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Happy HUMP Day, Everyone! Continuing with Billy Joel.

Leave a Tender Moment Alone

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  1. rikyrah says:


    I’m going to preface this post by stating that I know for sure we have a LOT of white allies in this struggle, but in light of Donald Trump appointing a known white supremacist, Steve Bannon, as his chief advisor, many of us have had it up to here with some of the blatant ignorance shown on behalf of some of our allies.

    The facebook user below took NO prisoners when she decided to define white supremacy in no uncertain terms

    Be warned. This following excerpts contain profanity and WILL snatch the hell out of your edges if you aren’t ready. Hold onto your weave caps/hats/bonnets, ladies!!

    Here it goes:

  2. rikyrah says:

    Found this at BJ:

    Some of us have set up a blog where people can share their stores about how they need their Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid and CHIP programs.

    Could Happen to You

    Please join us.

  3. rikyrah says:

    I worry a lot about them. 20 million Americans got access to healthcare because of President Obama.


    Preparing For The End Of Obamacare
    People who got health care thanks to Barack Obama’s signature domestic policy are worrying over what comes next.
    posted on Nov. 16, 2016, at 3:39 p.m.

    Joel Walker, 30, of Dayton, Ohio, began to fix his rotting teeth after he got health care coverage for the first time in ten years under a Medicare expansion. He’s waiting now to be fitted for dentures. “It should be the first time in — wow — a decade that I’ll be able to smile with a mouthful of teeth,” Walker said.

    Walker, who is also taking medication for a heart condition, said he has felt as though he was “inside a steel cage of depression” since the election, worrying what will happen if he loses access to his dentist, cardiologist, or the medicine he’s dependent on if the ACA is repealed. He voted for Hillary Clinton, but for the first time in 28 years, his county, Montgomery, flipped Republican. “To put it bluntly, I felt a little betrayed,” Walker said.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Immigration hardliner says Trump team preparing plans for wall, mulling Muslim registry
    Tue Nov 15, 2016 | 8:53pm EST

    An architect of anti-immigration efforts who says he is advising President-elect Donald Trump said the new administration could push ahead rapidly on construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall without seeking immediate congressional approval.

    Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who helped write tough immigration laws in Arizona and elsewhere, said in an interview that Trump’s policy advisers had also discussed drafting a proposal for his consideration to reinstate a registry for immigrants from Muslim countries.

    Kobach, who media reports say is a key member of Trump’s transition team, said he had participated in regular conference calls with about a dozen Trump immigration advisers for the past two to three months.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Don’t start none. Won’t be none.


    Student wearing Trump hat, arguing with protesters, is punched, kicked to ground
    November 16 at 5:20 PM

    A Maryland high school student wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap was injured and taken to the hospital Wednesday morning after he scuffled with a group of anti-Trump protesters who punched and kicked him, according to police.

    About 10:30 a.m., as the students streamed up Maryland Avenue, a confrontation broke out between the student wearing the cap that had Trump’s campaign slogan on it and another student, said Rockville Police Maj. Michael England.

    Soon, four other students jumped in, and the student wearing the Trump hat was punched and kicked, England said. The student ended up on the ground in the grass near the county office building.
    A parent who looked on as the students marched said she saw the Trump supporter join the marchers belatedly and begin to argue with them. She said she tried to defuse the situation and that the student argued with her, too. She said he told her, “I have my right to free speech too,” and then he looked at the crowd and said, “Go home.” She did not see the later physical confrontation.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Brian Beutler ‏@brianbeutler 17h17 hours ago

    Regular reminder: Republicans shrugging off Bannon referred to every qualified, non-racist Obama adviser as a nefarious “czar” of some kind.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Reposting cause it too good not to share again!
    @theferocity 2h2 hours ago
    White people keep saying stuff like “I see people on the street and I wonder if that guy or that guy voted for Trump. It’s creepy.” Umm.

    @theferocity 2h2 hours ago
    If you’ve made it well into adulthood and didn’t feel unsafe in America because of who you are — until last week: *eyes emoji*

    @theferocity 2h2 hours ago
    And don’t brag about avoiding your relatives b/c they voted for Trump. Your unwillingness to talk to them is WHAT GOT US INTO THIS MESS.

    @theferocity 2h2 hours ago
    So, no, you don’t get to opt out of talking to your racist uncle b/c it makes you nervous and tired. Get what? We’re all nervous/tired.

    @theferocity 2h2 hours ago
    Wear a safety pin, I guess. (I tried the emo punk look briefly in 2002 and it’s just not my lane.) But don’t act like it’s gonna save lives.

    @theferocity PSA:

    If you text me after 11pm, it better be a sext and not a “i’m white and sad about Trump, what should I do, black friend?” text.

    • Ametia says:

      What do ya’ll think of this: a white woman told me that Trump got elected, because folks didn’t vote.


  8. rikyrah says:

    nowYourObama Retweeted
    Hend Amry
    Hend Amry‏ @LibyaLiberty
    Oh it’s just migrants from ISIS areas.
    Oh it’s just for Arab region migrants.
    Oh it’s just for foreign Muslims.
    Ok now it’s for all Muslims.

    KnowYourObama Retweeted
    Hend Amry
    Hend Amry‏ @LibyaLiberty
    Many will defend Muslim registry cuz it’s just for migrants. That’s how civil liberties go-by little steps that don’t shock the public.

  9. Ametia says:

    These two TURDS HERE:

  10. An older white lady in my community came by to give me pomegranates b/c she knows I love them. She asked what did I think of the election and then she told me she is so afraid about Trump. Trump and his thug behavior has frightened my friends until she & husband say they’ll no longer go out except to buy groceries & go to doctor. Funny thing we never talked politics before. We’d talk about other things cooking, gardening, canning and her beautiful Peacocks. She is truly afraid after seeing Trump bully people, the violence across the country after he won. Just sad. Good people will now be confined to their home because of fear.

    • Ametia says:

      So, SG2,your white neighbor did NOT come at you wearing an effing safety pin. She knows better. And is making the effort to remain civil during these trying and dangerous times.

      Politics and religion have always been hot button issues.

      Good folks need not stay home and hide out of fear. That’s what folks like Trump and other racists want. They want us to go back to the days where we cower, and stay off the sidewalks when we see white folks approach us.

      We stand up and protect ourselves and our families.

      Those days are not coming back. Don’t start none, WON’T.BE.NONE.

      • No she wasn’t wearing a safety pin. She shares her pomegranates with me every year. She knows how much I love them. She makes juice out of them. I eat mine with sprinkles of salt.

  11. Good afternoon didn’t know it was so late in the day.

  12. Ametia says:

    another cop charged, but will his ass be prosecuted and jailed?

    Minnesota officer charged with manslaughter for fatally shooting Philando Castile during incident streamed on Facebook
    Prosecutors in Minnesota have charged the police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minn. with second-degree manslaughter.

    The shooting’s aftermath was broadcast on Facebook Live by Diamond Reynolds, Castile’s girlfriend. The footage quickly spread across social media and cable news.

    Officer Jeronimo Yanez is also charged with endangering the lives of Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter, who was also in the car.

  13. Tyren M. says:

    Good morning 3Chics,
    So Ametia, Choi actually filed charges. I believe he’s going through the motions. Still, I’m surprised he actually did it. Have a good day all.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Tyren. I just heard. yes; this is what these mofos do. Go through the fucking motion.

      The Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:


      “Here’s what we know: Civic engagement is one way to engage democracy, and our lives don’t revolve around election cycles. We continue to operate from a place of love for our people and a deep yearning for real freedom. In our work, we center the most marginalized, and look to them for leadership. We fight for our collective liberation because we are clear that until black people are free, no one is free,” the group states.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Morning, Everyone 😒😒😒

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