Photos | Prince Memorial: Live from Paisley Park

Tyren’s Photos at Paisley Park

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  1. Ametia says:

    A few more photos…



  2. You captured great pics, Ametia. Big up!

    I wish I could be there and see it all.

  3. Tyren M. says:

    I trust you’ve seen all his music on YouTube this month. Get it and enjoy while you can.

  4. Tyren M. says:

    It was an experience. People were jamming in the parking lot Ametia spoke of. I don’t wanna repeat myself but, yeah, wondering why all the radio channels weren’t banging Prince outside. Later did I find out of the memorial going on that Saturday and of the gift bags that were passed out by the family and PP staff a half hour after we left.

    As for Carver County’s finest. I’m watching the juxtaposition of them handling this with the actual investigation(s.) I know they’re in over their heads and now the Feds are involved. That said, they’ve been very receptive to all visitors. I haven’t heard of any bs out there during this last month.

    And yes, they’re still getting fairly large crowds daily.

    Ametia. You really did it up with your photo gallery! Several items I didn’t see. I’m sure more are added daily, I just wanted to give you dap.

    3Chics readers: Skip Graceland, come on up to the “Purple Palace!” I’m not sure when it will be open, but I trust you’ll know as soon as it is.

    • Ametia says:

      The Carver County Sheriff’s dept. are ON.IT. when it comes to the visitors in Chanhassen.

      I’ve got really mixed feelings about the investigation, though. all the speculation, innuendo, about pain killers, overdose, etc. I’ve not heard the autopsy report. And frankly, is it any of our business?

  5. Ametia says:

    Tyren, your daughter’s such a cutie! :)))

  6. rikyrah says:

    thank you for these pics. They are terrific.

  7. Awesome pics Ametia & Tyren. I see your little cutie pie, Tyren. She’s a doll.

    • Ametia says:

      Thanks so much for creating this lovely photo gallery, SG2.

      The sheer joy of being with folks who loved Prince was palpable. There was and still is so much love at Paisley Park.

      Folks have a WHOLE LOT OF LOVE FOR PRINCE!

      I finally took the trip over to view close up the amazing sea of Purple balloons, flowers, capes, boots, records, and other memorabilia that mourners have placed on the fence surrounding Paisley park.

      You can see white building (Paisley Park studio) in the background where Prince recorded and lived.

      As you know, folks from all over the world are coming to pay their respects to Prince. I met folks from Singapore, Switzerland, UK, Australia, Germany, and of course from all over the good ole US of A Folks continue to come leaving a sea of purple at the memorial.

      The Carver County Sheriff’s Dept. have done an outstanding job of providing special walking trails leading to the Paisley Park property and memorial fence. This keeps everyone safe and off the main Highway 5 leading to the property.

      They have provided fee parking in Lake Ann Park, so folks can just walk the trail, which goes underground, leading to the memorial fence. They even have an over flow parking space in the park, and all the signs are clearly marked.

      Several visitors took photos, and we exchanged info to send pics to each other, so I wasn’t alone. So many images to capture. So as more come in, I’ll pass them on.

      Of course the media was there, but not in droves. They are mainly taking photos of all the memorabilia folks are leaving on the fence… so heart rending and powerful.

      I chatted with a lady from his staff, offered her a hug, and she excepted. His staff have been tirelessly greeting visitors every day.

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