Saturday Open Thread | USPS has now restored direct mail to Cuba

Barack signing cuba letterAn American president has not traveled to Cuba in almost 90 years. But on March 20, President Obama will set foot on the island country that’s only 90 miles off the coast of Florida. The visit is a historic milestone after more than a year of progress from the day in December of 2014 when the President first announced he was abandoning a failed, Cold War-era approach to Cuba in favor of a new course to normalize relations.

Since then, we’ve restored non-stop flights between our two countries. We’ve helped facilitate more people-to-people interaction and commercial enterprise. We’ve allowed U.S. dollars to be used in more financial transactions with Cuba. And today, we’re restoring direct mail for the first time in 50 years.

The first flight carrying that first batch of U.S. direct mail to Cuba took off yesterday — a development that may please Ileana Yarza, a 76-year-old letter writer in Cuba who has been waiting for the President to visit for years. “I think there are not many Cubans so eager as I to meet you in person,” she wrote on February 18. “Not as an important American personality, but as a charming president whose open smile wins hearts.”

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62 Responses to Saturday Open Thread | USPS has now restored direct mail to Cuba

  1. eliihass says:

    Here’s your lovely Hillary stan, still trolling FLOTUS on yet another post…

    Here she is on John Kerry..

    And here she is responding to a FOX news interview with some black New Yorkers…

    • I got her ass and LOLed at her.

      • eliihass says:

        Thank you so much SG…

        You’re our great twitter warrior…our voice in that crazy world that could turn the calmest person insane…

        Thank you..

        • LOL! But folks don’t like me tweeting and try to come for me.

          • eliihass says:

            You bring out truths they hoped were well hidden…or somehow already forgotten..

            You’ve become an inconvenient truth-teller…and a messer-upper of their well-laid plans…their falsehoods and half-truths and convenient revisionism…the ones that want us to wipe our memories clean, and suspend all belief that Hillary is a close, true friend and consistently reliable ally of President Obama…and that she intends to preserve his legacy – as his…and not appropriate it all as hers…and together with Bill, try to marginalize the Obamas as much as possible…

        • This is what I tweeted to her…Must be really eating you alive that Michelle is sitting on that FLOTUS throne? This is where I LOL!

          • eliihass says:

            Hers is the almost universal mindset of many a white feminist…including self-serving and convenient feminist Hillary…

            FLOTUS as a powerful and admired symbol of all that’s genuine and great about womanhood, is seen as an affront to them – and to their torch-bearer Hillary…Hence the need to always toss around and quote that highly dubious and neatly packaged and commissioned yearly gallup poll of roughly 900 people – that helps validate Hillary with the consolation prize of ‘most admired woman’…LOL..and helps her get out of bed each day…and sustained her through her days as subordinate to President Obama who she still resents…and in her role as petty leader of Hillaryland-Foggy Bottom…where her underlings had to constantly fortify her e-mails that assured her of her ‘greatness’ and popularity – and their (bought and paid for) undying loyalty to her…

            My friend who’s writing the book sent me a Facebook thread on a page dedicated to Mrs Obama, where some of these white women went into a literal meltdown because some folks had forcefully put forward the idea of wanting Mrs Obama to run for President…The ensuing meltdown was something to behold…”Not before Hillary…She can wait her turn…She’s too young (never mind she’s 52 now and 5 years older than her husband was when he took the oath of office!)….What are her qualifications…No, she’s had enough, let her go and take care of her children/enjoy herself…I don’t think she wants the job, even if she did, it’s Hillary’s turn…She prefers to have fun and this is a serious job…Hillary is the most ‘qualified’, she can help Hillary now and maybe we will help her after Chelsea has had her turn…” LOL..

            You could not make up some of the stuff these women were writing…The same ones who ‘love’ President Obama and always have those condescending and gratuitous “Oh, we love ‘Michelle’, I want her arms and love her dress” comments on the ready…but don’t dare suggest that the whip-smart Princeton and Harvard trained First Lady might run for President…and especially before Hillary has gotten her butt anywhere near the oval office…and their claws come out…They will of course trot out a few black women ‘they see’ as future potential president …mediocre politicians who may have been in the mix for sometime, but who will not even see Mrs Obama’s tail-lights if she ever put her mind on running for office…

            It’s that sense of white privilege and entitlement we talk about…and the idea that even with the fake smiles, fake ‘sisterhood’ and fake-kumbaya togetherness they insist now for Hillary’s sake…these women as we’ve always known, don’t care or give 2 sh*ts about black women…and actually think and believe themselves ‘superior’…and not only feel threatened – but are super-resentful of and offended by a woman like Mrs Obama who isn’t beholden, won’t fall in line, won’t deal, lives life on her own terms, doesn’t care to be approved of or validated – and especially not by them…

            Worse till…and to their great chagrin, Mrs Obama lives her authentic life, eschews their dictates and play books…refuses to compromise herself and her principles, lives life to the fullest…and all without needing them…And as my friend says, the woman is fearless and will not suffer fools…and it scares the sh*t out of them…and even more so that try as they have from every angle, they can’t break her…

  2. eliihass says:

    Here’s your Hillary folks fam…but it’s only Bernie Sanders people who are hostile to the Obamas..

  3. Liza says:

    Bernie Sanders was at the Tuscon convention center last night and spoke to around 7,000 people. Rep Raul Grijalva took him to see the Arizona / Mexican border this morning which is kind of a culture shock if you haven’t seen it before. I really like Raul Grijalva, he’s a good man, the real deal. I hope his endorsement helps Bernie in AZ.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Those kids never got to go home’
    Nearly 200 children died and are buried at the former Carlisle Indian School. Now the Rosebud Sioux want to reclaim their ancestors.
    By Jeff Gammage / Staff Writer,
    Sunday, March 13, 2016
    CARLISLE, Pa. — They want the bones of their children back.

    They want the remains of the boys and girls who were taken from their American Indian families in the West, spirited a thousand miles to the East, and, when they died not long after arrival, were buried here in the fertile Pennsylvania soil.

    The brevity of those lives, and the effort of a South Dakota tribe to reclaim them now, spring from a turn-of-the-century episode of forced assimilation and cultural destruction — one that continues to haunt and torment the Rosebud Sioux.

    • eliihass says:

      Most of the media are now simply Hillary surrogates…and their very direct and brazen about it too…

      Joy Ann more than ever is playing to the wealthy white feminists and Hillary crowd…they are her ticket to job security…

      Melissa’s biggest crime was that unlike Joy Ann, she failed to dutifully affix her lips firmly to Hillary’s butt…And even had the nerve to have on folks who like herself, occasionally nibbled at the edges …and were not fully all in for Hillary…and dared to occasionally raise a few mild and sly queries about something remotely related to something related to something related to Hillary…

  5. Ametia says:

    NYT, WaPO, Democracy Now, & Mother Jones, all ran with the


    Wrap your brains around that.

  6. Ametia says:

    Lemme guess, POTUS making historic visit to Cuba.

    Media & cameras up Trump’s ASS at Klan rally in Az.

    • Liza says:

      I have to think about that, there are so many colossal failures in American “journalism.” But, Trump is definitely a media creation.

    • eliihass says:

      We’ll see..

      As much as I was upset on her behalf when CNN canned her, Soledad is another one of those I give the side eye …

      I can never forget Soledad’s shady, gotcha attempts when she interviewed Mrs Obama during the 2008 campaign…but our ever forthright FLOTUS handled her so brilliantly – shut her down… That was in her pre-FLOTUS days when she was absolutely not playing around with these media folks looking to make news and get their name in lights on her back…FLOTUS was quick with the sharp cut, and unapologetic shut-down…LOL…I sometimes miss those days…

  7. Ametia says:

    Hillary Clinton for prison 2016!

    • Ametia says:

      If the majority of the American women voters hold Hillary up as a presidential cnadidate with all her baggage, we’re in DEEP SHIT.

      And yes, male presidents and presidential candidates come with their boatload of baggage too.

      But an historic FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT, with Hillary’s shit? We’re being asked to get behind this woman with a TRAIL of shit, miles & miles, & miles LONG…

      We’re being asked to LOWER the bar, and vote for this woman, because she’s a woman, because I certainly don’t have any evidence of anything she stands for, has worked for, or has accomplished.


      • Liza says:

        We’re not only being asked to lower the bar, we are being asked to PRETEND that her past isn’t what it is and that she is an extremely intelligent and accomplished person who has dedicated herself to public service.

        One thing she actually has accomplished is to acquire a massive amount of personal wealth, kind of unusual for a dedicated public servant.

      • Ametia says:

        Yes; ALL.OF.WHICH IS A LIE.

  8. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Beautiful PEOPLES!


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