Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?

Hat tip: Eliihass

trump-the-kremlin-candidateIn the week of the new President’s inauguration, Panorama reports on Russia’s role in Donald Trump’s election victory and asks what’s behind the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Trump. Reporter John Sweeney – who has met and challenged both men – travels to Moscow and the United States to find out how sure we can be that Russian cyber-warriors influenced the US election and if there’s any truth to claims that Russian intelligence has compromising material about the President elect. And from Lithuania and the battlefields of Ukraine, he investigates what this will mean for security in Europe and the rest of the world.

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25 Responses to Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?

  1. Liza says:

    Is Vladimir attending the inauguration?

    • eliihass says:

      This is what happens when ambition, greed and a blinding power craving overtakes true patriotism, principles, integrity and the willlingness to do the right thing..

      Many of these folks know that doing the right thing and torpedoing Putin and his puppet buffoon, will also cause them the undeserved positions and power they are in line for in the potential Putin-engineered ‘administration’..

      And they just can’t give that up..

      You actually think Mike Pence is going to give up his low odds of ever being chance at the VP slot…and if he plays his card right, perhaps even ‘president’..?

      You think Paul Ryan and his fellow fake-christian republicans are really going to pass up on their chance to push through years of policies and wishlists prepared by the Heritage foundation on behalf of the oligarchs and plutocrats who own them and have financed their political careers..?

      You think McConnell is going to torpedo his wife’s and by extension, his access to the gravy train..

      These folks aren’t ‘patriots’, they’re hollow, craven, greedy, corrupt, self-serving opportunists who are willing to turn a blind eye to glaring evidence of treasonous stuff that potentially devastates our democracy and our country as we know it…turn over the nuclear codes and the Oval Office to a shallow, megalomaniac buffoon surrounded by treasonous moles controlled by Putin…as long as they too can exploit and get something out of the situation …country be damned..

  2. Just listen to this, folks. You don’t know a damn thing he is saying. He makes NO DAMN SENSE!

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