Friday Open Thread | The NFL Doesn’t Learn

You will NOT be policing Black bodies.
You will NOT be taking away the First Amendment rights of these American Citizens.

Here is the bullshyt policy that the NFL has come up with:

Here is the Player’s Union Response:

A good response:

This is about trying to control Black men’s bodies and minds.
That they don’t have the right to their own opinions, and to express them freely.
Them taking the knee had nothing to do with insulting the military or the flag. It had to do with this:

Yes….this is going to be bad.
And, why they kneel.

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59 Responses to Friday Open Thread | The NFL Doesn’t Learn

  1. eliihass says:

    Such beautiful and touching comments on my #ForeverFLOTUS’ latest Instagram post…This one was just posted as I started to peruse the comments..

    emily_146 Dear Michelle Obama,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but you met me in Washington D.C. before (before Trump was president) so I think 2016. Anyways, you were doing something to support military families and you were honoring my mother because she had managed to go so far in her job despite the tragedy of losing her husband, my dad. All I remember thinking was how inspirational and amazing and kind you were. It was astonishing and I remember every detail. I have looked up to you ever since and even before I had the amazing opportunity of meeting you. If I have learned anything from you, it’s that women are strong, powerful, supportive, and kind. I love what you do and can not wait to read your book. You are an incredible person and a true role model. Love truly, Emily Gerrie, daughter of Amy Gerrie (the woman who works in Cisco networking) ❤️

  2. rikyrah says:

    Bathe in their tears, Forever FLOTUS 😍

  3. Look at this,y’all. This is maddening. I absolutely hate Stephen Miller. He has no business being where laws are made. This is outrageous.

    • eliihass says:

      That we’ve come to the point where a callous opportunist like Kirstjen Nielsen is cast as the ‘moral voice’ of ‘decency’ and ‘sanity’ – and only because she might have interjected (for whatever reason – perhaps in the course of self-importantly reasserting herself as the final word and ‘all-powerful’ immigration czar of course, in the never-ending ego turf wars in Vlad’s puppet power hierarchy – rife with chapped lips and knife wounds from constant buffoon arse-kissing and endless backstabbing duels the treasonous racist ignoramus’ jostle for power and place)..

      That the moral/decency/humanity bar is now set so low – and anyone who isn’t as insanely soulless, unscrupulous, mad cruel and bloody hate-filled, and in-your-face racist white supremacist like Stephen Miller, somehow earns applause, brownie points and a bow-tied balloon and star for having a semblance of a heart ..

      Evil is evil.. And anyone who’s greedily hitched their wagon to this treasonous, cruel, destructive alt-right sh*tshow, must never be cast favorably..

      There should be no mulligans on offer for buffoon-compadres, simply for not being quite as awful as Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner..

  4. Border patrol agent shot her in the head. 20 years old. My God!

    • Liza says:

      To be honest, I can’t stand the sight of the man or the sound of his voice. I rarely read his tweets these days but when I do, he sounds increasingly batsh!t crazy. True patriots would be saving our democracy, not letting this go on for so long that the damage done is too great and the effects are too devastating. I realize these are uncharted waters, but the failure of checks and balances that our government depends on is also unprecedented. How bad does this have to get for our elected officials put country first?

  5. rikyrah says:

    Remember -they have already lost 1500 children

    • majiir says:

      When I read the in your post, Rikyrah, I knew it was Forsyth County. I clicked on your link, and it was indeed Forsyth County, GA. I remember when my dad went there to attend the Civil Rights march in 1987, and I remember how worried my mom and I were for his safety. Even though we tried to persuade him not to go, he went. Thank God he returned safely to us. Forsyth County is still a racist county here in GA. The article describes the county as being “conservative” which isn’t true. It’s racist.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning,Everyone 😄😄😄

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