Open Thread | Some Words About the GOP and COVID-19

I have tried to put into words, but only feel pure, unadulterated RAGE when I think about the response to COVID-19, across the board from the GOP. I mean, a pulsating rage that I can feel is raising my blood pressure. I can’t put into words how angry I feel.

I am back to watching Maddow. One can feel her palpable rage as she goes over the news. Everyday, you can feel her rage.

What angers her and me and, think anyone who has a heart, is that it didn’t have to be this way.

I want people to stop calling this ineptness. I want you to stop sugarcoating the deliberate neglect and ignorance that will probably, cost this country 100,000 to 200,000 lives.

The largest number of American lives lost is the Civil War, which cost us 600,000 lives, but took FOUR YEARS to do so. We’re talking about a third of that, in a matter of MONTHS.


President Obama set up 40 different point people across the government who would have coordinated and fought this pandemic from a national standpoint.

All, but, TWO were gotten rid of by Dolt45, for no other reason than the Black man set it up.

That’s it. There’s nothing more complicated than that.

Done told you that it’s not the racism of Dolt45 that is bothersome. America has had racist Presidents before. It’s the POLICIES attached to that racism which is the problem.

Getting rid of the experts within the government whose job it would have been to organize and protect this country against a pandemic, because the Black President created the position – that’s racism that cost us all.

When he stood at that podium, and thought calling it the CHINESE VIRUS, instead of following the advice of the doctors and scientists, AS IF CALLING IT A RACIST NAME, would somehow bring the blame of it to China…that’s racism that cost us all.

When he tried to ban travel from Mexico, and blame them, when our neighbor to the north- Canada – had 10 times as many cases then- that’s racism that cost us all.


When he was told of the seriousness of this disease in DECEMBER – and proceeded to give away our stockpile to other countries and NOT replenish them. When the request for $2 billion for replenishment was cut by 75%.

When Governors of blue states are literally pleading for necessary equipment and he dawdles.

When Senators who were briefed, didn’t take that information to their states, and prepare their states for what was going to happen, and instead, used it to make money in the stock market – once again, proof why the GOP doesn’t need to be elected to anything, including dogcatcher.

When you have the Lt. Governor of the second largest state talking about our Elders should be willing to die for the economy, and he’s not thrown into the street and beaten, but, you start hearing the same ghoulish bullshyt from the right -wing….proof why the GOP doesn’t need to be elected to anything.

When you have that idiot as the Governor of Florida, weeks after Washington, California, New York, and Illinois have shut down everything, is allowing the beaches and everything else to stay open… many people have gotten infected in Florida that wouldn’t have? All the while, he is pulling BS maneuvers like quarantine people on flights from New York. All the while the virus is spreading like wildfire across his state.

Or, the Governor of Georgia, who FINALLY put in a stay at home order , and had the nerve to tell the LIE that he didn’t know that people could be carriers and asymptomatic.😒😒😒 Yeah, I believe that….NOT

When you hear the Governor of Michigan tell you that companies she’s trying to negotiate with for much needed supplies for her state told her that the federal government was trying to block her from getting her supplies…..proof why the GOP doesn’t need to be elected to anything.

When you hear that some states are getting everything they need, and then some, while others are getting a day’s supply…..proof why the GOP doesn’t need to be elected to anything.

When you watch Governors of Mississippi and Alabama talk about how they don’t want to be like ‘China or New York’, all the while, their non-Medicaid expansion selves are about to be hit with a medical tsunami…..proof why the GOP doesn’t need to be elected to anything.

When THE MILLION PEOPLE file for unemployment, and healthcare is attached to employment, and the Demon Azz Administration won’t open up the OBAMACARE Exchanges for enrollment…..more proof that the GOP doesn’t need to be elected to anything.

When you watch how South Korea has been testing its population, yet, Dolt45 stands there and LIES about how nobody is complaining about the lack of testing……proof why the GOP doesn’t need to be elected to anything.

When you have the medical ships FINALLY get to their destination, or the Army hospitals set up in places like the Javitz center ARE EMPTY BECAUSE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REFUSES TO LET COVID-19 PATIENTS GO THERE….proof why the GOP doesn’t need to be elected to anything.

When you have 10 MILLION people filing unemployment claims, and you have Republicans pursing their lips to complain about the money needed to help keep this economy afloat, all the while more than willing to give a SLUSH FUND TO BIG BUSINESS…proof why the GOP doesn’t need to be elected to anything.

And, even with all these examples, I haven’t scratched the surface of the rage that you should be feeling toward the GOP, from top to bottom. Period.

The thought, that he knew about this in DECEMBER, and yet, proceeded to call it a HOAX, lie about it, have HOW many rallies and WENT GOLFING how many times?

And, now, these muthaphuckas trying to blame the Democrats for this because they impeached him? Naw, Son. Nope. Not even.

He is incompetent. He is stupid. He is lazy. He surrounds himself with incompetent sychophants. They are a party who is anti-science. And, it’s in his nasty nature to think that he could use a virus to punish blue states – which is the main reason why he was dragging his feet with the response.

And, to the media- stop playing those ridiculous daily lie fests. If anything newsworthy happens, you can play it later. Lives have been lost while you play up to this fool. When you don’t censor him. Three years later, and you are STILL trying to play as if this lying crook is normal. HE’S NOT.

Just listened to Governor Cuomo on Maddow.
He is me.

” What keeps me up at night is the deep sense…that it didn’t have to be.”

I feel the same way to the bottom of my SOUL!😠😠

WHY is his Son-in-law saying anything about the pandemic response😠😠😠

Can’t get needed medical equipment. Can’t find the time to tell the Pentagon where it is needed to help….
But, can find the wherewithal to order BODY BAGS?!😠😠


Uh huh
Uh huh 😒

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35 Responses to Open Thread | Some Words About the GOP and COVID-19

    • eliihass says:

      The lack of self-awareness/cognitive dissonance is stupendously mind-blowing..

      He insults the historic President that he and his sorry dime store “influencer” ilk in their deludedly new-found Twitter 5000+ give or take burner accounts/bots ‘fame’, forget is the actual driving force for many voters.. as he mocks Warren for coming 3rd in her home state..

      Even though his ‘fave’, a painfully mediocre knock-off.. endlessly contrived simulacrum, couldn’t even cut it in own home state .. hovering in 5th place, despite every pricey PR bombardment, faux-emotional ‘racial connection’, strong-arming and force-feeding effort..

      He pretends that this is about ‘black voters’.. even as he denigrates and dismisses every other black woman on the potential VP list.. except of course the failed candidate he works for as an “influencer”.. who right out the gate opportunistically attacked as somehow racist, the same guy they now want to strong-arm, foist their ‘fave’ upon as ‘trusty’ sidekick..

      Because, ‘black voters’..

      They’re just so brazen in their stupidity that they even publicly discuss & blast out how this is solely about positioning their failed candidate for the top spot.. how their ‘fave’ once in, will ‘25th amendment’ Biden after one year to allow their failed candidate ascend to the top spot..

      Twitter bubble can be a heckuva never-ending, mind-altering rave-con..

      With a Russian asset now wreaking havoc on this country and world, many seem to have not only lost their minds, fed into their own artificial social media hype, and very importantly, developed serious amnesia.. if only temporarily..

      In 2008, PUMA folks tried to strong-arm then Candidate Obama into picking their ‘fave’.. threatening, abusing, demanding, damning.. we all know how that worked out..

      We also know what happened at Foggy Bottom even after President Obama opted as part of some ‘party unity’ gesture, to hand their ‘fave’ the plum role of SoS that went s long way in helping burnish her resume..

      The eventual Dem nominee, if Biden, and if elections actually end up happening, will certainly follow through on picking a running mate that’s a woman..

      But it’ll be rightly, one he implicitly trusts.. not one foisted upon him by those who’ve still failed to learn, even after lessons from the primaries, that Twitter bubble, no matter how raucous or threatening the paid “influencers” & those affiliated with any candidate/campaign are, isn’t in fact reality.. They might succeed in cowing and ‘shutting down’ folks with their ‘clap-backs’.. even get some publicly ‘PC’ folks co-signing their it’s our preferred idea of ‘black’ ‘fave’ or bust, nonsense.. ironically, no different than the Berners that they slate for taking same stance.. but what happens outside Twitter, and in the privacy of the voting booth, is not reflective of their boasts..

      Regardless of insidious attempts to preemptively clear the field for their ‘fave’, there are in fact more than a few capable options who add a whole lot more to the ticket ..and who see the VP gig less as a calculation for how to eventually dislodge ‘racist/segregationist’ Biden from the top spot.. and who aren’t making this entirely about their own Machiavellian alt-pathway to the top spot..

      Every argument against Warren holds true for their ‘fave’ and every other female candidate who ran and failed to catch on..

      None won their States or any State for that matter – or did that well in the polls.. None really add any swing States to the ticket either..

      Amusing too how suddenly, that much-coveted ‘black voter’ support that consistently went for the VP of the historic President that the Twitter “influencers” want to ‘go sit his black ass somewhere’.. even with ‘black’ candidates in the race, is now being wielded as if it hinges entirely on their one solitary failed candidate that black folks didn’t even support..

      How incredibly galling, pushing this one candidate, ironically rejected by black voters, as the sole beneficiary of black voters helping put Biden over..

      Nominee will pick the running mate/V.P, he trusts.. There won’t be a repeat of 2008 where folk tried to strong-arm their ‘fave’ onto ticket.. which left those who had actively auditioned and those who felt entitled to the VP spot, and their supporters, acting out, prolonging bad blood..

      The nominee will pick a running mate/VP that they can trust.. one who won’t undermine or stab him in the back.. one who brings more than just opportunism, their own presidential ambitions and aggrandizement to the plate..

      It’s been said that the best predictor of future behavior, is past behavior..

      President Obama certainly never had to worry or wonder about his chosen VP’s motives.. and there was relative peace for 8 years with Biden as his ‘trusty’ sidekick.. with the most drama and endless sabotage and undermining, coming out of Foggy Bottom.. and the periodic devious plays by the likes of Rahm..

      The VP role is one that entirely supports the President.. it requires a certain kind of trust, integrity, loyalty, humility.. a willingness to put one’s own preening/ambitions on hold, answer to the boss, take a back seat.. just as Biden did for 8 years..

  1. rikyrah says:

    Eliihass and vitamin…check in

  2. Liza says:

    I am begging, I am pleading for those who don’t know WTF they are talking about but have a national platform anyhow to please stop talking and try doing something useful for the duration of this fucking crisis. Sorry, I just happened to see this on Twitter. Normally I would ignore it.

    Dr.J. Biden has a Ph.D in Education. From Wikipedia, “…Biden later returned to school for her doctoral degree, studying under her birth name, Jill Jacobs.[23] In January 2007, at age 55, she received a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in educational leadership from the University of Delaware.[2][30][31][32]

    • Liza says:

      God help us.

      I hate this show.

      Amazing how much more stupid they appear during a crisis, but I guess they were always like this.

  3. Liza says:

    A few weeks ago I heard that your chances of survival after being put on a vent were about 50/50. But now I’m hearing that your chances of survival are about 20 percent.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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