10 Horrific Native American Massacres

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  1. nedhamson says:

    https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/50560 Century of Dishonor by Helen Hunt Jackson – “The aged Moravian missionary, Heckewelder, writing in 1818, says:

    “I at one time, in April, 1787, was astonished when I heard one of their orators, a great chief of the Delawares, Pachgants-chilias by name, go over this ground, recapitulating the most extraordinary events which had before happened, and concluding in these words: ‘I admit that there are good white men, but they bear no proportion to the bad; the bad must be the strongest, for they rule. They do what they please. They enslave those who are not of their color, although created by the same Great Spirit who created them. They would make slaves of us if they could; but as they cannot do it, they kill us. There is no faith to be placed in their words. They are not like the Indians, who are only enemies while at war, and are friends in peace. They will say to an Indian, “My friend; my brother!” They will take him by the hand, and, at the same moment, destroy him. And so you’ (he was addressing himself to the Christian Indians at Gnadenhütten, Pennsylvania) ‘will also be treated by them before long. Remember that this day I have warned you to beware of such friends as these. I know the Long-knives. They are not to be trusted.'”

  2. I can’t begin to tell you about the atrocities Native Americans suffered at the hands of white Europeans.

  3. Never forget! White oppressors were so threatened by a dance that it led to the Wounded Knee Massacre.

  4. December 29th 1890. Massacre at Wounded Knee. US 7th Cavalry massacred unarmed innocent Lakota men, women & children. 20 soldiers were awarded medals.

  5. The Cherokee Trail of Tears
    Wounded Knee
    Genocide of Native Americans
    Broken treaties


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