World Series: Astros vs Dodgers Game 6

George Springer, hoarse and covered in sweat and dirt at 1:15 a.m., tried to explain everything the Astros were feeling. But his body was still pulsing adrenaline, and he knew it was impossible to truly capture and define all this.

“This has been the best time of my baseball life,” Springer said Monday morning.

As I rode the Minute Maid Park elevator toward the home clubhouse 5 hours and 17 minutes after the insanity that was Game 5 began, fans were heard wooing and screaming in a distant hallway, while the ballpark in downtown Houston was still throbbing after the second-longest game in World Series history.

“That just happened! That just happened!” yelled yet another believer.

And as 23-year-old Carlos Correa tried to process it all – 13-12 Astros in 10 innings; three comebacks and Alex Bregman’s joyous final walkoff; one win away from winning the whole darn thing in 2017 – he acknowledged what all of you were feeling on what instantly became the most surreal night in Astros history.

“It’s crazy, man. To just be part of it, it’s just such a blessing,” Correa said. “But these games are hard on me, man. I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack out there.”

And you thought that night in Hollywood with all the huge late-inning home runs was the one with all the magic.

Game 2, meet Game 5.

We have a new winner.

This World Series just got completely crazy.

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28 Responses to World Series: Astros vs Dodgers Game 6

  1. #WorldSeries #Astros 😢😢😢😢😢

    Astros lost. 3-1

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  2. I’m just sick. It’s top of the 9th. 😢


  3. Dodgers 3-1. Come on, Astros!


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  5. #WorldSeries #Astros Gattis got himself down to the first base. He was pushing.


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  8. Dodgers took the lead 2-1


  9. Astros got bases loaded with Bregman up. Come on, looking for that Grand Slam! Lets do this.


  10. #WorldSeries SPRINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1-0 #Astros


  11. Remains scoreless. Top of the 3rd! Lets go, Astros!


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  16. I ordered Hot Wings from Hartz and made my own potato salad.


  17. Correa is up…. 2 outs


  18. vitaminlover says:

    So tonight is the Astros series winning game?

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  19. Ametia says:

    Lets do this, ASTROS!

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