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Christmas candles 84Silver Bells” is a classic Christmas song, composed by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.

“Silver Bells” was first performed by Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell in the motion picture The Lemon Drop Kid, filmed in July–August 1950 and released in March 1951.[1] The first recorded version was by Bing Crosby and Carol Richards, released by Decca Records in October 1950.[2] After the Crosby and Richards recording became popular, Hope and Maxwell were called back in late 1950 to refilm a more elaborate production of the song.

“Silver Bells” started out as the questionable “Tinkle Bells.” Said Evans, “We never thought that tinkle had a double meaning until Jay went home and his [first] wife said, ‘Are you out of your mind? Do you know what the word tinkle is?'” The word is child’s slang for urination.

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A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. rikyrah says:

    Larry O has on Vlad directing the election interference HIMSELF

  2. rikyrah says:

    POLITICO tweeted some garbage about the illegitimate President -elect being mad at Twitter for not letting him have some emojis.

    Please tweet them back that:
    1. We know that is a false story.
    2. They need to publish the real reason for them leaving out Twitter:
    Twitter refused to go along with the MUSLIM REGISTRY

  3. rikyrah says:

    DC Area Marching Bands Opt to Sit Out Trump’s Inaugural Parade

    NO local DC High Schools applied to be part of Trump’s Inaugural Parade.

    Neither did any local HBCU Marching Bands.

    Howard said they could not do it because of “budgetary reasons”.
    another said that they wanted other marching bands to have the “opportunity”, and another gave no reason.


  4. rikyrah says:

    Just bought “My President is Black.” from The Atlantic.
    Ebony also has an Obama retrospective out called ‘Hail to the Chief’
    No, it is not in hardcover. Dammit, Black publications- spend the extra few dollars to hardcover these!😕😕😕

  5. eliihass says:

    Joe Manchin is precisely the sort of ‘Democrat’ we as a party can do without…

    No point insisting we need him..or are ‘winning’ with his ilk…all while they do immense and irreparable damage with their hypocritical stances, and loud attempts at conveniently distancing themselves from the President when it suits their re-election purposes…which is not only during elections these days, but all the time it seems…

    But Manchin will justify kissing up to and looking for work with the corrupt, immoral, racist megalomaniac who colluded with a foreign enemy to not only attack the Clintons, but to beat his dear, dear friends to the presidency..

    And please, someone tell Chuck Todd and his ilk…enough with the whole ‘Dems are losing like those nice working class, good Christian folks in the rust belt who once voted for them, because Dems aren’t sufficiently tending to them and their ‘needs”crap…

    When recent polling pegs 32% of white registered Democrats as anti-black ….and that doesn’t include some of the so-called ‘liberal/progressive’ ilk who are just as racist, but who prefer to see themselves instead as ‘high-minded’ and ‘post-racial’ (because they voted for the historic President …and mostly because he was in their view, more ‘appealing’ and ‘acceptable’ than most black folks, thanks to his white heritage…and because his biography suggested that he would be less ‘aggrieved’ and therefore less inclined to discomfit them…cause them to feel preemptively defensive in that ‘cruel’ way descendants of slaves -even without trying or meaning to, automatically tend to make them feel…)

    These polls aren’t in fact indicative or reflective of a good Christian folk with ‘economic anxieties’ mentality….the polls tell of a group alarmed at the endless dire warnings courtesy of media folk and others…warnings that alert them to the scary fact that they are not only being ‘overtaken’ by the numbers as a racial group, but that they are being ‘overtaken’ by them inferiors minorities.. The media bombard them with non-stop stories of them Mexicans they are a-coming…and they are a-taking over…and that in the next decade or so, that white folks will be the minority….>.

    This is and has never been about economic anxiety…it is and will always be race-driven…even for those who claim they voted for President Obama both times, but opted for the buffoon this time around, because he ‘spoke their language’, ‘called it as it is’,….and represented ‘change’…


    ‘Change’ …but only of the kind that provided non-negotiable and irreversible assurances of white supremacy …one that would in no way accommodate – or encourage – those minorities that threaten their numbers, their supremacy and their assured place at the top of the heap…

    Build the wall…drain the swamp…take back ‘our’ White House…

    Those are cries of the ‘anxious’ alright…but those anxieties have absolutely nothing to do with their pocketbooks…

    • Liza says:

      “….the polls tell of a group alarmed at the endless dire warnings courtesy of media folk and others…warnings that alert them to the scary fact that they are not only being ‘overtaken’ by the numbers as a racial group, but that they are being ‘overtaken’ by them inferiors minorities..”

      Eliihaas, there always comes that day when you know that folks are just never going to get along. Not in your own lifetime and probably not afterwards. And you are never going to know why.

      But I will go down screaming that the presidential election was winnable for the Democrats despite all of the obstacles, the real ones and the ones they created for themselves. People who run campaigns have one job and only one job and that is to get out the vote. Hillary’s campaign failed to do that in crucial states, but the votes were there.

      A Hillary presidency may not have moved us forward very far but it would have bought us time. Now we’re going to be bombarded from every angle and my great fear is that the Democrats won’t focus on the common enemy, the one who is going to starve them or deny them healthcare or get them killed.

      It’s just us now.

    • eliihass says:

      Another ‘review’ that’ll amount to nothing sadly, SG…

      Loretta has 30 odd days left…and minus the holidays, even less days…

      What she expects can be accomplished in this late hour, I can’t imagine…

      But Jeff Sessions will teach them how you stick with your principles and agenda, and get things done…sadly, it will all be to our detriment…

      Hopefully, next time Dems get power, they’ll finally know what to do with it…stop being self-serving cowards…stop playing footsie with republicans…stop giving away our power – and the meatiest, choicest and most sensitive positions like FBI director, to the opposition – in a bid to impress who I don’t know…to look like they’re high-minded and play well with others..even as the republicans never accommodate Dems ..or the general citizenry for that matter…it’s always for the republicans, all about their oil and war deals ..and get rich and stay rich schemes…with rigging of our democracy to support their ultimate goals of enrichment via power, just one more vehicle …

      And for crying out loud, if Dems decide to go the corrupt route like republicans, do it right and go all the way…push through like a real G…don’t do mediocre crap and then demure and scuttle away when it all blows up…stay and fight…and like republicans do, call everyone’s bluff and keep bamboozling and barreling through…

  6. Ametia says:


  7. eliihass says:

    The media acting all scared and impotent …aiding and abetting and talking-up the buffoon and his offspring …even as they feign ‘helplessness’ and act all doe-eyed at Trump and family’s brazen abuse of the process..

    They and the rest of the oligarchs and politicos and celebrities all know exactly how to squash this narcissist…deny him attention…deny him audience…stop going to meet with him…shun him…call him out and hold him accountable…

    But they won’t…instead they all suck up to him, act all impressed with his bullshit…talk up his dumb a*se…Elevate and gush over his dumb, equally dubious, plastic, shallow and hollow offspring…

    And worse, provide him, Mike Pence, their dodgy nominees, and their band of merry racist supporters, all the cover they need — and even that they haven’t asked for…encouraging and enabling them to continue to brazenly flout the rules…and not only get away with it, but even provide and market to the American people, the rationale and pass and praise – all unsolicited – that Trump himself and his dum-dims could never have come up with themselves…

    • Ametia says:

      Ivanka gets office in WH reserved for First Ladies? GTFOH See above post.

      • eliihass says:

        And media, Al Gore & co. and everyone, have not only allowed and aided this, they practically suggested and encouraged it..

        As if it’s all just so perfectly normal…you know, daddy using his surgically-enhanced and remade, hollow

        Same folks who told you that the Princeton and Harvard educated historic First Lady and wife and partner to the historic President, must know and stay in her place at the far back of the sidelines…to be seen and not heard because ‘nobody elected her’ … are now all gleefully and breathlessly talking up and over the moon about ‘Ivanka Trump set to be ‘the most powerful first daughter evah’ …even as they all turn a blind eye to the obvious conflicts and clear issues…too busy trying to ingratiate themselves to the crass, fake not even nearly ‘nouveau riche’ Trumps…

        Folks who ought to know better, too busy falling all over themselves, doing their darndest to worm their way into Ivanka’s future White House guest lists to eat shrimp and drink wine…

      • eliihass says:

        And media, Al Gore & co. and everyone, have not only allowed and aided this, they practically suggested and encouraged it..

        As if it’s all just so perfectly normal…you know, daddy using his surgically-enhanced and remade, hollow Barbie to pimp away …and to distract from his and the entire family’s dubious shenanigans…

        Same folks who told you that the Princeton and Harvard educated historic First Lady and wife and partner to the historic President, must know and stay in her place at the far back of the sidelines…to be seen and not heard because ‘nobody elected her’ … are now all gleefully and breathlessly talking up and over the moon about ‘Ivanka Trump set to be ‘the most powerful first daughter evah’ …even as they all turn a blind eye to the obvious conflicts and clear issues…too busy trying to ingratiate themselves to the crass, fake not even nearly ‘nouveau riche’ Trumps…

        Folks who ought to know better, too busy falling all over themselves, doing their darndest to worm their way into Ivanka’s future White House guest lists to eat shrimp and drink wine…

      • rikyrah says:

        keep on bringing these truths, folks.

  8. Marcia Dyson Beyotch done deleted her tweets to me.

    • eliihass says:

      LOL SG…

      Thank you our great Twitter queen..

      • Marcia done deleted both tweets to me. She tweeted there was a reason Harriet Tubman carried more than a Bible for some slaves. LOL!

        BISH please!

        • eliihass says:

          Marcia Dyson has always, always been the most opportunistic and transparently phoniest of ‘activists’…

          Mediocre to the nth..

          She’s nothing but a hustling shyster and a low-rent poseur..

          God forgive me, but she needs to go away with her skin bleaching, plastic surgery overdone, tripping over her tongue as she jumbles her grammar in her affected effort…

  9. rikyrah says:

    Donald Trump’s German Debt Bomb
    “Could he continue in office while fighting a personal bankruptcy action?”

    by James Wimberley
    December 14, 2016 12:15 PM

    Deutsche Bank is in trouble. WSJ in September, December.

    The $14bn fine levied on the bank by the US Justice Department has exposed Deutsche’s thin capital cushion. It is retrenching, and struggling to avoid a bailout. The German government’s formal position is against bailouts. But that’s for show: you always deny these things to the last minute, like devaluations. In reality, it could not afford to let the country’s largest bank (and the 11th in the world) crash. We can safely assume Bundesbank and Finance Ministry officials are riding herd on the bank’s every move and keeping up the pressure.

    The bank is also the largest creditor of the Trump Organization, to the tune of $364 million. Which creates a very interesting situation for all parties, in the sense of the Chinese curse.

    The bank needs cash, lots of it, and therefore must realize some of its assets. Where do they look? Well, one place is high-risk loans to borrowers with a poor record – like Trump.

    You may object: these are not callable loans but fixed-term ones like mortgages. Here I call on apparently well-informed commenter MacK at LGM:

    In practice, since loan covenant breaches, even “technical” ones are so common, a lot of real estate loans can be called anytime. Now consider what that means for Donald Trump, a lot of whose net worth consists of his participation in big real estate projects. Trump has a bad reputation with lenders (they got burned 4 times) – Deutsche Bank was odd in that it was a major bank prepared to lend to Trump – but who knows the details, how the loan was syndicated.

    Trump’s wealth may very much depend on lenders on his projects, but also projects that just have his name on them, not “calling their loans.” Consider the leverage that may give the lenders over Trump.

    Calling the loans is very much an option. Since Deutsche is the largest creditor, it could spark a panic among other creditors, leading to the bankruptcy of several Trump Organization businesses and, if Trump has issued personal guarantees, of Trump himself. Could he continue in office while fighting a personal bankruptcy action? I doubt it. Ryan and McConnell have a nuclear weapon in that they could threaten to stand aside in an impeachment launched by Pelosi. The situation contains an existential danger to Trump.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Sessions Pretends Senate Never Rejected Him for Racism
    by Martin Longman
    December 14, 2016 11:48 AM

    The Democrats’ opening salvo against the nomination of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III isn’t all that impressive. It comes down to a complaint that Sessions swamped them with so many documents that they can’t adequately review them between now and the scheduled confirmation hearings on January 10th and 11th. Maybe so, but the public couldn’t possibly care less.

    Their more salient (politically) attack is that Sessions pretended that the elephant in the room simply isn’t there.

    Sessions, 69, returned his questionnaire to the committee amid little fanfare late last Friday evening. The former U.S. attorney and attorney general for the state of Alabama dutifully listed his employment record. But under a section asking for “any unsuccessful candidacies you have had for elective office or unsuccessful nominations for appointed offices,” Sessions didn’t mention his failed bid for a federal judge post.

    I’ve written about this several times, but one of the most noteworthy things about Sessions’ career is that he was nominated for a federal judgeship by Ronald Reagan and rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee because he was too obviously a racist.

    On June 5, 1986, the Committee voted 10–8 against recommending the nomination to the Senate floor, with Republican Senators Charles Mathias of Maryland and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania voting with the Democrats. It then split 9–9 on a vote to send Sessions’ nomination to the Senate floor with no recommendation, this time with Specter in support. A majority was required for the nomination to proceed. The pivotal votes against Sessions came from his home state’s Democratic Senator Howell Heflin of Alabama. Although Heflin had previously backed Sessions, he began to oppose Sessions after hearing testimony, concluding that there were “reasonable doubts” over Sessions’ ability to be “fair and impartial.” The nomination was withdrawn on July 31, 1986.

  11. eliihass says:

    And just as I’ve always shared with my fam here, the Clintons in much the same way Trump is now looking to do, thought they were being slick by cultivating and surrounding themselves with these same dubious, corrupt, slimy black opportunists like Jim Brown, Robert Johnson, Marcia Dyson etc. …hoping to exploit and perpetrate their scams on other black folks via these no-good hustlers..

    These unprincipled folks – just like the vile white power that deliberately cultivates them to be temporarily used and subsequently disposed of….and only to advance a specific smoke and mirrors agenda…these folks are simply self-serving low-life’s and hustlers and …economic and political whores and opportunists looking to not only line their pockets, but needing the constant approval and pat on the back of white folks…but they will as soon quickly move on to the next ‘powerful’ white benefactor, once the well runs dry for the last one…

    But they should remember that Trump actually told David Letterman that he and the Clintons had had many discussions about ‘the blacks’…and how ‘ungrateful’ ‘the blacks’ are…how the ‘blacks’ quickly turned on and abandoned the Clintons for Obama, even after everything the Clintons had done for ‘the blacks’…

    Think about it fam, these grown ass black folks watched the shenanigans in real time, and listened to all the crap Trump and his racist audiences (who are quick to tell you they support Trump because he promises to return America to white folks)…spewed – and continue to spew…

    … but Jim Brown shows up with the most self-loathing and embarrassing coon of a hustler masquerading as a ‘pastor’…has a 20 minutes audience with the buffoon shyster – and suddenly he’s ‘in love’…never mind that as Trump is throwing them non-existent scraps…stroking their stupid egos – as they’re stroking his and being useful idiots…Trump is actively and very publicly and unabashedly lining up the most dangerous, anti-civil rights, vile and unapologetic white supremacists to run the government…

    But he stroked Jim Brown’s ego…and took a picture with a mentally disturbed rapper after meeting for 15 minutes…and all is well…

    Folks are fools..

    • Ametia says:


      • eliihass says:

        Let’s not forget who Jim Brown really is…the woman-beating hypocrite who invoked racism when it suited his purposes…but now conveniently argues for why he must commune with the worst racists …because they stroke his ego for a minute – and he sniffs a chance to line his pocket…
        In the end, he has more than a whole lot in common with the megalomaniac buffoon shyster he’s ‘fallen in love’ with…and none good..

        “…He is in jail by choice, which is rather ironic because it may be the cosmic retribution he deserves, given his misogynistic, violent history. Brown says he has repented to God, but the Hall of Famer insists his confinement is due to a corrupt judicial system racially stacked against African-Americans.

        “There’s no doubt that I’m a political prisoner, but race in America is always under the surface,” he says from a Ventura County jail, where he is locked down 23 hours a day the next five months. “If I were domesticated, I would be accepted racially. I’d have approval if I stayed in my place. The worst thing an African-American man can do is be as free as those more powerful than he is.”

        Three years ago, Brown was charged with making terroristic threats on his wife’s life and for vandalism after he grabbed a shovel and smashed a window in their Jaguar. He was found guilty of the lesser charge..”

      • eliihass says:

        Jim Brown:

        In 1965, an 18-year-old accused Brown of forcing her to have sex after giving her whiskey, but a jury found him innocent of assault and battery in the 10-day trial.

        In 1968, he was accused of throwing a model from a balcony, but when the 22-year-old woman refused to name Brown as her assailant, the charge of assault with intent to murder was dropped.

        In 1969, he was acquitted of assaulting a man after a traffic accident in 1969.

        In 1971, charges that he battered two women were dropped after they failed to testify at his trial.

        In 1978, he was fined and served a day in jail for beating up a golf partner.

        In 1985, Brown was charged with rape, sexual battery and assault, but the charges were dropped when the 33-year-old woman gave inconsistent testimony. The next year he was arrested for allegedly beating his fiancée after accusing her of flirting. He spent three hours in jail, but three days later the 21-year-old woman said she didn’t want to prosecute.

        In 1999, Brown was convicted in Los Angeles of smashing the window of his 25-year-old wife Monique’s car, but was acquitted of making terrorist threats against her. The judge sentenced him to three years’ probation, stripped him of his driver’s license for a year, and ordered him to attend special counseling for domestic batterers.

    • Ametia says:




  12. rikyrah says:

    Firefighter senses something wrong at restaurant, saves 30 people

    Off-duty firefighter Lonnie Wimmer was at a dinner party with friends Saturday night when he looked around the table and realized something wasn’t quite right.

    Guests were starting to feel nauseous, complaining about headaches and some were even starting to feel chest pain after spending nearly an hour and a half inside the River Ridge Tap House in Clemmons, North Carolina.

    The first thought that came to Wimmer’s mind: carbon monoxide.

    So, the firefighter at Lewisville Fire Department called the fire station and asked them to come to the restaurant as soon as possible.

    Sure enough, Wimmer was right. At least 12 fire officials responded to the call and when they arrived they found a high level of CO inside the restaurant. They quickly evacuated dozens of patrons from the establishment.

  13. rikyrah says:


    You know I don’t tweet, but I’d like for you to tweet MarciaLDyson, who put out some bulshyt about Jim Brown meeting with Ferret Head.

    When called on it, she had the nerve to say that she wasn’t trying to normalize racism.

    Had the nerve to say that Jim Brown understands the need to work with the next POTUS.


    As the GOP brings The Hunger Games to America, just EXACTLY what is Brown supposed to be working with them on?

    The Muslim Registry?
    The possibility of the deportation of a MILLION DREAMers from the only country many of them have known?
    The cutting of Social Security?
    The dismantling of Medicare into a voucher program?
    The taking away of healthcare for 20 MILLION Americans, many of them African American?
    Are we supposed to with Jeff Sessions, a proven racist in word and professional deed, as the Chief Law Enforcement Office of this country?
    As we supposed to work with Price at HHS, as he takes away Obamacare, Medicare, abortion and birth control for women?

    Just EXACTLY should we work with the GOP ON, Ms. Dyson?

    You are floating this trial balloon, trying to see if anyone falls for this bullshyt, so that you and other Blackademics, who couldn’t keep your mouths closed during the Obama years, criticizing the President at everyturn for the ponies and unicorns that he didn’t bring…now, talking about working with a racist, fascist, sexual predator who is a puppet of a foreign government. You are not an activist. You are trying to find a way to scam and hustle your way through the Trump Years, as the overwhelming majority of the Black Community will be subjected to the Hunger Games.

    • rikyrah says:

      sorry that it wasn’t grammar perfect, but I was so livid reading her nonsense this morning!

    • I’ll get it. Give me a minute.

    • Ametia says:

      Have a seat hustler Dyson!

    • eliihass says:

      I was just coming to post a video of that coon Jim Brown talking about ‘falling in love’ with the buffoon because the racist buffoon who rode racism into a dubious electoral college ‘win’, invited Jim Brown to Trump towers, stroked his ego for a few minutes and sent him on his way…all while still unapologetically embracing, stoking and emboldening vile white supremacists, and filling up his banana republic ‘cabinet’ with the worst possible kind of corrupt, vile, hate-filled, soulless, evil racists – determined to undo every civil right and progressive gains made…

      But the racist made Jim Brown feel good for a minute…and might even give Marcia Dyson FaceTime…or even a token spot if she plays her cards right, seeing as he has few ‘blacks’ to choose from…

      And that’s all that matters to these dumb, greedy, shameless opportunists…

      People like Jim Brown and Marcia Dyson are precisely why America will never repent or correct its racist course…

      Marcia Dyson, the woman who couldn’t get her head out of Hillary’s b*tt in 2008…and always felt the need to show Massa Clinton just how loyal she was …Can’t forget her vile attacks on then Candidate Obama…

      When folks show you who they are, believe them..

    • She’s coming for me. LOL

  14. rikyrah says:

    Quick Takes: Trump Never Laughs
    by Nancy LeTourneau
    December 13, 2016 4:55 PM

    * Mark Leibovich brings us Sen. Al Franken’s thoughts about the next four years. It all begins with a fascinating observation from the former comedian.

    Donald Trump never laughs,” Al Franken said.

    This was the senator’s first observation to me on a recent afternoon. It was exactly three weeks from the day the punch line became the president-elect. And Trump’s mysterious absence of laughter had never occurred to me before, even though I’d spoken to him a fair amount and he has lived pretty much nonstop in our faces for 18 months, no end in sight.

    Franken, the second-term Democratic senator from Minnesota and, before that, a longtime writer and performer on “Saturday Night Live,” has studied this. He provided commentary for MSNBC at the Al Smith Dinner, the Catholic charity fund-raiser in October where presidential nominees engage in good-natured ribbing of themselves and each other (Trump mostly skipped the “good-natured” part and was booed). “I wanted to see if Trump laughed,” Franken said. “And he didn’t. He smiled, but didn’t laugh. I don’t know what it is.”

    * The picture headlining the article above speaks volumes.

    The look on Franken’s face expresses how an awful lot of us feel these days about the prospect of a Trump presidency. It’s also interesting to notice the pictures of Paul Wellstone on the wall behind the Senator’s desk. Those are there as a constant reminder of the legacy Franken tries to uphold in his current position. Finally…the Senator is obviously in need of a new pair of shoes.

  15. rikyrah says:

    The last time a POTUS ignored/doubted US Intel? 2,997 Americans killed on 9/11; 6,731 military in Iraq, Afghanistan

    — Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) December 14, 2016

  16. rikyrah says:

    From the article:
    “James Baker, the George H.W. Bush secretary of state who, MSNBC reported, advised Donald Trump to pick Tillerson, is a partner at a law firm that has represented Exxon as well as Rosneft, the Russian state-owned oil company that partners with Exxon.”

    Carter Page Tells Moscow Rex Tillerson is Secretary of State Before Trump Tells America via @heatstreet

    — Deanna Woods (@deannawds) December 13, 2016

    • eliihass says:

      But they are held up by the media as ‘Statesmen and patriots’ …

      Not only have they been selling the country off to line their pockets, but they’ve been selling our country to our greatest enemies….and emboldening and enabling them in the process….but somehow they’re ‘great patriots’ – and their word is supreme…because the media and the spin masters say so…

      And these corrupt, treasonous folks are somehow deemed infinitely more ‘patriotic’ than the Obamas who have always protected and prioritized this country, its ideals and promise – and they have not only lived up to its highest ideals, but have led by example, and done everything to model America’s highest ideals, personally and professionally…and done their darndest to protect it for subsequent generations…

  17. rikyrah says:


    Thanks to the media and conservative political bloggers, the Russian hack of the DCCC affected the outcome of key Congressional races, too, according to a new report by the New York Times.

    But there was never anything quite like the 2016 election campaign, when a handful of Democratic House candidates became targets of a Russian influence operation that made thousands of pages of documents stolen by hackers from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington available to Florida reporters and bloggers.

    “It was like I was standing out there naked,” said Annette Taddeo, a Democrat who lost her primary race after secret campaign documents were made public. “I just can’t describe it any other way. Our entire internal strategy plan was made public, and suddenly all this material was out there and could be used against me.”

    It didn’t actually break through all the noise to the surface, but the damage was done because of a cooperative news media and local bloggers, who teamed up with Russia to do harm to Democratic candidates. There were no similar efforts against Republican candidates for the House.

    The intrusions in House races in states including Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico and North Carolina can be traced to tens of thousands of pages of documents taken from the D.C.C.C., which shares a Capitol Hill office building with the Democratic National Committee.

  18. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh
    Uh huh

    More Than Words: Why Republican Semantics Can’t Hide The True Russian Involvement in Our Election

    Trevor LaFauci
    December 13, 2016

    Russia was meddling in our election, but they weren’t interfering.

    If you were to accidentally turn on cable news over the past few days, this would be the explanation you would be hearing by Republicans in defense of the latest revelations that Russian hackers acted to aid Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election. As absurd as it is to be defending a foreign nation from intervening in our election, let’s take a moment to reflect on just how contorted this statement actually is. Republicans have gotten to the point now where they would actually defend a nation that threatens the sovereignty of the United States of America. They are doing that simply because they are out of options.

    Because Republicans are now like teenagers, caught red-handed. They have no choice but to resort to semantics in order to convince others, and more importantly themselves, that what they are seeing isn’t at all unprecedented. It’s bad enough that they needed foreign intervention to ascend to the presidency; it’s worse still that they needed their Senate majority leader to intentionally prevent that act from becoming public knowledge. Right now, Republicans have taken up the role of teenage children doing their best to obfuscate language in hopes that their crime will receive a lesser punishment. They were drinking but they weren’t drunk. They dinged up the car but they didn’t wreck it. The party wasn’t busted it just ended early.

    And Russia didn’t change the outcome of the election, they just were causally involved.

    Except they weren’t. Aided by James Comey and Mitch McConnell, Russia overtly disrupted our election, so much so that you can actually see a pattern of behavior associated with the 2016 presidential campaign. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the major Russian hacks over the past six months.

  19. rikyrah says:

    The polar vortex is HERE!
    The temperature was 7 degrees this morning.
    Wind chill of -10.


  20. rikyrah says:

    Morning Everyone😐😐😐

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