

    • Liza says:

      Because of super delegates? If that is the case, and if the Democratic party leaders defy the will of the people and rig the primary, well then Hillary has a 100% percent chance of winning. So they can decide, rig the election and suffer the consequences or be fair.

      In my case, I’ve already decided to change my registration to independent.

    • Liza says:

      Ha ha, Michigan is woke. What happened in Flint seems to have made them more politically astute. Love this.

      I don’t like media calling Michigan an upset, implying that it is an aberration, probably won’t happen again. The Hillary Queen might be surprised on the west coast. Bernie winning California is my dream right now.

  5. #WelfareReform For the folks who keep saying but Hillary was “FIRST LADY”, it’s not her policy. SHE OWNS THIS!

    • Ametia says:

      From Liza

      I didn’t ride into town three days ago. I remember the Clinton Administration very well, and from the get go, the Clintons intended to be ruling partners. That is why Bill assigned the universal healthcare project to Hillary which, of course, was the biggest mistake he ever made among many colossal mistakes. Hillary and Bill tucked their tails between their legs, gave up on healthcare, and by 1994 they essentially became as Republican as possible without actually registering. But as time went on Hillary was once again trying to be a partner, hawking Bill’s increasingly right wing agenda, apparently believing it would never come back to haunt her.

  6. Check out @lizzzbrown Twitter timeline. She is bringing the heat on Hillary Clinton’s record. Hillary & Bill Clinton PREYED on the black community. Lizz has the goods!

  7. rikyrah says:

    What We Know About The Judges Obama Is Reportedly Vetting For The Supreme Court
    BY IAN MILLHISER MAR 8, 2016 12:23 PM

  8. Ametia says:

    Jason Riley: ‘How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed’



  9. WELFARE REFORM! Hillary Clinton is a cold, heartless, cruel person!

    June 3, 1998


    August 25, 1999



    March 15, 2000

    Hillary takes the floor on welfare reform

  10. Ametia says:

    Still Reveling in Joy From ESSENCE’s Black Women in Hollywood 2016
    Luvvie’s post- MUST READ

  11. Oh! Oh!
    Rikyrah, can you do a thread on this?

    Hillary Clinton Used To Talk About How The People On Welfare Were “No Longer Deadbeats”

    In the 1990s and early 2000s, Hillary Clinton touted the success of Bill Clinton’s 1996 overhaul of the country’s welfare system, framed as the transition from “dependency to dignity” — a subject she hasn’t spoken much about this year during her campaign.

    Bill Clinton’s overhaul of the welfare system, which was passed in conjunction with a Republican-controlled Congress, replaced a major federal welfare program with block grants to states, required adults to find a job within two years of receiving aid, placed a five-year limit on aid, blocked future legal immigrants from welfare assistance, and cut $24 billion in food stamps. It was denounced by many Democrats, including Peter Edelman, who resigned from his post at the Department of Health and Human Services, arguing that the law would do “serious injury to American children.”

    Writing about the law in a 1999 column, then-First Lady Clinton said “too many” welfare recipients “had known nothing but dependency all their lives.”

    “It’s important to recognize, though, that simply passing a law requiring welfare recipients to find work would have failed to fulfill the President’s promise. Too many of those on welfare had known nothing but dependency all their lives, and many would have found it difficult to make the transition to work on their own.”

    Clinton began a column in June 1998 with an anecdote about a mother on welfare whose daughter once came home and said, “Mommy, I’m tired of seeing you sitting around the house doing nothing.”

    “One day, Rhonda Costa’s daughter came home from school and announced, ‘Mommy, I’m tired of seeing you sitting around the house doing nothing.’ That’s the day Rhonda decided to get off welfare. Today, Rhonda is an administrative assistant at Salomon Smith Barney, a New York financial services firm. After a year and a half on the job, she earns $29,000 a year with full benefits and stock options.”

  12. Ametia says:

    You’re vulgar too, DWS. So not prepared, so not polished.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Opening Day for the New African American History Museum Is Announced

    Book your hotel and flight. Washington D.C. is going to be the place to be this fall. And September 24 is the big day for the historic opening of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

    As the day for the official grand opening was announced this morning, Twitter fans were instructed to #SaveTheDate with no less than seven months to go. The formal announcement said that President Barack Obama will cut the ribbon to open the doors to the public and commence a week-long celebration.

    “After 13 years of hard work and dedication on the part of so many, I am thrilled,” said the founding director Lonnie Bunch in a report. “In a few short months visitors will walk through the doors of the museum and see that it is a place for all people. We are prepared to offer exhibitions and programs to unite and capture the attention of millions of people worldwide. It will be a place where everyone can explore the story of America through the lens of the African-American experience.”

    The museum says it will open the doors with extended visiting hours and a three-day festival showcasing films, popular music, dance and other attractions. Museums around the country and in Africa also plan to host accompanying events at their locations as a welcoming salute.

  14. Where is Liza? We’re looking for you, girl. A beautiful thing happened last night.

    • Liza says:

      Hi, SG2. Yes, I woke up this AM to the great news! I was painting moldings with polyurethane while BERNIE WON MICHIGAN! And today I am painting base boards in my family room. But, I’ve got to say, things look a bit brighter today.

      Folks are talking. The guy who installed my laminate floor, someone I know very well who is not particularly political, asked me, “Do you think any of these candidates are worth voting for?” So, without getting too verbose, I just said, “I think that Bernie Sanders is the only one of the whole lot of them you could actually relate to as a real person, another human being.” He said, “Yeah, that’s probably true.” And that should count for something. Bernie has kept himself intact WHILE being a politician. Quite a feat.

  15. Liza says:

    I missed Bernie’s Michigan win last night. My TV and cable is dissassembled until Friday and the husband is hogging the PC. Damn, I should have ejected him.

    Well, y’all, I would say that maybe the Democratic party leadership should be re-thinking their “RAM HILLARY DOWN THEIR THROATS” strategy. A lot of Democrats and Democratic leaning independents really don’t like her or want her to be the president of the US. I think Hillary could lose the general election, I really do, even with a truly horrid GOP candidate. If the Democrats think there is going to be a tsunami of voters who will rise up to OPPOSE the GOP and vote for Hillary, I think that’s a mighty big risk to take. Bernie could win, damn near every poll I’ve seen shows that.

    • There you are. Good morning!

      In the words of Johnny Kemp…Feels good, feels good.

      • Liza says:

        We knew what would happen in the Confederacy, but Michigan is just awesome. And the hell of it is, the Confederacy is going to be solid red in the general election. And that includes Florida and North Carolina. Solid red, mark my words. And it does not matter who is running, it could be Hitler or Stalin or Emperor Hirohito, the south is going to be red in 2016.

  16. Ametia says:

    Don’t ever think we don’t keep RECEIPTS, MOFOs!


    WHAT A LIAR. But we know Trump’s a total PIECE OF SHIT.

    Cokie’s all concerned about the affect on those white children now.
    Back in 2008, when Barack Obama was a presidential candidate, she slyly mentioned Hawaii as if it’s some foreign country.

    The gall to even think she can dictate where he should vacation! GTFOH

  17. rikyrah says:

    Sanders won Michigan!

  18. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone. :))))

  19. rikyrah says:

    Good MOrning, Everyone :)

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