Tuesday Open Thread | Leave No Dolt45 Supporter Unfound

My lips pursed so hard reading this…

The Dolt45 Supporter has had more ink giving to them by the MSM than Obama Supporters got in TWO ADMINISTRATIONS.

I still believe that they do these articles, because they are desperate to find any and all excuse for the racism that clearly undergirds Dolt45 and his support. We’ve blown through all the other excuses (‘Economic Anxiety, My Azz’).

We’re supposed to ‘ understand’ them.

I say no. We understand them loud and clear, and their support for Dolt45 shows THEIR LACK OF CHARACTER.

So, then, I read THIS:


I don’t need to hear from Slave Catchers, no matter the community. I already understand them.

SO, here’s an idea, NYT.

How about stories about Hillary Voters – WHO WERE RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING.

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101 Responses to Tuesday Open Thread | Leave No Dolt45 Supporter Unfound

  1. eliihass says:

    The same bloviating entitled, gaslighting fools – same slobbering idiots who’ve never checked the treasonous buffoon or called out or made any demands of his Birther courtesan turned 3rd wife, …the Jonathan Alters, Sam Steins etc. of the world and those all-knowing Alt-Right sympathetic pundits and dubious Dems who’ve previously insisted that the Obamas have “no coattails” and that they should “go away”, and let the “new leaders of the party take over and shape it”, are now back on their we-demand-you-do-as-we-say-right-now, public flogging and attacks on the Obama … with the Obamas prepping to promote their memoirs as all their predecessors have done, (and actually much later than most), …and as midterms are on the horizon …

    The finger-waggers are droning away as they jealously and obsessively rifle through the Obamas wallets, private lives and schedules and try to stifle them yet again, just as they did when they were in the White House, by trying to shame them for getting on with their lives, and daring to not only do what other former presidential couples have done – write and promote their memoirs, but also, get to live and control their post-presidential lives on their own terms..

    Nobody is demanding that any former president – and certainly, not any former FLOTUS, immediately get out on the campaign trail … They very same ingrates who quickly went back to dismissing and disrespecting my historic FLOTUS right after she used up plenty of her own hard-won political capital and worked her magic in 2016 on behalf of those who still can’t find it in them to be grateful or honor her…

    These same idiots are now back to thinking they get to control her… tell her what she can and can’t do… how to run her book tour… how the promoters working with her publishers should run things, and how much Live Nation can and cannot charge ….The same ones now want to command her to get back on the campaign trail to do exactly as they want her to do …Same folk who insist that she has “no political experience” after 10+ years on the slug… same folks who get agitated and fearful that she’ll outshine their hand-picked candidate and thus insist that she “isn’t qualified” to be president, and that she should go away …same folks who didn’t listen to her the last time as she made prophetic and compelling arguments and implored all to rally behind the candidate no matter how we felt …same folks who have deep relationships with all manner of proudly Alt-Right types, but who attack and tar her for being gracious to her permanent seat-mate as dictated by protocol, Bush43, ….Same folks who’ve often told her to “go away” as they try to clear the field for their over-hyped preferred candidates… are now back demanding that my historic FLOTUS drop everything she’s doing, and immediately get back on the campaign trail …just so they can turn around and blame and insult her again when it’s all done …

    Here’s hoping she tells them all to shove it..

    “…As he campaigns around the country, Obama seems to have two immediate goals: First, to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot—to check Trump in Congress but also to rebuild the Democratic Party at the state level … Obama’s arguments are welcome, but they raise the question of why he didn’t make them more aggressively when he was in office. Michelle Obama, whose post-election book tour means she won’t be stumping this fall for candidates who have invited her into their districts (she will work instead on voter registration and turnout), famously told the 2016 Democratic Convention, “When they go low, we go high.” In hindsight, this looks noble but a tad naive. When they went low, why didn’t her husband at least ridicule them, as he did so mercilessly to Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner?..”


  2. Liza says:

    I wonder if they beheaded him. Saudis are known for that.

    • eliihass says:

      The idea that vicious air head Alt-Right Mary Bono – who was a card-carrying member of the obsequious women’s wing of vile white nationalism long before it was mainstreamed …the idea that this woman was ever considered for this important post, is so telling about who and what rises in this society – And what we’ve become..

      A world where card-carrying racists and purveyors of hate have not only been rewarded and successfully mainstreamed, but have practically taken over..

      How can we wonder, or successfully fight the insanity – in a world where the active and gleeful voices and faces of racism, hate and toxic FOX “News” have not only been boosted and validated, but have been seamlessly folded into the so-called mainstream media ..CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS …and bloody Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson for instance, not only now occupy mainstream spaces with lucrative contracts, but are part of those now calling the shots, setting the narrative, and sitting cushy and comfortably at the helm.. Scary..

  3. The power of Simone Biles! That’s why Mary Bono is mad.

    BYE, BOO! Don’t let the doorknob hit ya! @MaryBonoUSA.


    • eliihass says:

      That the Supreme Court with its 2 illegitimate ‘members’ – Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, ruled that the post office box addresses routinely given by the government via its USPS, to those who live on Reservations, as their only official mailing address – disqualifies those who have them from casting their votes …because they need ‘actual street addresses’ which they have not been given, is so brazenly evil, wrong and outright in-you-face government-sanctioned disenfranchisement –

  4. Ametia says:
    • eliihass says:

      As the media remain mealy-mouthed and continue to do their now routine dance of break the news white deliberately muddying up the facts staring everyone in the face.. and refusing to call a spade a spade..

      The mediocrity that now passes for ‘journalist’, who get to be showcased on television, is depressing .. e.g, Abby Phillips etc.

      And watching Bob Woodard et al who were quick to scold, disdain and attack the historic president, now act all demure and mealy-mouthed, while pussy-footing around outright evil and treason, even as they cash in on book deals, but still remain protective of their white supremacist brotherhood …even as manifest in a more and more emboldened and unscrupulous treasonous buffoon who is brazenly tearing this country apart and selling this country down the river just to line his own pocket…

    • eliihass says:

      She deserves to be mocked.. and much more..

      She is as sleazy, evil, racist, dishonest, soulless, deceitful, petty, callous, entitled, narcissistic, vindictive and shamelessly self-absorbed, self-pitying and shallow as the sleazy, adulterous, soulless, deceitful, racist, narcissistic conman she knowingly and gleefully hooked up with..

      That folks have been giving this vapid, illiterate, lying racist euro trash Birther with all of a high school diploma, endless mulligans, do-overs and passes – every single time her mask falls, and even before she ever showed up, is a testament to the intoxicating stranglehold of white privilege…no matter how inferior and no matter how recently its holder arrived in America..

      You can have the deepest roots that go back generations in this country… a direct descendant of slaves, pull yourself up by your proverbial bootstraps, do everything right, earn 2 Ivy League degrees, make an honest living while giving back to the community …build and raise a family together from scratch – through thick and thin, with your love – and still manage to keep your honor, integrity, dignity and morals through life’s every and many ups and downs .. And you’re still abused and dehumanized and disrespected and treated as a second class citizen and ‘other’…

      While a lazy, sleazy nudes posing, vapid, illiterate, conniving, immoral, gold-digging, plastic, silicone-filled, surgically-altered, immigrant-hating immigrant and racist Eastern European zero – who blatantly lies about everything ..from having a non-existent college degree, to being a (faux) polyglot, to boasting of writing speeches that are plagiarized, and subsequently blamed on others …hooks up with a notorious 2x divorced crooked sleaze-bag – and is somehow touted as “respectable”, “classy”, “private”, more acceptable as America’s representative..

      And somehow still manages to whine, play aggrieved damsel in distress and victim – even as she is fully on board and complicit with the racist treasonous shenanigans, and is a proud, gleeful co-conspirator to her vile husband …and even as she actively courts and cultivates the support of white supremacists who make up the bulk of her fandom, inner circle and staff.. And who she actively supports and whose foul actions she’s never disavowed, but instead, actively validates and cheers on …even when they send death threats and throw anti-Semitic slurs at a female journalist who dared write a mostly anodyne article about her… or push their vile, hateful birther/ape/tranny attacks that gin up hate and multiply the death threats against the historic black couple and their young daughters..

      • Liza says:

        Best description of MT I’ve ever read. I try to ignore her but she’s making it difficult.

        • eliihass says:

          She can’t help herself …she’s as self-interested, self-absorbed, petty, vindictive, entitled and as narcissistic as her sugar daddy turned husband.. She assumed that she’d be automatically entitled to Vogue and other mainstream magazine covers – to burnish her ‘brand’ and monetize this undeserved spot for the long-term… And as much tantrum-throwing and pity-parties she and her staff, ‘glam’ team and supporters have done, Vogue and others have rightly ignored her and her ridiculously contrived, thouroughly vacant and counterfeit flat behind.. And she’s mad as hell and aggrieved.

          Next, she’ll be demanding that she be handed a Princeton and Harvard law degree respectively …since the black FLOTUS has those too..

          In her mind, she’s automatically entitled to everything the black FLOTUS has.. And as I’ve often asserted, like her treasonous husband who’s obsessed with President Obama, she is as obsessed with Mrs Obama – and actually believes that she’s somehow in competition with her …Which is why their paid trolls and supporters are always furiously looking to in their sorry minds, ‘one up’ the historic FLOTUS… And hilariously try to appropriate and use descriptors usually used to describe the historic FLOTUS – genuine etc. to ‘praise’ their illiterate, grifting euro trash import.. They literally lift whole paragraphs from positive posts about Mrs Obama, and try to change out her name for the treasonous buffoon’s 3rd wife …It’s even funnier when they tout her ‘christian values’ and quote bible verses about her being the ‘biblical good wife’… LOL… And they’re furious that she still hasn’t caught on, try as they may to make her a thing..

          Which us why her Communications Director – Stephanie Grisham …who’s from your neck of the woods Liza, …a self-described proudly Alt-Right deplorable Arizonan, has been trying to whip up ‘sympathy’ for the courtesan, by picking twitter fights with every Tom, dick, and Harriet who she accuses of ‘bullying’ the narcissistic 3rd wife of the most obnoxious narcissistic bully.. A woman who has based her empty ‘initiative’ not on bullied children, but on her own supposed victimhood as the ‘most bullied person in the world’… Ha!

          The funniest part is that the supposedly ‘victimized’ euro trash 3rd wife actually retweets Stephanie Grisham’s Twitter beefs on the official FLOTUS account ..Incredible, just how incredibly ridiculous and low-class these gilded trailer park trash people are..

    • vitaminlover says:

      I read that the young lady portraying her has received death threats.

  5. Liza says:

    Well, here they are. Kyrsten and Martha had a debate last night.

  6. Some of his alums need to stfu. Where were they when republicans were obstructing him and being racist AF as he was trying to do good for this country? They can miss me. They had their chance and blew it. Fugg them.


  7. THUGGISH TRASH occupying the White House. He had an affair with her right after his wife had a baby. But this is who white people voted for. Y’all need to fix this ISH.


    • Ametia says:

      Beavis & Butthead are grown ass MEN! Not children.

      GTFOH All of these trashy ass folks in 45’s family & circle can GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!


  8. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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