Monday Open Thread : The Fight For America

Those who voted for that man for President have the nerve to tell us who didn’t vote for him that we need to show respect for the Presidency. WE DO have respect for the Presidency, which is why him being “elected” is so offensive. We told those on the right that they should not attack President Obama and his family. We were told that we were being too sensitive.

So, what kind of respect will THAT MAN get?


The same kind of respect that they showed President Obama these past 8 years. He will get the same kind of respect that he showed for 3 years while being the Birther-in-Chief. He will be shown  the amount of respect that someone who chooses the likes of Sessions for Attorney General should get from anyone not White or Male. The amount of respect that someone should get for nominating someone for Secretary of Education, a person who believes in Child Labor, and who died because they didn’t want to pay taxes to support Public Education. Let that sink in for a minute.

He will be shown the amount of respect that someone who brings around Kris Kobach, who references the Internment of Japanese -Americans as a POSITIVE PRECEDENT for the Muslim Registry should be shown.


He will be shown the amount of respect that someone who appoints a person for Secretary of Commerce, a person negligent enough to have 12 men die because of bad working conditions at his mine should be shown.

I have not gotten to the nominee for National Security Adviser being shown in RUSSIA as a guest of Putin.

The continued links to Anti-Semites.

That somehow, I, as a Black person is supposed to pretend that I don’t know the history of America and what WHITE SUPREMACIST MEANS.

That somehow, I am supposed to not feel for the 20 million fellow Americans on the cusp of losing their access to healthcare.

That somehow, I am not supposed to be fearful for the brave men and women in uniform who will be sent to fight God knows where , because they will want to teach Muslims a lesson.

I didn’t even get to the fraud that is his supposed infrastructure plan, which is nothing but a privatization scheme.

Also didn’t get to the dismantling of the American social safety net, beginning with Medicare being turned into a voucher program.

Also didn’t get to the entire gritting fraud that is our new President and his family. The scams that they are already ready running. The Secret Service having to PAY RENT IN TRUMP TOWER- are you serious?

Hustling foreign governments to PAY FOR HIS HOTELS?

That he set up foreign companies DURING THE CAMPAIGN?

Offended yet?

If not, then WHY NOT?

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52 Responses to Monday Open Thread : The Fight For America

  1. Liza says:

    Republicans will likely move to go beyond the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision and end all campaign finance limitations.— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) November 28, 2016


  2. Liza says:

    These young people deserve so much better…

    After Trump’s win, a young activist pauses to consider history and ponder next moves
    Looking for lessons and potential alliances
    November 28, 2016

    The day after Donald Trump won the presidency, Clifton Kinnie, 19, marched with a handful of other Howard University students to the White House to protest.

    The St. Louis native, one of eight children, was 17 when unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed in nearby Ferguson. He walked around the corner from his high school to join the protests and was tear-gassed. This was a month after his mother died of cancer. (His father had a stroke during his freshman year of high school and lives in a nursing home.) He joined Black Lives Matter, formed a coalition of high school students called Our Destiny and held study groups at his home. Last summer, he asked President Barack Obama about safety for black and brown communities during an ABC town hall meeting on race and policing.

    Watching the election results — it was his first time voting — made for “such a bitter night,” he said. But he’d been thinking for weeks that Trump had a good shot at winning. The country was divided over Obama and many of his signature policies, said Kinnie. And “I knew by studying history that anytime there’s a progressive movement for black people, people of color, minorities and poor people in general, there will be some sort of a backlash.”

    The day before the election, he texted a friend: “I’ve been studying Andrew Jackson a lot lately in my History class,” he wrote, referencing the plainspoken, slave-owning politician who rode a populist wave to become the seventh U.S. president and champion of Indian removal policies that decimated Native Americans. “From the election to his ‘Jacksonian democracy’—I see to[o] many similarities between now & then..I hope I am wrong…”

    In mulling things over the past three weeks, he’s settled on a few key thoughts:

    Not all Trump voters are racist, Kinnie said. Some are, but “I think there are many people who are desperate right now. All these people saw a man, Trump, that they believed connected to the ordinary man. Someone who was very much divisive, someone who used racist rhetoric, was xenophobic and sexist, but someone who spoke in plain terms when talking about the economy, and he played on anxiety.”

    It’s a commonality the activist says he can work with. “If many of Trump’s supporters voted for him because of economic anxiety, OK, many black people are struggling, too. Latinos are struggling as well. Let’s build a coalition. Let’s make sure that we pursue policies that support freedom for all of us, justice for all of us, security for all of us, and not just one over the other.”

    Michael Vargas, Kinnie’s high school history teacher and mentor, said that thinking strategically and looking for allies is something the teenager first began to explore in his classroom.

    When Brown got shot, “things just got very real,” said Vargas. Suddenly Kinnie had to translate theory into practice, facing a local police force wearing combat gear and driving tanks. By then Vargas had moved to South Texas, but he talked to Kinnie and other former students daily to help them recognize “their place in time.” His role was to support them verbally and emotionally but said it was also “to make sure that there was a strategy to what [Kinnie] was doing.” Make sure he wasn’t just making noise.

    Before the election, Kinnie would send Vargas thoughts about the kind of message he wanted to push and the organization he wanted to create. Now, Vargas said, they’ll talk about Trump, white supremacy and strategies for the next four years.

    • eliihass says:

      “…Not all Trump voters are racist, Kinnie said. Some are, but “I think there are many people who are desperate right now. All these people saw a man, Trump, that they believed connected to the ordinary man. Someone who was very much divisive, someone who used racist rhetoric, was xenophobic and sexist, but someone who spoke in plain terms when talking about the economy, and he played on anxiety…”

      It bugs me to no end that folks are being bullied into disclaimers…bullied into repeatedly asserting this notion that ‘not all Trump supporters are racists’…when it’s patently obvious that most are…except of course the few irreversibly damaged, self-loathing opportunists of color, who’d leech onto just about anything…including those who hate them and tell them to their face that they aren’t worthy…

      Sure some non-white folks may have initially looked at Trump as an option economically…but as the campaign went on and his so-called business savvy was clearly debunked…in addition to all the other ways he showed his racist b*tt…no way most minorities kept on…

      His supporters both big and small, have made it clear that there is no room for minorities in their America…they’ve made it categorically clear that they want and are glad to have their white-run and predominantly populated America back…that that is singularly what heartens them about Trump’s ‘win’…

      There’s no spinning or disputing that very loud and undeniable sentiment …

      For many of these folks, if they never have 2 pennies ti rub together for the rest of their lives, they are content with the fact that their America as been reclaimed and safely in the hands of like-minded White Supremacists Trump, Bannon, Pence, Gulliani, Gingrich, etc…

      • Liza says:

        I’m thinking about your response, eliihaas. I always get back to where I came from, growing up in the Deep South, and then I realize that was such a long time ago. Yet, I can’t see what happened in this election any other way. And I have to believe that one of two things must be true for every Trump voter:
        1.) They are just simply a white supremacist.
        2.) They are not bothered by racism / white supremacy and the evil wrought by those beliefs. (This includes the complacent, those in complete denial, and the willfully ignorant.)

        The second category is the group I am most familiar with.

        But I think about this kid, Clifton Kinnie, who is only 19 years old and voted for the first time in his life. He’s already an activist, he’s going to college, probably engaged with other young activists who, in spite of everything, have real hope for their future.

        Clifton Kinnie hasn’t lived long enough to have amassed much life experience, yet what he has experienced seems to have given him wisdom beyond his years. He’s trying to reconcile what he’s experienced as an activist with his book knowledge and still believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. I respect this kid and I wish him well. But, honestly, I would rather see him go through college unencumbered by the weight he must carry, or has chosen to carry.

        I think back to when I was young. I never imagined 2016, that was an eternity away. But if I had been able to see into the future and see what is now our reality, I would have never believed this was possible.

    • eliihass says:

      You would think that Democrats would be all over as they were during the campaign ir Hillary, reiterating the importan fact that Trump who lost the popular vote by wide margins…a rarity…does not have a mandate whatsoever…

      You’d think Dems would be out there shutting down this ridiculous effort to talk up and normalize Trump and his dubious opportunistic cronies…to pretend the buffoon somehow won the right to rule unchallenged…to turn this country into a Neo-Nazi enclave ..

      Democrats acting all discombobulated …acting like they can’t find their balls since …turning on each other while too chicken to actually take on the real enemy… continue to show they haven’t learnt anything…and sadly, probably never will…

      Meanwhile, you have the slimiest if slimeballs, Joe Scarborough of the 15 pronged tongue, spinning like crazy as he and Mika swing full of crap and jig for Trump..

      The fact that someone so lacking in character and integrity…someone so blatantly corrupt and dishonest, is allowed 3 whole hours on a major cable network, and panelists like Eugene Robinson come on and indulge him and his outright dishonesty for fear of losing their gig, is beyond ridiculous …and outrageous for the so-called greatest democracy in the world…

      If we hadn’t before, we have officially lost our already shaky self-appointed moral place from which to chime in on, or lecture any country about journalistic integrity…or democracy for that matter…

  3. Abdul Razak Ali Artan: Everything we know about the OSU attack suspect

    Law enforcement officials have identified the suspect in Monday morning’s attack at Ohio State University as Abdul Razak Ali Artan. Here’s everything we know about him:

    Artan was born in Somalia

    He was born in Somalia and living in the United States as a legal permanent resident, sources tell the Associated Press. It was unclear when and why Artan came to the US.

    Artan was an OSU student

    At the time of the attack, Artan was enrolled at OSU, university officials confirm. They believe he was in his first semester at the university.

    He reportedly remained silent throughout the attack

    An eyewitness to the rampage told CNN in an interview that Artan was “completely silent” and “very creepy” as he carried out the attack.

    He reportedly discussed attacks on Muslims on social media

    Sources tells ABC News that authorities are looking at a Facebook posting online to determine if it is connected to the OSU suspect. The posting mentions radical cleric Anwar Awlaki and says, among other things: “I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE. … I can’t take it anymore. America! Stop interfering with other countries … [if] you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks.”

    • eliihass says:

      This kid was 18…


      Think about it…

      What would compel an 18 year old who’s barely lived, to do this…

      If we’re not careful, this is just the tip of the iceberg…

      And if the so-called Alt-Right think they now own this country…and that they get to spew their crap…terrorize folks…they have another think coming…

      The potency of what happens when fear and anger is stoked…what can be wrought when fear and anger collide….cannot even be imagined..

      The Alt-Right must be reminded in all their blind arrogance, that in all that baseless arrogance and false sense of brute entitlement, that there are those in this country just as determined…even more so…and just as convinced…and worse yet, with that powerfully unimpenetrable sense of nothing left to lose…

      Nothing more powerful and disturbing and undefeatable than a person who goes through life with that ultimate sense of having nothing to lose…and being unafraid to die…

      That’s the most dangerous kind of person…

  4. Ametia says:

    FLOTUS after finding out Trump’s on the line Tweeting POTUS.


  5. eliihass says:

    I strongly disagree with several assertions in this write-up, but it contained enough tidbits of truth and funny-peculiar for me to want to share..

    I don’t believe for instance that those of us who reject the buffoon can be told to suck it up and get with his warped program…he is not and will never be my president..

    And, 2008 was not ‘Hillary’s time’…nobody gets to have a ‘time’…you either run with a wide, open field of candidates…and win fair and square…or you don’t…it’s as simple as that..

    I also don’t believe that it was wrong or in any way misguided to institute an Education department to ensure that every child in this so-called greatest country in the world, gets a fighting chance at having access to a quality education…it’s a pity that it hasn’t always been led by the right folks…and that that most pertinent vision has not always being properly and effectively executed…

    I suspect this person is a not so under-cover neocon…a confused – or wannabe accepted by the cool progressive kids – East Coast Libertarian …

    “…Meanwhile, we’re stuck with Boris Badenov and Natasha in the White House … But wait – Natasha doesn’t want to leave her golden sky palace, so instead the City of New York and the American public have to pay for Boris and Natasha’s trial separation. Don’t feel sorry for Boris, he has the Children, Bevis, another Bevis, and the Devil in Prada around to prop him up.  Exactly why does Ivanka keep turning up in her father’s impromptu meetings with the Japanese delegation, or on calls with the Argentinian President?  Sooner or later, some moose and squirrel from Capitol Hill are going to call Boris Badenov on it, and take away his launch codes.

    But until that happens, we’re stuck with this trigger-happy Twitter addict running around like Bluto Blutarsky gloating, saying, “Hey you screwed up – you trusted us.”

    And speaking of gloating, quit gloating, media.  This is your fault, too.  Once upon a time, Walter Cronkite ended each news show with, “And that’s the way it is.”  And Uncle Walter meant it.  But news isn’t that, anymore.  Now the mantra is, “And that’s the way we want you to see it,” and it is repugnant.  Monday, Mr. Trump met with the media,  and CNN’s President, Jeff Zucker, tried to impress on Mr. Trump the importance of the media.  Based on Zucker’s rhetoric after the meeting, it was like talking to a brick wall.  “I think it’s safe to say that  based on some of what we saw during the campaign, we have some reason for concern,” Zucker said.

    Then, just last night, CNN had the audacity to have a debate about whether Jews were even people.  Forgive me for this, but if they aren’t going to bleep David Chappelle, you aren’t going to bleep me:  WHAT THE FUCK?  Where were you, Jeff Zucker, to press CRTL-ALT-DELETE and get that ALT-RT crap off the air?  Where is the retraction?  Where is the corporate apology?  And you’re Jewish, Zucker – are you a man or a mensch?  Don’t claim to hold the President-Elect’s feet to the fire, then roll over to his misguided supporters.

    CNN, Fox News, NBC, the New York Times … all of you and almost every other media outlet, you helped cause this because you thought Trump was entertaining and you decided you could charge more for ads for erectile dysfunction medication if you steered people towards or away from the orange ringmaster.  The First Amendment calls you out specifically, and charges you with the task of holding our government’s feet to the fire.  Instead, you supplied the gasoline and matches, and you should be ashamed.  Just after the election, CNN ran a graphic about Mr. Trump’s, “Transition to Power.”  You idiots, he isn’t a dictator, Mr. Trump is transitioning into OFFICE.  Elected office.  Quit fanning the flames and start doing your jobs – accurately.  I know you know this, Anderson Cooper – we went to the same school…”

    • eliihass says:

      I’ve never willed harder for someone to trip and fall..

      The idea that people are with a straight face talking up this fluke of a ‘win’…pretending that this guy should be or can be taken seriously…that he is a ‘maverick’ one of Hillary’s Venture Capitalist (now weasely sucking up to Trump) supporters told BBC… Said he and his wealthy friends were so sure Hillary would win, but that he is ‘very excited to see what a maverick like Trump’ can bring to the presidency…



      The whole thing is like something out of a comic book jokey-nightmare…and the lead character is well-cast as that stranger than fiction comical, yellow-haired, bloated, red-faced, chip on the shoulder, painfully insecure, desperate to belong, dubious wealth brat with the iq of a gnat…

  6. eliihass says:

    “…In the television world of countless Dr. Oz’s and Dr. Phil’s, there remains only one Iyanla Vanzant.

    The therapist and 17-time author, who’s famously known for transforming her clients’ haunting life experiences into healing victories, makes it very clear that she’s no cliché celebrity doctor.

    “I’m not a celebrity television star, I’m a minister. To get there, I had to write 17 books, attend law school to learn how to think analytically, I had to create workshops, build an institution where I train people and conduct seminars,” Iyanla told NBCBLK.

    As expected, on the latest season of “Fix My Life: House of Healing,” she’s running a tight ship. Instead of narrowing the vocal point on a celebrity overcoming a scandal on each episode, she fearlessly decided to debunk a vicious stereotype that has taken a life of its own: The Angry Black Women.

    Iyanla invited a group of eight women that inhibit temperamental behavioral issues with carrying the burden of anger and emotional distress. Many of these women are also coping with the effects of infidelity, physical abuse, absentee fathers, financial and careers deficits.

    Iyanla revealed that the Angry Black Woman myth has upset her during the course of her career. But it wasn’t until she heard the misleading criticism of First Lady Michelle Obama that motivated her to approach this pessimistic label.

    “It’s been quite a long time since we’ve had a woman in this position of power in this country who demonstrates the presence and being of black woman,” she says. “What was being portrayed about us was being made up and then the people that made it up want us to bend to fit their description. She’s not an entertainer, she’s a mom, and she’s educated, strong, powerful, and consistent. We’ve had black woman leaders, but we’ve never had one stand in the demonstration in the way Michelle Obama does and I think it frightened people and they had to find ways to diminish her, to demean her.”

    • Ametia says:


      “It’s been quite a long time since we’ve had a woman in this position of power in this country who demonstrates the presence and being of black woman,” she says. “What was being portrayed about us was being made up and then the people that made it up want us to bend to fit their description. She’s not an entertainer, she’s a mom, and she’s educated, strong, powerful, and consistent. We’ve had black woman leaders, but we’ve never had one stand in the demonstration in the way Michelle Obama does and I think it frightened people and they had to find ways to diminish her, to demean her.”

  7. The number of cops killed by non-blacks alone in 2016 is nearly equal to the number killed by all races combined (including blacks) in 2015.

  8. The woman is so disturbed. But where were the cops? 10 minutes in and no police. Just unbelievable.

  9. rikyrah says:

    David Petraeus for SECRETARY OF STATE????
    A man who gave secrets to his HO???

  10. rikyrah says:

    Active shooter at Ohio State University

  11. Liza says:

    Developing story…

    I guess that Dylann Roof is not only competent to stand trial, but also believes he is competent to defend himself. Apparently realizing that he is doomed, he must think he can use the trial for his last big show before they lock him up in Florence, CO.

    Dylann Roof will represent himself in Charleston shooting trial
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, November 28, 2016, 9:42 AM

    Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Roof can represent himself in the trial for the mass murder, a judge ruled Monday.

    Roof filed a motion Sunday asking to dismiss his counsel, and argued in court Monday that he wants to represent himself in court, according to WISTV.

    U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel advised Roof he thought it was “wise” for the suspect to keep his counsel. But the judge still accepted Roof’s request.

  12. rikyrah says:

    Morning, Everyone😐😐😐

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