Friday Open Thread | The vile racism of Fox News Laura Ingraham

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55 Responses to Friday Open Thread | The vile racism of Fox News Laura Ingraham

  1. I have NEVER seen anything like this. A candidate running for US Senator playing dominoes with the folks in 5th Ward. BETO is ALL UP IN THE HOOD. Go, Beto! Go! #BetoForTexas.

    • Ametia says:

      I remember Erica. She secured the 2012 DNC tickets for 3 Chcis!

      GO ERICA!!!

      NPR ain’t been shit.for a while now. They’re singing for the their survival because even though the’re public radio, they do receive government funding.

  2. Oh and you still went to work for him in the WH? Shut up with your self serving opportunist ass.

    • eliihass says:

      Unlike Darrell Scott, Paris Dennard, Candace Owens … heck, even Ben and Candy Carson, Kanye West etc…

      …I never once heard Omarosa attack or disparage the Obamas or black folk as a whole … never..

      Not even in the thick of things …

      She might have taken up the treasonous buffoon on his offer to mutually exploit and ‘benefit’ each other …but unlike the other opportunistic coons, for her the Obamas – the ultimate metaphor for ‘the blacks’ as far as the treasonous buffoon and his racist cohort are concerned – were always completely off-limits for Omarosa… She never ever attacked them …and she never ever gratuitously disrespected or demeaned the Obamas to score what would’ve been easy brownie points with massa.. And the treasonous buffoon never seemed to be able to get her to do so, or strong-arm her into submission… I can appreciate and credit her for that … A whole lot more than can be said for so many folk – including the likes of all manner of seemingly ‘mainstream’, ‘wealthy’, ‘harmless’ white and black shamelessly opportunistic, greedy and soulless folk like ‘Democrat’ Bob Johnson…

      Funny thing is, my very full memory bank also recalls a time when some of the very same folks – all now faux-reformed and now publicly tsk-tsking loudest and acting all disgusted and holier than thou, were the very ones actively disrespecting and demeaning the historic black First Couple …

      I remember how long it took Omarosa’s former bestie April Ryan to finally remove her lips – previously firmly attached to Bush-43’s b*tt …with her softball WH press queries, and concerned check-ins of how his ‘faith’ was helping him ‘cope’ …as he oversaw an unnecessary and definingly destructive for the long-term, oil and greed war …

      I remember how long it took folk like April to begin to calm down with the never-ending over the top feet-holding to the fire …the snide retorts, endless scoldings and random, in your face hostility that were all supposed to show that they were not ‘in the tank’ for the historic black First Couple..

      As I’ve always said, I have no use for Omarosa … but as I see it, she’s infinitely more redeeming than a whole lot of folks out there …including and especially those looking to shut her up now … and only because they begrudge her and want to deny her her pay day – like they are all looking to cash in for…

      Same folk who unabashedly continue to actively excuse, enable and elevate the treasonous buffoon …same folks who have no qualms endlessly and effusively talking-up, fluffing-up …eager and desperate to normalize so they can ultimately legitimize the treasonous buffoon’s complicit Birther 3rd wife and daughter-wife …and by extension, the buffoon himself..

      Same folk who have taken active roles in the image softening, shining-up, febrezing and rehabbing of the Sean Spicers, Scaramuccis of the world and other complicit traitors and right-wing nuts – who are defiant in their continued defense …and absolutely refuse to denounce the treasonous buffoon …but get to be pampered and take selfies with Jimmy Kimmel as they make their rounds on the image rehab and book deal circuit…

      There won’t be any witting or unwitting support from me for the usual suspects …the Beckies and Ms Annes …and all the ‘progressive’ alt-right folk who were – and continue to be unbelievably hostile to the Obamas …the likes of Sam Stein, Chuck Todd and other effusive Birther 3rd wife and daughter-wife apologists like Chris Cilliza …demonize or try to sabotage Omarosa and her payday …all while they play footsie with, kid-glove and are complicit in enabling and protecting the status quo …and worse, the very evil principals in this treasonous Orwellian mess..

      Omarosa is low-hanging fruit for too many, but she’s far from being the worst of the skin-folk…

      Here’s hoping she makes more than a seriously major and damagingly incriminating dent in the treasonous buffoon’s cheap gold-plated faux-armor …and while she’s at it, here’s hoping she makes some decent cash from it …enough to finally go away …retire to a quiet life spent being a helpmate to her bishop-hubby..

  3. Ametia says:

    You think, Steve?

    • Ametia says:

      The lying is pathological, but it also an intentional strategy. Trump knows he’s outnumbered, and he is trying to wear his opposition down while rallying his base. The key that one should never forget is that Trump needs low turnout from his opponents. Trump can’t win in high turnout elections because of his own unpopularity, so that strategy that Schmidt was discussing is designed to accomplish two goals. Trump wants to lower Democratic turnout and make sure that his base shows up at the polls.

      The election results since Trump took office have revealed that what the president is doing is increasing turnout among his opponents while discouraging Republicans from coming out to vote.

      The tweets, the lies, and the nonsense that Trump spews are all designed to break your will. Use it as a motivator. Each time Trump lies, vow to show up at the polls and vote. The best way to beat Trump to allow his strategy to fuel your resolve and never diminish your commitment to taking your country back.

    • vitaminlover says:

      Yes why don’t they do this in majority white neighborhoods? They definitely have chuckle headed kiids there.They do things like cuss out their parents and kiss their dogs in the mouth.among other things.

      • majiir says:

        The primary reason they don’t put bait cars and trucks in majority, or all white, neighborhoods is because they automatically presume that no whites would ever commit ANY criminal act, whereas, it’s automatically presumed that minorities are the primary criminals in the U.S. Putting these bait cars and trucks in minority neighborhoods are indicative of the accepted stereotyping and scapegoating that is baked into the American system of justice.

    • Ametia says:


      • majiir says:

        Sessions gets on my last d@mn nerve with his racist BS moves and pandering to the Religious Right to advance them. Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s top advisors, worked under Sessions in the Senate for years. If anyone is surprised by Sessions’s racism, they haven’t been paying attention. Sessions is a long-time racist, bigot, misogynist, Islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic, @sshole. When he was U.S. Attorney in southern Alabama, he wouldn’t reach a conclusion about a defendant before the trial began and do whatever he had to do, including suppressing materials and information, in order to win his cases. When he decided to run for Alabama Atty. Gen, quite a few of the lawyers in southern Alabama couldn’t wait for his @ss to leave the district. Some of them have shared some of the ugly tactics Sessions has used to elevate his profile, gain higher political office and more power, and increase his personal wealth. I guess those reading this know how I feel about Sessions. I don’t like him, and I never have.

      • majiir says:

        *I meant to write that Sessions would reach a conclusion about a defendant’s guilt or innocence before the trial began and manipulate facts in the case to make them fit.

    • Ametia says:

      Agree, with the ” prettier young cast on the CW”

      IMO, There is some truth to the old guard mentality holding on well beyond their expiration date. Nothing changes, when fresh ideas and consciousness isn’t allowed in to move us forward.

      The Dems need to bring in competent, capable, intelligent younger men and women, willing to learn from the older generation and the older generation need to make that space for them to learn and the older generation need to learn from the younger generation as well.

  4. nedhamson says:

    We are winning – she and her ilk are on their way out and losing – be prepared for more flailing and spitting vile as it becomes obvious to them as well.

    • Ametia says:

      TRUTH!, Ned. The louder they scream is indicative of the REALITY they’re facing. And they don’t have any control, other than to spti & spew VILE, DISGUSTING, RACIAL EPITHETS.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Racist shrew 😠😠

  6. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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