Trump thinks only Black people are on welfare

President Donald Trump was apparently unaware that not all—in fact, the vast majority—of welfare beneficiaries are not black as recently as last March, according to a new report.

In the spring of 2017, the newly elected president met with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. During that meeting, one of the members mentioned to Trump that welfare reform would be detrimental to her constituents— adding, “Not all of whom are black,” according to NBC News.

The president was incredulous. “Really? Then what are they?”

Statistically speaking, they were probably white.

In fact, whites are the biggest beneficiaries when it comes to government safety-net programs like the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, commonly referred to as welfare.

White people without a college degree ages 18 to 64 are the largest class of adults lifted out of poverty by such programs, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The think tank’s 2017 report stated that 6.2 million working-age whites were lifted above the poverty line in 2014 compared to 2.8 million blacks and 2.4 million Hispanics.

When it comes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP—the initiative formerly known as food stamps—the numbers look similar.

Just over 40 percent of SNAP recipients are white. Another 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American, according to a 2015 Department of Agriculture report.

Despite Trump’s newly gleaned information, welfare reform remains one of his top goals for 2018. His administration and Congressional Republicans are looking to overhaul federal safety-net programs like SNAP, Medicaid and housing benefits.

News of Trump’s welfare comment arrived as he’s dealing with the backlash of reportedly calling African countries a “shithole” during a bipartisan meeting on immigration Thursday. Trump has denied using such language.

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5 Responses to Trump thinks only Black people are on welfare

  1. Seven Shakur says:

    most white people are on welfare but they’re white so people don’t think they are

  2. GrannyStandingforTruth. says:

    The only reason they’re set on cuts to safety nets is because they believe it’ll hurt black folks. Ronald Reagan convinced them that the welfare queen really existed. And of course, his welfare queen was black, but it was a myth. When they first began attacking welfare, MSM bombarded us with images of black folks on welfare to reinforce that myth. A false stereotype that lingers on to this day. The false labels that they attach to people of color are to reinforce white supremacy.

    Black is evil and white is good myth is programmed into their minds through media, the English language, and even taught through education. You’d be surprise what you’d learn studying linguistics about the English language. I won’t go into that right now because it’s a long story. Nevertheless, that black is evil and white is good is what has blinded them to the truth. Evil and good are adjectives that dont have anything to do with skin color or color for that fact.

    The Book of Esther comes to mind whenever I think about Trump’s actions, especially his attacks on Hillary or President Obama. Haman plotted to have Mordacai hung. It backfired and Haman was hung in his place.

    I’ll be glad when that racist weasel Jeff Sessions is no longer AG. Maybe, if he smoked some weed he’d repent. And I wish Muller would hurry up with his investigation.

  3. majiir says:

    Even though a lot of POC in America are better off economically than many whites, the stereotype that we are “draining” the nation’s resources persists, and most whites believe it. I’ve seen them here in Middle GA buying groceries with food stamps and using WIC while I pay for my groceries and other items with my own money. Trump is not only stupid, he’s ignorant, if he doesn’t know that most recipients of federal and state government largess are his own supporters, and that Paul Ryan is working to further reduce the amount of welfare they are currently receiving each month. The only reason I don’t hate these folks is because I was taught not to.

  4. nedhamson says:

    Might be news to him but… he does not care… people earning less than him are meant to serve at his pleasure and have to be suitably grateful for the paper towels he throws at them or he will try to cut them off. Vote, vote, vote his kind out of office and people who care for others in.

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