Open Thread | COVID-19 Update

My state is in Shelter In Place.
I never thought that we would be living through this horror movie in real life.😢😢😢


This is CRIMINAL 😠😠

They need to stop broadcasting his pressers live. Tape them, and if he doesn’t lie, then release them later. Tired of the MSM not calling him on the previous presser’s LIES.

From Andy Slavitt:

We need testing on South Korea’s level.

Incompetence, up and down the line😠😠

You get a secret briefing, and your inclination is to PROFIT FROM IT😠😠

These Demons 😠 never stop 😠😠



Helpful shopping tips. Most big cities have ethnic markets

Please remember these 5 things

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  1. nedhamson says:

    Those at greater risk; over 60. I’m 75. Some reports say those with Type A blood are at greater risk: I’m A+. I work at a health clinic in a homeless shelter because I need the money and like to help people. I am using two weeks vacation pay since last week to stay safe. That really hurts my soul because I feel I am abandoning my coworkers and the residents/patients. Now, my state is on lockdown but I have to decide on my own to stay away from my work to stay alive or to go back to work and face a greater risk of dying than my mostly younger coworkers. And it seems our President has no clue what to do other than protect his brand and money. I pray that the 51 GOP Senators wake up and do the right thing!

  2. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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