Open Thread | Seven Days

Seven days.

Seven days.


Until the voter are counted and tabulated.

It’s quite possible that we won’t know the totals on Election Night. I hope that’s not the case. I want it to be very clear that the majority of Americans have repudiated the Orange clown at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The American Experiment MUST continue.

It is not surprising, just disheartening that there are people who seriously think that that man should get another four years. Another four years of his racism and his greed, and his pilfering, and his selling out this country every chance he gets. Those who support him should be as disregarded as he should be on November 3rd. They have shown their lack of character with their support of him.

This country needs to do the right thing on November 3rd. The other side has shown you that there is no low level of depravity that they don’t support. All the bullshyt sayings that they have thrust in our faces about patriotism and loyalty and honor and law – we now see, without hesitation, that’s been nothing but complete and utter lies. Nobody who supports Dolt45 respects ANYTHING about the Constitution of the premise of this country. You simply don’t. You show who you are, and I’m glad you did, so that I don’t have to pay you anymind. Not ever again. Your lack of judgement is obvious and front and center.

But, we just don’t have to vote Dolr45 out. You shouldn’t vote for ANYONE with a Republican Party label by their name. They stood by and aided and abetted Dolt45’s criminality through everything – then they should suffer too.

Get yourself a Voting Plan.

Mail in ballot

Early Voting

Election Day.

Get that plan.

And ask five other people about their Voting Plans.

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68 Responses to Open Thread | Seven Days

  1. eliihass says:

    Bet you this man’s kids/grandkids are out there somewhere.. running around today, regaling folks with tales of how their father/grandfather was a ‘civil rights’ activist.. ugh..

    That’s why the recent gaslighting scam of all manner of folks ..including those who keep updating their already fabricated bios.. entirely to brazenly bamboozle ..claiming to be children of parents who were ‘civil rights activists’, is not only comical, but utter poppycock..

    And don’t get me started on that whole new slick catchall phrase.. ‘the Ancestors’.. ugh.. ugh..

    That newly spun, focus-grouped, gaslighting ‘language’/superficial catchphrase that wink-wink, allows every Tom, Dick, Harriet to slickly glide right in.. caricature.. co-opt, warp, bastardize, entirely minimize, hollow out, to unconvincingly try to milk for their own aggrandizement.. generations of suffering, pain, oppression, loss, sweat, toil, striving.. actual lived experience spanning generations, of deeply-rooted, deeply-scarred, fully black folks.. selectively, shamelessly, insultingly, insidiously hijacked, entirely for the brazen manipulation, political advancement specifically, of their handpicked concoctions.. We can’t defeat dishonesty with dishonesty..

    ‘the Ancestors’.. operation gaslighting on steroids..

  2. Liza says:

    This is a good point. The way people are voting this year seems to present new issues for the statisticians.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Got an email last night telling me that my mail ballot was accepted 🤗🤗

  4. eliihass says:

    This multi-faceted Orwellian crazy with all its strange, comical, dangerous twists, turns, strangling gaslighting… has all sorts of dubious, little known, well-known malevolent folk of all stripes – longtime hardcore racists, dupes, opportunists, etc.. all trying their darnedest to sell some seriously b.s revisionism.. Including those now laughably playing ‘allies’ to ‘black woman’.. only selectively ..

    As if..

    It and they would all be so amusing, if it and they weren’t so ridiculous in their obvious fakery and lies… and such patently nonsensical gaslighting..

    Who can forget how folks like Cornell West, Boyce Watkins, and all manner of assorted petty hustlers aka ‘progressives’ went from praising her to hating her because she wouldn’t let them pit her against her elected hubby.. ..they now endlessly malign and attack her infinitely more than, and in ways they’d never ever her elected hubby who they’d pronounced guilty of numerous sins.. yet, oddly, she’s the one they and their acolytes and misguided others, target and focus their manufactured ire on these days..

    “..People from all sides.. Democrats and Republicans, tried to take me out by my knees..” – 2019; America’s first black First Lady –

    For over 10 years, the likes of A.B Stoddard, Nicolle Wallace, Ana Navarro, Claire McCaskill, Connie Schultz etc.. actively and endlessly disparaged, demeaned, disrespected… reveled in taking hateful digs and repeated gratuitous swipes at America’s historic black First Lady..

    Ana Navarro, A.B Stoddard, Nicolle Wallace were full-blown malignantly hostile towards her.. and even as they’ve now (temporarily) morphed into ‘resisters’, their obvious discomfort with America’s unelected fully black historic FLOTUS, remains..

    Same with ‘Democrats’ Claire McCaskill, Connie Schultz, Hilary Rosen, etc..

    Claire McCaskill (of the full-throated support of the racist St. Louis DA fame), climbed on the 2008 Obama bandwagon quite early.. one of many women who sniffed and swooned over the married candidate even as they were openly hostile, condescending, disrespectful and extremely resentful of his fully black wife.. Claire was so malicious, she’d often go as far as playing virtual footsie with, and effusively talking up which ever fellow PrezObama-sniffing female celebrity du jour was rumored to be having a thing with the married historic president..

    Connie Schultz (Jodi Kantor buddy and 2nd wife of Sherrod Brown), couldn’t stop making backhanded ‘compliments’, taking swipes at the black FLOTUS every chance.. especially when she wouldn’t play along.. or grovel, or give them tours of the private residence, or have exclusive teas with them instead of prioritizing poor black kids from all around D.C, opening up the White House to so many who’d lived near it, but had never stepped foot in the White House … the nerve of that double Ivy League educated black woman..

    Who can forget Connie Schultz’s review of her pal ..modern day Gladys Kravitz.. Jodi Kantor’s book..

    “… A meticulous reporter, Kantor is attuned to the nuance of small gestures, the import of unspoken truths. She knows that every strong marriage, including the one now in the White House, has its complexities and its disappointments.

    Sometimes they were too much alike. They shared a disdain for Congress, which crippled the President’s ability to broker deals. They clung to old friendships, which further isolated them in a town they already distrusted…When Obama was elected to the Senate in 2004, Michelle refused to move the family to the capital..

    When Obama heard that I, too, had refused to move to Washington, he sought me out backstage. ”You’ve got to meet my wife,” he said, smiling. ”She feels about Washington the way you do.”

    In 2008, I met Michelle twice and interviewed her once by phone. I have not spoken to her since the 2008 election.

    She struggled with her changed role. She resisted the ceremonial duties expected of first ladies.

    She loathed the stuffy annual lunches with congressional spouses, agreeing to attend one only if they joined her the day before to volunteer at a food bank. Her good intentions were derailed by media coverage that focused on the $515 sneakers she wore to load groceries.

    Clothing had become her ”compensatory pleasure” for enduring the demands of her husband’s career…Now perhaps the most prominent black woman in America, she felt pressure to counter negative stereotypes by telegraphing images of elegance and self-confidence. Instead, she became America’s first fashionista during tough economic times for the country..

    Over time the Obamas grew into their new jobs..”

    We all witnessed firsthand what so many of these same horrid people now suddenly cast as so-called ‘allies’ to ‘black women’, put my historic fully black FLOTUS through.. And even as they all with a straight face now rush to the defense of their handpicked singular beneficiary variant of ‘black woman’ damsel.. under their newly minted “protect black women” claptrap.. the whole lot of them now acting all ‘horrified’ by a largely accurate and infinitely less malicious take about a contrived, self-aggrandizing careerist politico …conveniently forgetting how they actively, routinely and baselessly lobbed malevolent tripe, unprovoked, at the unelected black wife of the president they mostly fawned over..

    I know that I’ll never ever forget.. or forgive ..or let them ever forget..

    • Liza says:

      Also, Clarence Thomas is an insult to the legacy of Thurgood Marshall.

      History repeats especially when people choose to forget it.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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