Thursday Open Thread | Uprising erupts in Charlotte NC over shooting of #KeithLamontScott

One person was shot and gravely wounded on Wednesday in a second night of unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina, officials said, as riot police dispersed unruly protesters after the fatal police shooting of a black man under disputed circumstances.

North Carolina’s governor later declared a state of emergency amid the disturbances and said the National Guard and state Highway Patrol troopers would be sent in to help police in Charlotte restore and maintain order.

Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney initially reported that a person shot during the protest had died, but city officials later posted a Twitter message saying the individual had been hospitalized in critical condition on life support.

The city also said the gunshot was fired by one civilian at another, not by police. A police officer was also being treated for injuries suffered during Wednesday’s protests, it said.

Putney told Fox News: “We’re trying to disperse the crowd. We’ve been very patient, but now they’ve become very aggressive, throwing bottles and so forth, at my officers, so it’s time for us now to restore order.”

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  1. Inhuman beasts guns down a man before his wife and now want to hide the video. Gun makes them feel big & bad. Coward mofos.

  2. Only a feral dog would gun down a disabled person as his wife pleads to cops not to shoot him. These are beasts we’re dealing with.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      Sounds as if only White hair styles are allowed……………………………………………………………

  3. rikyrah says:

    I think that we have back to back victims that don’t fit the stereotypes. Man with a broken down car. The other a disabled father waiting for his child. Both men crash against the easy way to try and blame Black people for their own deaths. Neither one was in the PIC, or we would have seen their mugshot. All this pressed against the athletic protests. Better examples of why they kneel could not have been found.

  4. rikyrah says:

    From Aquagranny

    Aquagranny911 • 21 minutes ago
    Don’t know if any here are familiar with this cooking blog but I’ve been following Michael Twitty for quite a while now. He usually writes about AA cooking, history & culture. In this blog entry he writes his own epitaph in case of his own murder by police. I thought I would share this here.


    “One Bad Dude”
    Posted on September 21, 2016 by michaelwtwitty

    This is the piece I wrote for the Guardian on Terence Crutcher.

    I have not been able to sleep since I learned about his shooting/murder. Sometimes I’ve just burst into tears, and I never met the man.

    I’m just almost 40, a big guy, and Black. So maybe I have met him.

    It was edited for length and content but I also wanted to share with you the original “Last Testament.” I want to assure you I don’t ascribe to respectability politics, however knowing the triggers the mainstream media uses to snare Black victims of police overreach often face, I included everything I knew that would go against the stereotypes that are often used to condemn Black men and women to death, to claim that our lives weren’t as worthy of saving…expressed clearly or covertly. Know that I love you sisters and brothers, and we must work together to fight injustice. When I see white, Native, Latinx, etc. people being treated in similar ways I can’t help but think this is a backlash against an America that some don’t want to see take hold. We need to work together to end this as soon as possible. I’m scared…we are living in a time when water is not sacred and dogs are being sicced on Native children, when Black hands up doesn’t matter, when misogyny sells t-shirts, when poverty is aided and abetted by greed, when walls take precedence over understanding, and homophobia murders people in clubs. We need a healing. Now.

    Anyway, please read the piece and reflect on these words:

    Please everybody listen…

    If they ever get their hands on me..

    I will sit silently until it’s over. But if they kill me..

    Please bear witness that I was not “one bad dude.”

    Please fight for my character.

    Remind them I loved to read and I loved to create community.

    Tell them that I was never arrested or detained for a crime, never owned a firearm, and that despite her history, I loved the South.

    Tell them I did not do drugs, abuse alcohol, and that I was a father to many, baby daddy to none, teacher of torah.

    Remind them I was a teddy bear and not a beast to shoot.

    Remind them I worked to do good things and that I wrote a book and that I was a quote on a Smithsonian museum wall, a TED speaker, that I quoted Shakespeare verbatim in front of an audience of 2000 in London, spoke at Oxford University, and that I touched the Western Wall twice and spoke at Yale 3 times.

    Tell them I wasn’t “one bad dude,”

    Tell them I was a strong, Black man.

    #TerenceCrutcher #SAYHISNAME!

  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    You can watch live stream of Terence family news conference for their reaction to the charging of Ofc. Betty Shelby at this link:

    • Ametia says:

      Yes; so Ms. Betty, the white woman is being charged. “CHARGED” not convicted yet.
      Better her than the cowardly white male cops.

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for a conviction.

  6. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    I just saw this. *tears*

    What happened? I need to check the news.

  7. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Editorial: Charlotte is Drowning in Systematic Injustice
    ~Rev. William Barber


    “There is much we do not know. But there is unrest in Charlotte because of what we do know.

    “We know, whatever the facts, that the law protects the officer, not the victim, in cases like this. Three years ago, a Charlotte officer shot and killed Jonathan Ferrell, an unarmed black man who was asking for help after his car broke down.

    “The Movement for Black Lives led peaceful protests, and the state conference of the NAACP insisted on due process. The case ended in a hung jury. The attorney general’s office denied our request for a re-trial.

    “There is unrest in Charlotte because of what we know …

    “We know that the law, as written and enforced, cannot protect us from police violence. We know Darryl Hunt and Henry McCollum, two in a long list of African-American men wrongfully convicted in this state. We know our criminal justice system does not function to protect black life, but to control it.

    “True, there are things about the Scott case that we do not know. But it’s the injustices we do know—the facts on the ground that are choking the life out of black and brown communities—that created what we see in Charlotte this week.

    “Some say we must condemn the unrest in Charlotte. As a pastor and as an organizer, I do not condone violence. I suspect that much of it has been instigated by provocateurs with their own agenda. But to condemn the uprising in Charlotte would be to condemn a man for thrashing when someone is trying to drown him.

    “Whatever righteous indignation the public can muster ought to be directed toward the systems that created a situation where a man can drive to the bus stop to pick up his son and end up dead before he gets there.

    “I am a pastor. I will not condemn grief. But I was trained as a lifeguard, and I learned a long time ago that when people are drowning, their instincts can kill them and anyone who tries to help them. If a lifeguard can get to a drowning person, the first thing the lifeguard says is, “Stop struggling. Let me hold you up in this water, and we can get to the shore together.”

    “The riots in Charlotte are the predictable response of human beings who are drowning in systemic injustice. We must all pray that no one else gets hurt. But we must understand why this is happening.”

  8. sunshine616 says:

    What are the names of the other officers that responded. Specifically the ones in the photo that has circulated as proof of a gun on the scene. The two officers on top of Keith Lamont Scott surely have some information. They were quick to release the other officers name but oddly enough the pic leaked wasn’t of the officer accused of this murder.

  9. sunshine616 says:

    So the governor is all like blah, blah, blah, the cops are great, blah, blah, blah, respect the police, blah blah blah giving the cops more resources, blah blah blah I love the police….

  10. It’s terrifying. My family lives close to Scott. Charlotte is one of my favorite cites.

    • Welcome, Hal. It’s some bullshit going on in Charlotte. Eyewitness contradicts what police said happened. No black officer shot Keith Scott, a bald headed white officer shot him. Black cop wasn’t on the scene when it happened. She says black officer administered CPR when he arrived later.

  11. sunshine616 says:

    First thing is take away PAID leave!!! Right now they are being rewarded for killing our people. Kind of like Dylan Roofs reward.

  12. sunshine616 says:

    I can’t with Loretta Lynch!!!! I just can’t!!! Keep your community relations specialist and send Justice!!!!

  13. sunshine616 says:

    To all people who live to throw out MLKs message don’t truly understand shit. Read his letter from a Birmingham jail then say something.

  14. B/c it never happened. An eyewitness says a bald white officer shot #KeithLamontScott. Taheshia Williams.

    • sunshine616 says:

      Of course not….these fuckers are creating a narrative around available videos. Came out quickly saying officer who murdered didn’t have camera on. Now they are just biding their time to see if there is any audio or video still out there to finish up their fantastical magical bullet theory.

  15. sunshine616 says:

    U know what gets me…the people that say Obamas presidency is proof racism is over are the same people who blame him for more racism? How does that work again?

  16. Liza says:

    Another story is developing in Baltimore. This has echoes of the murder of Freddie Gray. A police beating that resulted in death three days later. #TawonBoyd

    RIP #TawonBoyd has passed after being beaten unconscious by police in the Baltimore area. He called police because of a break in.— Davon Magwood (@davonmagwood) September 22, 2016


  17. rikyrah says:

    A Trump campaign chair in Ohio says there was ‘no racism’ before Obama

    Kathy Miller called the Black Lives Matter movement ‘a stupid waste of time’ and said low African American voter turnout could be due to ‘the way they’re raised’

    Donald Trump’s campaign chair in a prominent Ohio county has claimed there was “no racism” during the 1960s and said black people who have not succeeded over the past half-century only have themselves to blame.

    Kathy Miller, who is white and chair of the Republican nominee’s campaign in Mahoning County, made the remarks during a taped interview with the Guardian’s Anywhere but Washington series of election videos.

    “If you’re black and you haven’t been successful in the last 50 years, it’s your own fault. You’ve had every opportunity, it was given to you,” she said.

    “You’ve had the same schools everybody else went to. You had benefits to go to college that white kids didn’t have. You had all the advantages and didn’t take advantage of it. It’s not our fault, certainly.”

    Miller also called the Black Lives Matter movement “a stupid waste of time” and said lower voter turnout among African Americans could be related to “the way they’re raised”.

  18. rikyrah says:

    You all, I can’t believe it. How did I miss that they were undercover? That they were plain clothesed.
    So, a disabled man sitting in a car, minding his own business, sees men with firearms that he doesn’t know approach him.

    IN WHAT WORLD, IF you have a firearm, you don’t TRY AND DEFEND YOURSELF?

    The firearm, if it exists for Mr. Scott, must have been legally purchased, because if it hadn’t of been, they would have reported it.


    WHERE is the video of them asking him for his permit?


  19. sunshine616 says:

    I need my 3chicas today because I think I might explode!!! The lies these people tell are so blatant, the racism so pervasive. We need something that is going to bring action this time. A national protest…something damnit. I can’t sit anymore. I fear for my brown son everyday.

    • Liza says:

      Yeah, I watched our local news last night, something I rarely do. All they reported were the cop lies coming out of Charlotte and Tulsa. Very biased and one sided and misleading.

  20. rikyrah says:

    And any BLACK law enforcement official that GOES ON FOX NEWS IS AUTOMATICALLY SUSPECT 😠😠😠

    Why not TV ONE Chief?Roland Martin would have had you on, NO PROBLEM

  21. rikyrah says:

    Release the body camera footage!

  22. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😊, Everyone 😆

  23. Fuckery going on in Charlotte North Carolina

    #Coverup Taheshia Williams says a bald white officer shot & killed #KeithLamontScott. Black officer administered CPR.

    • sunshine616 says:

      And if u see the newly leaked photo of the supposed gun he had on the floor by his feet both officers by him are bald and white. And….,please with that gun. If there isn’t video that shows that man had a gun in his actual hand it looks like it could’ve been planted.

  24. Good morning, everyone!

    • Ametia says:

      Good Morning, SG2 & Everyone. Thank you for covering the NATIONAL CRISIS of Cops MURDERING BLACK PEOPLE

      While media pumps up Isis fear….

      • sunshine616 says:

        Media is just as complicit peddling the police narrative as gospel when it has already been proven so many times that the cops lie to protect themselves and each other. It’s what they do and what they’ve been taught to do for generations. This culture of honor, obey and make a god out of these extremely flawed humans is any we are here. No one should be above the law but law enforcement wants you under their thumb while they use the laws built and created for them and by them against us. Fuck the DOJ, Fuck the Governors, Fuck the DA’s. They are all complicit in the continued slavery and mistreatment of minorities in this country. It’s the system they designed and they aren’t going to let it go. They will kill us all and lie about it and tell us we don’t see what we see just to maintain their power structure. That is some scary shit!!! They deny their evil and paint it pretty colors to distract from the blood red we are forced to see every day. This is a racist country, with racist leaders, governed by a racist power structure… How in the world do we break that when it is literally the heart of this country?

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