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Hello 3 Chics Family. Happy HUMP Day!

Today’s feature is The North Shore

Lake Superior was settled by Native Americans about 8000 BC when the Wisconsin Glaciers began to retreat. By 500 BC the Laurel people had established settlements in the area and had begun to trade metal with other native peoples. The Laurel people were animists and probably created many of the pictographs present on rock faces along the North Shore and other Canadian rock faces in order to communicate with spirits.
In the 12th century, on the easternmost portion of the North Shore, the ancestors of the Ojibwa migrated into the area. These people left behind small pits dug in the ground which archaeologists now call Pukaskwa Pits. On the Minnesotan portion of the North Shore there are only three archaeological sites, so it cannot be determined who lived there at the time.

By the 18th century the Ojibwa had settled the length of the North Shore approximately as far as the modern Canadian–Minnesotan Border. The Minnesota portion of the North Shore was settled mostly by the Cree and the Dakota lived to the south.


The scenic North Shore Drive near Duluth follows the north shore of Lake Superior from Duluth to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Along this route are many attractions, including Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, waterfalls, and great views of Lake Superior.


Split Rock Lighthouse — located along the North Shore of Lake Superior, near Two Harbors, Minnesota. Shipwrecks from a mighty 1905 November gale prompted this rugged landmark’s construction. Completed by the U.S. Lighthouse Service in 1910, Split Rock Light Station was soon one of Minnesota’s best known landmarks. Restored to its 1920s appearance, the lighthouse offers a glimpse of lighthouse life in this remote and spectacular setting.

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  1. eliihass says:

    The world us full of suckers and opportunists…and not an ounce of integrity or scruples between them..

    “…Mexico is hoping to appease US president-elect Donald Trump with the appointment of a new foreign minister.

    Ex-finance minister Luis Videgaray was named the country’s top diplomat on Wednesday, a day after Ford Motor Company cancelled a $1.5bn investment in Mexico amid Mr Trump’s criticism of companies that ship jobs across the southern border, writes James Fredrick.

    In September 2016, Mr Videgaray, then serving as finance minister, coordinated Mr Trump’s visit to Mexico and was bashed in local press for welcoming the enemy. He later resigned from the president’s cabinet, and his departure sparked praise from Mr Trump on Twitter…”

  2. rikyrah says:

    Part of the setup for the GOP to try and shill that they are attempting to ‘RESCUE’ Obamacare by

    They didn’t take 50 votes for ‘RESCUE’ of Obamacare…
    They took 50 votes for ‘REPEAL’ of Obamacare…


    Trump Warns GOP To Make Sure Dems ‘Own’ Obamacare Failure: ‘Be Careful!’
    By Esme Cribb
    Published January 4, 2017, 10:25 AM EDT

    President-elect Donald Trump told Republicans in a series of tweets Wednesday morning to “be careful!” and make sure that Democrats take ownership of any failures of the Affordable Care Act, as the GOP takes its first steps towards repealing the healthcare law.

    “Republicans must be careful in that the Dems own the failed ObamaCare disaster,” Trump tweeted, apparently warning Republicans to avoid acting in undue haste that might lead to poor optics. “Dems are to blame for the mess. It will fall of its own weight – be careful!”


    House Republicans on Tuesday introduced and approved new chamber rules that included a special glide path for their efforts to dismantle Obamacare. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY) also introduced a budget resolution to kick-start the budget reconciliation process Republican lawmakers will likely use to scrap major parts of the bill and avoid a Democratic filibuster.

    Trump similarly chided Republicans via Twitter on Tuesday after members of Congress approved a rules change in a closed-door meeting that would have gutted an independent House ethics watchdog (an outpouring of constituent anger led to a swift reversal of that rules change). While he didn’t appear to take issue with the House GOP’s position on the watchdog, which he described as “unfair” in the tweets, Trump wrote that “weakening” the Office of Congressional Ethics shouldn’t be as big of a priority for the incoming Congress as an issue like healthcare.

    • eliihass says:

      He and his band of merry inner circle Putin mules and cronies have a whole lot to hide…and are extremely nervous about what the Intelligence community has on them..

      So it’s clear that he opts instead for being blackmailed by Putin rather than be done in by our Intelligence community … if he can still get to (he thinks) be president with Putin’s help – and mostly on Putin’s terms…while in turn, devastating America’s Intelligence institutions…not just for Putin in the long-term, but he thinks, to ‘protect’ himself and his compromised inner circle for the short-term..

      But, God has a sense of humor…and He isn’t even half done…

      If anything, He’s only just beginning…and by the time He’s done, the buffoon, Little man from vodka land, Bibi and all their cronies will be one and done..

      This election was really all about the proverbial killing many corrupt birds with one stone…

      And he the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad…

      The mad buffoon might be getting carried away, but he better not get it twisted…Gods coming for him and his pals too…it’s all about that ‘I could just taste it…it was just within reach…but wham, just like that…snatched away…alas it was not to be…’

      Buffoon and Putin better not sleep on God…

    • eliihass says:

      My people, my people…

      That is why we will never win…always falling for the okey doke…always desperate to be included and exploited even if as tokens, fleeting shiny objects, cover and distraction even as policies and laws that are designed to hurt us are simultaneously put in place…and grateful for a pat on the head by those who openly despise us…

      This is why the buffoon will always condescendingly and knowingly smirk about ‘the blacks’ ..

      There’ll always be the ones more than eager to sell their souls for a mess of steaming crap sold as porridge …and then try to justify it too..

    • eliihass says:


      This is what the GOP, its corrupt, soulless, greedy, opportunistic henchmen and the oligarch benefactors that own and control them…and their dumb-down to confuse, misinform, fool, control, exploit and plunder America and Americans propaganda, has bequeath the ‘greatest democracy’ on earth..

      But this is also what happens to one, when one allows ones racism to blind one to a good thing…and what’s actually best for one and the society one exists in…even if it’s courtesy of a black man…

  3. eliihass says:

    Republicans are really the most vile, corrupt, disingenuous, hypocritical, double-standards-laden, scums of the earth..

    Mike Rogers former Congressman from Michigan insists that the tweeting buffoon must be allowed a period of ‘maturation’…and that someone on his staff should march in and explain who Julian Assange is, to him…


    Can you imagine if there ever was any question about knowledge or competency –or a need for such spin and imploring from Dems in any situation, but especially in response to ignorant and dangerous statements …or heaven forbid, tweets by then President-elect Obama…?

    Oh my God…it would have been endless cries of ‘Amateur hour’…’too green and unprepared to lead’…from THE MEDIA…

    But instead, the media regales you with stories of ‘newly minted Washington power couple Jared and Ivanka’ and their new home bought in the exclusive D.C neighborhood where the Obamas are moving to…

    And nonstop admiring cries of the buffoon who marches to his own drum and how his ability to affect ‘change’ and ‘action’ by tweet, is just so admirable and ‘impressive’ and just wonderfully ‘genius’ and ‘novel’ how the buffoon is so ‘brilliantly unpredictable’…

    And never forgetting to mention with such wide-eyed awe, that they’re ‘reporting’ from the buffoon’s ‘estate’…

    Barely weeks ago, we were being told by the very same reporters that this man is a conman …up to his nose in debt…that he isn’t worth anything; Now the very same media is busy quickly recreating and trying to recast and force-feed the masses this same conman and dubious ‘businessman’ without any discernible portfolio, with his highly questionable and dubious dealings, massive and overwhelming debt and dubiously sourced and excessive and mostly defaulted loans and the dubious strings attached from dubious quarters…as somehow ‘presidential’ and ‘much too wealthy’ and even ‘too good’ for the White House …trying to crazily cast the White House as somehow even ‘beneath’ the buffoon …and amusingly, ‘much less than’ the buffoon’s own fake gold and clearly overcompensating for something or the other, and deeply over-mortgaged gaudy structures…

    Media desperately trying to sell folks this massively tacky, one trick con pony, juvenile, flippant, thoughtless, immature, petty, shallow, hollow, barrel-scraping, immoral, dumb, low IQ, desperate to belong, irresponsible, nouveau riche without the actual riches, KFC-eating in fake gold adorned jet, cash-poor megalomaniac buffoon and his family, as some version of wealthy, refined, upscale American royalty..


    Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice invented and pushed fake ‘intelligence’ to justify their personal and financial motivations for getting us into the Iraq war…same wmd ‘intelligence’ and Iraq war, the buffoon insists he was always against..

    The very same Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice touted by the buffoon and his team as ‘credible’ voices vouching for Rex Tillerson – Exxon oil honcho and Putin bff, as SoS nominee for the buffoon and his puppeteer, the napoleonic complex little man from vodka land..

    The sudden public embrace and convenient symbiotic alliance between Assange and the buffoon would be funny if it weren’t sad and desperate..

    The buffoon is looking to at once cast doubt on, and preemptively discredit the American Intelligence community who no doubt have some very damning information on the buffoon and his cronies…

    All while looking for ways to momentarily ingratiate himself with Assange and Wikileaks who have, but have withheld, information on the buffoon and his cronies..

    The thing about the buffoon is that, like a toddler, he forgets that we can all still see him even when his mommy has asked everyone in the room to close their eyes while little Donny does his set-up for his magic trick from the new magic play box bestie Vlad gave him for Christmas, and bff Alex Jones showed him how it works..

    The un-noble, dumb, shallow, hollow, self-interested, crass, corrupt footsie and ever changing musical chairs played by those who ‘represent’ the ‘greatest democracy’ in the world…as the world watches in stunned dismay…

    • eliihass says:

      And there you have it…

      This is especially for those who keep urging ‘patience and understanding’…insisting that we give the evil, soulless, hate-filled white supremacists and racists who are intent on killing and destroying anything not like them, the ‘benefit of the doubt’…

      This evil twerp is categorically telling you that he has absolutely no remorse and that he absolutely has no regrets whatsoever, for not just murdering 9 innocent souls …entering a church and casually murdering 9 innocent strangers in the midst of bible study…and that he remains adamant that he would do it again, given the chance…

      This isn’t simply just some deep down good but misguided young man who was ‘radicalized’ and ‘led down the wrong path’…this is a deeply callous and evil soul who does not view black people as human beings and so has no qualms casually murdering them and moving along, and even less feeling – if that’s even possible, for the pain he’s inflicted on their loved ones –

      And there are so many just like him…even if to varying degrees…existing in our midst…seemingly ‘harmless’, but harbouring such hate and unfeeling – and not even looking for any real justification for hating and disposing of anyone who doesn’t look like them…and unapologetic about their racist hate..

      And they are politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, elected officials, police officers, sheriffs, pastors, non-profit directors, bankers, bank tellers, entertainers, stay at home moms and dads, restauranters, waiters, grocery store managers, grocery store attendants, in the church choir, in the Boy and Girl Scouts, your neighbors …

      • rikyrah says:

        Tell the truth!

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:


        “This isn’t simply just some deep down good but misguided young man who was ‘radicalized’ and ‘led down the wrong path’…this is a deeply callous and evil soul who does not view black people as human beings and so has no qualms casually murdering them and moving along, and even less feeling – if that’s even possible, for the pain he’s inflicted on their loved ones – ”

        I agree.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      Those are the words of domestic terrorist who seeks credit for being an intentional assassin. Let us not forget that among Roof’s victims was a state senator who had a bright future…such a bright future that I personally believe Clementa Pinkney could have become a U.S. Congressman or even President of the United States.

      Let us also not forget the eight strong, spiritual and community leaders that were also his victims and that Roof committed his heinous, sinister act within a church during their sacred communication with God, our Blessed Lord.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Obamacare Repeal and Delay Becomes Obamacare Rescue
    by Nancy LeTourneau
    January 4, 2017 1:15 PM

    As was reported, this morning VP-elect Pence met with Congressional Republicans to strategize about plans to repeal Obamacare. It will be interesting to watch what leaks out to the press about what was discussed. But I found this initial disclosure to be fascinating:

    Message in the Pence meeting with the House GOP is that they’re on “a rescue mission” for Obamacare, rather than repealing and killing it.

    — Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) January 4, 2017

    Who knows what they mean by a “rescue mission?” One can only assume that they want to rescue millions of Americans from the benefits of Obamacare that I outlined yesterday. But it’s clear that the closer we get to actual action on their plans to repeal the health care law, the more jittery Republicans are becoming, as MJ Lee documents.

    Republicans are just getting started on their years-long dream of repealing Obamacare, and already, there are fears that things are moving too fast.

    Some Republicans are cautioning against repealing the Affordable Care Act too quickly and urging the party take the foot off the accelerator. The reason: there’s no plan on how to replace what they roll back. And while GOP lawmakers are eager to please their base with headlines of Obamacare’s repeal, they don’t want to be blamed for leaving people without health insurance and chaos in the healthcare market.

    Sen. John McCain told reporters Tuesday that he supports taking a slower approach to repealing the law, saying he is “always worried about something that took a long time in the making and we’ve got to concentrate our efforts to making sure that we do it right so that nobody’s left out.”

    Newt Gingrich, the former Republican House Speaker and a close ally of President-elect Donald Trump, told CNN that a big risk for Republicans is getting blamed for taking away people’s health coverage…

    GOP Sen. Rand Paul cited potential insurance market problems if the law isn’t replaced when it is repealed. “If Congress fails to vote on a replacement at the same time as repeal, the repealers risk assuming the blame for the continued unraveling of Obamacare,” he said in an op-ed Tuesday. “For mark my words, Obamacare will continue to unravel and wreak havoc for years to come.”

  5. Tyren M. says:

    Good afternoon 3Chics,
    Ametia. Nice of you to show off the Great White North. SG2. I appreciate your continued coverage of the Roof Trial. Burn mf burn.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Democrats Must Become the Party of Freedom
    Re-embracing anti-monopoly will reinvigorate American liberty and beat back Trumpism.

    by Barry C. Lynn
    There are many competing interpretations for why Hillary Clinton lost last fall’s election, but most observers do agree that one—economics—played a big role. Clinton simply didn’t articulate a vision compelling enough to compete with Donald Trump’s rousing, if dubious, message that bad trade deals and illegal immigration explain the downward mobility of so many Americans.

    As it happens, Clinton did have the germ of exactly such an idea—if you knew where to look. In an October 2015 op-ed, she wrote that “large corporations are concentrating control over markets” and “using their power to raise prices, limit choices for consumers, lower wages for workers, and hold back competition from startups and small businesses. It’s no wonder Americans feel the deck is stacked for those at the top.” In a speech in Toledo this past October, Clinton assailed “old-fashioned monopolies” and vowed to appoint “tough” enforcers “so the big don’t keep getting bigger and bigger.”

    Clinton’s words were in keeping with Bernie Sanders’s attacks on big banks, but went further, tracing how concentration is a problem throughout the economy. It was a message seemingly tailor-made for the wrathful electorate of 2016. Yet after the Ohio speech Clinton rarely touched again on the issue. Few other Democrats even mentioned the word monopoly.

    The pity is that Clinton’s stance wasn’t simple campaign rhetoric. It was based on a substantial and growing body of research—much of it first presented in the pages of this magazine and since validated by the Obama administration’s own economists—that confirms that consolidation is at the root of many of America’s most pressing economic and political problems.

  7. rikyrah says:

    FROM BJ:

    Speaking of ethics and collective action, the League of Women Voters is supporting a “Call-In Day” to Congress today to challenge Trump’s conflicts of interest:

    The League is joining with allied organizations for a Hill Call-In Day urging Congress to address President-elect Trump’s unprecedented and unconstitutional conflicts of interest. The calls will support a forthcoming bill from Senator Elizabeth Warren that will require the President to divest ownership of businesses and disclose all business dealings in order to avoid severe unconstitutional conflicts of interest…

    To participate, call the below numbers to connect with your two Senators and your one Representative between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm EST [today], Wednesday, when congressional offices are open. You will be automatically connected to your appropriate congressional offices based on the zip code you provide.

    Senate – 1-866-985-2543
    House – 1-866-948-8977

    President-elect Trump has conflicts of interest that are unprecedented for an American president. He could violate the Constitution and the law on his first day in office because of prohibited payments to him from his foreign and domestic businesses. Every other President and cabinet official before him has acted to avoid these types of conflicts of interest.

    Mr. Trump has not fully disclosed how he will resolve these dangerous conflicts. Americans have been given little more than vague pledges about transferring operations and nothing about transferring ownership. Bi-partisan ethics officials from Republican and Democratic administrations agree this is completely inadequate and does not resolve his dangerous conflicts.

    Congress must act to protect the interests of the American people and the integrity of the presidency. President-elect Trump must resolve his conflicts of interest and Congress must require that he disclose his finances and divest his business conflicts.

    House call: Ask your Representative to call for a congressional investigation to review Mr. Trump’s business dealings in order to identify and protect against conflicts of interest.

    Senate calls: Ask your Senators to call for an investigation to review Mr. Trump’s financial arrangements. Urge Senators to support Senator Warren’s new bill that will require the President-elect to divest ownership and disclose all business dealings in order to avoid serious and unconstitutional conflicts of interest.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Deval Patrick goes after Jeff Sessions for the third time in three decades

    • rikyrah says:

      Patrick steps forward to renew old rivalry with Sessions
      By Annie Linskey
      JANUARY 03, 2017

      WASHINGTON — The Alabama case seemed hopeless.

      It was 1985, and a white federal prosecutor named Jefferson Beauregard Sessions had brought voter fraud charges against three black civil rights leaders in the Deep South.

      Defending the trio was a team of NAACP lawyers who didn’t fit in with the local culture — including a 28- year-old, black, Harvard-educated attorney who listed sailing and squash as hobbies. His name was Deval Patrick.

      Against all odds, Patrick and the NAACP won that case.

      He came away with not only a hard fought victory, but also with an enduring distrust of Sessions, whom he saw as an example of the dangers of overly zealous and unfettered prosecutorial power.

      On Tuesday, that feeling played out in a national arena once again, as Patrick sent a sternly worded letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, recommending against Sessions’ nomination as the US attorney general.

      Patrick called the Alabama native “the wrong person to place in charge of our justice system.”

      He recounted his experience against Sessions in the 1985 trial, saying the prosecutor should never have pursued the case.

      “To use prosecutorial discretion to attempt to criminalize voter assistance is wrong and should be disqualifying for any aspirant to the nation’s highest law enforcement post.”

      This is not the first time Patrick has moved to stop Sessions’ nomination to higher office. He did the same in 1986, testifying against Sessions’ nomination for a federal judgeship. Sessions was rejected for the job.

      It remains to be seen if Patrick and the Democrats can stop Sessions again. Now a senator from Alabama, Sessions was an early supporter of President-elect Donald Trump and among the very first to be rewarded with a job offer in his administration. He’s also been for two decades a member of the Senate, part of the country’s most exclusive club whose members are loath to turn on one another.

      The confirmation hearings have been set for next week, despite several pleas by the Democrats on the committee who want more time to investigate Sessions. The hearing is likely to be one of the most contentious, since Sessions will oversee the implementation of some of Trump’s most controversial proposals, including unconventional positions on torture and racial profiling. The Alabama branch of the NAACP is already protesting by staging a sit-in in the senator’s Mobile office.

  9. rikyrah says:


    I got nothing.

    Newly elected sheriff charged with stealing meth from evidence room:

    — CBS News (@CBSNews) January 4, 2017

  10. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😐😐😐

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