Monday Open Thread | Preet Bharara: Trump pardoning himself would be ‘self-executing impeachment’

Preet Bharara, the former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said Sunday that it would almost be a “self-executing impeachment” if President Trump were to pardon himself.

“I think it would be outrageous for a sitting president of the United States [to self-pardon],” Bharara told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“I think if the president decided he was going to pardon himself, I think it is almost self-executing impeachment. Whether or not there is an argument that is not what the framers could have intended.”

Trump fired Bharara last year after he refused to resign from his post.

Bharara’s comments came in response to an earlier statement made by Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, in which the attorney said the president has the power to pardon himself.

Giuliani, appearing on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday morning, said Trump could pardon himself, though has no plans to do so.

“He’s not, but he probably does,” Giuliani, said on ABC.

“He has no intention of pardoning himself,” Giuliani said. “That’s another really interesting constitutional question: Can the president pardon himself?” he added.

Bharara’s and Giuliani’s comments follow after The New York Times published a confidential 20-page letter from Trump’s lawyers to special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading an investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

In the letter, attorneys argued that the president couldn’t have obstructed justice because he has authority over all federal investigations. Lawyers also wrote that tthe Constitution gives Trump the broad authority to, “if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon.”

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88 Responses to Monday Open Thread | Preet Bharara: Trump pardoning himself would be ‘self-executing impeachment’

  1. eliihass says:

    Do not let the enabling and complicit media that’s endlessly pussy-footed about a treasonous, morally-bankrupt, corrupt buffoon, groveling and cheering him on …but now as midterms loom, try to harm Democrats as a whole, with this dubiously selective faux-outrage…

    I have my issues with Bill Clinton.. some of which I’ve shared here over the years..

    When he made that 2016 DNC convention speech the night before Hillary’s nomination, sharing about how they met, how he proposed to her multiple times, and how they finally got married in the home he bought because she mentioned she loved it, I was at once touched, sad and hurt for her, and touched, sad and furious at him..

    As I shared here that July 26, 2016 night, what would’ve been a deeply moving, winning and truly lovely, heart-tugging love story …and a long life spent together through life’s ups and downs, building a partnership and family – now comprising a daughter, son in law and 2 grandchildren, was forever tarnished with public memories of his humiliation of her with his affair(s)..

    His infidelity has not only prevented him from chiming in on certain national discourse recently, but has discredited him, and partially muted his once important voice on various matters of national and international import.. Worse, his infidelity has in many ways also been used to bludgeon his wife over the years..

    I honor marriage, and hold married people to a particular standard..

    I absolutely expect married men – including public figures, to honor and respect their wife and marriage vows, and to avoid and remove themselves from any situation that has the potential to cause them to do the opposite..

    I also have absolutely no use for women of any age who sniff around married men.. None..

    There are real victims out there, but like so many now hiding behind the #MeToo movement, Monica Lewinsky is not a victim, and is undeserving of pity or victimhood.. Before she hooked up with a married president, she’d already previously had a year-long affair with another married man..

    One of the most pertinent but overlooked bits in Michelle Wolf’s WHCD stand-up routine was her succinct commentary on the #MeToo movement and Mika and Joe Scarborough’s adulterous office place affair and subsequent ‘engagement’ ..once their former friend the treasonous buffoon Twitter-threatened to expose them after they fell out following their New Years Eve hangout at Mar a lago..

    “It’s like when a #MeToo works out..” Michelle Wolf.

    I personally don’t understand why a long-suffering wife has to be subjected 20 years later – or any time for that matter – to the warped virtue-signaling of a suddenly selectively ‘bold’ and opportunistic interviewer who previously deferentially interviewed the treasonous buffoon, but is now desperately looking for his moment in the sun..

    I don’t see how or why a woman who had a consensual affair with a married man she knew was married – is entitled to an apology..

    The only person who deserves and is entitled to an apology, is the wife… In this case, Hillary Clinton.. And from both her husband and the woman he had an affair with..

    Our democracy and fragile union is currently being held hostage and irreparably and systematically being decimated by an evangelical ‘christians’-supported, thrice-married, philandering, greedy, self-serving, ignorant, incurious, corrupt, morally-bankrupt, treasonous buffoon (with still outstanding multiple sexual allegations against him), enabled by a greedy, unscrupulous and impotent GOP and a cohort of shyster vultures..

    Don’t fall for the distract and deflect okey doke …the ‘apology-status’ and various musings on the adulterous shenanigans that humiliated and continue to humiliate his wife of 43 years, by the mildly* narcissistic ex-president (who for 8 years was more vocal in his criticsm of his Dem successor, and who’s been mostly mute and more reticent in the last 2 years about taking on a GOP-hosted treasonous buffoon who not only deprived his wife the presidency – thanks to a hostile foreign entity, but continues to attack her) ..while on his co-authored book tour, is the least of this country’s problems..

    Don’t let the media once again strangle Dems with their conveniently selective faux-outrage.. hollering about that intruder penknife-stabbing from 20 years ago, while a terrorist has taken the town hostage armed with nuclear and military power and is right now blowing up buildings and people and burning the whole place down..

  2. Robert Mueller claims in late night filing that Paul Manafort tried to tamper with witnessess. Damn! Witness tampering while the Special Counsel is looking. Paul Manafort is straight thug!

  3. rikyrah says:


    The SDNY Prosecutors will get access to 99% of the paper records seized from Cohen
    They will get 99% of what was found on his phones.
    June 15th is D-day for Cohen.

  4. rikyrah says:


    This is a ready made AD.
    Just put it on the air-AS IS.
    Let the 18 seconds be there

  5. rikyrah says:


  6. rikyrah says:


    BREAKING: Maine court orders the state to submit a plan to expand Medicaid. #mepolitics

    — Michael Shepherd (@mikeshepherdME) June 4, 2018

  7. rikyrah says:

    BREAKING: In Washington State insurers are requesting average premium increases of 19%. The insurance commissioner cites GOP sabotage.

    — Topher Spiro (@TopherSpiro) June 4, 2018

  8. rikyrah says:

    This is the part where the press needs to get every single congressional Republican—every last one—on the record about whether they believe the President can pardon himself (he can’t) and what, precisely, they will do if he attempts it.

    — Susan Hennessey (@Susan_Hennessey) June 4, 2018

    • eliihass says:

      No.. they’re too busy doing their slick cowardice..

      Mute, mealy-mouthing, and alternately cheerleading, prostrating, groveling and turning a blind eye when it comes to the buffoon and his shenanigans, but quick to loudly grandstand and quickly indict when it comes to Democrats..

      You have NBC/MSNBC sending out their little undercover alt-right snit Jacob Soboroff to once again talk-up and promote GOP candidates …trying to depress Democratic participation in tough California races with treasonous incumbents like Putin-owned Dana Rohrabacher..

      Jacob Soboroff and MSNBC gave Dana Rohrabacher’s lackey a glowing free 5 minute ad this morning, complete with all the Alt-Right trigger/buzzwords …sanctuary city etc.

  9. rikyrah says:

    “Under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, the President cannot pardon himself.”
    Aug. 5, 1974 DOJ opinion, 4 days before Richard Nixon resigned.
    It’s right there on the DOJ website:

    — Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) June 4, 2018

  10. rikyrah says:

    President Nixon asked the Department of Justice if he could pardon himself. They said no, as no one may be the judge in their own case. He resigned three days later.

    In case you want to follow the Nixon model, that would be Thursday.

    — Adam Schiff (@RepAdamSchiff) June 4, 2018

  11. rikyrah says:

    Good. Throw his azz out.

    Igor Bobic
    ‏Verified account @igorbobic
    3h3 hours ago

    Some pretty harsh reaction from German politicians to Richard Grenell’s comments yesterday, via HuffPost German.

    “This gentleman has to leave the country,” one SPD official said

    • eliihass says:

      Richard Grenell is the same arse hole who for no reason insulted my historic #FOREVERFLOTUS …But is somehow now the U.S “ambassador” to Germany …

      A token log cabin republican – albeit a dangerously callous one with deeply racist and white supremacist leanings …he has been conveniently propped-up and wielded by the treasonous buffoon and his daughter-wife to show just how open-minded and ‘down’ they are with the gays..

      And now this callous, disgraceful alt-right mediocrity is ‘America’s diplomat’ in Germany..

  12. rikyrah says:

    Trump—and complicit Republicans in Congress—are orchestrating a deliberate campaign to undermine rule of law in America. It’s something I got used to seeing when I’ve lived in countries ruled by authoritarian despots, but never under an American president.

    — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) June 4, 2018

  13. rikyrah says:

    On this latest bullshyt to blame CLINTON for Dolt45:

    We ain’t trying to hear that noise and are letting them know to their faces- they are the reason for this mess and they can’t handle us talking back.

    I have said for awhile, that, what shocks them most is…
    Our side:
    1. Having all the receipts from 44’s Administration
    2. Our non-hesitance in pulling them out
    3. Our insistence that, NOT ONLY are we NEVER going to give Dolt45 ANY RESPECT, but.
    4. Our insistence that, your vote for Dolt45 IS a mark on you. It shows YOUR lack of character
    5. Our willingness to point out that THEIR vessel for White Supremacy IS AN INTERNATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT.
    6. Non-Whites, as a collective, (minus the slave catchers), saying, without hesitation, that EVERYTHING we are suffering through IS THEIR FAULT.

    ON MY SIDE, there was a supremely qualified candidate, Muthaphucka.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Trump shuns press conferences for Twitter. Twitter is a one-sided medium that gets the press to repeat what are essentially slogans all day.

    The slogans are lies. If you’re going to quote the slogans, specify immediately that they are lies. Or else you are enabling propaganda.

    — Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) June 4, 2018

    If you don’t understand Trump’s propaganda tactics by now — and if you are reluctant to, say, call a lie a lie — journalism may not be the best profession for you

    — Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) June 4, 2018

  15. rikyrah says:

    The Duchess of Sussex’s first solo outing will be with Her Majesty QE II :)

  16. rikyrah says:

    ‘You don’t look like a legislator’: Security stops black, female lawmaker going to work in Ohio
    Jessie Balmert

    COLUMBUS – State Rep. Emilia Sykes was walking to work in the Ohio Statehouse last year with a fellow lawmaker when she was stopped by security. Officers needed to search her bag, she was told.

    Sykes is serving her third year as a Democratic state representative from Akron. She is also a 32-year-old black woman. Her colleague, who was not searched, is a 65-year-old white man who has served in the Legislature for many years.

    Sykes said she questioned why her bag needed to be searched when that wasn’t protocol. Lawmakers only need a badge to gain access to the Statehouse or the nearby Riffe Center, which houses many lawmakers’ offices.

    Her colleague told the trooper Sykes was a member of the Ohio House.

    She was told: “You don’t look like a legislator.” The trooper then clarified: “You look too young.”

    On Wednesday, Sykes had trouble getting into the Riffe Center for a meeting. She flashed her badge for security there. Security said they couldn’t see the badge. She flipped it around. They still couldn’t see it. She was stopped, and officers examined the badge, Sykes recalled the next day.

    • rikyrah says:


      Someone wrote on another blog that this reminds them of Mississippi Freedom Summer.

      You know their organization is what’s enabling them to do this.
      They know that it’s summer – school is out- so, no school shootings, and legislators are usually out. So, what are they doing?
      Voter registration, and now, going on the road. This guarantees, that wherever they land, they will get local press, which will keep their issue, in the news.
      Whomever is advising them is on point. Keeping these kids engaged and busy. Not allowing grass to grow underneath their movement.

  17. rikyrah says:

    ” writhing Hydra of dishonesty”

    Now, THAT is a phrase to describe Dolt45

  18. Ametia says:
    • eliihass says:


      The continued gaslighting of the American public by trying to cast a sly, callous, gold-digging, imported 3rd wife and deflection decoy 2.0 and complicit co-conspirator, as ‘innocent bystander’, ‘also victim’ and ‘delicate damsel in distress’ …and as somehow separate and removed from the ongoing treasonous grift courtesy of greedy oligarchs and a foreign hostile entity..

      If her hiring of an unrepentant, hate-filled, Arizona racist Alt-Right Deplorable – Stephanie Grisham – as her confidant and spokesperson and lead and part of her inner circle, still doesn’t convince folks that this woman who at 30 years old moved in with a notorious adulterous con man, and gleefully married him at 35 years old, after 5 years of whacking up with him and getting to see him up close and personal.. that this woman is no victim, but very much a co-conspirator, and very much part of this ongoing gritting horror sh*t show..

  19. rikyrah says:

    Bullshyt. He is the true Republican Party

  20. rikyrah says:

    It would be irresponsible not to speculate

    • eliihass says:

      As I’ve shared quite a few times, I find it rather interesting that Maureen Dowd with her endless anti-Obama hit pieces spanning years, is really tight with and has the confidence of, and unfettered access to the likes of Caroline Kennedy, Joe Biden, Jimmy Carter etc..


  21. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning,Everyone 😄😄😄

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