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Open Thread | Just Some Points to Think About …..the Parties ARE NOT ALIKE

Just a compilation of thoughts A reminder: Anyone who tells you NOT to vote is not your friend Anyone who tells you that there is no difference between the Political Parties is a lying CLOWN😠😠 For ppl who say voting4Dems … Continue reading

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Open Thread | If You Aren’t Registering People To Vote, Telling Them to Check on Their Voter Registration…

Making sure that they have the right ID, if they are in a Voter ID state… Telling them when their elections are…. You aren’t serious about what just happened with the Supreme Court. If someone is pursing their lips to … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Getting Rid of Dolt45 Is Only Part Of The Problem

Say what you want, but Steve Schmidt is excellent at being on message. And, he is right on point. They truly think that Black votes count only 3/5 as much as White votes. Trumpism is an American autocratic movement with … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg won’t reveal details of company’s Russia probe

(CNN) Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg will not say whether her company has identified similarities in how Russian agents and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign used the social media platform ahead of the 2016 election. In an interview with Axios on Thursday, … Continue reading

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Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?

Hat tip: Eliihass In the week of the new President’s inauguration, Panorama reports on Russia’s role in Donald Trump’s election victory and asks what’s behind the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Trump. Reporter John Sweeney – who has met and … Continue reading

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