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  1. Prince Rogers Nelson’s entire 1999 CNN interview

  2. rikyrah says:

    Inside Prince’s private faith

    (CNN)The world knew Prince as a pop star with a flamboyant, larger-than-life stage presence, overtly sexual songs and videos and gifted musical genius. But at the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall, St. Louis Park congregation, Prince was just an understated man in a simple black suit.

    “He was exceptionally shy,” recalled congregation secretary Bruce

    Here they called him Brother Nelson and remember him slipping in after the opening song in the Sunday morning service, dutifully holding up his hand, clutching his Bible marked with post-it notes, patiently waiting his turn to discuss the Scripture. On the surface, few in this 95-member conservatively dressed, middle class suburban congregation look like they’ve ever danced to ‘Let’s Go Crazy.”

    Members of the religion, often derided in the mainstream, told CNN they feel misunderstood and are defensive about that lack of understanding. The elders invited some members of the media into its Sunday morning service, an attempt at demonstrating their accessibility, from the ordinary person to one of the
    biggest superstars on the planet.

    “He didn’t want to dishonor the faith. He wanted to be just one of
    us,” said James Lundstrom, a fellow parishioner and religious friend of Prince’s since 2002. Lundstrom said since 2006, Prince called St. Louis Park his congregation, engaging regularly in the door-to-door ministry practiced by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    His relationship with fellow musician Larry Graham started Prince down the path to joining the Jehovah’s Witness faith. In 2001, Graham, the bassist for Sly and the Family Stone, began a two year religious discussion with Prince.

    “I started studying the Bible once I changed my name back and started studying with my good friend Larry Graham,” said Prince in a 2004 interview with CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo. “He helped me to just look at the Bible in a very practical way, to cut through all the dogma. I just wanted a clean, simple approach to it.”

    Prince got baptized in Chanhassen, MN on March 23, 2003 congregation secretary Bruce McFarland said, citing church records. In 2006, Larry Graham joined St. Louis Park and Prince followed his mentor to their new congregation.

    Graham slipped into the Sunday service as the congregation studied ‘The Watchtower,’ the Jehovah’s Witness magazine and guide. Graham hugged a fellow parishioner, and then along with others in the congregation, read along to the Watchtower.

    The elder leading the Bible study section of the service asked a question about loyalty to the congregation. Graham raised his hand. “Whatever challenge we may face now or in the future, and there will be challenges,” he said. “We want to be wise. We want to make Jehovah’s part rejoice and remain loyal to him.”

    In this place of worship, loyalty to their faith, and in many respects to their pop star brother, is palpable.

    Lundstrom said he first met Prince as the singer’s mother was dying. Lundstrom is a Jehovah’s Witness hospital liaison committee representative in Minneapolis. Unique to this faith the position is needed in a religion that carries a very specific requirement—allogeneic blood transfusions, often
    required during major surgeries, are prohibited. As a hospital liaison
    committee representative, Lundstrom connects members of his faith with doctors who will honor that blood transfusion requirement.

    Lundstrom said Prince’s mother was studying the Jehovah’s Witness faith and requested hospital liaison services. Lundstrom says he was with Prince at his mother’s bedside as she passed away. That moment solidified a friendship that would last until the singer’s death.

    Lundstrom, who said he last saw Prince a month ago at a church service on March 23, bristled at a question about Prince’s medical condition. “He was at the Kingdom Hall. He looked fine, talked fine,” said Lundstrom.

    Other parishioners offered more blunt pronouncements about Prince and an alleged aversion to surgery on his hips because of Jehovah’s Witness beliefs about blood transfusions.

    “Nobody said he (Prince) couldn’t get surgery. Absolutely not,” said
    David Osburn. Osburn, who said his own sister did die in 1979 because she refused blood transfusions, argues today’s surgeries are often compatible with Jehovah’s Witness beliefs.

    “We’re not anti-medicine. In fact, we go out of our way to try and find
    the best medical care we can,” said Osburn.

    St. Louis Park parishioners said they don’t know why Prince died so suddenly. Like the rest of the Twin Cities and the world mourning the pop star’s life, these people of faith also mourned. Not just for the singer, but for a secretive brother few saw or knew as they did.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Chris Stapleton Nothing Compares 2U live at Berkeley April 24, 2016

  4. rikyrah says:

    Tom and Lorenzo’s tribute to Prince:

    PRINCE: 1958 – 2016
    Posted on April 21, 2016

    Man, 2016 can go fuck itself. Between Bowie and this, we’re beside ourselves not only for the cultural loss and the loss of an artist, but also the loss of a style icon, who had an enormous effect on an entire generation (or two) of pop singers and whose most iconic looks define an era.

  5. Ametia says:

    Da BOSS

  6. rikyrah says:

    Reminder- SNL is ALL PRINCE tonight

  7. rikyrah says:


    Current is finished with its Prince tribute…


    An hour Prince tribute will begin at 11 pm CST (they are in Minnesota)

  8. rikyrah says:



  9. rikyrah says:



  10. Ametia says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to go to Paisley Park today. I just couldn’t. Maybe tomorrow…..

  11. rikyrah says:

    How a Local Radio Station Became the World’s Prince Memorial

    The late music legend loved Minny radio’s ‘The Current,’ tweeting along to their Prince blocks and donating. Station head Jim McGuinn remembers Minneapolis’s favorite son.

    “If this is true, what are we gonna do?”

    That was Jim McGuinn, the programming director at Minneapolis’ The Current, speaking to his staff, rifling through internet rumors Prince had died shortly before noon on Thursday. He and some coworkers had already started feeding information to the on-air DJ, Jade, as the reports started trickling in.

    If the rumors were true, they’d have to have a plan. Prince was, after all, Minnesota’s prodigal son and a good friend of the radio station. He used to sign off on Prince-themed programming blocks and send ideas and albums he liked to its brass.

    Everyone would turn to them.

    So, after the first “very unfounded rumor,” McGuinn dispatched a reporter to Prince’s Paisley Park complex.

    Then we waited,” he said. “And held our breath.”

    The Current’s staff quickly assembled in a room and started programming a tribute. After David Bowie died, they started talking about emergencies just like this one—“people we’d treat as large as Bowie”—but they didn’t even think of Prince. “He was so active. We just never even considered it,” he said.


    At 12:09 p.m., The Current played Prince’s “The Beautiful Ones,” and haven’t played a song by anybody else since.

    And everyone did turn to them. It wasn’t just Minneapolis, either: it was anybody on the internet who wanted to listen to Prince right away.

    Since Prince was notoriously protective of his music rights on the internet, if people wanted to memorialize Prince by playing “Purple Rain,” like old times, they had to turn on the radio.

    He’s not on YouTube. He’s not on Spotify. The Current’s website became a de facto vigil for Prince fans anywhere on the web.

    “It was so hard on one hand because we’re all fans, and almost everybody on our staff at some point had some amazing experience going to a show at Paisley Park,” said McGuinn. “But it’s our job to be there for our audience.”

  12. rikyrah says:

    This was sent to me by a friend:

    The Instagram account of actress Yara Shadhi’s, of Blackish, dad. He is a photographer and basically he was Prince\’s go to guy. He had one of the best write ups about him the morning after. It was so sweet.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Prince’s Hair Stylist Talks About the Person He Was Offstage
    Apr 22, 2016, 7:23 PM ET

    There are a lot of mysteries surrounding Prince and even his longtime hair stylist said it took her years to get used to working with the notoriously private music legend, who said he just wanted to be treated like everyone else.

    “A lot of people, before I started working for him, gave me a lot of rules, ‘Don’t touch his ears. Don’t do this. Don’t look at him in the face.'” Kim Berry told ABC News’ “20/20.” “I said, ‘How am I going to do his hair if I can’t look at him in the face? So how do I wash his hair and can’t touch his ears?'”

    “And years later after I had been employed by him he asked me, ‘What did they tell you when you first started working for me?'” she continued. “And I said, ‘Oh they gave me all kind of rules.’ He said, ‘I’ve never told anyone anything like that.’ He said, ‘So I think it’s hilarious that people make up stuff.'”

    Berry said there was even a rumor that Prince didn’t like people looking him in the eyes, and she said he told her that he never said that and that he thought it was “interesting” what people chose to make up about him.

    “They wanted this mystique to be bigger than it was and he just wanted to be treated regular,” Berry said. “He never required anything. There was no rules on that. I mean you just knew, you know, I work for the biggest entertainer in the world so you knew you had to be on your game at all times.”

    Berry started working with Prince almost 25 years ago. At the time, she said she was friends with his then-stylist, who had decided to quit, and then she got the call from Prince. She said she was fresh out of beauty school.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Prince fans in New Orleans have organized a second funeral line for the music icon

    Prince fans in New Orleans have organized a jazz funeral for the music icon.

    The jazz funeral march set for Monday was organized on Facebook and will include mourners clad in purple, marching bands and a release of white doves just as the sun’s setting on the historic Treme neighborhood.

    Tributes nationwide to mark Prince’s death have included national monuments tinged purple and public vigils. His hometown of Minneapolis also is preparing a final send-off.–Prince-Death-Investigation-The-Latest

  15. Good morning, everyone! Happy Saturday!

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