Open Thread | Harry and Meghan Say Bye Bye

It was a surprise, but not really a shock when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that wanted to take a step back from the Royal Family, and make their own way.

Really liked this thread:

I think the attacks during her pregnancy was the final straw for them. They were unrelenting against her, and Harry was determined not to let happen to his wife what happened to his mother. At his core, Harry is the young boy walking behind his mother’s casket.

I wish them the best.


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30 Responses to Open Thread | Harry and Meghan Say Bye Bye

  1. Rikyrah, when you have time check out the new comments in the
    Vivian Cash — First Wife of “I Walk the Line” Johnny Cash thread. White people have lost their mind over this thread. The truth is hard for them.

  2. majiir says:

    I’m so glad Harry and Meghan have decided to set their own path forward. Although it may not have been obvious to some others, I always suspected that Meghan wouldn’t be fully accepted by the royals. Camilla was accepted even after having a years’ long affair with Charles before and while he was married to Diana. She, like Meghan, also divorced her first husband. The difference between Meghan and Camilla is obvious: race.

  3. eliihass says:

    These enabling, covert(?) Alt-Right/sympathizers/adjacent white nationalists have succeeded in buoying an incurious, bumbling, grifting, treasonous buffoon and his ongoing corrosive and damaging for the long-term shenanigans domestically and on the world stage.. And between these mainstreamed/down-low Alt-Right/white nationalist types – and the embarrassingly appalling obeisance of a complicit media who deliberately and misleadingly tout the clearly manipulated stock market as somehow interchangeable with/representative of the economy/a ‘booming’ economy no less …and who suddenly can’t stop breathlessly and effusively using the “president” honorific to fluff up a basic con man… We seriously have our work cut out for us if we are to wrest power back from a basic con traitorous ignoramus and his various visible/invisible, foreign and domestic puppeteers, co-conspirators and enablers..

    • eliihass says:

      There are few things more admirable than a man who looks out for/fiercely protects his wife and the mother of his child(ren) – no matter how ‘inconvenient’ it may be – and even on the surface of it, no matter if it’s to his own detriment… And no matter how ‘strong’ said wife is said to be/or complaints about how said ‘strong’ wife ‘wears the pants’ in the marriage/family.. And no matter how much he’s mocked and taunted for it as ‘weak’, ‘emasculated’..

      Good for Harry..

  4. A Nobel Peace Prize for separating children from their parents, locking kids in cages like dogs, denying medical care to sick kids, while some died? It’s crimes against humanity. He’s really disturbed.

    • eliihass says:

      He and his Birther moll turned 3rd wife, and their Alt-Right/white nationalist supporters, with checklist in hand, desperately crave everything the Obamas earned by dint of hard work, honor, character, integrity, education, dedication, decency, commitment..

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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